Massacres, Elections & Turning Tides…

Alright, so there’s a few things to cover here.  

But they’re all loosely related, so let’s cover them as one.
Let’s start with this.
As a massacre of civilians was being carried out by Israeli forces in a Rafah refugee camp, the British government and media – the former being itself complicit in Israel’s war in Gaza – was busy continuing the weaponisation of antisemitism, this time concerning longstanding Labour MP Diane Abbott.
We’ll circle back to the massacre in Tel al-Sultan shortly.

I’m not particularly a big fan of Diane Abbott. But Abbott, like Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Livingstone and other left-wing politicians before her, was essentially excluded from active politics by the pro-Israel elements that are so entrenched in both major political parties.
As if that wasn’t enough, Labour also suspended MP Faiza Shaheen for ‘liking’ a clip of Jon Stewart on Twitter, in which he parodied the pro-Israel media in the US.
By the way, the Labour Party under Keir Starmer had precious little to say about the massacre in Rafah, which killed in the region of 80 people, mostly women and children.
In fact, it’s noteworthy how few political figures in Britain or the US – Israel’s staunchest backers – have had any substantive comments to offer on the attack.
Instead, the US government is sanctioning the ICC for calling out possible Israeli war crimes: a move that Biden tried stepping back from at the last minute, but was pushed by various US politicians including the Lord of Evil, Linsey Graham.
Linsey Graham, who you might recall responded to the brutal murder of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 by saying ‘This is good: there’s a lot of money to be made in Libya now…”
It also emerged that Mossad had already been threatening people involved in the International Criminal Court directly. France’s Le Monde characterised this campaign as Israel’s shadow war against the ICC, between threats and surveillance.
As a lot of victims in Christchurch, New Zealand,  might testify, when Netanyahu or Israel threatens you with revenge, it’s a serious matter.
But when a government is actively threatening or intimidating the International Criminal Court – and the US, UK and co are openly condemning that same international body on behalf of an ally accused of war crimes – well, the notion of international law is in the fucking toilet.
I was already anticipating this state of affairs several years ago, in an article titled ‘The End of International Law‘.
Meanwhile, I’m so cynical at this point that I’m even wondering whether Rishi Sunak called the UK General Election for July 4th – earlier than anyone expected – simply as a favour to the Israeli government: so that, whatever goes on in Rafah from now til early July, British media will be too caught up in this tedious election to pay much attention to it.
Keir Starmer, who has both relentlessly persecuted critics of Israel within the Labour Party while simultaneously providing cover for Israeli crimes in Gaza, is clearly a fan of the UK’s foreign policy under the current Conservative government – and therefore presumably has no intention of altering it.
Netanyahu has his bases covered in the UK, regardless of who wins the election – just as he does in the US with Biden and Trump.

But the Anglo-American bloc is finding itself increasingly isolated at this point. The list of countries choosing to officially recognise a Palestinian state has been growing weekly, with Spain being the latest.

This map, which hasn’t yet been updated to show Spain, Norway or Ireland, demonstrates clearly where world opinion stands.
Countries that recognise Palestinian state.
By Night w – This W3C-unspecified vector image was created with Inkscape, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18142310
As you can see, really the only countries refusing to recognise Palestine are predictably the US and Canada, Australia, the UK and some of Western Europe.
Just for clarity’s sake here, that massacre in Rafah was by all accounts horrific.
Among the 80-plus civilians killed primarily by fire, accounts and video evidence reportedly show burnt corpses and even a decapitated baby. Here is the Mondoweiss account from the scene.
Even worse, this location had been deemed a ‘safe zone’ by the IDF, which had specifically instructed civilians to go there a week earlier.
Moreover, the ICJ had ordered Israel to halt its Rafah offensive just two days before this massacre occurred – which was of course ignored.
And, even worse, Mondoweiss claims that the two supposed Hamas militants Israel claimed to have killed in the attack were not there in the first place.
The more we hear about this event, the more heinous it becomes.
And yet this is just the latest in a long line of heinous events that have been unfolding for seven months.
Events that – let us remember – no foreign journalists or agencies are allowed to report on from the ground. And which impartial international bodies like the ICC and ICJ are being actively threatened, intimidated or condemned for trying to investigate.
Meanwhile in the UK, instead of discussing or contemplating these or other pressing issues, we were debating whether an elected MP with a 30,000-plus majority in her constituency should be ‘allowed’ to stand for parliament.
What a shit-show.

S. Awan

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