ZIONISM & WAHHABISM: Twin Cancers in the Middle East (And Their Veiled Origins)…


It is a fascinating, though rather grim, story, spanning the First World War, the creation of the states of Israel, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia, and taking in Lawrence of Arabia, all the way to the fall of Gadaffi in Libya, the Syria Civil War and Rise of the so-called Islamic State, among other things.

It’s a story of long-term manipulation, insidious indoctrination, and secret, almost ‘mythical’ works of literature.

These two ideologies – Wahhabism in Islam and Zionism which is linked primarily to the Jewish religion – may seem like unrelated  entities on the surface of it.

But these two ideologies could be seen as largely responsible for much of the situation in the Middle East today; a situation that doesn’t just effect the Middle East, but as we’ve seen more and more since 9/11, effects the US, Europe, the West and probably the entire world.

These two ideologies are responsible for and bound up in decades of violence, war and manipulation. These two ideologies are, it can be demonstrated, flip-sides of the same coin.

And these two ideologies can both be traced back to the same approximate era – roughly 100 years ago, during the events of the First World War.

What has been the legacy of both Zionism and Wahhabism in the world? And what is the truth about their origins? To begin with, an abbreviated history (for those of you unfamiliar) of the origins of first Zionism and then Wahhabism…

‘Zionism’ is a complicated term to define in some ways, all the more so for the sheer amount of exaggeration and misinformation around on the web; there’s political Zionism, which is bound up in serving the interests of the state of Israel. There’s religious Zionism, which refers to Jewish or Christian interest in the state of Israel in terms of fulfilling Biblical prophecy or “divine will” (see more).

These two schools of Zionism could in some instances be entirely separate; people can be political Zionists without being religious Zionists or even vice-versa (such as Christian organizations who are Zionist for the sake fulfilling perceived Bible texts).

But the point is that the aim of Zionism originally was the restoration of the Jewish Homeland in what was then Palestine; a goal that was accomplished comprehensively in 1948 in the shadow of the Holocaust (though it had its roots as an international movement from the time of the First World War).

Beyond that point, the continued operation of Zionism can be regarded as a political movement aimed at furthering the interests nationally and internationally of that artificially created nation and at ensuring the security and protection of the state of Israel.

Many conspiracy theorists and anti-Zionist commentators also as a matter of course link Zionism – both religious and political – with an altogether-less-reliable concept of a ‘global Jewish conspiracy’ to control the world; as that particular area is more speculative than demonstrably historical, I’m steering clear of it – I also simply do not believe in the so-called ‘Jewish Conspiracy’.

So if we avoid for now any pseudo-history or speculative theories, Zionism in its mainstream form is believed to have originated with Theodor Herzl in 1896; a Jewish writer living in Austria-Hungary, he published Der Judenstaat or The Jews State.

In it he argued that the only solution to the “Jewish Question” in Europe was the creation of a state for the Jewish people (this was decades before a certain someone else came up with their own “solution” to the “Jewish question” in Europe). Anti-Semitism was so widespread in Europe that Herzl saw the creation of a national sanctuary for his people as the only long-term answer.

And so Zionism was born; or at least this is the mainstream version of events – others, I know, will contest that and offer arguments for a much older origin.

Of course if we’re talking about religious Zionism as opposed to political Zionism, then the origin is much older; it didn’t go by that name, but the notion that the land of Israel had always belonged to the Jewish people spiritually or that it was promised to the Children of Israel by the Biblical God is an ancient one (and probably no sound basis for 20th century nation-building).

 The Balfour Declaration, 1917, newspaper archive 

It was the Colonial Powers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, however, particularly Great Britain, that actively pursued the Zionist agenda under the guidance of powerful and wealthy British Jews such as Lord Rothschild, resulting in the famous Balfour Declaration. The British made war-time promises during World War I to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Although mass Jewish immigration to Palestine began occurring after the First World War, it wasn’t until after the Second World War and the Holocaust that the agenda was comprehensively fulfilled.

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A cornerstone of anti Zionist lore is the fabled book, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, believed by some to be the blue-print for the ‘global Zionist conspiracy’; we’ll come back to that later in this post (but note that ‘Zionist Conspiracy’ doesn’t mean ‘Jewish Conspiracy’ – one can suggest the former without implying the latter).

The perceived imposition of a Jewish homeland in Palestine was of course not warmly welcomed in the Arab world.

And despite Britain’s official actions, neither public nor government opinion at home was unanimous in its support for the excessive commitment made by Britain to further the Zionist agenda. Winston Churchill, in a 1922 telegraph, is recorded to have written of “a growing movement of hostility against Zionist policy in Palestine,” adding that “it is increasingly difficult to meet the argument that it is unfair to ask the British  taxpayer, already overwhelmed with taxation, to bear the cost of imposing on Palestine an unpopular policy.”

There was also international misgiving. For example, Gandhi wrote in 1938; “Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs…. The Palestine of the Biblical conception is not a geographical tract.”

And contrary to the view propagated by some that anti-Zionism is ‘anti-semitism’, Jewish speakers have at various points also spoken out openly against the Zionist agenda; among them, (Rabbi) Elmer Berger published The Jewish Dilemma, in which he argued that Jewish “assimilation” was still the best path for Jews in the modern world and not the segregation and siege mentality of the Zionist state; in his opinion Zionism itself was simply resigning to the prevailing racial myths about Jews and playing into them.

 Orthodox Jews against Zionism 

In 1975 the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution that designated Zionism as “a form of racism and racial discrimination”. More contemporaneously, in 2010 the former BBC and ITN journalist Alan Hart published Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews.

This is just a fraction of stated opposition to Zionism by ‘reputable’, ‘respectable’ people; I reference all of that here to illustrate the point that anti-Zionism isn’t just the preserve of ‘anti-Semites’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’.

And again, let’s bear in mind the substantial number of Jews also opposed to Zionism.

It couldn’t be denied, even by the most ardent Zionist supporters, that the influence of political Zionism along with many of the actions/policies of the State of Israel have, aside from the long-term oppression of the Palestinian people, contributed massively to the polarisation of the Middle East. Aside from the destructive, toxic effect the creation of the State of Israel had at the point of inception (in Palestine itself, but also via knock-on effect on Lebanon, Syria and other neighbours; not to mention the Zionist terror campaign against the British), a destructive effect has continued through to the present day.

 Zionist Propaganda poster from 1930s 

It seems to be demonstrable, for example, that a longstanding US/Israeli Zionist plan for the redrawing of the Middle East map has been carried out in the last several years, toppling independent governments and stable nations and ultimately seeking the balkanisation and subjugation of Iraq, Syria, Iran and other countries in the region.

The alleged Zionist Plan for the Middle East, also known as the ‘Yinon Plan‘, was an alleged vast strategy composed to ensure Zionist regional superiority via the radical reconfiguration of Israel’s geo-political surroundings through the balkanization of the surrounding Arab nations into smaller and weaker states. The ‘Clean Break‘ strategy also essentially amounted to the same thing. What we have thus far witnessed in Iraq, Syria and Libya can be seen to play into this US-backed Zionist strategy quite clearly; it is particularly relevant to note that Iraq, Syria and Libya were three of the most stable and independent (and non-sectarian) Arab Nationalist states and are now instead three collapsed wastelands waiting to be carved up into pieces.

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There’s little question that the Greater Israel project that is Zionism has been a toxic and problematic imposition onto the region; all the more so because the State of Israel has been aggressively propped up, armed and defended by its Western patrons; while also acquiring an extraordinary level of both influence over Western powers (particularly the UK and the US) and immunity from international sanction.

Something similar can be said of the influence of Wahhabism in the region.

Saudi Arabia flag 

Wahhabism, like Zionism, isn’t some centuries old, time-honoured religious sect, but a relatively new political ideology.

The modern roots of Wahhabism can be traced to Najd in Saudi Arabia and the 18th century theologian Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab. Far from being regarded a legitimate interpretation of Islam, al-Wahhab was opposed even by his own father and brother for his beliefs. But the movement gained unchallenged precedence in most of the Arabian Peninsula through an alliance between Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab and the House of Muhammad ibn Saud, which provided political and financial power for al-Wahhab’s ideologies to gain prominence.

This alliance gave birth to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; following the collapse of the (Turkish) Ottoman Empire after the First World War, the Sauds seized control of the Hijaz and the Arabian peninsula and a nation was founded on the tenets of al-Wahhab – the state-sponsored, dominant form of Islam in the birthplace and center of Islam.

