Jade Helm Update: ‘I Have Never Seen Anything Like That Before…’

Jade Helm exercises, 2015

An update on the ‘Jade Helm’ business.

A nice lady contacted me a week or so ago to share photographs she’d taken, showing the scale of some of the military transportation going on.

Pictures and footage are cropping up a lot now, of course, revealing that what’s being set up within the ‘drill’ areas is something vast in scale.

These particular pictures are pretty eerie, however, and I thank Alaina Holt Adams for sharing them; and for taking them, particularly as she says she was uneasy about doing it.

The reason I’m contacting you is because three days ago I was driving west of Cannon Air Force Base near Clovis, New Mexico, USA, when I saw a train that was about 7/10 of a mile long, stopped on the tracks beside the highway,’ she says, regarding the images. ‘It had four engines at the front and the rest of the train was loaded with nothing but armored tanks and various other military vehicles and supplies. I have lived near military bases for most of my 62 years. I’ve seen all kinds of military hardware and exercises, but I have never seen anything like that before.

 Jade Helm convoys, 2015
Jade Helm convoys, 2015 

Having spotted the trains and been unsettled by them, Alaina decided to take photos. ‘I pulled off the road and took 31 high resolution pictures with my smart phone. A few hours later I posted 12 of those pictures, which I had downsized to a much lower resolution, to my blog.’ She adds, ‘Within a couple of hours of doing this, I heard what sounded like a large helicopter flying low over our house.’

‘Of course, that train is gone now. It was pointed east toward Texas. The New Mexico-Texas border is about 37 miles from where I saw the train.

Alaina has also provided a screen-shot showing where the train was located on a Google map, in relation to Cannon Air Force Base. ‘The train was headed east and had stopped approximately 10 miles away from Clovis, New Mexico, in the tiny town of St. Vrain, NM. I conservatively estimate that the train was at least 0.7 mile long, but it may have been longer than a mile.’

That’s a lot of military hardware for just a ‘drill’.

Again, there are a lot of images being captured by concerned citizens wondering what exactly is being set up.

There’s also a lot of wild speculation, some particularly extreme theories, and I’m beginning to suspect also a lot of falsified reports and ideas from some of the more exaggerating conspiracy theorists.

However, if we ignore the more exaggerated stuff, there’s still a substantial amount of plain-fact footage being recorded by people like Alaina who have no axe to grind and no ‘theory’ to sell, but are simply concerned individuals trying to spread awareness of what they’re seeing.

You can see more of the pictures on Alaina’s blog here.

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  1. Thank you for posting these. Also, thanks for calling me a nice lady. I try to be, but some days I don’t quite measure up to that title. Especially not before I have my morning coffee.. 🙂

    I haven’t seen any more unusual activity in our area since May 14, the day I took these pictures. But I got a bit nervous two days later when a blogger living hundreds of miles away from us reblogged my post with the train pictures — and when I posted a comment on his blog thanking him for the reblog, he replied that two Blackhawk helicopters had just flown so low over his house, he could read every decal on them, which he said had never happened before. Only then did I tell him that I had heard a helicopter flying low over our house within a couple of hours after posting my Jade Helm pictures.

    Then I got really nervous when, a few days after reblogging my train pictures, that same blogger deleted his blog: thetruthisstrangerthanfiction.wordpress.com — now gone. I don’t know who that blogger was or anything about him, I had never heard of his blog before he posted my pictures of the train. Hopefully his decision to take down his blog had nothing to do with the Blackhawk choppers or my Jade Helm pictures. But it really unnerved me, because it looked like he had put a lot of work into that blog, and he had posts going back at least three years!

    This is why my blog is now private. I am not a political person, I rarely watch the news, and I am not into conspiracy theories. But this Jade Helm business has me rattled.

    • Thanks Alaina 🙂 That blogger is actually a friend of mine and someone who’s blog I follow. I’ll try to find out what’s going on with him: I’m sure he wouldn’t have just deleted his site. And thanks again for sharing the images, they’re remarkable photos.

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