Did the GOP Rig the Election, Is Trump a Pawn and Is He Being Set Up…?

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Given that I covered the electoral fraud at the DNC earlier this year and also predicted probable vote-rigging for Hillary in the presidential election, I would be remiss not to mention this.

There is a case very much being made that the GOP may have resorted to election rigging of its own last week to aid Donald Trump’s victory.

The best source for this at present is investigator Greg Palast, whose film The Best Democracy Money Can Buy proves significant to this election. According to Palast, some 1.1 million minority voters were prevented from voting on November 8th.

By his analysis – and Palast is an expert in vote-rigging, as he previously drew prominent coverage for his analysis of the 2000 Bush/Gore stolen election – this is the simple explanation for why the polls were so hideously off-the-mark.

Not because the MSM and the polling organisations are flawed or out of touch, but because over a million of the people who told polls they were voting for Hillary didn’t get to do so – because, according to Pallast, they were purged from the voter rolls in the key swing states (just as the GOP did for Bush in 2000). It is also claimed that the ballot-protecting software in voting machines in what proved to be the crucial state of Ohio had been switched off (after a judge had ruled this should be done for election day).

As he explains, ‘Exit polls are the standard by which the US State Department measures the honesty of foreign elections. Exit polling is, historically, deadly accurate. The bane of pre-election polling is that pollsters must adjust for the likelihood of a person voting. Exit polls solve the problem… But three times in US history, pollsters have had to publicly flagellate themselves for their “errors.” In 2000, exit polls gave Al Gore the win in Florida; in 2004, exit polls gave Kerry the win in Ohio, and now, in swing states, exit polls gave the presidency to Hillary Clinton.’

The GOP has some history in vote rigging to win presidential elections, of course.

Election Rigging 

As Wall of Controversy points out, both the 2000 Bush win over Al Gore and the 2004 Bush win over John Kerry were also cast in doubt over rigging (see here).

The problem is that, given the widespread belief that the Democrats would rig the election – and given the electoral fraud in the Democratic primaries – it becomes very difficult for people to be convinced of the GOP fraud even if it was true. At worst, it would be seen as one corrupt establishment rigging the election against another corrupt establishment (who might’ve done the same thing themselves if Trump hadn’t been so far ahead with the electoral college vote).

And because Trump said in advance that the election would be rigged (for Hillary), if the Democrats or the media comes out with this against Trump’s campaign now it will largely be dismissed as ‘Establishment’ desperation and anti-Trump maneuvering.

I genuinely thought – as a lot of people did – that the election would be rigged for Hillary. But a rigged election in that respect was dependent on the electoral college vote being very tight – and when it wasn’t, Hillary’s people would’ve realised they were stuffed. But, if this vote-rigging allegation against the GOP is true, it might be that GOP conspirators anticipated that this would’ve been the strategy – and so they rigged the key swing states to deny Hillary the electoral college votes and thus the election (even though she won the popular vote – they’re still counting the popular vote and it’s all Hillary).

What this might essentially come down to, as I said, is one corrupt group rigging an election to stop the other corrupt group rigging the same election: that’s the farce of the election and the decrepit condition of American democracy, where elite interests are essentially playing out their own power struggles.

I’m not taking sides here – Hillary’s people already conducted vote rigging in the Democratic primaries.

But it’s important to dispel the myth that Trump’s people and the GOP are the ‘Good Guy’ underdogs in this story who defeated ‘Crooked Hillary’ fair and square. It doesn’t look as rosy as that: and if the DNC subverted democracy earlier in the year, the GOP has subverted democracy too.

Ironically enough, Trump himself complained about the electoral college system back in 2012 after Mitt Romney lost to Obama, saying “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.”

It is generally held that the reason the electoral college system existed was to protect the interests of slave states.

Professor Mark Crispin Miller, author of Fooled Again: The Real Case for Electoral Reform and Loser Take All: Election Fraud and the Subversion of Democracy, also shares Palast’s view that electoral fraud was employed to aid Trump’s November 8th victory (see his views here).

It should be noted that this concern about election fraud by the GOP was also being expressed in the lead up to the election as well, by Miller and others, with concerns not just about voter intimidation and purging but also the machines.

There had already been reports before November 8th of Trump supporters with guns showing up at polling places and intimidating minority voters, and threats from various right-wing figures and right-wing media that they should send people down to voting stations as a show of force.