My initial interest in this area of Arab history admittedly began some years ago with a reading of T.E Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom and then reading several books concerning the exploits of Lawrence and the Arab Revolt during the First World War, as well as the Sykes-Picot Agreement (referenced by today’s Islamic State/ISIS in its ‘manifesto’) and the actions of the British and French Colonial governments in regard to the Middle East after the war.

The setting up of the House of Saud as the royal family and the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia occurred despite the fact that agreements had been made during the war to endorse and support not the Saudis but the Hashemites. It was the Hashemite Arabs, not the Saudis, that had launched the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Turks and had been the most involved in the campaign.

Yet it was the Wahhabi-inspired Saudi faction that gained the real power from the post-war situation.


King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman al-Saud
King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman al-Saud


The reason I bring all of this history up here is to point out that the Wahhabi-inspired Saudi Royal Kingdom wasn’t the sole – or even the legitimate – claimant to that immensely privileged, immensely powerful, position in the region.

And what has been the legacy of this Wahhabi-inspired Saudi Arabia and its influence? Well, the influence on Arabia itself and much of the surrounding region is incontrovertible. Aside from the fact that the Wahhabi doctrines have been a major influence on extremism, Islamism and terrorism (Osama bin Laden himself was a Wahhabist and almost all Islamist extremism, including all the Takfiri or Salafist groups, follows an essentially Wahhabi ideology), the ideologies have been methodically disseminated across the Islamic world for decades via Saudi wealth funding ‘education’ and religious literature to universities and mosques everywhere from Egypt and Iraq to Pakistan and Indonesia.

Worse, the Saudi-funded dissemination of Wahabist-inspired propaganda has for a long time been spreading beyond the Middle East and into Western societies, especially the Muslim communities in the UK.

A recent two-year study conducted by Dr Denis MacEoin, an Islamic studies expert who taught at the University of Fez, uncovered a hoard of “malignant literature” inside as many as a quarter of Britain’s mosques.

All of it had been published and distributed by agencies linked to the government of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

The leaflets, DVDs and journals were full of statements that homosexuals should be burnt, stoned or thrown from mountains or tall buildings, with adulterers and apostates (those who try to change their religion) proscribed a similar fate. Women were portrayed as intellectually inferior and in need of “beating when they transgressed” orthodox Islamic codes, while children over the age of 10 should be beaten if they did not pray. Half of the literature was written in English, suggesting it was targeted at younger British Muslims who don’t speak Arabic or Urdu.

The material, openly available in many of the mosques, openly advises British Muslims to segregate themselves from non-Muslims.

This isn’t new information, of course. Investigative journalists have uncovered similar things on numerous occasions, while people who’ve actually grown up within the Muslim communities have been aware of such ideas and literature for a long time. Saudi-funded Wahhabist literature can be cited as a major influence (though not the sole influence) on the indoctrination of young British men alienated from mainstream society and on the seduction of young men into extremist organisations like Al-Qaeda and ISIS/Daesh the world over.

Worse in places like Pakistan where, unlike in the UK, most young men aren’t privileged with access to a high standard of education or to reliable sources of public information but do have plenty of access to religious schools and mosques, many of which teach from Saudi-funded literature.

This is in fact a key point: the Saudi-funded literature and material has traditionally targeted poorer areas in the Muslim world, such as the poorer parts of countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan or Indonesia, where education infrastructure is limited and there are limited resources. In those cases, Saudi wealth is able to pay for the building or upkeep of schools or mosques – but on the condition that their Wahhabi-centered interpretation of Islam is taught and distributed.

As a result of this process taking place over many years, scores of young men grow up on this extremist interpretation of Islam, because it’s forced on them and they lack access to more sophisticated education or information. Essentially, they don’t know any better anymore.

Interestingly, it was traditionally less common for this sort of Wahhabi-centered indoctrination to take place in more developed or sophisticated Arab countries like Gaddafi’s Libya, Syria, Lebanon, or pre-war Iraq. This is partly because those were all independent societies, which – at the state level, at least – were more invested in a sense of national and cultural identity than they were in religious fundamentalism. Indeed, in places like Syria and Gaddafi-era Libya, the state was engaged in a long campaign to suppress religious extremism or fundamentalism.

 Teenage ISIS terrorists in Iraq 

That, however, has changed dramatically since the illegal invasion of Iraq, the international conspiracy in Libya and the War in Syria. Now those countries are all infested with extremists, Salafists and terrorists all entrenched in the Wahhabi ideology. The so-called ‘Islamic State’ that has been imported into Syria and Iraq is essentially a movement that has ideologically flowed from Wahhabi doctrine. That connection is further exacerbated by the fact that Saudi/Qatari arms and funding is largely behind these militias anyway, with the wars in both Syria and Libya largely bankrolled by the Saudis and Qataris and the emergence of ‘ISIS’ largely being a consequence of that.

It has been reported, for example, that Wahhabi preachers from Saudi Arabia have been in Aleppo, Syria, preaching to armed jihadists to carry out ‘holy war’ against the Syrian state.

But let’s get back to World War I, the Wahhabists, the Hashemites, Lawrence of Arabia and the War in the Desert.

Going back to the First World War and history, it’s worth reminding ourselves again that the Saudis weren’t necessarily supposed to be the rulers of Arabia. The Hashemite, Hussein bin Ali, was the Sharif and Emir of Mecca from 1908 until 1917. The Arab Revolt of World War I consisted of Transjordanian tribes, along with other tribes of the Hijaz and Levant regions, fighting against the Turkish Empire on the side of Britain and her allies.

The revolt was launched by the Hashemites and led by Sharif Hussein of Mecca, not by the Saudis or Wahhabists. It was supported by Britain and the World War I Allies, who used the momentum of the Arab nationalists (who wanted independence) to further the broader war effort against Germany and her allies.


T.E Lawrence
T.E Lawrence.


The definitive chronicle of the revolt was written by T. E. Lawrence who, as a young British Army officer, played a key liaison role during the revolt. He published the chronicle in 1922 under the title Seven Pillars of Wisdom, the basis for Lawrence of Arabia. Lawrence himself was of course was one the most fascinating and iconic figures of the twentieth century; and while the Seven Pillars of Wisdom can be questioned for accuracy in some regards, even his detractors and enemies couldn’t refute the vital role played by the Hashemites in the revolt and it is a fact of history that the British government of the time promised the Hashemite Arabs far more than they delivered after the war.

In September 1918, supporters of the Arab Revolt in Damascus declared a government loyal to the “Sharif of Mecca”. Hussein had been declared ‘King of the Arabs’ by a handful of religious leaders and other notables in Mecca. And after the Turkish Caliphate was abolished, Hussein declared himself Caliph, “King of the Hejaz”, and King of all Arabs.

It is worth noting that this family was claimed to be descended directly from the Prophet Muhammad – no such claim exists with the House of Saud.


Prince Faisal of Mecca, 1918
The Hashemite Prince Faisal bin Hussein of Mecca, 1918


However, Hussein was then ousted and driven out of Arabia by the Sauds; a rival clan with whom the Hashemites already had bad history, having earlier fought against them due to radical religious differences.

Though the British had supported (and utilised) Hussein from the start of the Arab Revolt, they decided not to help Hussein repel the Saudi attacks, which eventually seized the key cities of Mecca, Medina and Jeddah. They instead supported the Sauds.

The hope of a Hashemite-ruled Arabia was gone, though Hussein continued to use the title “Caliph” even in his exile.

In the aftermath of the war, the Arabs had found themselves freed from centuries of Ottoman rule, but instead were then under the colonial rule of France and the United Kingdom (despite British war-time promises that this would not be the case).

When these colonial mandates eventually ended, the sons of Hussein were made the kings of Transjordan (later Jordan), and Syria and Iraq. However, the monarchy in Syria was short-lived, and consequently Hussein’s son Faisal instead presided over the newly-established state of Iraq. But these were mere conciliatory offerings compared to what had originally been intended and desired by the Hashemites – which was a unified state spanning the entire Arabian world; it was the Saudis who were the real winners, being installed into a powerful kingdom that has lasted to this day and shows not the slightest sign of weakening.

It can be convincingly argued, as is done here in this article, that an Arab kingdom under Hashemite rule would’ve been much more tolerant and progressive than the Saudi/Wahhabi model – that the Hashemites were and are much more moderate and forward-thinking, and much less sympathetic to religious fundamentalism. And, one assumes, would’ve been a much less toxic or disruptive influence in the region and beyond).

One could look to the modern Kingdom of Jordan – the sole surviving Hashemite kingdom in the region – to see the example of that. Though not a full democracy, it is certainly a very different country and society to Saudi Arabia (and to most of the Arab dictatorships).

