Mind Control Technology document leaked

It’s a curious error; assuming it was an error at all – and it might’ve cost someone in admin their job.

A couple of weeks ago, an odd story popped up in the media very briefly. It came when a journalist put in a request via the Freedom of Information Act. The journalist in question had been researching far-right and far-left militant groups. Bizarrely, Curtis Waltman – working for Boston’s MuckRock – received back documents that had nothing to do with the requests he’d submitted or the subject he was researching.

What actually came through has turned out to be something of a gift to conspiracy theorists and researchers, validating what any number of people have been claiming for many years.

According to the Daily Mail’s report on the story, “…In what sounds like a plot from the X-files, they revealed research into bizarre ‘psycho-electronic’ weaponry. These claim to use electromagnetic forces to achieve their aims, including inducing intense pain, itching or even rigor mortis.

The US government accidentally sent the reporter information describing ‘remote mind control’, ‘remote brain mapping’, ‘forced memory blanking’, and other effects that have been a staple of conspiracy theories for decades now.

Actually, releasing this data to the journalist in question is such an odd mistake that I half wonder if it was deliberate.

However, I can’t think of what the motive for deliberately ‘accidentally’ sending out that file would be (unless it’s just to frighten people straight). Or they’re trolling the conspiracy theorists.

The seeming confirmation of the existence of (or at the very least, research into) ‘psycho-electronic’ weapons has various implications: both on a potential mass level (mass population control of some sort) and also on a smaller, black-ops level (mind-controlled sleeper-agents, for example).

Let’s touch on that second category for starters: and come back to the more important first category after.

By now, the conspiracy theories concerning mind-controlled sleeper agents, assassins and false-flag agents, have pretty much been established as fact.

Danny F. Quest, writing for Waking Times in January last year, effectively demonstrates that reality here.

He also reminds us that 24 year-old James Holmes (the infamous Batman ‘Dark Knight Rises’ killer), who shot dead 12 people and wounded 58 in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, had family ties to US government research centers and was in fact a recipient of a neuroscience training grant, having been involved in alleged mind-control experiments (he also referred to himself as ‘The Joker’).

James Holmes, Mind Control 

But that’s no isolated case.

Take Esteban Santiago, the alleged Fort Lauderdale shooter – who killed 5 people at Hollywood International Airport in January last year. We were told, in the New York Times among others, that – two months before the shooting incident – Santiago “walked into the Anchorage FBI Field Office to report that his mind was being controlled by a U.S. intelligence agency… He said that “He didn’t want to hurt anyone” and that he felt he was “being forced to work for ISIS”. Santiago told the F.B.I. he thought he was being mind controlled, possibly by the CIA…”

Most famously, there was Aaron Alexis, the perpetrator of the Washington D.C. Navy Yard shooting that left 13 people dead a few years ago, was (like the Baton Rouge, Dallas, shooter two years ago) ex armed forces, having served in the US Navy. Activist Post published a document on Facebook that was also corroborated by The New York Times and seemed to strongly reinforce the claim that Alexis was being harassed by intelligence agencies using mind-control techniques prior to the shootings.

As reported at the time by CNN, according to an FBI official after the shooting, Alexis was under the “belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves”. In fact, Alexis had been openly saying for some time that he was under mental attack via ELF weapons.

Alexis, had written on-line that “Ultra low frequency attack is what I’ve been subject to for the last 3 months, and to be perfectly honest that is what has driven me to this.”

The FBI’s Washington D.C. Field Office issued a statement dismissing Alexis’s statements as “delusional”. The Washington Post also reported that Alexis had carved “My ELF weapon” into his gun. The New York Times covered Alexis’s claims that he was being harassed by microwave weapons and that his tormenters were working to “keep him awake by talking to him and sending vibrations into his body”.

Similar claims surrounded Timothy McVeigh.

So, does this accidental leak essentially confirm how those individuals were being controlled?

