The FAR RIGHT Glorifies and Celebrates the Murder of Jo Cox…

Jo Cox, Labour MP

I have been saying for ages that the Far Right and modern Neo-Nazis are a serious threat to both Britain and Europe and are going to cause major problems in society.

I’ve also been saying – and many anti-fascist campaigners have been saying it too – that ‘Britain First’ is a dangerous, insidious organisation that shouldn’t just be treated as a minor joke.

Thomas Mair has been described as a “loner” with a history of mental health problems – which does immediately identify him as perfect material for a patsy. And I don’t dismiss the idea that the a Deep State operation favoring the EU has had something to do with the brutal, unforgivable murder of Jo Cox. And when I say ‘Deep State‘ – a phrase that is sometimes thrown about loosely on some websites – understand that this doesn’t refer to any politicians or political parties, but the unseen, unaccountable, shadow elements of the permanent and unelected state apparatus.

As many have noted, this horrific murder has occurred just when it was revealed that the Brexit campaign was allegedly creeping ahead of the Remain campaign in polls: and the argument forwarded by some is that this would’ve been done to reinvigorate popular sympathy for the Remain campaign.

I don’t dismiss that. But I’m not fully convinced yet either.

Thomas Mair also seems to fit the bill of the unhinged extremist who just might carry out a murder in the name of the white supremacist ideology to which he subscribes – and which ‘Britain First’ proudly espouses. These things happen. In 2011, Nazi Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian white supremacist, slaughtered 77 people; mostly government civil servants and young activists belonging to Norway’s version of the Labour Party.

And Breivik is held up as a hero by most of the Far Right. That being said, it is also worth noting that Breivik was both a Freemason *and* someone linked to the American Neo-Con propagandist (and member of the Council of Foreign Relations) named Daniel Pipes.

A decade-old website posting identifies Thomas Mair as a subscriber to ‘S. A. Patriot’, a South African magazine published by the pro-apartheid group called the White Rhino Club.

It appears that he purchased a gun-making manual and Nazi literature from a Far Right Neo-Nazi group, according to documents. The Southern Poverty Law Centre, an established US civil rights group, provides receipts and invoices bearing Mr Mair’s name, allegedly from the Neo-Nazi National Alliance group. These receipts indicate that Mr Mair bought $670 worth of printed material from the white supremacist group, which was until recently was one of the biggest Neo-Nazi organisations in the US.

Again, the increased levels of cooperation between various Neo-Nazi groups from different countries is a particularly dangerous, growing trend.

Ich Kampfe 

He also appears to have purchased a handbook on building improvised weapons, explosives, and incendiaries, according to the records. In addition, those receipts also suggest the purchase of Ich Kampfe – a handbook written by Adolf Hitler and distributed to all Nazi Party members.

That still doesn’t entirely rule out the possibility of a Deep State operation, albeit utilising an unstable individual with known Nazi and nationalist leanings.

While the claims that he shouted ‘Britain First’ before slaughtering the innocent and defenseless Jo Cox in the street are definitely unreliable (and sound like the kind of opportunist add-on the media would go for to spin the killing to fit a political agenda), watching the squirming Britain First leaders denying any connection to Mair and complaining about the media tarring all BF supporters with the same brush is admittedly comical and a little poetic. Britain First is, after all, simply getting a taste of its own medicine, given that the organisation exists almost exclusively to demonise all Muslims everywhere any time a radical Islamist allegedly carries out an attack somewhere in the world.

Britain First, by the way, is hardly a small problem anymore: their Facebook page has well over a million followers. Most of what Britain First is about can be gleaned here.

And they can deny connection with Thomas Mair all they like – but there appears to be photographic proof of their association, which was brought to my attention via Twitter (see this and this).

 Thomas Mair with Britain First 

The Tom Pride blog covers some of Thomas Mair’s other evident connections here.

Thomas Mair appears to have been connected to the Springbok Club, itself a sister organisation to something called the London ‘Swinton Circle‘. Both are members of something called the ‘Patriotic Forum’.

The Swinton Circle, which connects right-wing ‘patriots’ and appears to have links to right-wing Conservative Party individuals, is a curious organisation, which among others things has proposed to ‘Deport immigrants to Africa’.

Chairman Allan Barrie Robertson is also founder/editor of Tough Talking from the Right, a newsletter which, aside from demonising refugees, migrants, Muslims and Europe, has also campaigned against gay marriage and against climate change “scaremongering.”