Most subsequent Arab commentators hold the view that the Arabs were actually better off under the Turkish Ottomans: and that the Arab fighters had been duped into fighting for British and French interests – perhaps even to the detriment of their own interests.

Certainly, the sense of betrayal and the bitterness over broken promises has not gone away.

Zionism and Wahhabism have both demonstrably been divisive, destabilising forces in the region (and beyond).

Zionism has led to the unending plight and humiliation of the Palestinian people, as well as ensuring that the modern State of Israel is perceived in an entirely negative way by its neighbours. The State of Israel has also been in multiple wars with its neighbours and has, at various points, engaged in interference with neighbouring countries. While Wahhabism has inspired an immeasurable amount of extremism, terrorist ideologies, indoctrination and the toxic polarisation of Muslim societies.

But what about at their roots? What about the source?

Given the prevalent view in conspiracy theory lore of the “Zionist conspiracy” behind the Balfour Declaration and so much of what has transpired since, is it possible that Wahhabism, which began to gain momentum at around the same time, was also something much more than it appeared to be even at the time?

Is it possible Wahhabism wasn’t the product of some quaintly rustic Arabian desert preacher, but something far more cynical?

 Memoirs of Mr Hempher: Confessions of a British Spy

Protocols of the Elders of Zion 

The Memoirs of Mr. Hempher, The British Spy to the Middle East (also known as Confessions of a British Spy) has long been regarded as a forged document; the document, purporting to be the account of an 18th-century British agent, “Hempher”, of his instrumental role in founding Wahhabism as part of a conspiracy to corrupt or destabilise Islam, first appeared in 1888 in Turkish.

It has been described as “an Anglophobic variation” on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Most conspiracy researchers know about the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which was regarded as blue-print of the perceived “Jewish conspiracy”. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, like Confessions of a British Spy, has been dismissed by mainstream sources as a ‘forgery’ or hoax.

Fake or real, the Protocols has been widely translated and disseminated and is still regarded as factual and historical in much of the Muslim world, informing a great deal of the prevailing Middle-Eastern view of “the Jews” and “the Zionists”. Those who refute the validity of the book, however, cite it as a massive contributing cause of anti-Semitism and ‘Jew hatred’ in Muslim societies and beyond, not to mention the notorious book having been a recurring theme in the Nazis anti-Jewish world-view.

Unfortunately the Nazis, like many in Muslim societies today, were intemperate, incapable of separating ‘Zionism’ as a political force from ‘Jews’ as a race; the reality is that, if the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is/was a legitimate historical item, the Zionism it depicts is no more representative of Jews as a people than Wahhabism is of the global Muslim community – which is to say that only a relatively small percentage of Muslims in the world are Wahhabis, and likewise in regard to the Jewish community and Zionism.

But conspiracies of the kind we’re talking about operate at an insidious, often unperceived, level; that is to say the number of Muslims and the number of Jews unknowingly subject to Wahhabism and Zionism respectively is much higher.

For the record, I’ve never been sure what I think about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. While, as many claim, the text does seem to be retroactively validated by various subsequent events, I still think the claim of it being a either a forgery or a ‘plant’ deliberately designed to vilify Jews could be what really happened.

But what of Confessions of a British Spy? Is it mere coincidence that both these political ideologies, both originating around the same time, both of which have ensured the long-term toxicity of the Middle East, both also happened to have books claiming to reveal their true origins and agendas – both of which were later dismissed by mainstream commentators as ‘forgeries’?

Was Confessions of a British Spy telling the truth?

Was Wahhabism founded by outside agencies as a long-term plan to fundamentally degrade the Islamic world? Is it just a coincidence that this is EXACTLY what Wahhabism appears to have done over the course of a century – corrupted the Islamic religion to the point where it is now widely regarded by many non-Muslims as a source of evil and ill in the world?

Islam, let’s remember, wasn’t always regarded with the kind of stigma it now has, but rather the opposite; Islamic societies are historically perceived as having been intellectually and even scientifically enlightened at a time when Christianity in the West was characterised by inquisitions, torture, mass persecutions, execution pyres and utterly ridiculous doctrines and proclamations.

The Islamic world had its ‘enlightenment’ long before the Christian West, despite being a younger religion.

 Islamic Golden Age 

At a time when Europeans were burning ‘witches’ and the Church of Rome was torturing heretics, the classical Islamic cities of Damascus, Baghdad and Cairo were centers of learning and philosophy.

The slow degradation and polarisation of Islamic societies is something that has only been happening in the last hundred years or so (roughly the same time-span as the existence of Saudi Arabia). And it is only in the last ten to fifteen years that the influence of Wahhabist doctrines has become a prominent international issue.

In regard to Confessions of a British Spy being a hoax; maybe it was.

But you’d wonder why someone would create a hoax document to slander a then-minor religious sect that wouldn’t have any great relevance until almost a century later…?

And it is also curious that a Turkish/Ottoman source would claim to have identified this conspiracy – and its source – some several years before the Ottomans were at war with the British and French (and therefore several years before the British-inspired Arab Revolt). Also, of course, what the book claimed later turned out to be somewhat true; in as much as that the British did support the Wahhabist faction and install the House of Saud to power in Arabia.

Within that context, we are then prompted to re-contextualise several pertinent questions about the history.

For example: why DID King Hussein’s Western allies not help the Hashemites when they were being driven from Arabia by the Sauds after the First World War? And why, for decades, have the US, Britain, France and other world powers not made any issue over the Saudis’ funding of extremist literature and ideologies?

And yet we seem more than eager to jump in when there’s a chance to overthrow a secular leader like Gadaffi in Libya or an Assad in Syria – both undemocratic dictatorships, perhaps, but no more so than Saudi Arabia, and neither of them being a major factor in the indoctrination of young minds across the world or the spread of terrorism.

Why were the Saudis not brought to task when the majority of the 9/11 hijackers were known to originate from Saudi Arabia, and not Iraq?

The list of curious questions goes on and on. And without digressing too much here, it should be borne in mind that two central and recurring features of most 9/11 conspiracy research are the probable involvement of Saudi agencies and the probable involvement of Mossad/Israel in collusion with US agencies (for more on Israel’s involvement in 9/11, see here).

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Putting that to one side, however, the point is that when we look at the history of the Middle East, it becomes increasingly difficult not to wonder if the divisions, general toxicity, and the wars and apocalyptic scenarios that are reaching their apex here at the beginning of the 21st century may have been orchestrated far back in history, having always been intended to reach this point.

That is the view many have of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – that the supposedly ‘hoax’ document actually made this clear to a large extent.

The more one studies the history, the more one wonders if the truth about Wahhabism and its origins may be a similar tale; and not just a similar tale, but a concordant operation, with these two ideologies – Wahhabism and Zionism – both operating hand-in-hand to create the toxic conditions in the region that we have today.

It is worth noting also that the conspiracy hinted at in Confessions of a British Spy still – rightly or wrongly – enjoys some level of currency in parts of the Middle East, particularly Iraq, where it is considered by many to be as legitimate as Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

It is worth noting too that as much as the US and UK are seen as propping up Israel, it is also seen as permanently propping up the Saudi regime; much to the displeasure of other nations and leaders in the region.

Both the State of Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia could be regarded – and are regarded by many in the Middle East – as artificial states imposed upon the region and kept in place by Western powers (primarily the US now, though originally Britain and France) for the purposes of a long-term agenda. Just as Israel is armed to the teeth by its Western patrons, so too is the Saudi state, which is currently decimating the small nation of Yemen in an illegal war and using almost entirely British or American weaponry – with not a word of condemnation from Western governments.

 Yemen airstrikes 

The perception is often inescapable that key Western governments march to the beat of the Saudi state, just as much as with Israel; and all of this being despite Wahhabism’s longstanding role as the key ideological source of Islamist extremism.

It is also increasingly evident that the Wahhabi and Zionist states have common interests and work hand-in-hand in some regards; this can be seen for example in their shared anti-Iran policies and their shared involvement in supporting the extremist war against the Syrian government.

None of this should be taken as an endorsement of Khomeni-ism in Iran either – which has also been a negative, corrupting force in the Middle East too, though it emerged much, much later (and which also, as it happens, emerged due to British/American intervention to overthrow the secular Mosedegh government in Iran).

The influence of Zionism has been written and talked about at tremendous length elsewhere for many decades (both accurately and exaggeratedly, depending on the source). Wahhabism isn’t just an especially intolerant version of Islam – it is an ideology. So is Zionism, which is often used to indoctrinate young Jewish people (and a lot of quite stupid American Christians) to an essentially extremist, uncompromising viewpoint that deals in racial superiority and divine right.