While exposure of MK-Ultra (by now an openly-acknowledged fact) and other covert mind-control programmes has been going on for decades, it is possible that the first blatant evidence of obvious mind-controlled sleeper-agents was in 1968 in the form of Sirhan Sirhan – the Palestinian (although he was being called a Libyan at the time) who was convicted for the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

What, for many years, was regarded as mere conspiracy theory, is nowadays more or less commonly acknowledged as fact: firstly, that Sirhan was not the only shooter and, secondly, that Sirhan was clearly under some form of hypnotic influence. For decades, Sirhan’s story has been unchanged: he has no memory of shooting Kennedy, no memory of his trial and no memory of confessing to the assassination.



Anyone familiar with the case will remember that this had been Sirhan’s defense from the very start: watch the original footage of him from 1968 and it’s always been obvious that he was in a total state of bewilderment and didn’t seem to even know where he was.

Mainstream publications nowadays are entirely open about Sirhan Sirhan having been a patsy. Live Science, for example, even gave full credence to the claims that the Palestinian was under mind-control: ‘According to the new pleadings, “[Sirhan] was an involuntary participant in the crimes being committed because he was subjected to sophisticated hypno-programing and memory implantation techniques which rendered him unable to consciously control his thoughts and actions at the time the crimes were being committed”…’

There is one incident in particular that, for a very long time, convinced me that ELF or microwave weapons were both a reality and in active use – that is, beyond the realm of Manchurian Candidates and false-flag agents.

And most people now don’t remember it, but here it is: and it takes us away from the idea of mind-control and into outright assassination.

Dean Warwick, a pioneer in the field of alternative energy and a former US intelligence officer, collapsed and died on 7th October 2006 while speaking at an international conference in Blackpool, England.

Dean had told interviewer Dave Starbuck that he was going to make some highly significant announcements at that conference concerning several controversial matters, including the assasination of Robert Kennedy (the brother of JFK, shot dead in 1968 – supposedly by the aforementioned Sirhan Sirhan), the truth about the Lockerbie bombing, and a connection between various underground bases and hundreds of thousands of missing children.

Mr Warwick had apparently just reached the point in his lecture where he said he was about to expose who was really behind Robert Kennedy’s assasination. But he never got to it. Instead, according to the witnesses, he uttered the words “Bear with me a moment”, leant on a nearby table, then fell flat on his face.

He was pronounced dead soon after that.

Warwick was said to have been in good health at the time. However, moments before beginning that final presentation, he is reported by witnesses to have said he felt a “beam” or “burning” on one side of his head. That particular detail led some naturally to speculate that Warwick had been subject to some kind of covert assault, possibly an intelligence agency hit.

One theory was that an ‘Extremely Low Frequency’ (ELF) weapon was used. It strikes me as plausible that Warwick might’ve been someone worth killing off (if he was becoming a real nuisance), but that it was also a chance to test out a very particular assassination technique at the same time.

It’s always been possible that some of the alleged witness testimony was fraudulent: how much was made up, exaggerated or misremembered, we can’t really know for sure – the only sure thing is that Mr Warwick died on stage that night very suddenly and very oddly.

Here was someone who claimed to have been there and witnessed the whole thing: the same piece also reproduced the frankly hair-raising interview Warwick did with Dave Starbuck shortly before this, focused primarily on missing children and alleged mass child murders. Frankly, I should include a warning: the transcript of this interview is so disturbing and upsetting that you might prefer to just not bother with it.

At any rate, Warwick’s death has always struck me as the likeliest ‘known’ case of assassination by microwave or ELF technology that we have. I’m not saying that’s absolutely what happened – but that it’s the closest thing we can point to as a likely ‘ELF assassination’.

So, what about potential applications for this type of psychological warfare at the mass or societal level?

Well, what’s also very interesting about this FOIA ‘mistake’ is its source: specifically, the data came from the ‘Washington State Fusion Center’.

The Fusion Centers have been a subject of suspicion and controversry for years now, having been established between 2003 and 2007 by Homeland Security as part of the post-9/11 shake-up of American security infrastructure and civil liberties. Explained as a key part of counter-terrorism operations, civil liberties groups have been worried about the Fusion Centers which, they show, were sweeping up innocent people into their supposed counter-terrorism operations.

In 2013, The Guardian reported on civil liberies groups that released 1,800 ‘suspicious activity reports’ that local law-enforcement had forwarded to the intelligence-gathering repositories – the ‘Fusion Centers’ – and found that nearly all of them were devoid of any meaningful counter-terrorism intelligence.