This may not be being made too big a deal of right now; but it could become more significant down the line if a Trump administration does unconstitutional things, if protests and unrest continue or escalate, and if anti-Trump elements within the Washington establishment seek some way to block or reverse the Trump situation.

 Donald Trump shrug 

It’s actually a little surprising that Democrats aren’t actually making more of this angle and activists are instead going down other, less legitimate and more desperate-looking routes, such as petitioning electoral colleges to change their vote or putting out petitions for the election result to be changed. Though, obviously, trying to get electoral colleges to change their vote could of course be strengthened by making the case for electoral fraud having occurred.

For the record, I personally don’t think it would be wise for the election result to be reversed, even if it is done fully legally or for valid reasons. If the anti-Trump unrest at the moment is this zealous, it should be borne in mind the pro-Trump unrest that would be incited if the election result is altered will probably much worse.

Also, everyone should still bear in mind that Trump winning the election may have just prevented (or at least delayed) the military escalation to a world war.

That said, if things go very badly – and Trump seemingly appointing his KKK-endorsed white-supremacist campaign manager, Breitbart’s Steve Bannon, to a key role in his administration is just the start of where things could go wrong – then Trump’s political and social enemies have a possible card to play to derail a train-wreck presidency.

For that matter, it appears there would be a number of potential cards to be played in a prospective reversal of Trump’s presidency.

For one thing, there are some 75 (yes, 75; and potentially over 4,000) ‘ongoing legal battles’ against Trump that are unresolved – any one of which could be used to either impeach him at a useful moment or to bribe him into submissiveness.

Although I don’t claim to have figured out yet exactly what I think this whole mess of an election has been about, I’m beginning to suspect that what I thought back in June is still the best argument: that they’ve deliberately had Trump get into office in order to bring America to maximum crisis, but also to give the plebs the illusion of the ‘anti establishment’ victory.

I mean, you have to ask why Hillary’s emails were such a front-page issue throughout the campaign, but these 75 legal battles and lawsuits against Trump never really came up – and why more isn’t being made right now about the serious accusations of electoral rigging?

And concerning these lawsuits against Trump, MediaMatters.org describes the situation as being “unprecedented for a presidential candidate.”

Is all of this being held back for later? We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

American University professor Allan Lichtman, who is said to have accurately predicted election results since 1984 and who accurately predicted Trump’s victory, has also predicted Trump will end up being impeached.

He claims that the Republicans actually let Trump run away with the election only so that they could later get him out of the way and have the evil-looking and ultra-Republican Mike Pence take over as president.

That’s a scary thought. A scarier thought than Trump. When you look at some of the characters around Trump, you conclude that Trump himself isn’t actually the worst option.

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    • Yeah, I’ve totally stayed clear of the Pizza Gate thing all along – I have no idea whether that’s real or a complete hoax that people are spreading without any actual knowledge or proof.

  1. Not that you would know reading the BBC or CNN but Jill Stein will be filing for a recount on Friday in the 3 main stolen electoral seat states . A 50,000 vote shift would then reverse the election result. Maybe it wont hit the mainstream media until Friday but Stein will be represented by lawyer Dan Fitrakis amongst others. Heres more on Greg Palast’s breaking news post: https://twitter.com/Greg_Palast/status/801522284250812416

    • Thanks darren. But didn’t Jill Stein say she was supporting Trump before the election?
      I have heard on the radio too that there are independent investigators looking at the voting machine issue for possible fraud.

  2. Very interesting perspective… I’ll say this: When US Democracy reinvented itself 8 years ago and elected a black president nobody on the Right was up in arms over it. There were no public outcries from either side of the aisle, and there weren’t any ddep pocketed billionaires or special interest groups bankrolling or organizing “grassroot” protests.

    Now the American people have once again reinvented American Democracy by electing an independently wealthy business man who ran for office against all odds within a deeply embedded institutionalized 2 party system while also having to deal with a Mainstream Media that was diametrically opposed to the “outsider”.

    In politically correct america, those of US who do not agree with the manipulated politics and media we deal with regularly during elections; we decided early on to vote for Trump the moment we learned the establishment hated him. This is election reform in the makings and the only chance we’re going to have at it. Trump funded his primary campaing out of pocket and said he would not accept a salary – with all his flaws, he is a statesman, aperson who runs for office to serve the people rather than to serve himself.

