High Strangeness: Trump’s Inauguration & The Force Awakens…

I already posted here on the spectacle of Trump’s inauguration: with all of its oddities and questionable symbolism.

But I can’t be the only one who also saw Trump’s inauguration and quickly thought of General Hux’s ‘First Order’ speech in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In that film, the General makes a zealous, almost violent, speech amid a stark, grim setting, and talks about the failure of the ‘weak’ Republic and its corrupt leaders and the need to accomplish a glorious return to the order of the past: a scene that was clearly composed to echo 1930s fascism and the Nazis.

That sequence was visually designed to evoke Nazi propaganda events and things like the Nuremberg rallies.

The scene also took the extraordinary and very non Star Wars measure of having the mass of Stormtroopers actually perform a Nazi salute in response to the speech. I alluded to this in my original review of the film and noted that I had been uncomfortable with it because it felt like an inappropriate level of bluntness – Lucas’s Star Wars movies always heavily implied that the ‘Empire’ was essentially a Nazi allegory, but they had never gone out of their way to hammer home the point so bluntly. This scene had always made me wonder if either Disney or JJ Abrams had already had a clear sense of where things were going politically in America and the Western world and had decided to take the Star Wars re-launch in that particular direction in order to reflect it.

I am NOT equating Trump or his administration to the actual Nazis at all – but I do think the symbolic resonance is interesting; possibly taking us in the direction of predictive programming to whatever degree. I also think it’s possible that Captain America: The Winter Soldier also contains Trump-related predictive programming too: that film is from 2014, but if you look at the Robert Redford character even just visually, he looks a lot like Trump – and the plot essentially revolves around a secret fascist cabal trying to take over power via infiltration of the various organs of the state.

I may explore the The Winter Soldier predictive programming in more detail later.

But coming back to Star Wars and TFA, even more curiously, some of the rioters/protesters on and after Inauguration Day literally identified themselves as ‘The Resistance’: which is the name of the faction in The Force Awakens that is fighting against the fascist ‘First Order’.

Had members of the Trump team actually gone ahead with the ‘military parade’ as reported, this sense of reality/fiction overlap would’ve been even more intense: and the connection to the First Order rally scene would be even more evident.



In terms of also the content and tone of Hux’s speech and Trump’s inauguration speech, there’s some common ground: particularly, again, in the call to return to the ‘order’ of the old days – a classic fascist motif. While Trump spoke of the “American carnage”, Hux speaks of the corrupt Republic having allowed “disorder” to flourish. “It stops here!” Trump exclaims in Washington; while Hux says the corruption and weakness of the Republic and the Senate will no longer be tolerated.

This subject of the fiction/reality overlap – and particularly of how Star Wars has always been designed in part to reflect real-world politics and society – could warrant an entire essay on its own: which I will avoid for now (though this older analysis by an astute You-Tuber is well worth checking out: illustrating how the Star Wars prequels were an allegory for the War on Terror and false-flag terrorism for the purposes of establishing dictatorship).

And it is worth noting that George Lucas had written in his early notes as far back as 1977 that the ‘Empire’ was “America, ten years from now”.

Continuing this fiction/reality theme, some also noted that Trump’s speech appeared to be quoting the psychotic villain Bane from The Dark Knight Rises Batman movie. Which is particularly funny because, when I wrote last week that Trump’s team appears to be a gang of Gotham City style villains, I was only being sarcastic (and not expecting him to quote one of those villains in his Inauguration Address).

Either way, it’s all very odd. How much of this is a mixture of predictive programming and psy-op? Or is it all just coincidence?

As Alice said after falling through the rabbit-hole; “Curiouser and curiouser…”

S. Awan

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  1. Evidence indeed abounds that Trump is a Zionist puppet. In that pre-election speech he gave at AIPAC he came right out and announced his love affair with Netanyahu and his deep antipathy toward Iran. But for some reason no-one outside of Israel seemed able to hear what he was saying straight out. Whereas his cozying up to Russia has seriously ruffled a few feathers even when his supposed efforts to patch up the US-Rus relationship would to be a contradiction of sorts. After all, he says he wants to befriend Russia but isolate Iran and China – that’s never going to work. But then Trump never makes sense which is one reason people only ever half listen to him.

    Apologies for the stream of consciousness but I’m sort of thinking aloud. For instance, what is the real purpose of the many leaks? It appears that there is a genuine fight going on between the CIA/NSA and the Trump administration. Or is it a sort of phoney war? The forced resignation of Flynn looks like a sort of coup but to benefit whose interests – it is surely against the interests of Russia, but might it also promote or even consolidate (as you say) the interests of Israel. And what do you make of the ‘deep state’ vs ‘Trump state’ boasting of neo-con Bill Kristol? Is there an actual war between these factions of the establishment?

    The developing situation is very hard to read I think and so I’m especially interested to listen to all informed opinion such as your own – and looking forward to learning more about the links you have discovered between the far right and Zionism. And thanks for another detailed and intelligent piece of analysis.

    • Thanks Wall of Controversy. The links between Israel and the Far Right are a subject I almost stumbled on incrementally and by accident – but it’s very obvious that something is going on there. I will post up an article in a few days time.
      On the subject of Trump State/Deep State – I’m genuinely not sure what I think is going on. It is possible, however, that rival elements within the Establishment and Deep State apparatus are in conflict. I thought this when the FBI suddenly re-opened the Hillary investigation just two days before election day – which seemed very odd. But if there is a genuine conflict between elements of the intelligence community and Trump, then this report – as covered in this article – about Feinberg would make sense: specifically the idea of Trump bringing in an external actor to conduct a kind of purge of the intelligence agencies.

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