A constitutional and international lawyer told lawmakers that the United States should dismantle these state-run fusion centers and likened them to the Soviet Union’s KGB and East Germany’s Stasi.

The Fusion Centers supposedly operate with no guidelines and no oversight; and appeared to be part of the well-planned post-9/11 package that was comprised of everything from Homeland Security and the Patriot Act, the NSA surveillence state, the War on Terror and Guantanamo Bay.

The Fusion Centers, which are all across the United States (the official count at present is 79), have been an obvious target for conspiracy theorists for years: and were also the subject of a Jesse Ventura TV programme, which connected the operation with the alleged FEMA Camps (apparent prison camps designed by Dick Cheney’s Haliburton and run by Homeland Security), a planned police state and martial law. The Ventura programme was apparently pulled from the air, allegedly after government threats to ‘TruTV’. The video has supposedly also been repeatedly taken down from YouTube.

I know that it did air in the UK some years later, because I watched it.

Ventura referred to a “government plan to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law, and round up anyone deemed a National Security threat, it’s documented; it’s called Rex 84.”

I looked up ‘Rex 84’ and it’s real: it was apparently established during the Reagan administration and under the guidance of the infamous Oliver North (of Iran-Contra fame).

I don’t know how much credence to afford the Ventura programme, given that the episode in question seemed to rely heavily on Alex Jones – which automatically lessens the credibility somewhat. But Ventura himself has always seemed like an honest operator (and, to be fair, this was pre-lunatic Alex Jones) and the programme in question did seem to uncover a great deal of information that should’ve been worrying to most Americans.

On a slight side-note, George Webb in the US has been running a prolific YouTube channel for some years, mostly focused on exposing DynCorp (an organisation I previously wrote about here). I’ve never had the time to go through all of Webb’s content – and I can’t necessarily vouch for the reliability of all of his claims or information – but he claims that the Fusion Centers are being run by DynCorp directly.

Which, if true, has all kinds of ominous implications.

At any rate, this ‘accidental’ release of the ‘psycho-electronic weapon’ data to the Boston journalist seems a gift to conspiracy theorists on two fronts: one, seemingly confirming the existence of such techniques and technology, and two, having the source be the Washington State Fusion Center.

It’s the Fusion Center connection that is, in some ways, most interesting: given that the Fusion Centers’ purpose is mass surveillence and monitoring the population for dissent, subversive behaviour or affiliations.

While mind-control or ELF-pressure for sleeper assassins or false-flag patsies is one thing (and hardly revelatory anymore), the idea of ‘psycho-electronic’ weapons being used on a much wider scale – like, say, for mass population control – is the scariest thing to consider.

If the capabilities are there for targeting and controlling an individual (an Aaron Alexis or Sirhan Sirhan), then it presumably is possible to expand that.

Take a good look again at all of the possible effects specified in the diagram – and then imagine that kind of technique applied at mass levels, say to target a specific protest group (take the Standing Rock Sioux, for example) or some specific section of society. Hell, it could even – we must imagine – target a whole town (for whatever reason).

 Mind Control Technology document leaked 

‘Controlled dreams’ strikes me as the most stunning idea here. But just as frightening is ‘forced manipulation of airways, including externally controlled speech’.

There are all kinds of levels this type of technology could be used at, depending on the scale or scope of desired effect. For example, it is known that in the First Gulf War – or ‘Operation Desert Storm’ – in 1991, U.S. Psychological Operations officers used Iraqi radio station transmissions to transmit ‘silent signals’

We were informed that, according to captured Iraqi soldiers, the high-tech subliminal messaging (referred to as Ultra-High-Frequency ‘Silent Sounds’ or ‘Silent Subliminals’) were – although undetectable by the human ear – perceived at a subconscious level by the soldiers, who were overcome by fear, demoralisation and a sense of hopelessness.

Now, imagine that kind of technique applied not to ‘enemy’ troops, but to, say, a problematic domestic group or a protest movement.