The reasons I am reticent to go along with the false-flag accusation in this instance are as follows.

Firstly, there are claims that Jo Cox had been receiving threats online and on social media for some time. A number of MPs – especially women – have experienced the same thing, because there is a vast culture of threatening or abusing female politicians and public figures on social media. And because a high proportion of political figures involved in liberal and progressive politics tend to be female, they become an obvious target for Far Right extremists and general misogynists.

Labour MP Jess Philips, for example, recently revealed she had received more than 600 rape threats in one night. Jo Cox, we are told, had already expressed concern more than once for her safety.

Far Right social media posts celebrating murder of Jo Cox

National Action social media posts threatening MPs with death 

But the real problem for me – in terms of going along with the false-flag theory – is observing the reaction to Cox’s murder by a whole legion of Far Right adherents or sympathisers online, not limited to the UK but in multiple countries, including Trump-aligned agitators in the United States.

We Hunted the Mammoth – an excellent website I highly recommend – has kept track of some of this more thoroughly.

It informs us that ‘some of these repugnant alleged humans are also big fans of one Donald J. Trump. Tommy Grooves, a self-described “constitutionalist, Patriot, Libertarian, AltRight, Defender of LIBERTY” actually appended a #Trump2016 hashtag to this horrendous tweet (usual Far-Right spelling mistakes unaltered)‘The fate of all the political Traitor all over the world in every country.There day of reckoning !’

#WhiteResistance, a frequent sharer of Trump’s tweets, as well as those of right-wing internet celebrities like Lauren Southern and Vox Day, had a similar reaction: ‘Good Riddance, Traitor! Jo Cox Defended Immigration and EU Membership’

Bear in mind, these people are talking about the brutal stabbing and shooting of a 41 year-old mother of two young children in broad daylight.

The language and reactions of some of these people – all rabid Brexiteers and all, coincidentally, rabid Far-Right white supremacists – makes it extra difficult to think that there aren’t violent Ultra-Nationalists out there who would, if given the chance, commit the same brutal murder that Thomas Mair is accused of.

If these people are praising it and showing no sympathy for a murdered human being, as far as I’m concerned they’re probably willing to have done it themselves.

Which – though it doesn’t necessarily disprove it – makes the false-flag theory less plausible.

This is the Nazi group, ‘National Action‘, for another example; ‘#VoteLeave, don’t let this man’s sacrifice go in vain.#JoCox would have filled Yorkshire with more subhumans!’ Presumably, ‘this man’s sacrifice’ refers to the killer and ‘subhumans’ refers to refugees or people of colour.

Here’s another Far-Right retard Tweeting to Breitbart News on Twitter – again, talking about the brutal murder of a young woman on the street: ‘@BreitbartNews Funny stuff. it made my day to see a globalist lefty get killed. keep up the good work patriots. you deserved this, Jo Cox.’

The site I referenced previously also points us to the Daily Stormer, where we get more insight into the minds of Far Right, Neo-Nazi murder-celebrators.

Example; a user named ‘BenBen‘ says (and again – with the usual Far Right spelling mistakes included), ‘Oh well the traitress is burning in hell (of her own conscience) right now and I’m glad for the suffering of her traitour husband and spawn who were pictured on a boat opposing Brexit – aka British freedom liberty and sovreignty – just a day before she faced the inevitable consequences of her actions – treachery is the worst crime of all.’


Do you think some of these people wouldn’t carry out the exact same attack in the right circumstances? And in fact this sub-human level of reaction only reinforces the reality that many of those who share Thomas Mair’s ideology – even if Mair is a patsy and the murder was Deep State (because Mair is almost certainly still a Neo-Nazi) – also share the same lack of care for human life.

And, in case anyone thinks this is just online bravado and insensitivity, some of the social media posts have been far more suggestive of intent and action.

The Notts Casual Infidels group, another Far Right organisation, posted on Facebook in response to Jo Cox’s violent death: “We knew it was only a matter of time before we take it to the next level.”

Another user commented on the post saying he hoped newly-elected London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, was “next”; which prompted a reply from the group’s FB administrator, saying “We can live in hope.”

In regard to the highly popular ‘Britain First’, they’re not just a legion of keyboard warriors. Wales Online tells us that, ‘Members of Britain First have been in the Welsh mountains holding what they described as an “activist training camp”, including “knife defence” classes.

