Chess-Board Terrorists and Proxy Wars: The ISIS Narrative Continues to Unravel…

ISIS Fighters in Iraq

The ‘official’ narrative of the chaos tearing up the Middle East has been unravelling more and more with each passing week, particularly in regard to the overblown gang of thugs and psychopaths known as ISIS/ISIL.

If what’s now going on in Yemen is confusing, the ‘official’ narrative of what was happening in Syria, Iraq, and Libya was unravelling from the very beginning; by now the inconsistencies and contradictions are so numerous and so frequent that it’s almost becoming boring to even point them out.

Last month Iraq’s army allegedly shot down two British planes as they were carrying weapons for ISIL fighters in Al-Anbar province. This was according to a senior Iraqi legislator, who further revealed that the government in Baghdad is receiving daily reports from people and security forces in al-Anbar province about numerous flights by US-led coalition planes that frequently air-drop weapons and supplies *for* ISIL in terrorist-held areas.

An Iraqi provincial official lashed out at the western governments and their regional Middle-Eastern allies for supporting the Takfiri militants in Iraq, revealing that US and Israeli-made weapons had been discovered from the areas purged of ISIL terrorists. This isn’t the first time this is alleged to have happened; there were reports from 2011 that Syrian regime soldiers had discovered foreign-made weapons in the hands of the extremist rebels fighting to overthrow the Assad government. Of course many of these so-called Syrian rebels would later be Islamic State fighters. Syrian strategic affairs expert Salim Harba had disclosed as far back as 2011 of the arrests of 700 gunmen operating in Syria who had come from the Gulf States and Iraq, including several Qatari Intelligence operatives, and they were found to be using weapons made in the US, Europe and Israel, including Israeli grenades.

In the current controversy, the Iraqi official noted that weapons manufactured by European countries and Israel were discovered in the possession of ISIL terrorists in the Eastern parts of the city of Ramadi. It was further disclosed in January that planes were dropping both weapons and food supplies for the ISIL fighters in Salahuddin, Al-Anbar and Diyala provinces: the planes belonging to allegedly anti-ISIL coalition forces claiming to be engaged in operations against Islamic State.

Elsewhere, Iraqi security sources have reported that dozens of volunteer forces fighting *against* the ISIL militants have been killed in airstrikes carried out by the US-led coalition in Iraq. They insisted that American fighter jets targeted the positions of the volunteer forces on the outskirts of the city of  al-Mahmudiyah, south of the capital Baghdad.

It was further outright stated by the same Iraqi sources that the international coalition is the main cause of ISIL’s survival in Iraq.

Have you been wondering why ISIL is still in operation after all these air-strikes?

 Islamic State fighters in Iraq 

Of course, one also wondered right from the outset of this whole nightmare why it was that the ISIL personnel were able to waltz across the border from Syria into Iraq in a massive, fun-times convoy while experiencing no opposition. A single air-strike could’ve wiped out the whole lot of them and thousands of Iraqis would’ve been spared this entire bloody, horrific business that followed.

Curious, is it not, how NATO can pinpoint and bomb Colonel Gaddafi’s vehicle convoy, directly leading to his capture and brutal murder, and yet no one can notice or eliminate a big convoy of terrorists crossing all in one go from one country into another?

Oh, but of course we really need to shift our paradigms in order to understand these things properly. See, speaking of the late Gaddafi, the fact is that half of the terrorists and mercenaries operating in Syria from 2011 onwards were initially in Libya fighting for the so-called ‘Libyan Revolution’ (a great many of them having been transported there for that very purpose). Having done their bloody, murderous work there, they were transferred in droves over to Syria to spread terror over there. And then, having unleashed genocide in Syrian towns and cities, many of them were undoubtedly part of the convoys that crossed into an Iraq that had conveniently just been evacuated by US personnel and they began the reign of terror there.

What we witness is an extraordinarily effective Geo-political tool: moveable, mobile chess-board terrorists who can be shifted from place to place, who respect no national boundaries or conventions, who have no regard for human life, and who are incredibly well-funded.

Gaddafi called them drug-addicted, Islamic fundamentalists and Al-Qaeda mercenaries; he simply didn’t know to call them ‘ISIS’ because the term didn’t exist yet.

But he did try to explain to the international community that these were the monsters leading the uprising in his country. The BBC, CNN, Fox, Al-Jazeera and all the various corporate-media giants continued to laugh at and mock him and were still making a joke out of him as he was dragged to his brutal murder by the NATO-sponsored mob that lynched and sodomised him before finally shooting him in the head.