There is also, of course, the modern phenomenon of ‘gangstalking’ to consider too: a frequently reported phenomenon where a person is electronically harassed via undetectable means as a way to either drive them crazy or make them appear crazy to everyone else (because only the targeted individual can hear the sounds, feel the vibrations or receive the ‘instructions’).

A lot of people talking about gangstalking are probably making it up or jumping on a bandwagon (and others might have pre-existing mental issues and have subsequently come across ‘gangstalking’ online and seized it as an explanation) – but that doesn’t mean they all are. I’ve never met anyone who claimed to have been subjected to this: however, my sister – who was working in mental health – told me she had a patient in a ward who insisted he was the victim of gangstalking.

She believed, ultimately, that he probably seized on gangstalking as an ‘excuse’ for his preexisting mental issues after he started seeing it talked about online: which is probably the truth.

But, given the kinds of technology and techniques we’re talking about, it does make you wonder.

All of this – mind-control, microwave weapons, gang-stalking, etc – is too broad a subject to cover effectively in one post. I’m only scratching the surface here.

But I’m guessing the Washington State Fusion Center mishap wasn’t deliberate psy-opery: if it was, it would’ve received far more media coverage and scrutiny than it’s gotten. As it was, the story got some coverage for a day in a few mainstream platforms… and then it went away.

Danny Quest, in his Waking Times article from a year ago, attributes this extraordinary statement to an MK-Ultra experimenter who demonstrated remote mind-control of an animal on CNN in 1985 (a Dr Jose Delgado of Yale): We need a program of psycho-surgery and political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated… The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective… Man does not have the right to develop his own mind… We must electrically control the brain…’


More:Does TORTURE Create Terrorists via Trauma-Based Mind-Control?‘,’Did Anyone Notice the Thing the Baton Rouge and Washington Navy Yard Shooters Had in Common?‘, ‘Mass Hypnosis, Psychological Warfare and the City of Isis‘, ‘From Orlando to Paris: Mass Psychological Warfare & the Terror Psy-Opera‘, ‘The Las Vegas Shooting Spree: What Everyone Missed‘…

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  1. Is there a filter against posting some links?
    I wasnt able to post a response to Jerry Alatalo to refute his, in my view, completely erroneous conclusions.

    • petergrafstrm,

      We are genuinely interested and would appreciate hearing your reasons for feeling our comments on Julian Assange held “completely erroneous conclusions”.Perhaps you could simply describe the link(s) you referenced.


      • I think there are people somewhere out there in the cyberconnection who, wish to downplay the dark sides of wikileaks and I think they were the cause of my difficulties both here and on unz review, where one commenter asked for links. On the 4th trial I managed to place two links but the notification to the other commenter was probably deactivated.
        I dont see those cyberagents as nasty, they may have some sincere concern about something legitimate. But the fact remains, the wikileaks is a psyop (and someone mentioned that even at one stage in cooperation with the same Cia-people who pretended they would set up a taskgroup for fighting or examining it. )
        It doesnt look like the usual intelpeople try very hard to cover it up.
        Cass Sunstein the Us elites face outwards for cognitive infiltration cheered Wikileaks when it was founded. Everything they did was in support for the regimechange operations in the interest of the angloamerican empires hegemonic agenda. More recently they have been involved in what seems to be an internal quarrel among the Us elites. For example the opposition against Hillary and part of the agenda she pushes exists both inside and outside the Us deep state.

        Anyway some wellinformed analysts wrote what constituted a total debunking of wikileaks in 2010
        One former partner of WL, John Young also posted emailconversations from 2006-7
        The phrases below ought to find the links

        In reverse time order:
        WikiLeaks Syria file dump benefits CIA/NATO By Wayne Madsen
        He has a paywall but there are copies elsewhere.

        Wikileaks: No Serious Derogatory Information about US, UK, Israel
        Wikileaks = Cass Sunstein’s Program for Cognitive Infiltration In Action

        Assange and Wikileaks, Key CIA Tools to Dupe Youth Bulge
        Tunisian wikileaks-putch


        Wikileaks: a political diversion

        Wikileaks pushes open doors

        William Engdahl
        Something Stinks About Wikileaks Release of “Secret” Documents

        Wikileaks: a big dangerous US Government Con Job

        • That’s really interesting, petergrafstrm, thanks. I will certainly keep an open mind.

