Is AYESHA GADDAFI Leading a ‘Secret Resistance’ in Libya…?

Ayesha Gaddafi

It would seem like a development out of some epic novel; but is the daughter of the late Muammar Gaddafi emerging as the figure to lead the resistance against NATO and the Libyan terrorist and jihadist militias that have hijacked the once stable, prosperous country?

Ayesha Gaddafi is alleged to have stated that she is now the ‘leader of the resistance’ in Libya and that she is about to create a new ‘secret government’ to take back the fallen, chaos-riddled country.

The story claims the daughter of the late Libyan figurehead has called on the soldiers of the Libyan armed forces to give her the oath as a Supreme Commander, in order to try to restore the state that was destroyed by NATO, Al-Qaeda and Western powers in 2011 (and is presently under the mercy of criminal gangs and terrorist militias including ISIL/Daesh).

“My name gives me a duty and a right to be at the forefront of this battle,” she is reported to have said, hinting that she is ready to become a “symbol of the nation” like her deceased father and a “symbol of the mission to restore national unity.”

Sounding remarkably like her father, she is claimed to have also spoken about about Al-Qaeda terrorists and other militias who tore up Libya to overthrow her father and the old republic, writing that the roving gangs of foreign terrorists would soon face one, unified nation again; “We are ready for a deadly battle”.

According to the rumors – and I can only refer to them as rumors for now, because it is very difficult to verify the original source – a printed version of this call is secretly being distributed and shared in the main cities of Libya – Tripoli and Tobruk – and a television broadcast might be following some time soon. The initial source for the story appears to be this article, translated by Mario Andrijasevic. Various other online outlets have been reproducing this story since February, but none appear to be able to cite any additional sources.

However, Ayesha Gaddafi has been hiding for a long time and her location isn’t definitely known, which makes source-verification all the more difficult.

According to this report, for example, in a letter from Eritrea, Ayesha Gaddafi issued Libyans ‘a call to resist the new conquest of the West and declare themselves the successor of her legendary father’.

According to the same source, ‘The largest Libyan tribe “the warfalla”, in the town of Beni Walid (Misurata), has already sworn allegiance to Aisha’.



Ayesha Gaddafi and Libyan supporters 

Ayesha Gaddafi lost her husband, father and two children to the horrors of the foreign-orchestrated 2011 war.

She was forced to flee Libya, and, according to reports from the time, was informed of her father’s brutal murder by a fighter for Libya’s Western-backed interim government of the time, who simply told her – via telephone – that “Old Fuzzhead is dead”.

Extraordinarily, she gave birth to a baby girl in Algeria just a day after having fled across the border.

Members of the Gaddafi family have been scattered since the events of 2011, some killed, some in hiding, others in prison like Saadi Gaddafi. Following the murder of Muammar Gaddafi and the collapse of the Libyan nation, there has been a concerted effort to eliminate the Gaddafi name and influence from Libya entirely, despite over forty years of Gaddafi-led Libya.

Ayesha’s brother Saif al-Islam Gaddafi – a highly educated and Westernised figure thought to have been the main driver behind the former Libya’s pre-intervention move towards democracy – is presently still in prison, along with other members of the former government, and has been sentenced to death by the NATO-backed cowboy court of Tripoli’s ‘Libya Dawn’ militia.

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Two of the former figurehead’s sons were already killed; the younger Seif or ‘Aruba’ by NATO bombing of his house, and Mo’tassim by having his throat slit by NATO-backed militias on the same day his father was murdered in October 2011.

Incidentally, NATO – France, America, Britain and all – also killed three of Gaddafi’s infant grandchildren in that same bombing that had killed ‘Aruba’ in May 2011 (for a more comprehensive account of all of that, read or download ‘The Libya Conspiracy’ here).

While, during some of the Gaddafi era, she was sometimes portrayed as a ‘glamorous’ figure in both local and Western media, Ayesha Gaddafi is a Western-educated lawyer who has worked as a UN goodwill ambassador, as well as a military official.

She also served in the defense during the trial of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. She also persisted in calling on the ICC to investigate her father’s brutal murder as a war crime, but to little avail.

During the course of the 2011 crisis in Libya, she – like Saif – was seen on several occasions visiting the mass rallies of pro-Gaddafi loyalists and encouraging them to resist the armed gangs, rebel forces and NATO bombardment.

 Ayesha Gaddafi in Tripoli, 2011 

If these recent rumors are true, Ayesha Gaddafi would be preparing to embark on something incredibly brave and dangerous.

For a figure from the old political realm (especially a woman) to try to re-enter the chaotic, violent and sectarian arena of the current Libya as a serious force could place her in very serious danger, especially for someone with the Gaddafi name. It is highly questionable whether she could unite the entire nation behind her at this point, but she could certainly engender the support of the many Gaddafi loyalists and Green Libya supporters still in the country.

But with two rival ‘governments’ now in Libya, along with all the different militias and foreign armies, including ISIL/Daesh, Ansar al-Sharia and Al-Qaeda, a daughter of Gaddafi seeking to unite the common people would complicate the picture in the country even further – especially now that there is strong evidence to suggest French and other international forces may be about to launch a new offensive in Libya.

It isn’t just the jihadists and extremist militias that would be utterly opposed to any such maneuver on her part – the French and international officials would be opposed to any ‘Gaddafi’ re-emerging in Libya too and it is unlikely any movement led by her would be officially recognised as part of any ‘national dialogue’.

If this story is true, however, then none of that is likely to stop her.