For example, young Jews, including those with no interest in Zionism or the State of Israel, are – as a matter of rite – encouraged to make a pilgrimage to Israel, no matter where in the world they live. Similarly, Muslims have to go to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage at least once in their life. In the former case, this is to encourage Jewish identification with the Zionist project: in the latter, it is because the Muslim holy city of Mecca is in Saudi Arabia.

As a side-note (which I won’t get into in detail here), there is an outstanding claim (backed up by strong evidence) that Mecca in Saudi Arabia might NOT even be the original holy place or direction of prayer that Muhammad or the early Muslims intended – but that the ancient city of Petra (in modern day Jordan – ruled by the descendants of the Hashemite royal line) was the original holy city. But that’s a (contentious) diversion for another time.

There are in fact lots of very curious similarities between Zionism/Israel and Wahhabism/Saudi-Arabia.

Both were states created and supported by the British Empire after World War I. Both have been propped up and sustained by Britain, the US and Western powers ever since. Both were built from relatively new ideologies that are not shared by the entirety of their respective co-religionists: in other words, not all Jews subscribe to the Zionist ideology and most Muslims do not subscribe to Wahhabist interpretation of Islam. Both ideologies, to this day, have caused schisms within their respective religions. Both ideologies have radicalised their respective adherents to what some regard as extreme world-views: and are seen by co-religionists as imposters.

Both states – Israel and Saudi Arabia – were declared as the spiritual centers of their religions or cultures: Israel was declared ‘homeland of the Jews’ and Saudi Arabia was declared the center of the Islamic world, with custodianship of Islam’s Holy City. Again, all Muslims are required to go to Saudi Arabia in order to worship at the Kaaba or House of God: and Jews are encouraged to go to the Jewish Homeland in Israel.

 Mecca, Mosque 

Israel claims – wrongly – to represent all Jews. Saudi Arabia claims to be the heart of Islam.

Both states have been involved in both overt and covert operations internationally and have played central roles in various geo-political schemes. Both are implicated, for example, in 9/11. Both have played key roles in the fighting in Syria and Iraq (as has Iran, which could be regarded as the third party).

And BOTH are linked – correctly or incorrectly – to books that have since been dismissed as forgeries or hoaxes by mainstream commentators. Both books implied that the creation of these respective states were the result of covert conspiracies.

That influence is largely invisible to those observing events from the outside and can be regarded almost as indoctrination by stealth. While no one has ever denied the existence of Wahhabism or its prevalence in Saudi Arabia, it has only been in recent years that the extent of Wahhabi material circulating around the Muslim world has started to be understood.

While Saudi religious influence can’t be cited as the sole force behind the rise of fanaticism and extremism in the Middle East and much of the Islamic world beyond, it is a central factor, along with US foreign policy and British/French post-Colonial fall-out; and if all of those factors were to be viewed operating in concert with one another and taken as one then it would obviously be the principal driving force behind events in that part of the world.

The Khomeini revolution in Iran could also be seen as a negative, insidious force in the region too; though, again, we should also note that American and British interference in Iranian democratic politics is what led to the Khomeini revolution in the first place.

Read more: ‘The Libya Conspiracy: A Guide to the 2011 Libya Intervention & the Crime of the Century‘…

Unsurprisingly Gaddafi’s Libya and Assad’s Syria were/are two dictatorships with no sympathy or love for the Saudis or for the religious extremists. And the same can be said for Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Even more ridiculous, the Saudis were themselves being ‘consulted’ by Western powers on what to do about the ‘Gaddafi problem’ (just as they are were principally consulted on what to do about Assad and Syria, and just as they were a major influence on the push to remove Saddam Hussein from Iraq: on the Libya front, the Saudis and Qataris were the major financial backers of the so-called ‘rebels’).

 The Story of Gaddafi's Libya: essay 

It is curious that while regimes were collapsing or being attacked elsewhere in the region (even the Mubbarak regime in Egypt), the Saudi regime never appeared to be in the least bit of trouble, despite being hated by so many of its neighbours and despite being even more oppressive than the other regimes accused of being ‘undemocratic’.

According to social scientist Quintan Wiktorowicz, even the term “Wahhabi” is often used by its opponents “to denote foreign influence”, particularly in countries where they are “a small minority of the Muslim community, but have made recent inroads in “converting” the local population to the ideology”.

Through this long-term method of infiltration, foreign nations can be interfered with, movements stirred up and regimes damaged or even toppled.

It is an established fact that the Saudis and their satellite states have been funding and orchestrating the ultra-violent terrorists in Syria since the very beginning of that conflict (and it’s evident that Israel too has been involved in aiding the Syrian rebels); it is reasonable then to wonder if a Zionist/Wahhabist agenda is being played out in unison (with, of course, foreign backing).

This isn’t, by the way, an attempt to all-out vilify Saudi Arabia or the Saudi state – which itself may be facing significant danger from Islamist extremism – but more specifically its hard-line religious clerics and networks. The extent to which those networks are tied to the state itself is unknown – but there is almost certainly some degree of collusion involving highly-placed people in the state.


In conclusion, it is of course beyond the powers of this writer to comment decisively on whether either The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion or The Memoirs of Mr Hempher are both 19th century hoaxes or genuine historic items that expose the true origins of two of the most destructive, toxic ideologies of the 20th and 21st centuries.

I couldn’t – and don’t – claim to know for certain. And, given how far back in time those documents now date to, no one really knows.

What can be observed with utter objectivity, however, is the substantial role both ideologies have played in creating the harsh, apocalyptic-looking conditions we have in the Middle East and much of the world beyond today.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the history, you cannot help but view the bitter sectarianism, wars, divisions and bloodshed of today without perceiving the large shadows of Zionism and Wahhabism looming over them; and that’s before we even factor in the toxic presence of extreme Shia Islam and Khomeini-ism; this is also particularly interesting in light of the fact that US/Zionist policy in recent years has been to aggravate a Sunni/Shia conflict in the region as much as possible.

The bleak picture is of a societal and political cancer seeded at the dawn of the 20th century and reaching its deadliest point at the beginning of the 21st: an agenda that pre-dated the First World War and that may help bring about the Third.


Author’s Note: I usually don’t bother with this, but I want to point out that multiple ‘versions’ of this article have been showing up on various websites, with other ‘writers’ claiming to be the author. They’ve reproduced this article in its entirety, without crediting me as the author and without even including a link back to this website.

Two big examples are this one at ‘ImperiaNews’ (https://imperianews.com/middle-east-news-analysis/the-imposition-of-artificial-states-in-the-middle-east-the-case-of-saudi-arabia-and-israel/) and this one at ‘Katehon’ (http://katehon.com/article/imposition-artificial-states-middle-east-case-saudi-arabia-and-israel/).

In this instance, Professor Alexander Azadgan (a senior editor and foreign policy director, apparently), has reproduced my article pretty much word for word – and has claimed himself as the author.

I am generally happy with other sites re-publishing my work or using extracts – but only if they credit my site as the source of the original and including a link back to this site. Anything else is simply dishonesty and plagiarism.


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Zionist Israel propaganda poster from 1930s
From the Balfour Declaration to the Holocaust: How the Zionist Project Won…


S. Awan

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  1. Can u provide evidence of the names of the saudi terrorists that did 911. 7 of the fake names were found alive and well. 911 had NOTHING to do with muslims. Follow the money and u know who did it.

    • Hi Jill Azzouzi. If you can point me to the evidence that all the hijackers were fake and some are alive and well, I’d appreciate it. I’ve heard those claims before, but I haven’t seen anything decisive to prove it. I entirely believe it could be the case. But regardless of the hijackers, I still believe there’s a case that elements in the Saudi state colluded with the US and with Israel to bring about the attack and to finance it.

  2. Number 1. The israelites were NEVER just jews. They were 12 tribes of which some were jews and some were not. Number 2. In islam we are not allowed a king or queen. No one is better than anyone else. The Sauds were in fact jewish and i can find u the family link if u like. And they were put there by the british not by arabs

  3. The protocol of the elders of Zion is a fabrication by the russian czarist police. This is a well established fact…

    • Those authors (or rather cut and pasters)were probably Britains useful fools. Freemasonic traitors were a significant part of Russias establishment. That document played in the hands of Britains imperial plotting against all her rivals, including the jews. It may have decisively influenced the forthcoming events of sponsoring the revolutionaries although Britain had sponsored revolutionaries for over a century already.

    • Really? If these are a fabrication, then there are only 2 possibilities. The forger(s) was extremely prescient or clairvoyant. Or, the Zionist Jews decided these protocols contained a good recipe for destroying the Christian world and opted to make use of them.

      The fact that so much contained in the Protocols has come to pass in the past 120 years is proof of their authenticity.