    • petergrafstrm,

      How would the critics of Assange and WikiLeaks account for the organization’s 100% accuracy – after publishing some 10 millions documents? Why is Assange the victim of false smear campaigns, death threats made with impunity by politicians and journalists, and continuing imprisonment at the embassy?

      Perhaps former Ecuador President Rafael Correa is part of the “psyop” as well, if the logic is followed, and new Ecuador President Moreno’s putting out a bogus arrest warrant and pulling government-sponsored security from Correa, leaving him to find his own protection/security (Correa said there’s a plot to get him killed). This development doesn’t square up with Assange being a psyop.

      Please provide specifics and examples of where Assange “blew his cover”, therefore revealing he’s working with intelligence agencies. My guess is there are neither any specifics nor examples, because this observer hasn’t heard nor seen anything to support such an accusation about Assange. .

      • Mr Alatalo
        So you dont intend to seek out the info I suggested but just go on and make more demands.
        Assange has collaborated with the Cia since the 90s as a young computer ‘hobbyist’, in connection with the cyber security at the Sandia labs. This in itself isnt proof of later psyop activities but is interesting since the Us elites probably had a hold on Assange due to his previous hacker activities and could create valuable ties. Alternatively hacking in that case was just another hoax by those agencies to create an interesting coverstory for the intended deception.
        But now comment the source material. It isnt hard to find using the search engines. Otherwise tell me.
        The most wellknown example of WLs marwellous accuracy is the video from Iraq with the Us military attacking targets on the street. Warcrime or not isnt the issue for me here, but that this video had already been available on the web by other grassroot reporters. And wikileaks managed to repackage it and sell via their supporters in oligarchcontrolled media without mentioning the original source.
        Also John Young, the respected whistleblower WL for a time managed to recruit, points to their businessmodel, that it was about making lots of money.

      • petergrafstrm,

        It seems we’ve reached that “agree to disagree” point. Apparently John Pilger, George Galloway, Cynthia McKinney and others supporting Assange have simply fallen for the psyop … What are the websites you trust and recommend to others?

        • Mr Alatalo, It is perfectly ok to disagree about this and I confess I do sense a double feeling about it. If it is true that he hasnt been able to be with family for a long time he is suffering no doubt no matter what his role. I hope he has had a chance to pull back discreetly. His handlers surely owe him to provide a way out if he acts wisely. How will they recruite new adepts if they dont do that?
          About the people you mention. McKinney seems like a brave woman politician and has spoken up on several occasions. And I have found some of Pilgers writing useful. About south africa for instance.
          So I trust him to be as honest as celebrity status allows him to be. But both he and Chomsky are weak on conspiracies or like I indicated their celebrity status is associated with avoiding some issues which makes them into controlled opposition whether they admit it or not. Daniell Ellsberg at least admitted that his celebrity status was an important limiting factor.
          About webpages. I think those names I mentioned are very good. They have connections and have provided unique insights.
          When Tarpley acts in the role of a politician he may have limited interest to foreigners since he might feel compelled to be biased with respect to the rivals of the US. But he is an extremely learned man and his books and articles contain lots of insight for those who like to be conspiracywise. For example his books about Obama contain a lot of interesting info overviewing decades of elite conjuring.
          Wayne Madsen has many interesting articles. For example at strategic culture. Well worth going back to anytime for its detail. The only time sofar, I have disagreed with Madsen, is about the spanish separatist issue. But there he may take sides with his country. Some suggest the Us wants to grab Gibraltar for military purposes and that this may be one reason for Brexit since remaining in the EU would enable Spain to change the status of that unnatural bridgehead.
          [there is always something else going on behind the surface… ]
          Thierry Meyssan provides a wellinformed analysis at Voltairenet and William Engdahl at his own blog(s) and at New Eastern Outlook.

          Tony Cartalucci at Landdestroyer blogspot is another good source which exposes the deviousness of the imperalists towards the Asian theatre. He also suspected WL.