    As for rigged elections… I truly hope that the Trump administration will investigate it. I live in California and I know for a fact that illegal immigrants who Obama granted a work visa under the Dream Act were somehow registered to vote (a right and privilege reserved only for Citizens). I am also aware that in California no ID is required for a person to vote and you can just walk up and give a name and you are handed a ballot. All that to say, from the most populous state, to take all this popular vote and election rigging stuff with a grain of salt. The Dems simply reaped what they sowed.

    • Is this the whole Truth? – in California no ID is required for a person to vote and you can just walk up and give a name and you are handed a ballot. Is there an actual ballot or just computer input?

      Because if it is, then I would say the American Electoral System is rigged in favour of the State party controlling the setup of the election every 2 years. Are you saying there is not even an elector’s list to verify every voter’s name and address? Such a system is asinine!

  3. From what Palast says on that programme, his findings will be aired to senators. But i guess more people will be hearing about it on a daily basis until then. Palast is known to only tell what he can prove. And he has been doing this for 16 years, he is the authority on it. As he says, the Democrats are at it as well in their primaries, so it seems to be an accepted practice by both. Sometimes its goes in one’s favour, whilst next time the other’s during the presidential elections. Lets see what happens in the build up to Trump’s taking over, 7 weeks is a rather long time…

  4. Palast was interviewed on Truthdig yesterday, the 18th Nov.. Around 23 mins in he outlines the legal challenges that are coming in right now around the US contesting the election results in certain states, and his December 13th appearance at a congressional hearing with 71 senators where he will be showing his documentary and presenting all the other evidence. Evidence that is irrefutable: https://www.facebook.com/Truthdig/videos/10153923991891367/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE

    • So a possibility then that a legal challenge could be mounted to nullify the election result?

  5. Palast’s is the most remarkable piece of predictive, fact based journalism i can recall. Upset that he published the breaking news of Bush’s first election theft a few days too late, this election, 16 years later, is where it all came together. He made a 3 year documentary project and wrote a book that were both released just before this recent election, and given out for free online days before it took place. He highlights how the billionaire backed Crosscheck software produced a list of racially profiled names in 30 odd states. These names were a list of potential double voters (a fictional storyline created by right wing billionaires and easily purchased small time politicians), totalling 7 million names. Each person was sent a postcard in the mail that looked like junk mail, to which they needed to respond to confirm they were who they said they were, allowing them to be put back on the electoral roll. However, most simply discarded this postcard as a scam or some other such junk mail, meaning that when they got to the booths last Tuesday, they wouldnt be allowed to vote. They were mainly minority voters, the minorities who generally vote Democrat. This was just one of the ways Palast revealed the business billionaires stole this election.
    In Ohio, in the days before the election, Palast and Lawyer Dan Fritrakis were appealing to the Ohio court to turn on the new voting machines’ safety protection, a drop down list that appears when each voting machine is turned on. It would take a screen grab of each vote and allow the votes to be checked in the event of voting irregularities, such as exit polls and the actual result not tallying. The court argued this would be too disruptive. On the day of the election Palast was reporting, on the ground reporting, that Ohio was being stolen right now and that the safety feature of the new voting machines to check results was deactivated.
    Even more remarkable than stating with evidence, and via 16 years of investigative journalism, that the election was being rigged, who the main players were (Crosscheck architect Kris Koback, billionaire country debt vulture Paul Singer, oil billionaires The Koch’s and 2008 mortgage crises architect (in collusion with Goldman Sachs) billionaire John Paulson to name a few…2 of whom the BBC just named as contenders in Trump’s economics team), which states would be stolen and how they would be stolen using 5 or so tactics before the election even commenced, Palast has been virtually ignored by wide reaching media outlets. His disappointment at not gathering the evidence of Bush’s first victory in time for it to have an effect in the courts before Bush was confirmed victor has been rectified by publishing, with evidence, the lunatic right’s 2016 election theft before it took place. That he is not being referenced by mainstream media outlets across the world (other than a large German tv channel the day after the election), is something difficult for regular folks to understand, even when Palast is known to only report facts he has collected and investigated himself. Even after telling university educated friends, this non-reporting by the mainstream media and why, leads to the conclusion that his journalism must be wrong if they are not reporting his findings, leading them to dismiss Palast’s findings subconsciously. Breaking on through such a disparity could shake ones mental picture of the world to the ground…
    This was where Trump’s small part in the overall theft comes in. Trump raised the issue of election fraud a week or so before the election. The so called liberal media then rounded on him, getting the pro Clinton media, as well as President Obama himself, to report that Trump is crazy to say such things. The media basically silenced itself, as how could it now suggest voter fraud when for the previous week or so it had been reporting that Trumps accusations were nuts. In the final days, Trump even said he would only accept the result if he won, to widescale media derision. It is so simple in its execution and knowledge of how things play out in the media narratives of today, that you have to admit it is quite brilliant.
    Who ever considered fascists to be dumb pitbulls better reinvestigate what fascism actually means. The main beneficiaries of the 2008 financial crash now have feet inside the White house, with Goldman Sachs further consolidating its grip on world economic policy. That a journalist exposed the coup before it took place, named names, the key rigged states and managed to make a detailed documentary should give us hope going forward, as long as people actually start listening and identifying those in the know and focusing on what they say! If you hadnt heard of Greg Palast before, you have now. Its a name you shouldnt forget, he has pulled off one of the greatest feats of journalism in my life time. As more and more people hear about it, and they will, one can only consider that there are many more shaky days ahead for the US. Such fact based evidence is hard to dismiss or forget once you know and accept it to be true.

