An Interview With JOANNE MORIARTY on the Situation in Libya…

Sirte, Libya, after NATO bombing

The situation in Libya has largely – and probably by design – fallen off the radar of most mainstrean news or journalism.

Ever since the fall of the Gaddafi government in 2011 – up to which point the mass international media focus had been intense – most media outlets have opted, strategically, to shed as little light as possible on the chaos in the North African nation.

The reason for this is probably obvious: having propagandised so obediently for the military intervention that overthrew the old Libyan Republic, the major media groups – in line with most Western governments – don’t want to draw widespread attention to how badly everything has gone since then.

Given that the premise for the NATO intervention had been based on deliberate misinformation in the first place, it is unsurprising that the governments and media organisations that conducted it are reluctant to revisit the subject or even to report on the plight of Libya since that time – from the refugee crisis and massive criminal operations to the spread of Islamist militias, and with no stability and no recognised Libyan government having been established in the six years since Gaddafi’s murder.

On an even more basic level, huge swathes of the formerly prospering nation are entirely without basic infrastructure and amenities, with much of the colossal damage from the NATO bombing campaign in 2011 and the inter-faction fighting on the ground having not been repaired.

It is therefore little wonder that there has been a virtual black-out in terms of international media coverage on Libya ever since the fall of Gaddafi.

But two people who have never stopped reporting on the situation in Libya are JoAnne and James Moriarty.

You may have seen or heard JoAnne and James on various platforms in the years since the NATO intervention in Libya, speaking about their remarkable experiences (such as recently on Sott Radio here, or here on The Corbett Report).

JoAnne and James Moriarty were business people from Texas who were in Libya, working in the oil industry, from 2007. They were in Libya when the conspiracy unfolded in 2011 and the unrest began to befall the country. They witnessed first-hand the ugly reality on the ground – the Al-Qaeda-led mercenary/jihadist war against the Libyan nation that was militarily backed by NATO and the West.

Eyewitnesses to the attempted destruction of a nation, the Moriartys travelled all over Libya, establishing a relationship with Libyan people and communities.

You can read the basic intro to their remarkable story here – but I would recommend getting a copy of their remarkable DVD, ‘Escape From Al-Qaeda’.

Captured and held by Al-Qaeda, they eventually were able to escape Libya, but only to be hounded and continuously harassed by intelligence agencies back home in the US, who wanted to stop them from speaking out about their experiences and contradicting the false/mainstream narrative about the Libya intervention. They have paid a heavy personal price for their efforts.

That situation is ongoing; but JoAnne and James Moriarty have continued to speak out about the Libya situation and have continued to work with the Libyan tribes. Due to their unique connections, JoAnne and James Moriarty have become spokespeople in the West for the Libyan tribes, who – as JoAnne says herself – have been left with no voice.

I was able to speak recently with JoAnne Moriarty, to get her unique perspective on the Libyan situation as it currently stands.

Below are some of the questions I put to her; and her explanations of a situation that the vast majority of international media is continuing to deliberately obscure or cover up…

BBB: Could you give us a sense of what it is you’re doing at this time, in regard to your ongoing work with Libyan tribes..?

JoAnne: At this time we continue our work to help put out the work of the Libyan tribes, on the ground reality. We also work to get the ICC charges against Dr. Saif Al Islam Ghadafi dropped as they are all phony and as dead as the same lies used to cause the destruction of Libya in 2011.

We would like to put more tribal leaders on the radio and have them interviewed by major media types like Dr. Jerome Corsi, all who are ready, willing and able to do such interviews.

The problem we have is the internet in Libya. The phone and internet services have been badly damaged throughout the country, but we are working on other methods. We work with journalists from the US, Russia, Norway, Japan, France, Ireland, Australia, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and some others.

BBB: There have been a number of recent mainstream news pieces about Khalifa Haftar. He was a key player in the proxy war against Gaddafi, but is also against the jihadists and terrorists. What do you, in your experience, make of him…? Should we see him as part of the solution or part of the problem…?

JoAnne: Khalifa Haftar is a traitor, a criminal and a CIA operative. Make no mistake, the Libyan people know who and what he is, at this point he is being used to help cleanse the country, nothing more. He would like to be the leader but will never reach any leadership in Libya.

The Libyan people are so beat up after 7 years of occupation by criminal mercenaries, destruction of all their resources and utilities, destruction of homes, roads and schools and so much more, that they are willing to stand back and let Haftar play the role he has set for himself now. About 3 days ago, 36 bodies of radical Ansar Al Sharia militias were found dead outside Benghazi. These men were being held by Haftar and were killed by Haftar.

The ICC has now started to go after Haftar, the Libyan tribes already have some great military leaders to replace him and they will be happy to be rid of him. The only part of the solution that Haftar is playing right now is the help in cleansing militias and mercenaries. The reality is that Haftar has a limited following and much of the cleaning of Libya is being done by resistance members, they allow his face in the media – they understand the game.