      • You are half right since the plans entailed were Britains oligarchy’s and their freemasons plans and the British knew how to push the jews into action. Moreover to make Russia spread them completed the power of balance operation. Britain played all her rivals like a piano.
        Edward VII the top Mason was particularly well positioned.

  4. If you look back further in history, it appears that Islam is just an offshoot, or heretical strain of Judaism. Why do I say this? Consider that both Judaism (Talmudic Judaism) and Islam both have the same bifurcated set of ethics. It is wrong for the Muslim and for the Jew to harm their co-religionists, but it is not wrong to harm the infidel (for the Muslim), or to harm the goyim (for the Jew).

    • larryzb, I both agree with and disagree with you on that. That Islam is an offshoot of Judaism is true, but so is Christianity. In fact, Christianity more so, as it was literally a breakaway Jewish sect.
      And also, in terms of ‘harming their co-religionists’, Muslim sects or armies harm or kill fellow Muslim sects or armies all the time. At different times in history, the main strands of Islam were very friendly with Christians and Jews; and in some eras even considered Christians as their own people. It changes depending on the climate and the era or the government in power.
      I accept your point about Islam being a strain of Judaism, however.

    • Can u show me where in my Quran the word “infidel” is used and where it says i can kill non believers. I will wait

  5. Have you even read any of Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab’s books or a biography of the scholar, you have taken a distorted view and made it your own, please search for a book called Kitab at Tauheed, or The wahabi myth or the life and aqeedah of Muhamad Abdul Wahab? Ps by the way I see you have a picture of the sheigh, he died on 22 June 1792 and some information regarding images
    The first partially successful photograph of a camera image was made in approximately 1816 by Nicéphore Niépce, using a very small camera of his own making and a piece of paper coated with silver chloride, which darkened where it was exposed to light.

    So if your article is tainted with inaccurate information, how can people believe anything you saying, please refrain from posting articles without the correct information that you have researched,

  6. Zionism is inextricably linked to Wahhabism, has been in its earlier forms throughout Islamic history when the Islamic Empire was yet powerful enough to smother the mischief of both strains of evil, and will remain inextricably linked till the long-awaited Messiah of both groups, Dajjal (the anti-christ), will appear and lead them into a global war that will herald unprecedented chaos, anarchy and destruction on Earth. The war of “civilizations” that those who are able to see through the web of mass-deception are witnessing in this age is just a prelude to that global disaster. Goodness, however, will rise from the ashes.

    I know, nice story. But don’t say i didn’t write it here when it comes to pass, though by that time i hazard a guess (yes, this part is conjecture) that the internet would’ve ceased to exist.

    • You better detail what you mean. I know there are rumours about the Saudis being jews dating back to the 900s AD etc but that isnt solid info. And certainly not easily connected to zionism.
      And zionism in the modern sense was an entirely British geopolitical invention.
      And Wahabism would have been insignificant if the British hadnt spent 1900-1930s to bolster its power-basis.
      That Isms have become so important in modern times is nearly exclusively caused by the British elites. It would otherwise have faded away or never even have existed. I’m not saying there weren’t historical elements to pick from but the British elite plotters were those pickers. Their most wellinformed intelligentia were key. Some ‘went native’ as the saying goes. They became loved by the targeted nations. Think Lawrence of Arabia. Think Houston Chamberlain. Etc etc.

      • By zionists, i refer to a Jewish faction who have always adopted the principles enshrined in the (so-called fabricated) protocols of zion, and who have always attempted to foment strife and anarchy from not only within the Islamic empire, but also wherever they happen to have found sanctuary, including medieval Europe who, as a result of the “zionists” subversive activites, subjected whole Jewish communities to pogroms and mass-expulsions numerous times. Islamic historians have recorded much of the conspiracies of Zionists, and their hand in creating blood-thirsty sects such as the Khawarij whose most recent incarnation are the Wahhabis.

      • Adam
        Whoever authored he protocols of the Elders of zion they entail the British geopolitical plans and attributes them to the jews who the British intended to employ for the purpose. It worked the way the British planned whoever wrote.
        Know when you imply that the protocols also contain a more general characterization than that specific to the 20th century, that the British would better than most be familiar with jewish history and way of thinking. What you say, if true (and sources would be nice if you have some) would certainly be a powerful argument for employing the jews as proxies, like the British did during the 19th century upheavals allover Europe. On the same time the British were stimulating anti-jewish currents in Britains rival nations which grew to a decisive strength. At the turn of the century the leading zionists were considered insane by the leading traditional jews but as things evolved those zionist leaders soon told Britain they would have ten million greatful agents as proxies for Britain.
        Anyway Adam by all means point us to accounts about what you have in mind.

  7. A Jewish Homeland in East Africa
    East Africa 1895-1920
    The early years of the protectorate include several developments of significance in Kenya’s subsequent history. One is the decision to encourage settlement in Kenya’s temperate highlands by farmers of European origin, this prosperous region subsequently becomes known as the White Highlands exclusively for the white population that was to arrive, but arrive from where?

  8. I think one author, Helen Peters, wrote in a text titled Union Jack about what Senator Joseph McCarthy apparently found out late in life, a couple of months before he passed away. He wrote about what the British lord Cornwallis told George Washington after the defeat. Something like the following: Britain will now launch a holy war against you(r breakaway state). We will use religion to take back America. Americans will think they are free but we will rule over them. This was in the late 1700s.
    In the 1840s freemasons organized Evangelical revival at the Grand Lodge of England (established 1768) ( just in time before spawning the illuminati in 1776?) and the B’nai B’rit also in the 1840s.
    Those two branches Evangelical (zionists) and jewish zionists were Britains proxies for taking back America. Lord Palmerston desired the Israel project (and hence zionism) as a weapon against France. And later oil entered into the equation.

    • Peter Grafström, thanks; you’re a fountain of information and background.

  9. A free tip – All the different font styles, sizes and colours ruin your site and make it difficult to read. My advice is to stick to one or two font styles – I prefer Arial, main font size 14 points and one or two colours including black. Avoid mixing italics bold and normal fonts in one paragraph. Trust me I’m a politician.

  10. wahhabism is part of zionism to fight islam.both abdulwahad and saud were jews.their conspiracy with zionists will not suprise anyone.abdul wahab revived and adopted khawariji and muutazilites literal and perverted interpretation of islam that arose as a result of that major crisis in muslim world triggered by the same evil jews.

    • I have heard those rumours but it is hard to prove. It may simply be disinfo.

      What is true however is that a couple of centuries after Muhammed and partly thanks to Muhammed reading had improved and the arab culture began a golden age where scientific knowledge from the greeks etc was ackumulated. But that era ended when som oligarchs feared an educated population. It may be worth the while to find out more about such figures. The era of those backward oligarchs was studied by the British in the 19th and early 20th century and Britain sought to strengthen the influence of the backward and aggressive wahabis in order to prevent panarabic development in the interest of the arab peoples.
      This ought to tell us that nomatter how many good and decent arab leaders there were, the British would have avoided them and selected the worst they could dig up. The Cia later managed to convince the muslim partners in particular the muslim brotherhood, that Islam and neoliberalism in its economic aspect go well together. Therefore they went to great lengths to create Islamic banking in a manner acceptable to both parties. The arab world has been shaped after the needs of the angloempire. If there hadnt been something like the wahabis they would have created it.
      Israel is just another creation by the angloempire for the angloempire. Had the jews been independent of the angloempire they would probably have collaborated with arab nations to create an independent prosperous ME. The angloempire however doesnt want development and independence anywhere, they want it all for themselves.

  11. I’ve been around for a while but I’ve never heard it expressed this way, “There’s religious Zionism, which refers to Jewish or Christian interest in the state of Israel in terms of fulfilling Biblical prophecy or “divine will”…. people can be political Zionists without being religious Zionists or even vice-versa (such as Christian organizations who are Zionist for the sake fulfilling perceived Bible texts).”

    Thank you. This is so helpful in my quest to understand how one might interpret Revelations 2:9 & 3:9. Notably, folks tend to relate current life events to passages in the Bible. Since these passages came to my attention, I’ve questioned how these verses might relate to current life events.