    • My guess turns out to have been correct, it seems. No specifics and no examples … So what if WikiLeaks business model included making lots of money. Is that “bombshell” by John Young all you’ve got? Seriously? You can’t recall the major points made in the references you provided? Instead, you feel it perfectly reasonable to essentially demand others to go on a wild goose chase. At least provide something approaching good reasons for spending time tracking down your blurry sources.

      Assange is the #1 target of the world’s worst war criminals, has rotted away in a small room for over 6 years, is totally innocent of any crime, and some still persist in believing the global propaganda about Assange put out by these criminal elites. The arrest warrant put out on former Ecuador President Raphael Correa by the Moreno government should put to rest once and for all this pack of lies on Assange. Correa said after the arrest warrant, and after his government provided security was pulled, that (paraphrase) “they want me killed”. Is Correa colluding with Assange in the “great deception”?

      We hope this prediction turns out wrong, but don’t be surprised if Julian Assange (like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, RT America’s Ed Schultz, Russian U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, and many others across history) ends up suffering an early death.

      We’re not interested in arguing with you. But Assange is in very serious danger and needs all the support he can get. Consider checking out “Suzi 3D” channel on YouTube on Saturday July 7 for an online vigil for Assange’s freedom.


      • Mr Alatalo, Hypocrite to say peace after lyingly claiming there are no specifics in the list I indicated with suitable search phrases since the links were not allowed to reach the blog. You didnt even try to get there did you? You may have sincere intententions to protect Assange and I cant blame you for that. But he and the organisation constitutes just one of many fraudulent AND evil creations of the hegemon.
        Has Assange handlers dumped him? Does he now have to uphold appearance of being a freedom fighter which he never was? Maybe and he certainly didnt blow his cover like you erroneously tried to insinuate for me to have said. What I did say however was that the ordinary intel ~his handlers didnt try so hard to hide that WL is a psyop. Maybe they created it as a warning to whistle blowers what will happen. But since they simultaneously used it at full trottle in the imperial regimechange operations, Assange must be very naive not to have understood what his role was.
        The wellinformed analysts I cited exposed WL. With plenty of specifics, (which you hope other readers wont learn?). The intel agencies behind WL may thereafter have seen it as a lost cause, while Assange perhaps out of vanity thought he was safe.
        Just because the public are still duped by this malignant phenomenon, intel of other nations which were the targets or potential targets dont buy it and that is why it, hopefully, is a lost cause.

    • petergrafstrm,

      There’s a possibility that people on the fence about Assange greatly underestimate the amount of information he’s digested and read at WikiLeaks. Even he’s said there is no way one person could read the entire archive of some 10,000,000 documents, and encourages “help” from people around the world in going through the colossal mountain of information.

      That said, we respect all the journalists you suggested. Perhaps some further relevant insight will be provided by watching Assange’s interview of Rafael Correa from 2012, especially in the current situation after new Ecuador President Lenin Moreno put out the bogus kidnapping charge on Correa. We’d be interested in your opinion. Thanks.


  2. “Ramola D Reports” channel on YouTube delves into this issue in a big way. Two profound interviews come to mind worth listening to: One in recent days with an engineer formerly with NASA, associated with the website TargetedJustice.com of 1-hour, and another (3-hours) from 5 months ago with Suzie Dawson (New Zealand, Kim Dotcom, free Assange) which from our perspective might be the best internet interview of 2018.

    Suzie Lawson makes clear Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are victims of intentional disinformation with regard to “Assange ignores 9/11 truth”, “Assange ignores Israel”, “WikiLeaks is a CIA psyop, limited hangout”, etc. etc. Thousands of documents on WikiLeaks on Israel and 9/11, easily found by typing “Israel” or “9/11” into WikiLeaks’ search box and pressing “enter”. During the 3-hour discussion, Lawson takes viewers directly to the WikiLeaks website and literally destroys the lies about Julian Assange. She also brings clear proof of directed energy weapons, reported extensively by WikiLeaks, and more to the topic of this Triple-B article.

    • Thanks Jerry, that’s great. Will look at your recommendations, for sure.
      And yes, I noticed lots of these pieces on debunking Assange and WikiLeaks (mostly on InfoWars and other right-wing sites), but I ignored them. I’m glad to know the matter has been cleared up – but, of course, ‘evidence’ or ‘demonstrations’ won’t necessarily deter followers of those sites from denouncing Assange and WikiLeaks.