That kind of activity may be pretty small-scale, but how long before it reaches the level of, for example, Ukrainian and Russian Neo-Nazi groups, who are known to train heavily in the woods and practise combat skills with weapons?

So forgive me for not being quick to get on the false-flag train too quickly with this one.

Now, for all we know, this was a false-flag killing: the work of Deep State agents to service a political agenda. I wouldn’t put it passed them – they would kill anyone if it was in their interests.

Or it was merely a case of a sick, unstable nationalist being overly indoctrinated by Far Right propaganda (along with the childish, apocalyptic tone that both sides of the Referendum debate have campaigned in) into carrying out a brutal murder of an innocent, defenseless woman.

But, either way, the way so many people with Far Right leanings have reacted to this horrible, horrible killing does absolutely nothing to either aid their cause or add any additional credence to the false-flag suggestion.

The police investigation isn’t over at the time I write this. We’ll have to wait and see what more we’re told.

S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. Thank you

    James of Crimes of Empire, quotes your site as ‘one above…’ For reasons unknown took my time to more regularly look. Tend towards a certain ‘half a dozen’ or so outposts, maybe comment and be done. Seems you got me now. Saying my bit. Stopped feeling conspicuous commenting, when the relative/general lack of them, might make this the case. Would that we see more people come on and having a go, e.g. “Brill Ali piece – tar…” or something, (which by the way, it is). Anything? More necessarily better? Maybe? There are wider questions around the value of this kind of participation. Someone/you(?), doesn’t think writing’s there thing? If this you, encourage ya, please have-a-go? Certainly often prefer reading these more than from the semi-pro/always/commenting/and lots-lot. And say this about here, another site. Please don’t think I’m hankering on Truthscoop for responses. Comment long-uns on about six-ish websites, because they’ve become a means to re-post on m’wee truther effort. (Need to get back to posting ‘comments’ rather than the opp.) But any ol “big-up” I read, however brief, is generally relevant – and… Oh here’s me-a-preaching… But this, on a site that has, ‘Calling All Activists, People with Information, Artists, Creatives, etc’. Safe ground. Thanks again.

    • Thanks man. And if you only go to a ‘dozen or so outposts’ and you consider mine one of them, I consider that really flattering.
      I wish there were a lot more people like you – truthseekers, but non-partisan and not agenda-driven.

  2. With regard to the Deep State it should be recalled that Alan Harvey of the Springbok Club was also linked to the murder of Chris Hani, and to this day remains a supporter of Clive Derby-Lewis.
    Arms deal critic Terry Crawford-Browne a few years ago suggested that in reality the far-right were used by British arms manufacturers to kill Hani – for example: http://www.iol.co.za/news/politics/derby-lewis-was-just-a-useful-idiot-1762882

    But if the murder of Jo Cox was directed at some level by the Deep State what would be their interest?

    • Thanks AJ, that’s interesting. In regard to Jo Cox, I’m not necessarily convinced it was a Deep State thing yet – but I acknowledge it could be.
      The motive, I suppose, was to create mass sympathy for the Remain campaign by having a Remain campaigner brutally killed – and to create increased dislike towards the Brexit movement. I’m also a little suspicious that Western powers might try to spin Cox’s pro Syria intervention speech into more momentum for acting against Assad in Syria.
      But, as I said, I’m not totally convinced yet.

      • Where we should, hold ourselves (your stand) – and when looking one way, how we might miss the other? Many of us moved from concerns Right to Left. Easy to forget Right-Mad. I’ve particular contempt for wind-up the locals with ‘white crosses’ and not false-flag awake ‘all-Muslims/Islam’s fault’ – lot. Suppose this comes from living among Muslims and my experience as neighbours and friends. Plus ‘white crosses’ – why not a shield, like Constantine’s sick and warped, ‘compel them to…’? A considerable anti-Christ.

        As far as what happened it surely could be, ‘merely a case of a sick, unstable nationalist being overly indoctrinated by Far Right propaganda’ – not difficult to work-out their reverse psychology motives, for wanting this to happen? ‘Remain’ that is. If this the case, perhaps ‘services’ – with prior knowledge – are doing the wind-up on those looking for the flags? Diversity is held by your piece. This and openness. Thanks/needed.

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