    • Thanks for all of that, Darren. I too am baffled that the mainstream media in the US didn’t pick up on Palast’s evidence – especially if, as you note, he was reporting from Ohio on election day. This ignoring of Palast is, to me, suspicious and suggests an agenda being in play.
      Given also everything else you just said, it continues to astonish me that so much of the ‘alternative media’ is continuing to regard Trump as an ‘anti establishment’ president-elect.

  6. I saw Greg Palast talk about his film on Watching the Hawks on RT just prior to the election; he makes a strong case. An equally strong case was on Info Wars; they interviewed Bev Harris at BlackBoxVoting.org which demonstrates how results can be manipulated using percentages which include decimal points to change the results of the collated votes on the election management system for electronic voting systems many of them owned by a Soros company (videos on the site well worth a watch). So I think you are right both sides probably got up to some vote rigging which left the exit polls wrong too. Of course neither the DNC nor the GOP are going to acuse the other of rigging as an investigation would inevitably expose their own wrong doing.

  7. You will stray off the reservation. Rumours; Feds stood down in saying, would catch the Dem-ers at it. ‘Deliberately had Trump…’ More-like decided to let-go, that way. Like Brexit, them must-stop lot, thinking, have ‘all’ sides covered. How can we contribute to their upset? And proper hope. All d’rest – bullshit.

  8. Traditionally, the Black churches bused their parishioners to the Polling Stations on the Sunday before the Election. I read in the Ohio Cities with populations over 1,000,000, the Republican State government setting the Rules for the election, had only ONE polling station for the entire City, succeeding in suppressing the Black vote that traditionally votes Democratic.

    What amazes me is all the Goldman Sachs people and other Wall Street Banksters in Trump’s transition team, the very same organizations he used as evidence of Clinton’s corruption with guilt by association. His Chief advisor Steve Bannon is an ex-Goldman Sachs Executive.The MSM never exposed those Trump connections, and still doesn’t.

    Trump used to read ‘The Snake’ at his campaign rallies. Trump is now cosying up to those same establishment elites he promised to drain from the swamp, and his followers will wake up to the fact Trump was the snake and bit them.

    The statistical and demographic Reality is 50% of the eligible American Electorate were so disgusted with this pathetic, deplorable sham of an election, they withheld their vote, including those whose vote was suppressed. They did not endorse and affirm a Trump or a Clinton Presidency. That’s close to 100,000,000 Americans.

    Of the 50% that did vote, a majority voted for Clinton. Trump got the endorsement and support of only 25% on the American Voters. That is no resounding “Mandate” no matter how much the Republicans spin it. If the Republicans push their agenda without any compromise ignoring those Realities, America will be a much more angry, dangerous and divided place in 4 years.

    • ray032, it does strike me as curious too that the MSM spent all that time talking about Trump’s un-PC remarks and his being unfit for the presidency, etc, but didn’t bother pointing out the Soros/Goldman Sachs connections or all of the pending legal actions against him, etc.

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