Jade Helm, Maple Resolve & Military Drills – What is Going On Here…?

Jade Helm exercises, 2015

Been keeping track of this ‘Jade Helm’ business that has been worrying a lot of observers in America in recent weeks, and it’s highly curious to say the least.

I’ve refrained from writing about it until now, choosing to leave the subject in the hands of my American friends, some of whom have very interesting ideas about what might be going on. And as a number of observers have now noted, it looks like there are equivalent exercises going on in other parts of the world too, including here in the UK (or just off the UK, off the coast of Scotland).

For anyone outside of America or not familiar with ‘Jade Helm’: from July to September, elite branches of American military including the Navy Seals will be conducting ‘realistic’ training exercises across seven whole states in the South-West. The troops will be moving ‘undetected’ among the vast civilian populations of those areas. There has been observation, images and footage made since March of various military movements, military hardware and various odd items being transported into the drill zones, all of it done under a very shaky and reticent ‘official’ explanation. All of this is also parallel to an equivalent operation going on in Canada under the name ‘Maple Resolve’ and involving thousands of NATO personnel, including a large number of military personnel from the UK.

This isn’t business as usual; something major appears to be going on.

American citizens in the effected areas have been extremely vigilant, reporting to various outlets what they’ve been seeing and in some cases taking pictures and videos. Fascinatingly, one of these latest pictures I’ve been directed to, this one posted to a Facebook account, shows clearly marked *UN* trucks being transported as part of this ‘Jade Helm’ activity (see below); which raises further questions about the nature of this staged operation.

There’s plenty else too, of course; elements that go far beyond simple ‘military exercises’ or training programmes, such as transport trains being discovered with *shackles* built in to them and alleged microwave weapons being transported to target areas. If true, what kind of training exercises require microwave weapons? Certainly no conventional warfare drills. However, we should also note that its difficult to know which claims are true and which ones are being fabricated online.

 Images of Jade Helm exercise, 2015 

‘Conspiracy theorists’ often get treated lightly for their suspicions, sometimes justifiably, but even mainstream people are beginning to be very concerned with what’s being reported in the Jade Helm ‘areas’. For one thing, this is a military ‘training’ operation on a scale unheard of, and for another, in America ‘drills’ usually coincide with major false-flag events (9/11, Boston Marathon, etc).

While speculation among uneasy Americans has suggested a number of possibilities – an imminent financial collapse, the beginning of Martial Law in America, among other ideas – the fact that vast military exercises and war games are being conducted everywhere from Scotland to Japan implies a *global preparation*; which suggests that a global event is on the horizon (possibly a global financial collapse or global ‘Martial Law’); but the most likely explanation is that militaries across the world are preparing for war. And it may be that National Guard type military containment of domestic populations is being planned to put down any dissent.

If it is the case there is also a financial collapse and millions of people lose money and property (or can’t even buy food), this containment policy would certainly be needed to put down any possible revolt.

The other suspicion is that a major false-flag event is in the making, potentially something worse than 9/11. A friend of this blog’s in America (who has his own superb blog) has concerns and suspicions along those lines; When we really stop and think about the fact that a true “martial law” situation, if done on the level and scale that many are fearing, would be quite unlike any false-flag scenario in the past, in that it would be so much more of a “cashing in all the chips” sort of move. That is, if things were really going down on the level where military transports are rolling up into cities and putting up barricades (across the country), and depending on whatever the “crisis scenario” was, there could be things like power blackouts, internet blackouts, etc.’

There’s little doubt that America has been preparing for a mass civil breakdown for some time; for example, read this piece about the Pentagon plans, published in The Guardian early in the year. Many in the US are citing the ‘bogeyman’ of the moment – ISIS/ISIL – as being the reason for the mass mobilization. Whether ISIS/ISIL will somehow be used as false-flag agents to bring in the ‘End of America’ is unclear; with all these anxious stories circulating in America about possible ‘ISIS cells’ across the Mexican border waiting to invade the US, it should be borne in mind that the only way ISIS fighters could be in Mexico or the US in any significant numbers is if American intelligence or military handlers *put them there*.

Anyone who actually believes ISIS/ISIL has the resources (or numbers) to stage any kind of meaningful attack or infiltration on American soil *on its own* is an idiot.



