Saj Awan, onstage with Chimanko, 2001

Professional pariah, stranded in what appears to be the wrong decade. Keen student of history, enthusiast for the weirder side of reality,  and a permanent ‘neutral observer’. Also an objector to deception, illegal, criminal warfare and the mistreatment or degradation of human beings.

I believe in human dignity, human rights and the well-being of common humanity in all walks of life.

There’s really no ‘mission statement’ here: but if there was one, it would be to help spread unbiased truth, awareness, sanity and perspective in these highly toxic and apparently ‘post-truth’ times.

I’m also a musician, cultural enthusiast, music lover and comic-book fan-boy. My dream is to one day have a drink and a smoke in the Ewok village with Kurt Cobain, Malcolm X, Sylvia Plath, Darth Vader and Spiderwoman. And you’d be welcome to join us.

I have also previously written a regular magazine column on the weirder things in life, written for or contributed to Exposure Magazine, the Guestlist Network and The Big Issue magazine, the Chartist newspaper and the websites High Street CircusSoUnderrated, Black Flag, and A Place to Hang Your Cape. My articles have also appeared on websites such as 21st Century Wire and Sott.net.

This website, Burning Blogger, was established after my original blog was taken down unceremoniously during the censorship purge of alternative media in early 2019. No sufficient reason was given for my de-platforming – and no right of reply or appeal offered.

But never mind – I like this new home better.

Thank you for visiting the site and for supporting independent journalism.

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  1. I’m so so excited to be able to read your amazing thoughts & insights once again. Happy to see you back. Congratulations & keep up the good work 👏 👍

  2. I just got a ‘sorry this comment could not be posted’ twice. It came instantly so it couldnt have passed the software of your site.

    • Since the one above got through immediately I suspect it was the content of the comment which caused the failure to be accepted. I launched an alternative/less obvious interpretation to the analysis in your article about the ousting of general Flynn. And the analysis I suggested was presumably considered damaging for other than the zionists than in the(in my view) TOO obvious narrative. I better leave out the details here.

    • Thanks. I just looked at Pox Americana and it looks like a really great, content-heavy site. Will enjoy exploring it further.

  3. Just discovered your site through lolathecur’s reblogging. Will be checking you out.

  4. Just found this blog.. and man do I love it. You have an articulate and accurate manner in summing up sometimes long and difficult topics!

    Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to read more of your blogs.
    Just wanted to say how much I appreciated the article on Zionism and Wahhabism

  5. it’s hard to find somebody who interested in everything even a bit. keep the good work and thank you

  6. I’d like to think I’m also humanitarian, I work in the health service but find I’m even at odds with what is happening with this service. Business issues, finance and power seem to be the order of the day with media driving politics such that it is becoming harder to read between the lines. The world needs more Jeremy Corbyns but I think they should stay maverick rather than joining the mainstream. They can achieve more there and speak up for those who “don’t fit the criteria”. Keep writing!

    • Thank you, Denise. You’re certainly right about it becoming harder to read between the lines. I was watching a programme recently – I think it was a Charlie Brooker programme – which was making the point that there is a deliberate confusion being created in the population, with lots of conflicting, contradictory information so that most people can’t work out what they believe in and what they are for or against. I tend to think that might be true.

      • A very thought provoking article about Gaddaffi. I was stationed in Libya in 1964. As a working class lad brought up in the slums of Tyneside I was horrified to see the poverty of this ancient country under the ‘rule’ of King Idris. When Gaddaffi took over the difference was almost immediate.

        Oinky Cameron has a lot to answer for.

        • Thanks Bill W; I really appreciate that personal insight.

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