SAUDI ARABIA, ISRAEL, the US, TURKEY and the International Conspiracy Against SYRIA…

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Why is Israel bombing the Syrian Government…? A number of news sources reported on December 7th that Israeli warplanes attacked two separate areas close to Damascus, including a target at the city’s international airport.

This was reportedly the fifth unprovoked Israeli attack on Syria in the last eighteen months. Syria hasn’t declared war on Israel; neither has Israel formally announced war with Syria – these military assaults on Syria are therefore nothing less than a war crime.

The question is: why is Israel bombing Syrian government locations while its ally the US claims to be attacking the Syrian governments’  enemies, Islamic State, in Iraq?

This whole convoluted equation would at first glance appear confusing; that is until you take in other sources of information that reveal Israel’s ongoing involvement in the deliberate destabilization of Syria. This has, according to several unrelated sources, included providing arms, air support and medical assistance to extremist Islamist rebels operating inside Syria.

There is a disturbing lack of logic to Israel’s operations; in theory Israel should be far more scared of the rise of Islamic State than it should be about Bashar Assad or Syria. Assad and the Syrian government represents stability; Islamic State, and the various extremists operating in the Syrian rebel groups, represent entirely fascistic Islamist ideologies with an inherent hatred for Jews and Israel (or at least in theory they should, yet they seem to have no interest in Israel – not even in their rhetoric or proclamations). Yet the IDF is bombing Assad and, according to numerous sources, aiding Islamic extremists in Syria – the very people who’d happily bring about a Middle East apocalypse and are well on their way to already doing so.

 Benjamin Netanyahu with Syrian jihadists 

It brings to mind Bashar Assad’s recent statements in an interview with a French news organisation, in which he speaks of “missing” the former world, “a different world, a world which has logical and moral relations.” What’s tragic is that he is already referring to it in past tense; as a world that is now gone and can’t come back. One would imagine there may be a great many Libyans and Iraqis who miss their ‘former worlds’ too.

But a new world is clearly being carved into existence through the bloody warfare, mass killing and the raising of those ominous black flags. But a world in whose vision? In whose interest?

According to an article on the Global Research website, the Israeli Defense Forces recently received, treated and then returned some 21 Syrian rebels back to Syrian territory. While according to the Times of Israel, Sharif As-Safouri, the commander of the Free Syrian Army’s Al-Haramein Battalion, admitted to having entered Israel five times to meet with Israeli officers who later provided him with Soviet anti-tank weapons and light arms. He also claimed Israel was providing Safouri and his men with weapons including “30 Russian rifles, 10 RPG launchers with 47 rockets, and 48,000 5.56 millimeter bullets.”

Just to clarify, that is reported in an Israeli newspaper. Safouri, by the way, isn’t even Syrian – indeed many, if not most, of the extremists fighting against Assad in Syria or active in Iraq are foreigners, not Syrians. So think about that: in what world does the democracy of Israel – and its parent democracy of the United States – arm foreign fighters to enter into someone else’s country and conduct a war against both the people and the government?

In this world, apparently: a brave new world being forged by crazed, bloodthirsty terrorists unleashed in Syria and Iraq by what is more and more evidently a covert international conspiracy to unleash real-life, almost Biblical hell on a country that didn’t do anything to invite it.

A new world order forged in blood, with over 200,000 Syrian deaths a mere collateral damage.

The Syrian government has directly accused Israel now of engaging in “direct aggression carried out to help the Syrian government’s opponents”; by “Syrian government opponents” it means ISIS, the US-backed Syrian rebels and Turkey.

But Israel isn’t alone in covertly trying to bring about the fall of Assad’s government in Syria; Turkey may have been working together with Israel to weaken Syria’s ability to fight off the various US-backed rebel terrorist groups, a fact reported recently by RT.

There are various unrelated sources for this story, but The Jerusalem Post itself reported testimony from an ISIS fighter implying that Turkey is involved in funding the Islamic terrorist group. According to The Telegraph, hundreds of al-Qaeda recruits were being kept in safe houses in southern Turkey, before being smuggled over the border to join the “jihad” in Syria.

 ISIS Fighters in Iraq 

Remarkably, even four years into the conflict, the Turkish border is still being violated on a virtually daily basis with wannabe jihadists crossing into Syria from Europe to fight.

There have also been a number of credible indications of Saudi Arabia’s role in directing the uprising against the Syrian government. For example, a former commander of a Takfiri group in Syria, Abu Leith al-Tabouki, who used to be a leader of the Al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front, has revealed that Saudi clerics play a substantial role in providing the financial resources to the militants. He goes on to name a specific Saudi cleric in this piece from Press TV. Assad has in fact directly accused the Saudis and Qatar of directly funding the terrorists who’ve brought Syria to ruin in the passed three years. Both Saudi and Qatar were widely known to have been funding the rebels since the very beginning of the war. It is reported that a large number of ISIL mercenaries are convicted criminals released from Saudi prisons on condition they join the ISIL.

