Watch Maria Zakharova Tear Anti-Russia/Syria Propaganda Apart…

Don’t usually share just videos or short posts, but this footage is worth sharing: particularly in the context of yesterday’s post on the escalating anti-Russia campaign in Western media.

In this video, Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Affairs spokesperson, gets visibly annoyed at a journalist who asks her the familiar Washington-scripted question: why is Russia supporting the Assad regime and killing civilians?

Her answer is straight, fluent and pulls no punches; and Zakharova frankly blows away anything coming from Neo-Con Samantha Power or from the US State Department. Her obvious, evident agitation and impatience at the question is also a clear sign of the dire state of Russian/Washington relations at this time over Aleppo, Syria and the nasty propaganda war being waged – and her tone and body language suggests that she, and other Russian officials, are acutely aware that they are being pushed towards a bigger conflict as punishment for interfering with the geopolitical conspiracy in the Middle East.

Watch her words closely, and then compare it to the incoherent nonsense of Samantha Power, the US State Department or the Andrew Mitchell organised House of Commons debate on Tuesday. Watching the footage of Zakharova, it is clear that, not only does she come across as more cogent, fluent and sincere than Samantha Power or US State Department spokespeople ever do, but that she also looks utterly fed up with Washington’s games in Syria. Zakharova doesn’t mince her words.

In response to Samantha Power’s recent tirades about Russian and Syrian “barbarism” in the UN, she was quoted as saying, “When Samantha Power says something, then one wants to cry out of fear for the future of the world…”

Maria Zakharova also recently wrote on Facebook: “Dear Samantha Power, in order to know the meaning of the word “embarrassed,” I highly encourage you to travel to Syria and talk to the people there for yourself. And by that I do not mean the Al-Nusra Front militants, nor the moderate opposition, whose humanitarian situation Washington seems to be so worried about. I likewise am not referring to the Western warriors for justice for Syria. I’m referring to the actual people that continue to live there in spite of the bloody experiment that has been waged on their homeland for over six years, with active participation by Washington.”

Answers like the one Zakharova gave in the video above generally don’t appear in mainstream Western media. Instead we get calls for Russia to be suspended from the UN Security Council.

US officials have in fact said that Russian vetoes are putting the UN Security Council’s ‘legitimacy’ at risk: which is utterly hilarious, considering how the UNSC was so subverted for the sake of regime change in Libya and how the US bypassed the UN entirely to invade Iraq in 2003.

In essence, the complaint is that a non-compliant nation like Russia having a veto power creates impediments to geopolitical schemes: and perhaps ensures some degree of balance on the Security Council. You know, the Balance of Power and all that?

Not that Russia won’t sometimes use it’s veto power to protect its own interests: but that’s what each of the permanent UNSC members does as a matter of course – just look at how many times the US has exercised its veto for the sake of Israel. The United Nations appears to have long since become a redundant, impotent institution, entirely compromised by the UNSC, which Muammar Gaddafi had once called ‘the World Terrorism Council’. The UN was “nothing,” the late Libyan figurehead had said in 2009, “just Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park; we make speeches, that’s all.”

Zakharova also recently warned that if the West forced a regime change in Syria, the country would soon be taken over entirely by terrorist militias, proxy forces and Wahhabist/Salafist jihadists.

This danger should be obvious to anyone but the terminally stupid: Libya and Iraq should’ve been proof enough. The forced removal of the Assad government would put Syria’s ethnic communities in immediate danger, including Christians, Kurds and Alawites. Moreover, the terrorist warfare would then spill quickly into Lebanon and possibly eventually threaten Jordan too: which is why Jordan’s King, despite being a US ally, recently endorsed the Russian intervention in Syria.

The video of Zakharova’s speech and the translation is courtesy of ‘Inessa S‘ on YouTube. 


Also, just to make a personal point here (and this isn’t part of the post, so you don’t have to read it): I was just accused by a couple of people of being ‘pro Russian’ or writing ‘pro Russian propaganda’. It isn’t pro-Russian: it’s pro information and anti misinformation. Sometimes following the information objectively will mean being ‘pro Russian’ in a particular set of circumstances; at other times it will look like being ‘pro American’ or pro European or whatever else – in essence, it isn’t pro anyone, just a case of information and reality.

To highlight how stupid this knee-jerk labelling is, several people angrily called me ‘anti Russian’ in the summer because I wrote about Russian football violence – at least two people unsubscribed from the blog and wrote me angry emails over it. Another handful of people unsubscribed or wrote angry things to me because I had expressed some vague sentiments that were perceived as ‘pro EU’ and therefore made me a “Globalist”.

Stop being stupid – if you can’t deal with grown-up things in grown-up terms, just stick to Teletubbies.


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  1. now that’s the type of spirit to launch a thousand ships; by which i mean no more than she is a powerful confident knowledgeable woman. qualities i believe anyone can appreciate. thanks for sharing. i’m enjoying the posts i’ve read so far.

    • Thanks man. What strikes me about her rant is the obvious sincerity and lack of scripted pantomime.

  2. Thanks for sharing the video.

    When we demonize our enemies, we deny ourselves the possibility of working together to resolve problems that threaten humanity.

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