The level of inhumanity – with full Western/NATO support – was startling, but that evident inhumanity in Libya was also a precursor to everything that subsequently was exported into Syria and then into Iraq: large-scale persecutions, terrorising of communities, lynching or murder of towns and populations in Libya, Syria and Iraq.

In this article from Sputnik News, a senior Iraqi legislator alleged that Israel’s ‘Golani Infantry Brigade’ has trained the commanders of the ISIL terrorist group in the Egyptian Sinai for sabotage operations in Egypt. You can read the source for the details of that story, but the inference is this: it is anticipated that ISIL will eventually be wiped out or driven out of Iraqi cities and so to ensure the group’s survival they are being strategically moved into the Sinai and Egypt so that they can establish new future strongholds and continue their reign of terror, their ongoing subversion of the Islamic world and the drawing of all the Middle East into a sectarian bloodbath. I would go further and speculate that this is why ISIL has now also shown up in Libya again from where it can also trickle down into Africa.

The recent oath of allegience to ISIL’s phantom leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi by the evil Boko Haram was a further indicator of both the spread down across Africa and the Borg-like assimilation powers of the ISIL brand.

Eventually, it wouldn’t be surprising for al-Shabab and other militant groups in places like Somalia and Sudan, Mali, or elsewhere like in Yemen, decide to assimilate under the ISIL brand and banner too. This, incidentally, was also something Gaddafi predicted would happen after NATO’s ‘intervention’ in Libya, particularly the spread of jihadists and weapons across Northern Africa.

 Abu Bakar Shekau: Boko Haram


There’s already been a development of that kind in Afghanistan and the worrying problems in Yemen, a country spiralling towards civil war, could provide another fertile breeding ground for Islamic State fighters to get involved and to further expand its sphere of influence.

In recent days we’ve had confirmation of ISIL-aligned actvity inside Afghanistan, and we’ve had an armed group in Egypt pledge its allegience to al-Baghdadi. It is reported also that ISIL fighters are infringing upon Lebanon and threatening to take the fight into that country.

The Islamic State, at the same time as being a reprehensible gang of brutal Salafist terrorists with its own medieval agendas, is also in all likelihood a creation of the US intelligence community, along with Israel’s Mossad, Britain’s MI6, Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Presidency, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence and probably several other covert agencies. It is also demonstrable that NATO liased with the Turkish High Command in the vast recruitment of jihadist mercenaries at the very beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011; a simple study of the history of the Syrian and Libyan “Civil Wars” will make it evident to even a sceptic that the nightmare of Islamic State has been orchestrated into existence by various international powers and agencies and is being kept in existence for various purposes.

Those purposes may be multi-faceted; the actions of ISIL may be servicing multiple agendas, including its own.

It’s own, of course, being the creation of a barbaric, medieval Caliphate based on intolerant ideologies and whose territorial ambitions may know no bounds.

Meanwhile Stephen D Kelley, allegedly an ex CIA/NSA contractor, has stated that ISIS is a “completely fabricated enemy”. In a short interview with Press TV, the whistleblower says “It’s something we created; we control.” According to Kelley, ISIS was “designed to create massive amounts of fear and cause a response here at home, a knee-jerk reaction… to authorize more spending and bloodshed and warfare.”

Just to clarify: the suggestion is not that ISIL itself is ‘fake’ or that scores of radicalised people haven’t journeyed across the world to join the group, nor to suggest that the crimes and brutality of the ISIL jihadists aren’t ‘real’ crimes and acts; this violent and rapid spread of these armed extremists and Merchants of Death has claimed thousands and thousands of victims in Syria and Iraq, in Libya and elsewhere, and it has destroyed communities and cultures and torn up societies, re-drawing borders and maps.

From the earliest days of the bloody, NATO-sponsored Al-Qaeda takeover of Libyan cities to the arrival of the foreign ‘Death Squads’ into Syria to the lightning advances and mass executions carried out by ISIL fighters in Iraq last year, the human cost and suffering and the societal degradation has been enormous.

Rather the point is that the situation has been orchestrated into existence externally and that it is being kept in operation by those whose sectarian-religious, military-industrial, Geo-Political, and soon-to-be corporate, interests are being served: not just Israel, but the Gulf States, the US/NATO and possibly others.

As Yemen now is drawn into chaos, just like Iraq, Libya and Syria have been before it, the entire region is being goaded towards an even further escalating scenario in which ‘brands’ like ISIS and Al-Qaeda are going to have an even bigger arena in which to flourish: demanding yet more military response/intervention and yet more carving up of the Middle East and its resources in response.

This business may be designed to go on for a very long time: how many more people are going to die or have their lives, cities or communities ruined in the process?

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