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I welcome comments and inquiries. This site is intended to be a forum for argument and debate. I also welcome communication and contributions from anyone who has information, stories, leads or ideas they wish to share.

Part of the ‘mission’ of this site is to cover news stories and current affairs along with more controversial issues and to look at everything going on in the world, society and politics from a highly non-mainstream, non-profit and non-partisan perspective; I welcome contact from anyone able or willing to provide interesting information, leads, stories or ideas – especially when it comes to some of the stranger things in life.

I’m also keen to hear from people looking for coverage or promotion for their work or their campaigns, be they creative projects (music, comics, film, etc) or be they social/political activity or campaigns.

Finally if anyone is interested in requesting my services as a writer or blogger, offering feedback, or suggesting further subjects or stories this blog should be looking into or writing about, feel free to contact me Facebook or Twitter.¬†Or by using the contact form below…


    • Hi. Yeah, I think so. Except I haven’t seen Ragnarok yet.

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