Save Tin Pan Alley and the 12 Bar Club…!

Tinpan Alley, London

Support the Save the 12 Bar petition and help preserve the heritage and integrity of London’s Denmark Street and “Tin Pan Alley”.

With a long and colorful history dating back to the 1690’s, in more modern times Denmark Street has been a hub for musicians of almost all genres, its independent stores, recording studios and bars imbuing the location with its unique ambience and cool.

The 12 Bar Club today plays host to live music 7 nights a week, in keeping with the street’s continuous tradition of giving a platform to musicians – local, national and international – who want their music to be heard and to music fans who want to hear it.

It is socially, culturally and musically important that venues like the 12 Bar Club survive for future artists and musicians to purvey their art and for live-music-loving audiences to enjoy and patronize those artists in an intimate venue with history and atmosphere.

Let’s not let this venue be added to the casualty list of popular or historic music venues to be lost to developers and big businesses in London. Among other locations, we’re already losing the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town: a small venue where countless bands and artists – some of which went on to be huge acts – have performed over the decades (and where my own band played a number of times).

If this trend continues, soon there will be no small clubs or venues left for unsigned artists or new bands to play live to audiences. Let’s not let this continue.

Help keep the non-corporate music scenes alive and kicking; sign the Save the 12 Bar petition here.

S. Awan

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  1. London has a duty to those who made it. This includes the rock community. Before long every bar will be a port of call for suits before the train to milton keynes. All flats no entertainment = dull city.

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