    Hmmm, I remember getting a glimpse of the Lawrence of Arabia connection sometime ago & your insight has furthered enlightened my vision. I’ve been curious about the USA, Israel, Saudi connection for some time & it’s good to SEE how Great Britain fits in the picture. #Thingsthatmakeyougohmmm #LoveMusic https://youtu.be/XF2ayWcJfxo?list=PLD1CBF9ED224F6510 Hmmmm, Zionist, political Zionist or spiritual, religious Zionist? Blessings. @askseeknow

  12. In 1909 pro-Zionist Oxford University Press published the Scofield Bible which tells Christians they must support Israel. This instruction wasn’t in any previous edition of the Bible and was inserted, in footnotes, by convicted conman Pastor Scofield who had been befriended by leaders of the Zionist movement in New York. If the many millions of Christian Zionists realised they’d been conned big-time, it would seriously weaken the U.S. support and funding ($3+ billion per annum) to the vicious Israeli regime. Plus, its stranglehold on U.S. foreign policy which includes Israel’s expansionist agenda. While the powerful, wealthy AIPAC secured political support the fraudulent Scofield Bible secured the vital grassroots support. Here’s a link to the origins and dire consequences of the Scofield Bible: https://youtu.be/IO6VpMYAVms

    • Thanks Pat; this is new information to me – very useful input.

    • 1909 is a little late to be decisive in the context of christian zionism, which was bolstered in the US long before Theodore Herzl decided not to assimilate after experiencing the (British-sponsored) Dreyfuss-affair, appearing to unknowing jews to be a case of genuine antisemitism, while in reality it was about regimechange in France: Gabriel Hanotaux had farreaching plans for developing African economy as opposed to Britains imperialist oppressive agenda where depopulation through starvation was the aim rather than development. In addition 1909 was the year when work sponsored by the Carnegie foundation resulted in the conclusion that war was the best option for the US and it was recommended that the US seek opportunity to that end. This was probably the result of the British Round Table or Milner Group’s influence since they were by that time busy making plans for WWI and organizing the angloamerican establishment as thoroughly described by Carroll Quigley. Since Britains elites from 1905 and on were intent on securing the Middle East Oil, the Israel Project now took on a renewed importance possibly decisive for the following developments.
      I agree about the bulk of christian zionists to have been conned but I suspect we may underestimate the cynicism and deceptive nature of some of them where it really is about conning the bulk of the jews just as much as the christians. If the British elites hadnt acted to prevent jewish assimilation on the continent zionism would have had big trouble attracting them.
      I believe some of the christian zionists are simply agents of influence/provocateurs and the agenda is to maintain jews in a role as radicals, mainly functioning as an asset for the angloempire. The money they get is to prevent that they seek to team up with the competitors of the angloempire. Simple as that. How much money does the angloempire spend on other parts of geopolitical projects such as foreign military bases and coups?

      • Thanks for all of this contribution to the subject, Peter. On one point: I’m not sure Christian Zionists have been ‘conned’ by anyone, but think it is more likely they follow their own passions and expectations regarding Israel, Jerusalem and Biblical/End-Times prophecy.

      • Ok, I dont necessarily dispute that regarding the sheeple but what kind of zionism was it? I suspect the below mentioned reverend to have been not a spontaneously emerging spirit but more like somebody conjured up by those aligned with the British and their plan for finding an excuse to separate jews and continental Europeans. My gut-feeling tells me the truly religious motives are not the primary force in this context and the protocols of the elders of zion were already partly written in the 1850s and looking back from the time its last version was timestamped and stored in the British museum, it had emerged both from France, America and Russia, but not from Britain, they just made sure we knew they got it from their then most hated competitor Russia.
        This is admittedly conjecture but when all other silenced British conspiracies are considered it doesnt surprise since there emerged a motive of vital importance for Britain for to prevent a secure relation between jewish haute finance and the continent. The British oligarchy works longterm and they did that for bolstering radical islamism also.
        According to the source below it appears as if the reverends insistence about his variant of zionism helped recruite jews to zionism. This could still be an american project independent of Britain but like I said…
        The reverend is described here:
        “The true founder of modern Zionism was not Jewish, but a Christian dispentionnaliste. Reverend William E. Blackstone was a U.S. preacher for whom true Christians would not have to participate in trials at the end of time. He taught that the latter would be taken to heaven during the final battle (the ‘rapture of the Church’, in English ‘the rapture’). In his view, the Jews would fight this battle and come out at the same time converted to Christ and victorious.
        It is the theology of Reverend Blackstone which served as the basis for Washington’s unwavering support for the creation of Israel. And this long before AIPAC (the pro-Israel lobby) was created and took control of Congress. In reality, the power of the lobby derives not so much from its money and its ability to finance election campaigns as from this ideology still present in the USA [6].”

        • I take all of this on board, Peter – and am sure readers will too. Thanks for providing fresh, addition perspective and info.

      • “The more guilty parties are not the Jews but our politicians who know the Jews have no such rights to Palestine but for their own purpose encourage them to think they have.” – Excerpt from a book called “Palestine Deception” written in 1923 by the daily mail correspondent for the middle east J.M. Jefries:

  13. Those who are seeking a single culprit will come closer to the truth by blaming Britain. They are on the winning side in two world wars despite having caused both by deliberate and meticulous scheeming. A hint about Britains role is already apparent in the article. And they have taken great care to make sure official history doesnt expose them. The winner has that option, not the loosers.
    Therefore official 19th century history is about upheavals all over the continent while leaving out the decisive fact that Britain was behind 100% of it. Even Karl Marx, in reality one of Britains agents, confirmed that Britain sponsored all communist-activism on the continent. All important isms trace back to intellectuals and aristocrats based in Britain or the US. Zionism, nazism, communism, and later the rebirth of radical islam. Wilfred Blunt (whose ancestors were involved in the creation of the BoE) stated around ww1 that islamism was to be used against Russia and several of Britains leading orientalists were the masterminds of exploiting islam as a weapon against Britains competitors and to prevent the arab world from developing. The saudis as it appears to me at least, are inbred and stupid educating preasts instead of engineers and doctors. So wahabism surely wasnt invented in the interest of the arabs. Less wellknown is that zionism appears to have been created when Britain intended to exploit the jews for taking control over america. Simultaneously (1830s to 40s)the Israel project took shape so the simpleminded might believe that to be the whole story. But the B’nai B’rit was a new branch of freemasonry and the rest of those jewish organisations familiar from todays debate in the Us all trace back to Britains imperialist intents. Today those organizations may have taken on a different role, but the jews are probably ignorant about the roots.
    Britains clever manipulations against the jews continued and intensified after jewish bankers played a role in bringing about the unification of Germany by financing Bismarck. The British may have been caught by surprise since it began with a war between Austria and Prussia. Austria being an old rival while Prussia had often done Britains fighting.
    It appears to me that Bulwer Lytton went to Germany for the purpose of building a suitable myth to be used for creating a conflict between Germans and jews. Wagner was inspired by Lyttons Vril mythology and the Thule Society is associated with the Vril society. H S Chamberlain married into the Wagner family and spent several decades undermining the jews in Germany urging the Germans to forbid jewish assimilation and recommending their annihilation. Goebbels confirmed in 1926 in his diaries that H S C was the pathbreaker and visionary of nazism.
    There is not a chance in the world that this relative of Neville Chamberlain would have been able to go on like that without the full approval of the then relatively secret Milner group, the masterminds of Britains every action. Britain succeeded to drive rich as well as brainy jews away from the continent to the US. (And later the poor ones to Palestine) Cecil Rhodes had long before predicted that the British (rendered Angloamerican) empire might have to move its capital to the US. It is also beyond doubt that if the jews wouldnt have been prevented to assimilate on the continent, the jewish financiers would have had no reason to remain centered around Britain, while industrious Germany would have developed peaceful trade allover the continent. Add to this that both Russias Sergei Witte and Gabriel Hanotaux of France had similar farranging plans for developing the world towards the east and south respectively, you see a motive why Britain wanted to saw division among them all.

  14. Thanks, Olive Farmer. I for one have never for a moment thought this current ‘populism’ is mine at all – and always suspected it is a controlled shift, as you say. I think you’re right entirely about that.

  15. It is heartrending to slowly learn that we have all been gradually brainwashed. Notwithstanding, knowing the truth feels liberating.

  16. Excellent analysis, although it geographically covers the surroundings of the center but never mentions its role in allowing the rising of Wahabism all over the word: Egypt!
    Classically, Egypt through its Azhar was dominating the main stream of Islam. Hundred thousands of scholars from all over the islamic world were taught Islam in Al Azhar university according to its Egyptian version. A tolerant version that was formulated and developed for thousands of years even before Islam. Since the dawn of civilization, Egyptians adapted religious beliefs that affected their own understanding of Christianity and Islam. This long process produced the Egyptian tolerant Islam that dominated the Muslin minds from Indonesia and Malaysia to North Africa and beyond.