That the Syrian government has held on for over three years now is testament to the Syrian Army, which must realise it is fighting for the very survival of the country and of Syrian society (or what’s left of it). Keep in mind at all times that Islamic State’s intentions are to knock the borders down and create a unified single state out of Iraq and Syria (and probably Lebanon and beyond) – an all-encompassing ‘Caliphate’ in the region based on extreme Islamo-Fascist law and government. That is their stated intent; so then we must ask ourselves why Israel is bombing the Syrian government instead of contributing to a campaign against the terrorists.

And ask why Turkey and Saudi Arabia are funding and aiding the terrorists. And why the US, even now, even after all the horrors it’s seen unfold in ISIS-controlled Iraq, is still prattling on about arming certain Syrian Rebel groups to fight against Assad?

Aside from Syrian lives being lost and its great historic cities and cultural heritage being destroyed, the infrastructure of the country is also being methodically destroyed so that even if the government does survive the so-called ‘Civil War’, it will be in a vastly weakened state and in all likelihood unable to return to its former stability for generations. This precise same strategy was used against Libya in 2011 when, under the guise of ‘humanitarian intervention’, NATO methodically assaulted Libya’s infrastructure, destroying in weeks what Libya had taken generations to build and ensuring the country would never reach that level of prosperity and self-sufficiency again.

According to an article in The Independent the US is considering bombing pipelines in Syria, which it claims is in an attempt to cut off the profits being made by ISIS from captured oilfields. The problem with this explanation is that the Islamic State fighters don’t have the means to use the pipeline to transport oil and have, according to reports, been transporting the stolen oil crudely by trucks, allegedly selling it in Turkey.

The Independent confirms this and adds that the Erdogan government in Turkey knows all about this and has been deliberately looking the other way.

 A destroyed residential street in Syria 

Why destroy Syria’s oil infrastructure? Simple: to deny Syria any chance of being self-sufficient again in the future.

Assuming Assad and the Syrian government is allowed to remain in power by the international community (and assuming further than they win this war), it will be dependent on US and other foreign rebuilding contracts and will find itself in perpetual debt to the very outside forces and powers that unleashed this bloodshed against them and orchestrated its destruction. In regard to the Israeli bombings, it is a known fact of history that Israel has longstanding desires to control parts of Syria, particularly the Golan Heights; the conflict in Syria now gives them a convenient platform for interfering for their own interests.

But the US, of course, is the driving force behind the terrorism and destabilisation, be it in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria or elsewhere. In Syria’s case, the US was of course funding, backing, even training, extremist rebels from the beginning. The US’s role in bringing about the conflict has been evident from the start. This story written by Washington Post staff writer Craig Whitlock reveals that the US State Department was secretly financing Syrian political opposition groups and related projects long before the war in Syria erupted, including a satellite TV channel that beamed anti-government propaganda into the country. U.S. funding for Syrian opposition figures began under President George W. Bush once he froze political ties with Damascus in 2005.

Whatever the truth about the origins of the armed uprising in Syria – whether it was orchestrated from the outside or not (I say that to appear even-tempered: it was orchestrated from the outside, let’s not pretend otherwise) – it is clear that the weakened and vulnerable Syria has become a free-for-all for numerous external powers beginning to resemble vultures picking at a ravaged carcass.

The point should be made of course that Israel’s assaults on Syrian targets contravenes both the Geneva Conventions and the principles of Nuremberg (for one thing because Israel hasn’t openly declared war on Assad) and is a War Crime; but frankly we’re so far beyond all of that by now it’s a waste of breath to even talk about it.

If the UN had any power left to hold war criminals to account for their actions or to hold to account nations engaged in under-handed conspiracies then none of this would be happening anyway. What the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States have been involved in in Syria are breaches of international law. The invasion of Iraq was nothing short of a War Crime. The destruction of Libya and the murder of Colonel Gaddafi by NATO was a War Crime of the highest order.

But these are crimes that no one is going to be held to account for and that no one appears to have the power to enforce.

If the Syrian government falls, know that what has transpired in Syria amounts to an international, multi-state war crime of the highest order. Further, the blood of the hundreds of thousands of people killed in Syria and Iraq is on the hands not only of the militants and terrorists who’ve been rampaging in those nations, but also on the hands of the forces and agencies that unleashed them into those nations and has been covertly supporting them ever since.