BBB: In your experience, what do most Libyans see now as being a good outcome or direction for the country..?

JoAnne: I would have to say that 95% of all Libyans – and this is from the Tribes (all Libyans are members of Tribes) – see a new Libyan government with a new unifying leader elected by a full country election to be a the best start.

All Libyans want all the mercenaries, militias, radicals, UN puppets, Zionist puppets and proxy armies cleansed out of their country. The Tribes are together on this point and you will find 95% of all tribes happy to come together on this point.

BBB: How do you, in your unique experience, see things developing over the next few years? Can you see a positive outcome for Libya…?

JoAnne: Over the next few years, I believe you will see the Libyan people come together to rebuild their country. Yes, I see a very positive outcome for Libya, the tribes are moving at a good pace to cleanse the county and take back control of the government.

I would have to say that the Green Resistance controls more than 80% of Libya now and continues to work removing traitors and criminals quietly. You will find many of the deluded Libyans (perhaps 5 to 10%) who joined the false flag revolution in 2011 now regret their actions and plead for the return of the Great Jamahiriya and the abundant secure life that had been organized by Ghadafi.

BBB: Last year, the US think-tank, the Brookings Institution, proposed a partitioning of Libya as being ‘the only solution’ to the situation. An American special envoy recently also proposed splitting Libya into three. Do you see this as something the Libyan people would ever accept…?

JoAnne: Never, the tribes all have their own special regions in Libya, but so many of the Libyans inter marry amongst tribes i.e. Tribes from the West marry into Eastern tribes etc., this happens all over Libya.

So the Libyan people and tribes have claimed the entire land space as theirs, there will be no partitioning unless the tribes agree and in my experience that will never happen. Partitioning is just a western Zionist scheme to make it easier to control Libya and her people.

BBB: How important a figure now is Saif Gaddafi again – and do you think he will play a major role in the future…?

JoAnne: Dr. Saif is the main player on the stage as the most unifying leader for Libya – there is no other. He will be the next leader of Libya.

BBB: You have devoted yourself for a number of years now to helping the Libyan people, putting yourself in danger, trying to get the truth out. If you had a direct meeting right now with the US President or State Department, what would you tell them to do in regard to Libya…?

JoAnne: First and foremost I would tell the President and/or the State Department that in order to learn the truth about Libya, they must listen to the tribal leaders. The tribal leaders speak for the Libyan people and since 2010 the Libyan people have had no voice.

There will never be a solution to bringing security and normalcy to Libya without the people of Libya being involved in the solution. Those that speak for Libya now are either rats (Libyan traitors that joined NATO and maintain their power by force all the while stealing from the Libyan people), NWO Zionist cabal owned organizations such as the UN and other political leaders world-wide who are owned by the same cabal (Khazarian mafia banksters) who created the false flag that destroyed Libya…

I thank JoAnne Moriarty for taking the time to speak with me. And I salute the Moriartys for their continuing hard work and sacrifice for the sake of the Libyan people and state; and for the sake of the true story being known.

JoAnne and James Moriarty’s DVD, Escape From Al-Qaeda, is also available directly from their website and features a three-hour presentation about their extraordinary experience in Libya and the truth about the NATO intervention and the overthrow of the old Libyan government.

JoAnne and James’s ongoing work can also be directly supported at the Libyan War the Truth website here.


'The Libya Conspiracy' ebook cover
Download ‘THE LIBYA CONSPIRACY’ here. Or read it in Google Docs here.


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  1. Excellent interview well worthy of another segment or Part 2 to provide fuller understanding of the situation in Libya, where the 2011 NATO bombings and overthrow/murder of Gaddafi represents an important and essential historical record of the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region of the world.

    • Thanks Jerry. I’ll probably speak to her about it again soon, particularly as the situation with Saif Gaddafi continues to develop.
      She’s a really cool person too, totally willing to give her time to communicate.

      • The interview is a very powerful platform for truth dissemination and deserves greater consideration because of its effectiveness in conveying important messages and information. As an additional benefit for “lone wolf” bloggers, it provides an opportunity for talking to others and taking advantage of the “two heads are better than one” truism, in contrast to the sometimes frustration-creating practice of solitary writing. 🙂


        By the way Triple-B, let us extend an offer to you and your readers to participate in an interview by answering the (4) questions posed to Alfred recently in post: “An Interview of Alfred Gluecksmann” at Oneness of Humanity. If you (or anyone who passes this way – this proosal is open to all) would like to share their thoughts, take as many words and as much time as necessary to accurately convey your responses then email them (please refrain from email formatting) to jerryalatalo (at) hotmail.com, whereupon I will publish each individual’s response as a stand-alone post – with the ultimate goal of inclusion in a book. Thank you.

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