ISIS/ISIL was created, at least in part, to act as the proxy militia to wage war upon the populations and legitimate governments of Libya, Syria, Iraq and Iran (they’re now in Yemen, Egypt and Afghanistan too). If they are ever released onto the American population at any stage, it is by design. They could, in practise, be used to help bring about the complete Neo-Con/Zionist/Rothschild takeover of America: which may have been the end-game objective of 9/11 in the first place. They wouldn’t resort to drastic measures unless they absolutely had to, however; they prefer to rule with the consent of a blind, numbed people, which is what they’ve been doing for decades, but it may be that their ability to sustain that illusion and that hold over people is waning.

Whether we really believe the Establishment in America, and the military, would *do* that to its own citizens is another matter, however.

In terms of the possible deploying of armed forces to fully subjugate the American population, part of the reason some of those closest to the growing danger suspect that to be the motive is the apparent classification of Texas as a ‘hostile’ state in the exercises. Even for a hypothetical scenario for training purposes, that doesn’t really make much sense if the drill was to simulate a foreign threat. Why would American troops need to simulate a ‘hostile’ Texas? However, that said, there’s also the fact that the operation is geographically taking place only in the Southern states, suggesting that they’re watching the Mexican border. Which brings people back to the ‘ISIS’ story: but again, I have to reiterate – there’s NO WAY ISIS/ISIL has any significant numbers of people in Mexico or on the Southern US borders *unless they’ve been brought there by American agencies*. That’s just plain fact; if they try to tell you otherwise, they’re lying.

Another thing that occurs to me, however, even though I haven’t meaningfully been studying the UFO/ET phenomena for years, is to wonder if there’s some kind of mass preparation for an ‘otherworldly’ event taking place? Watch this video below of an alleged Congress session discussing the ‘Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill’ from a few years ago and listen carefully to what is being said (and to what is being omitted). There is some argument as to whether this footage is a hoax or not.

At this stage, however, we simply don’t know what the purpose of all of these vast exercises are.

On appearances and on (limited) existing information and leaks alone, it does look suspiciously like all this military training, exercises and mobilisation might be for domestic American purposes. But there is also the fact that equivalent military exercises are going on elsewhere, particularly in Europe, too. This enforces the suspicion held by many that we are being dragged into a Third World War:  one view being taken is the possibility that the US and NATO are preparing for a full-scale invasion of Syria and Iran. This could be what all the preparation is for. And in fact, this is still the likeliest explanation: either a large-scaled invasion in the Middle East or a war with Russia. Either of those would be utterly catastrophic; and there is also NO moral justification for a war on either of those fronts.

But the fact that so many people in America are immediately suspicious when they see armed forces and military exercises just demonstrates how little trust there is anymore in the military establishment, the Federal Government or Washington.

Yet even saying that, I personally cannot imagine America making that transition; because if it does go down so drastic a path, then ‘America’ really is finished.

Whatever ‘Jade Helm’ is ultimately about, it may have nothing to do with any of the things speculated on above. It could just be preparation for a major civil breakdown and public unrest. Or it may be preparation for war. It may also just be a Psy-Op designed to frighten the country into a passive, docile state; or to acclimatise people to the military intrusion into public life as the new norm, which is what has occurred in France since their own Charlie Hebdo false-flag attack.

It may even be a combination of all of those things. Whatever the truth, we can certainly understand why normal people witnessing these huge convoys or movements would feel anxious.

S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. Really enjoy your site. Very Honest and real. You are a watchman and I thank you.

    • Thanks Diane 🙂 Never been called a ‘watchman’ before – I like it.

  2. That “classified’ video you’ve shared is from the Onion’s fake news channel. It makes me really question the other sources within this post, if you’re sharing Onion videos and passing them off as “evidence”.

    • Lindsay, I said in the post that it was arguable whether that video was authentic or not. But it does seem to match up with the nature of what’s been reported about Jade Helm. That video might be a hoax – there are people online, whoever, that insist it isn’t.

      • Well, whether that video is a hoax or not, I do sway towards believing that there is so much going on that we are either not being told, or being blatantly lied to, about Jade Helm.

  3. Intriguing & unsettling article… Very in depth. You have researched this well. Well done on educating the masses.. I had no idea this was going on until your article. Keep up the good work.

  4. man, you really don’t mess around with your blog posts, always so in-depth and comprehensive! Fantastic work.

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