There Are Some Odd Things About the Emergence of Monkeypox Cases…

Monkeypox virus
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So… monkeypox.

Has the media, particularly in the UK, overstated the threat or spread of this virus for sensationalism? Or is there a genuine cause for concern?

At present, despite the spate of media stories and headlines in the middle of May, neither the government nor the health authorities seem to be overly concerned.

And the general public has probably gotten fear-porn fatigue, after two years of COVID and everything that came along with that. As of right now, the number of UK cases is reported as just over 300. According to the World Health Organisation, there are around 800 confirmed cases in a dozen or so countries where the virus isn’t typically found under normal circumstances: and we’re told the number is rising daily.

There are, however, a couple of interesting things to note.

The first is that, like COVID, the monkeypox ‘outbreak’ was simulated in exercises a couple of months before the media started to report on the real-life cases.

In March 2021, the Nuclear Threat Initiative partnered with the Munich Security Conference to conduct a ‘tabletop exercise’ involving ‘high-consequence biological threats’. This exercise ‘examined gaps in national and international biosecurity and pandemic preparedness architectures… to improve prevention and response capabilities for high-consequence biological events.’

You can see their paper here.

This fictional scenario involved a global pandemic based on a strain of the monkeypox virus. This was in March. The first media reports of monkeypox cases in the UK and Europe emerged in mid-May.

In the NTI simulation, it took around 18 months for the virus to spread globally: and the hypothetical pandemic resulted in – wait for it – 3 *billion* cases (and – again, wait for it – 270 million deaths).

But we should note that the now-infamous ‘Event 201’ simulation in late 2019 (which simulated the coronavirus pandemic just prior to the real-world outbreak: see here) also had the death-toll as being a *lot* higher than the apparent real-world death toll from COVID 19 has been reported as.

Interestingly, the NTI simulation specifically envisioned a terrorist bio-attack being responsible for the outbreak – which, coincidentally, is in keeping with Bill Gates‘ ‘prediction’ late last year that ‘bio terrorists’ could soon carry out a bio attack involving smallpox.

But the NTI exercise was not the only curious foreshadowing.

Extraordinarily, the UK’s Ministry of Defense also ‘gamed’ a monkeypox outbreak at around the same time (see here).

Presented essentially as a kind of role-playing game, the MoD exercise’s game-play instructions are fascinating. For example: ‘MonkeyPox is a 60 min influence operations simulation that can be played by up to 40 people. The scenario is set in a fictional version of Nigeria amid a spreading monkeypox virus and disinformation about the cause of the epidemic…’

Among the objectives, it tells its participants, is to ‘Lead an effective information campaign and compete to dominate the information environment…’, as well as ‘Investigate and understand the information environment and target audience to effectively spread your team’s narrative…’

Further down the document, ‘Players’ are instructed to… ‘Create persuasive messages to gain public’s trust‘ and, among other things, to ‘Work closely with both your teammates and other players – you will need allies to spread your narrative effectively!

I won’t keep pulling quotes from the document here: you can look at it yourself.

Unlike the NTI exercise, the MoD’s exercise seemed more focused on information control, ‘narratives’ and media messaging.

As if all of that isn’t brow-raising enough, it was also reported that the now-infamous Wuhan lab (chief suspect as the origin-point for the coronavirus pandemic: see here) ‘Recently Assembled Monkeypox Strains Using Methods Flagged For Creating ‘Contagious Pathogens‘.


Wuhan Biological Lab: Coronavirus


I mean this really is becoming an odd case of deja vu. It’s almost like a sequel to 2020 – involving the same cast of returning characters.

The study was first published in February 2022, just a few months before the first media reports of international monkeypox cases.

While it mostly seems for now that this monkeypox business doesn’t pose anything like as much of a threat as COVID-19 apparently did, it might be of concern to some that the monkeypox scenario was ‘gamed’ in advance by at least two separate authorities – much the same way as the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 was simulated in advance at the ‘Event 201’ summit in New York.

Event 201 simulated, with remarkable accuracy, most aspects of the real-world coronavirus pandemic that was soon to engulf the world (including specifying its point of origin as being China).

In fairness, the fact that these monkeypox-centered exercises seem to (prophetically) specify either Nigeria or Western Africa as the source for the outbreak isn’t too strange, given that this is where monkeypox has been endemic for some time.

Nevertheless, let’s keep our eyes open with this.

It’s curious that, just as the COVID and COVID-related chaos, hysteria and social control programmes have appeared to be winding down (after an interminable two years of mass psychosis and endless psychological warfare), another virus has made its way onto the media radar – and having already been ‘gamed’/simulated just months earlier (with even the Wuhan Institute of Virology again appearing as an apparent fixture).

It’s worth also coming back to the point about Bill Gates having ‘predicted’ a smallpox outbreak: which he did back in November.

As the CDC explains, monkeypox is closely related to smallpox: and in fact the smallpox vaccine apparently also works against monkeypox. Monkeypox is also less lethal than its horrific smallpox relative: however, if it spread far and wide enough (as ‘gamed’ in the NTI simulation, for example), one assumes it would lead to mutations and worse variants.

What’s really startling is that, as reported on November 18th, mysterious smallpox vials were discovered in a Pennsylvania lab. We were told: ‘The FBI is investigating a handful of newly-discovered frozen vials labeled “smallpox,” according to the Center for Disease Control. The vials were found in a vaccine research facility in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania when a lab worker was cleaning out a freezer. Of the 15 vials located, five were labeled as “smallpox” while the other ten were labeled “vaccinia”…’

While this smallpox discovery has nothing to do with the monkeypox cases currently being reported, it’s still a cause for concern that a truly horrific disease that was supposed to have been eliminated decades ago after a worldwide vaccination campaign is showing up, being kept – illegally – in locations where it isn’t supposed to be.

Given the closeness of this apparently random discovery to Gates’ apparently off-the-cuff prophecy about a smallpox outbreak, the news media should’ve made more of this story.

Whitney Webb’s article at Unlimited Hangout is also worth reading, exploring the two frontrunning companies already poised to benefit most from a monkeypox outbreak and subsequent vaccine production: including their links to Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons, as well as the 2001 Anthrax attacks, among other things.

Still, for now the monkeypox numbers – as being reported – appear to be small. People are not dying from it. And the WHO has said it is unlikely to become a pandemic.

Also of note, however, is that the aforementioned MoD exercise simulating a monkeypox outbreak had a section focused on Russian disinformation, which is curious. Among others, the Daily Mirror has already published articles linking Russia to weaponised monkeypox.

However, the article cited here is quoting a Soviet-era spy and referring to a Soviet-era plan: so it’s a bit misleading.

The Russians, for their part, have spoken about US-linked bio-labs in Nigeria, implying that this is where the current monkeypox ‘outbreak’ has come from. It’s actually surprising – propaganda wise – that Russia hasn’t suggested the US-linked bio-labs in Ukraine being connected to the monkeypox cases: but so far that accusation hasn’t been levelled.

At any rate, we’ll just have to watch and see how this situation develops.


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