  3. ELF for mind control is a popular disinformation topic. It doesnt work for a very basic reason: the bitrate is too low even under optimal conditions. The brains bitrate internally consist of modest yet useful rates but in huge bundles. Massive parallelism. None of that is accessible without a dedicated highfrequency interface. For remote use, the microwave range is the technically best choice.
    Delgado used 915 MHz in his stimoceiver which had 8 channels towards the end of his Us career in 1975, when the technology went underground. This was reported by Barry Trower with experience from intel. He said agents were around that time being told not to speak of implants and such. In the aftermath microelectrode matrices became an important addition to neurocybernetics which has been practized covertly on the public for several decades. Instruments for inserting such multielectrode connections were adverticed by Bristol Myers Squibbs on the web. I noted that they described the fast operation of such an instrument. It needs to insert the electrode matrix within milliseconds using pressured air.
    The way in which the neurons automatically grows into this artifact and establish many independent connections to the nerves has been reported, also for decades.
    Delgado made human experiments on consensual subjects. He wasnt harassing them. They wanted him to try out something to cure their various mental issues. The trouble is, the Cia and the military have used the technology, presumably in parallell with some more serious scientist, without the scientists having had the full picture of what was going on. The intel/military or rather the subversive organisations have scandalized the technology in order to delay it’s application for good uses.
    Trying to blame ordinary healthcare surgeons and scientists.
    There are plenty of good uses, for instance to mend broken spines and bring back lost motoric capacity.
    Stem cell research may be the way to do it eventually. But neurocybernetics could have been applied to such problems already in the 1980s if the stupid secrecy had been lifted. Instead over 20 British scientists at Marconi appear to have been ‘suicided’ within the context of the Starwars project.
    Walter Bowart, in his 2nd ed of his text about Mind Control, interviewed an engineer in the autumn of 1994 who described implants made of bone imitation which are invisible on Xray.
    He said the Cia started using them around 1988/89. That is the time when lots of victims started to emerge worldwide according to activists, like raven, who used to publish the material enclosed with the article.

    • That’s brilliant information, thanks petergrafstrm – and most of which I was unaware of. The diversity of your knowledge and references continues to be remarkable.
      I’ve always assumed that ‘secret’ technologies will tend to be a decade or so older than any conspiracy theory or whistleblower claims.
      You’re right as well to point out the potential positive applications of some of these effects or techniques, which I wasn’t really thinking about at all – I was focused entirely on the Dark Side of things.
      I’m intrigued by the suicided scientists too: I’ve never heard anything about that.

      • Collins, Tony (1990). Open verdict: an account of 25 mysterious deaths in the defence industry

        There was a case when one of them turned up alive under a new identity, but there were several dramatic deaths.
        Ronald Reagan tried to blame it on the Soviets. But when Reagan was governor in Cal the Us was using radiotransponders and radio towers to survey prisoners moving about in city areas. They used missile tracking electronics. In the Marconi-related projects it was about similar technology although officially related to remotecontrolled torpedos. ( British scientists working in secret military projects would never want to blow the whistle about such things. ) For mind control or more accurately neorocybernetic communication they need to solve problems similar to those in connection with tracking radar.
        The range for realtime twoway communication to an implant is very short which is one of the reasons for the secrecy. They like people to believe they cant hide, but if that seems to the target to be the case it is probably because the implant is capable of running an internal program.

        • Thanks, Petergrafstrm. All very interesting, but also rather unsettling. On the subject of supposed dead people later (allegedly) showing up alive, another writer has been trying to convince me for a some time that the astronauts who were killed in the Challenger disaster all actually turned up alive in various locations years later. I haven’t properly looked at the claims/sources/evidences/etc yet, but will have to do so soon.

  4. Triple B,

    Readers and yourself might be interested in watching an extraordinary recent lecture at West Point Military Academy by Dr. Charles Morgan related to these very controversial personal sovereignty issues Find it at “Modern War Institute” channel on YouTube.


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