    Decades of struggle between Egypt and Israel that is adopting the Zionist concepts, left Egypt suffering economically and in all other aspects. An obvious outcome of a long drainage of its resources, while Israel is continuously compensated, economically and militarily, by the West. The rise of oil prices after the 1973 war, gave huge fortunes to states of the Arabian peninsula that were usually receiving aid from Egypt and adopting its values, culture and understanding of Islam. This unprecedented fortune moved the centre of intellectual gravity from the Nile shores to the deserts of Arabia, and allowed the isolated Wahabism ideology to spread all over the world backed by billions of dollars that KSA allocated for its ideology to dominate. Even in Egypt, Al Azhar lost its audience and appeal internally and internationally due to financial difficulties that allowed the Saudis to subsidize its pro-Wahabism activities. Baring in mind that the suffering Egyptian economy pushed millions of Egyptians to live and work in Gulf states, adapt their mentality and beliefs then return home to impose then on the Egyptian society.

    Egypt with its vast population is the main centre of what’s going on in the region and all over the world, due to the fact that its withdrawal is what allowed the Wahabism to spread and dominate. And only Egypt, with to its large two centuries old intelligentsia can cure the World from the Wahabism virus. But Egypt cannot do so in its current economic condition, especially that it has to start by curing its own population and regain its original tolerant view of Islam after four decades of massive disorientation.

    In fact Zionism and Wahabism are two faces of the same coin, but also the Shiaa of Iran is a third face of it … The three of them are backed by theocratic or semi-theocratic states that use religion to backup and justify the crimes they are committing against humanity. The Middle East is already suffering of the consequences, and the West is starting to taste the bitterness of mixing religion with politics. Even though Europe’s Renaissance ended such struggle with Christianity, western colonial countries induced the same virus into Islam to serve their interests. They backed Zionism, Wahabism and all forms of political Islam (mainly under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies) to keep their old colonies “under control”. Such mean strategies pushed everybody in the region towards extremism in every aspect of life, individuals as well as regimes. And the whole world will pay the price of crimes that the West has committed to secure its dominance on oil and other resources. Barring in mind that fighting terrorism is useless as long as these terrorist ideologies keep on recieving finance and support.

    • Thank you very much, Hesham Mokhtar, for providing such an insightful, detailed contribution. I agree with you completely in regard to Egypt and the Al-Azhar, and I also agree that Khomeini-ism is also the third entity that I should have referenced in this article.
      If it interests you, I would like very much to communicate with you privately to discuss this subject and the points you’ve touched on here. If it interest you, you can use the ‘Contact’ link at the top of this page to speak to me via email.

  17. Despite the mistakes in ur artical., shiekh muhamed bin abdulwahab died before creation of the camera how could you find an imahe for him. Not scientific research

  18. Against all evil Act of the World which is related to the Queen of UK (it is starting with King Arthur round table and developed by Henry 8.Th creating own evil church and combined with Zionism-Anti-Semitisim by Churchill make this evil Unbreakable power to Colonising the World for Reptilians. Watch the US-Movie “They Live” from John Carpenter) is Turkish President Recep Tayyip ERDOGAN. We all human must support him to defeat the Invasion.

  19. The Industrial Revolution is the beginning of these cancers we now have in our midst related to the Middle East…..

  20. Reblogged this on August 9th and commented:
    Such a relief to find out that you’re not the only one with certain thoughts. To find someone who wrote down what you actually thought for a long time…

  21. Crypto Jews that’s who the wahabhis are very devious the khazar empire

  22. Brilliantly executed, absolutely well researched and spot on. The greater Zionist agenda is to disrupt cohesion in every other land save their own, the stolen lands of Palestine now renamed Israel. This disruptio manifests as divide and conquer. With every nation surrounding it in turmoil it is much much easier for the sin.a.God of satan to usher in their one world ruler, the anti Christ, whom they hope to control.

    Zionism and Wahabism equals Satanism imho. And not to leave or the insane leadership of thr Catholic church, they too are the synagogue of satan. They all will meet an ugly end. Rev. 2:9 and 3:9

  23. There are no two ways about it. Wahabism and Zionism are working in tandem to ruin the world, backed by the arms lobby. Iran and Syria are fighting terrorism tooth and nail

  24. Excellent Read ! v.Insightful ! Posted a discussion on ‘Th!nking Indian’ (India’s leading and Most serious Discussion Group @ Linkedin) … “Are Zionism & Wahhabism the Twin Cancers destroying the Middle East? How’s Iran a Rogue Nation & NOT Saudi Arabia when the latter is SOLELY reponsible for spread of Radical Islam throughout the world?” https://www.linkedin.com/groups/6649160/6649160-6141214400025059328?trk=hb_ntf_LIKED_GROUP_DISCUSSION_COMMENT_YOU_CREATED#commentID_6141219854423814144

    Everybody is invited to participate !

  25. Excellent Read ! v.Insightful ! Post a discussion on ‘Th!ning Indian’ (India’s leading Discussion Group @ Linkedin) … “Are Zionism & Wahhabism the Twin Cancers destroying the Middle East? How’s Iran a Rogue Nation & NOT Saudi Arabia when the latter is SOLELY reponsible for spread of Radical Islam throughout the world?” https://www.linkedin.com/groups/6649160/6649160-6141214400025059328?trk=hb_ntf_LIKED_GROUP_DISCUSSION_COMMENT_YOU_CREATED#commentID_6141219854423814144

    Everybody is invited to participate !

  26. Utterly superb piece! Have you thought of a book on this – I’m unaware of a book-length treatment of the Zionist-Wahhabist connection and there needs to be…

    • Thank you, Shaku. I hadn’t thought of writing a book. Perhaps it’s something I can consider, when I have enough time.

  27. Finally someone who has done their research on the middle east and all it entails.
    Bravo to you for a direct unpolitical factual account.
    I have lived amongst this mess for 20 years and this is by far the most accurate blog i have rad in that time.

  28. You’re right, Imran Ali; I should’ve included Knomainism as well. I only didn’t because I was focused on these two particular ideologies on account of their similar origins.

  29. All Bunkump regarding Wahabism. It believes in the Fundamentals of Islam. The only “Is: which will raise its head is “Shiaism”.

  30. “Shem-itism” is the core principle which underlies Judaism IN ALL OF ITS FORMS including Ethnic Judaism, Reform Judaism, Orthodox Judaism, Zionism, Jesuitism, Illuminati infiltration of the Masonic Lodges etc.

    Based on Genesis Chapter 9

    • Ah, thanks James 🙂 Thanks for bringing it to my attention, that’s great.

  31. Reblogged this on thewallwillfall and commented:
    It is a fascinating, though rather grim, story, spanning the First World War, the creation of the states of Israel, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia, and taking in Lawrence of Arabia, the fall of Gadaffi in Libya, the Syria Civil War and Rise of Islamic State, among other things. It’s a story of long-term manipulation, insidious indoctrination, and secret, ‘mythical’ works of literature.
    These two ideologies – Wahhabism in Islam and Zionism which is linked primarily to the Jewish religion – may seem like unrelated entities on the surface of it…

    But these two idealogies are largely responsible for the situation in the Middle East today; a situation that doesn’t just effect the Middle East, but as we’ve seen more and more since 9/11, effects the US, Europe, the West and probably the entire world. These two idealogies are responsible for and bound up in decades of violence, war, suffering and manipulation. These two idealogies are, it can be demonstrated, flip-sides of the same coin. And these two idealogies can both be traced back to the same approximate era – roughly 100 years ago, during the events of the First World War.

    What has been the legacy of both Zionism and Wahhabism in the world? And what is the truth about their origins? To begin with, an abbreviated history (for those of you unfamiliar) of the origins of first Zionism and then Wahhabism…

    • Yes, very well done, here I can validate, http://www.zionism101.org/k_courses.aspx get more of understanding and put out all other things while you examine with an open mind. Google books has tons of facts left for us to seek out.
      We in America have had so many false things told us {I’ve seen history changed several generations now, at 51 years old I am doing much research} and we need truth! For Truth is what sets us free, not anything else.

    • Thanks Abraham, this is a very, very good link. It’s difficult to tell what to make of it entirely. The idea that the ‘Islamic State’ might eclipse or replace the Saudi/Wahhabi position is truly terrifying; however, the ISIS/Salafist ideology clearly comes from Wahhabism in the first place. And the extremist rebels in Syria were funded largely by the Saudis and Qatar. Perhaps the Saudi state didn’t anticipate the IS influence spreading this far this quickly.