And the daughter of Gaddafi may be exactly the symbol that betrayed and disaffected Libyans need to rally around in hope of restoring some of the unity that was shattered with Gaddafi’s murder.

Five years after NATO’s destructive intervention, Libya is defined as a ‘failed state‘ and there is no national unity or even functioning government; and much of the country is overwhelmed by the criminal gangs and terrorist militias.

Yet in spite of the real and constant threat of violence and death, Gaddafi supporters and Green Libyan loyalists still exist in great numbers and sometimes even continue to hold rallies. The reemergence of Muammar Gaddafi’s only daughter as a serious and intent force could embolden them further, as well inspire even more Libyans to come back out into the open and raise their green flags once again.



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  2. As a sovereign of Libya she can summon the help of Rosh similar to how Assad did… Ezekiel 38 mentions the alliance between Russia, Iran, Germany, and Lybia and Ethiopia.

  3. Have you watched the speech of Moussa Ibrahim – ‘Libya Nato’s Untold Story’, 12 Jan 2015? Ibrahim, the Libyan government spokesman (ex-, of course), gave a retrospection of the 2011 aggression. He mentioned that they (the tribes) have communicational difficulties in creating a united front. And that they persist working on it.

  4. When I first read about this it sounded like hope for Libya but then it just died down and this is forst it’s been mentioned in couple months. I noticed the story on fort russ linked to novorossia. They have been a more accurate source for Ukraine so maybe its true, but the safest place for Ayesha today is probably Eritrea – assuming she’s really there. The west truly hates Eritrea and they still refuse to accept that country not following NATO diktats. Her return would also help Libya avoid what appears to be NATO attempting to reinstate the monarchy in the nation. Hope we hear more before the bombs start dropping again.

    • Yes, I’m not 100 percent certain the story is accurate; as there only seems to be one source for it. I would also worry greatly for her personal safety if she went back into Libya.

  5. Wow, NATO really went out of their way to erase the Gaddafis from Libya. I hope that the resistance will rise again, because it is definitely possible to reverse the tide (hard as it is, of course). The trick is to live long enough to outlast and remember what they stood for. If they manage to do that, then regeneration and healing is an inevitability rather than a fluke of luck. To borrow from the Star Wars franchise, “may the force be with them”.

    • It depends what you mean by reversing the tide, M. Syria, for example, has a strong possibility of restoring its society and nation to some degree, but it will take many generations for them to get back to where they were before – and that’s *if* the entire nation can be re-unified.
      Libya is going to have an even harder time doing that. It will probably take generations – and even then, it’s questionable whether they can fully restore to the level the state was at during the height of the Gaddafi era.
      But I’m probably being very pessimistic – your optimism is certainly more valuable.
      And btw, Star Wars paraphrasing is always welcome here 🙂

      • I just wanted to say something about the dominant impression we tend to have of optimism and what we tend to think of as “realism” (i.e. pessimism). I haven’t lived that long in this world, but I do know how progress or destruction can snowball and take a life of its own. What I mean to say is, the process of resisting and breaking a negative cycle is very difficult, and progress is generally incremental…if the process is somehow maintained with consistency, the gains start to snowball and take a life of its own. This is generally acknowledged by “realists” when it comes to negative forces and decay. It seems that realists forget that the same principle governs positive energy, healing, and rejuvenation as well. I don’t want to sound like some namby pamby new age person, and i assure you I am not.

        Basically, progress and rebuilding develops in leaps and bounds once a foundation is built and solidified…that foundation building part is the hardest of all. Once that’s done, the other things come easy–I have seen this phenomena with my own eyes in many areas of life, whether it’s business, mental and physical health, financial stability, relationships, achievement, etc. There’s a reason NATO attacked the infrastructure so viciously…it is the marrow of any nation state, which produces the “stem cells” necessary for rebuilding and rejuvenation. Of course you’re right, rebuilding that precious infrastructure is going to be difficult, which is a total understatement. But like I said, IF the Libyan people manage to outlive and outlast and are able to rebuild the base structure, healing and rebuilding will come faster than you think. This isn’t optimism but a statement of fact. I guess I want to clarify: the business of resisting and building a stable foundation will take generations, due to resistance and meddling from powerful parasites and other outside forces…ONCE that’s achieved everything will snowball quickly from there.

        Last but not least: while intelligence is a good thing, I have observed that guts and backbone can take you so much farther. I do not advocate stupidity or acting without thinking, but in my experience intelligence is useless without guts and strength of character. What looks “impossible, pessimistic, and realistic” on paper may not be so when events are set into motion by people who collectively decide to defy expectations and fears. The psychology of self fulfilling prophecies is quite powerful. If you think it’s inevitable, you won’t try and they win by default, right? Isn’t that the best way to control a population?

        That said, I understand that the price of resistance is very high…far too high for most people. In the end, it’s the Libyan people’s decision to try and I certainly hope that they do try and succeed. Yes, pessimism is “realistic” but so is optimism. Real progress has been made, though it has remained inconsistent due to the sustained efforts of the old order. Historical fact (and personal anecdote) will bear this out. Believing in lies is one way to feel better about this world, but it’s not the only way.

        • Great, meaningful, deep observations, as always – thanks, M. I think the key thing you note, actually, is the ‘meddling from parasites and outside forces’. If that factor wasn’t there, the rebuilding could happen much quicker – and probably would’ve happened already.
          But your observation that ‘real progress has been made, though has remained inconsistent due to the sustained efforts of the old order’ feels true in an epic way.

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