S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. WHY does this article continually state that the engineered conflict in Syria has only been running for “Three Years?” ELEVEN YEARS is the time frame!
    Saudi Publicly declared their intention to Finance the Foreign Fighter Fiasco at the Arab League meeting 11 years ago & when Assad asked why, the Saudis just smiled.
    There was NO mention of the US (zionist controlled) PNAC plan to invade seven countries in the mid east/north Africa in five years? Or the Israeli plans to Greatly Expand Israel into Syria & Iraq Or the US-Al Qaeda False Flag Gas attack that was “meant to be” the trigger for the US invasion of Syria Or Russia’s place as a Syrian Allie-the mediator between Syria & the international community or the Implications of drawing Russia into TWO US engineered conflicts (Ukraine & Syria)…
    OR the historical background of the US developed Islamist Extremist Malitia with the funding of the Taliban in the 70’s, development of the Mujahedin in the 80’s its rebranding into Al Qaeda (The Base) & ALL its splinter groups in the Mid East, Africa & beyond…
    Not a well researched article though some of the references were of good quality.
    Some Links for your future reference:-
    Regan with Taliban pic: http://whitenoiseinsanity.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/reaganmeetstalibanwhitehouse.jpg
    Zibigniew Brzezinski Muj/Qaeda & Obama: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYvO3qAlyTg
    **US-Al Qaeda Alliance-GWOT a FRAUD: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-us-al-qaeda-alliance-in-syria-and-the-fraud-of-the-war-on-terror/5348548
    WAR is Always by Deception: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoB80Yk9NYg&app=desktop
    ***26 points about ISIL: http://www.globalresearch.ca/twenty-six-things-about-the-islamic-state-isil-that-obama-does-not-want-you-to-know-about/5414735
    *Putin & US analyst- US supporting Terrorism: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/10/25/383520/putin-accuses-us-of-promoting-terrorism/
    ISIL & Economic subterfuge: http://www.sott.net/article/289904-SOTT-EXCLUSIVE-Terror-in-Chechnya-economic-subterfuge-and-Saudi-Prince-Bandars-not-so-covert-war-against-Russia-and-Syria
    ISIL is Al Qaeda lead by US & Saudi: http://www.globalresearch.ca/us-armed-syrian-opposition-surrenders-to-al-qaeda-and-al-qaeda-affiliates-are-now-part-of-the-islamic-state/5414783
    ISIL use US Missiles: http://www.globalresearch.ca/isis-fires-american-made-missiles-at-syrian-army/5413381
    ***Covert Origins of ISIL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMjXbuj7BPI&feature=youtu.be
    CIA & Mossad Trained ISIS: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/07/edward-snowden-leader-of-isis-trained-by-mossad-u-s-2994104.html
    NSA Reveals ISIS Leader US-UK-Israeli Asset: http://www.infowars.com/nsa-doc-reveals-isis-leader-al-baghdadi-is-u-s-british-and-israeli-intelligence-asset/
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    US Architect of ISIS Chaos in Iraq, Syria, Libya: http://stopwar.org.uk/news/obama-opened-the-door-to-isis-and-is-architect-of-the-chaos-in-iraq-syria-and-libya
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    US getting rid of Assad Not ISIS; Turkey to create Terrorist Training Camps: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/10/16/382422/us-concerned-with-getting-rid-of-assad/
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    ISIL a tool of the Saudi State: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b0ARNQxAT4
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    Saudi backs Terrorists & Genocide: http://rt.com/news/166836-isis-isil-al-qaeda-iraq/
    US Declares Perpetual War: http://truth-out.org/news/item/26187-obama-declares-perpetual-war
    Obama-. $500Mil Aid Syrian Rebels=Al Qaeda & ISIS: http://online.wsj.com/articles/obama-proposes-500-million-to-aid-syrian-rebels-1403813486
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    US Govt Openly Approves Terrorist Training: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/09/17/379083/house-backs-training-of-syria-militants/
    US & Saudis OPENLY train “Rebels”: (NYT Lies about gas attacks!!!) http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/11/world/middleeast/saudi-arabia-isis.html
    US Builds Coalition of the Guilty & Murderous: http://www.globalresearch.ca/americas-coalition-of-the-guilty-is-the-problem-in-iraq-and-syria/5402886
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    Iraq Steele Untold Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxHEI603bF4

    • Thanks for your comment, Antipodean. And for the substantial number of useful links you’ve provided. In regard to your objections, I state 3 years as a reference to how long the actual Civil War has been going on for – obviously the conspiracy itself has been in operation a lot longer than that. Secondly, I’m aware that there are numerous other sources and links I could’ve cited, but people already well versed in the subject – like yourself – don’t require all of that information, and people NOT yet versed in the subject probably don’t want to be bombarded with too many links and resources at one time. But I take your criticism and perhaps I should provide a larger volume of links in the future.
      In the meantime, thank you for this extensive list of links you have provided – I advise everyone to visit them and learn more about the true nature of the situation.

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