  32. I’m curious as to how you would explain the ruling of the muslim brotherhood in Egypt and how they were ‘overthrown’ with regards to these connections

    • That’s a tricky situation to fully comment on. As I understand it, the Egyptian military views the Muslim Brotherhood as a threat to Egypt’s diverse society, the same way the Syrian government views the Muslim Brotherhood. In both cases they believe the Brotherhood will create an intolerant religious state to the detriment of other elements of the broader society. I can’t approve of the way the Egyptian military has behaved towards people in recent times, but I can understand their attitude, especially if ISIS/ISIL is now active in a part of Egypt too.

  33. I think you credit the wahabi’s far too much. I lived in Saudi Arabia (i’m and American citizen with german/irish heritage)and while the Wahabi’s do control religious extremists they do not account for any large percentage of the population even in saudi. And while the Saud’s may have allied with the wahabi’s they are a monarchy in the traditional sense. They will continue to support religion as long as it serves their purpose of staying in power.
    You never address the key point of the Palestine/Israel conflict. which is a fairly simple struggle for arable land. The problem with isreal (to most arabs) is not religious its that they stole, and continue to steal land from the indigenous people. If jews had massed immigrated to palastine after WWII I believe we would have a ‘single state’ democracy of many religions. Instead the isreali government chose to dislocate a population of Muslim arabs. Arabs of every sect and every philosophy are going to rally behind extremist because they have truly been wronged and have no recourse besides terrorism. Its essentially classical racism on a national scale which we haven’t seen since the middle ages.
    Additionally I move to Saudi in 1998, at the time I categorized Saudi culture as medieval. though capitalist it is largely feudalistic and xenophobic. When I left in 2004 I saw an evolution of culture. I firmly believe that either Saudi Arabia will undergo a people’s revolt or the royal family will learn from Syria and Libya and Egypt. Ideally they will close the gap between the poor and rich and transition from total monarchy to democracy with socialist ties. In which case the wahabi’s will be a historical footnote.

    • Owens, I agree of course that the Palestine issue is key; I didn’t address it because the post was already very long. ‘Capitalist and largely feudalistic and xenophobic’ sounds like a very good description of Saudi Arabia. I appreciate your views and am willing to consider that I’ve given the Wahhabists too much credit. But I doubt there will be a popular revolt – if it was going to happen, it would’ve happened in 2011. And I entirely refute the point that they could ‘learn from Syria or Libya’ – as the Saudis largely FUNDED the uprisings in Libya and Syria, which is all on record. Nevertheless I appreciate your views and it’s also at least good to have someone expressing a more optimistic outlook.

    • owens says that if Jews had mass immigrated to palestine after WWII, we would have a democracy of many religions, but the Jews forced the Arabs out. This is historically and logically not true. The Jews did not want to displace the Arabs, but were forced to because the Arabs would not accept them – in fact there were attacks against Jews throughout the first half of the twentieth century. The Arabs were aligned with Hitler. The Arab lands have no cultural history of democracy and tolerance for all the religions, let alone women’s or gay rights. Democracy in Israel (as well as creation of arable lands out of desert wasteland) exists because of the efforts of the Jews – those who lived in Israel before WWII (yes many did for a long time) as well as the new immigrants. Today, about 20% of Israelis are Arabs – they choose to live in Israel because it provides them with a much better quality of life than they’d have in any other Arab land.

      • We been living Muslims, Christians and Jews for centuries in Palestine and elsewhere without any problems or discrimination between beliefs.
        When Muslim Arabs lost Spain the jewelry left with the Muslims to North Africa because of the brutality of Spaniards. When the Jewish people had to leave Europe after WWll not because of Arabs.

        You like to show the facts that suits your argument forgetting the fundamental and real historical facts

  34. Thank You for writing such a precise Blog about Wahabism And Zionism. Below is a Hadith said by Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) in Sahi Bukhari

    The upcoming of Abdul Wahab Najdi is mentioned twice in Hadith. This shows Prophet Muhammed
    (PBUH) was aware of this evil ruler.

    According to two narrations in Sahih Bukhari hadith, Muhammad asks Allah to bless the areas of Bilad al-Sham (Syria) and Yemen. When his companions said “Our Najd as well,” he replied: “There will appear earthquakes and afflictions, and from there will come out the side of the head (e.g. horns) of Satan.” In a similar narration, Muhammad again asked Allah to bless the areas Medina, Mecca, Sham, and Yemen and, when asked specifically to bless Najd, repeated similar comments about there being earthquakes, trials, tribulations, and the horns of Satan.) will occur earthquakes, trials and tribulations, and from there appears the Horn of Satan.”

  35. It was agenda of western forces to devide and rule the lands vacated by ottoman empire. It was nicely accomplished by Mr Lawrence of Arabia.
    It is just one sided thought against Islam and wahabis.

    • Shahid, this isn’t a ‘one-sided thought against Islam’: the article is simply a historic overview of what Wahhabism is. Wahhabism isn’t ‘Islam’ – it is merely one interpretation of Islam that has become far too powerful, just as Zionism has. But to criticise Wahhabism isn’t the same as being ‘anti Islam’, just as criticising Zionism isn’t the same as being ‘anti-Semitic’.

      • That’s the problem with a lot of Muslim commentators nowadays. They can condemn all Jews as being guilty of all the world’s problems today, but they refuse to acknowledge the likes of ISIS as a radical minority of their own co-religionists. You can either blame all of both (a very bigoted position but not technically hypocritical) or accept that only minorities of both groups are the real masterminds. It is almost as if they cannot accept that a fellow Muslim (even if in name only) can do wrong. And yet even Western politicians can at least say that ISIS and Co has nothing to do with Islam, which is one way to distance and differentiate ISIS and ordinary Muslims, rhetorically at least. Living in a Muslim majority country there are definitely a sizable amount of them who will never be brainwashed by Wahhabist propaganda.

        • I agree completely; that’s why I don’t ever play the ‘Jewish Conspiracy’ card, and only play the ‘Zionist Conspiracy’ card where it seems applicable. And there is a lot of denial too regarding extremism and groups like ISIL, where the (often valid) conspiracy research connecting ISIL and Al-Qaeda to foreign/Western-backed plots sometimes gives Muslims a get-out-of-jail-free card where they can avoid looking at their own religion.

      • Jews are bad by nature, it isn’t a conspiracy anymore than cancer cells or a virus conspires to destroy the host. They don’t have to try to be Jewish, they just gravitate toward exploitative positions because they hate actually having to do the work themselves. Users since their mesolithic days of herding animals, pretending they’re so superior to the hunter gentiles because they found a way of killing more conveniently.

        Then the Aryan evolved by river basins in the neolithic era and ate plants, really infuriating the Jews for their non-usurious ways. This is why they fake being leftist liberators, because they have to cover that side of the coin as well or else true universalists would shut their asses down like Hitler nearly did.

        The only good “Jew” is one who understands the history of their people and denounces that identity. That’s it. Yahweh is bad no matter what denomination, they’re all for the same tribe and supremacist power, whether it be via financial usury or nuclear threat.

  36. very well written, i think third world war started already by soudis invading yemen

    • Thank you, Sajan: I think World War 3 started much earlier than Yemen. Iraq, Libya, Syria, even Ukraine, might all be viewed as ‘fronts’ in a Third World War – it is simply not being called that.

  37. Reblogged this on Blinded by the Darkness and commented:
    A very well-written, cohesive and thought-provoking overview of the effects of Zionist and Wahhabi ideologies and the ways in which they have affected, and continue to affect, Middle Eastern politics over the past century right up to the present day. These ideologies are so insidious and malignant that their perverse nature has passed many unsuspecting Muslims and Jews by. Effecting real and lasting peace and fraternity in the region would seem to have passed the whole world by at this point in time. In summary, a genealogy of ISIS where minor and heretical elements of the purportedly antagonistic religions of Judaism and Islam have successfully colluded in sowing discord and strife across the world.

    • “where minor and heretical elements of the purportedly antagonistic religions of Judaism and Islam have successfully colluded in sowing discord and strife across the world.” True, NP, but with a lot of help along the way from external agencies. Thanks for the reblog, by the way, and your extraordinary level of attention-span 🙂

      • Yeah sorry, I was taking that as a given… and attention to detail by the way 😉

        • Oh, that goes without saying! I salute you – I was trying to re-read this today after I’d seen you reblogged it and I gave up after the seventh or eighth paragraph!

    • Jews were up to their same old tricks long before “Zionism” – their most recent scapegoat. One critical look into Judaism and the Jews’ mode of operation since the fucking mesolithic era of herding animals for slaughter.. one look at “antisemitic” pre-Zionist literature like “the international Jew”, and their history of usury, pedophila and vampirism, and it’s plain as day to anyone not brainwashed by their mainstream media that Zionism isn’t the beginning of Jewish evil – its the natural evolution of it.

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