A Warning to Dutch Voters: GEERT WILDERS is a Foreign Agent…

Geert Wilders and Israel

With the Dutch elections just a couple of days away now, I decided it was important to reiterate – particularly to any readers in Holland – that the clown labelled “the Dutch Donald Trump” is actually a foreign agent being propped up to service a foreign agenda.

I already laid out clearly – in this much bigger article last week – that Geert Wilders is a Zionist agent, serving the interests of the extreme nationalist government that has been dominating Israel’s destiny since 2009 (and is now apparently dominating Europe’s and America’s destiny too).

But don’t take my word for it: take it from the country’s General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD), who have investigated him over his “ties to Israel and their possible influence on his  loyalty.”

Or take it from Wilders’ own Twitter account. This is an actual tweet: ‘Let us all support Israel. Always. Israel is fighting for all of us.’

I just actually came across an extraordinary quote from Wilders’ – if I had been aware of it before last week, I would’ve included it in that article. He said, back in 2013, ‘What we need today is Zionism for the nations of Europe’.

Funnily enough, Wilders’ being branded the “Dutch Donald Trump” isn’t just applicable to his silly hair-cut: again, read last week’s article to get the specific details, but Wilders basically says all the same things Trump does – not just about Muslims or immigration, but about Israel. Both openly support illegal Israeli settlements and occupation, both have blatant, close ties to Netanyahu, the Israeli government and Zionist settlers, and both belong to – and are empowered by – the relatively recent upsurge of inter-connected ‘alt-right’ propaganda platforms.

As highlighted already in the much bigger piece, Israeli minister, Uri Ariel, in fact wrote Steve Bannon to express personal “thanks for your friendship with Israel,” while also talking about how Bannon’s platform, Breitbart, should be used “in order to promote Israeli point of view in the media.”

Thanks to the Netherlands having changed the law (in 2013), forcing political parties to disclose their sources of donation (if in excess of $5,000), we now know – thanks to a report released by the Dutch interior ministry – that Wilders’ PVV party received some $20,000 from the David Horowitz Freedom Center (see PDF/report here) – a US-based, right-wing organisation run by author and Breitbart contributor David Horowitz.

Horowitz, along with other Zionist-aligned American figures posing as independent bloggers of journalists – such as Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer – has been highly influential in the current climate of right-wing resurgence and pro-Israel, anti-Muslim, anti-refugee propaganda, such as that which underlies Breitbart and the Trump campaign.

Horowitz was specified as one of the most successful peddlers of the anti-Muslim propaganda by the 2011 Center for American Progress (CAP) report Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America, with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

Spencer is pictured below with Geert Wilders – he is also owner of the highly popular ‘Jihad Watch’ and, like Horowitz, a major player in the anti-Muslim, pro-Zionist programme.

The second picture shows Spencer with two more of his fellow agents, Tommy Robinson and Pamela Gellar.

 Geert Wilders and Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer, Tommy Robinson, Pamela Gellar

That report also highlighted how specifically anti-Muslim and pro-Israel donors have been pouring millions of dollars into American hate groups.

All of that would of course make sense if viewed in conjunction with – as I made clear last week – the Zionist-nationalists’ incestuous relationship with, for example, Breitbart, Steve Bannon and Donald Trump.

I also wrote that this so-called upsurge in the Far-Right or hardline nationalism wasn’t – as we’re being told – a simple reaction to events or conditions, but also a sought-after, well-coordinated movement, deeply connected with the extremist government in Israel (and again, before anyone reaches for the ‘anti-Semitic’ card, I use that word “extremist” as direct quote from former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak – again, see here).

The constant, inescapable underlying psy-op that accompanies this multi-national propaganda push is of course Islamophobia and the carefully manufactured ‘Clash of Civilisations’ theme – of which Geert Wilders is a central player – and this too is a concerted operation, carried out over time and involving various inter-connected figures, platforms and donors.

As Electronic Intifada put it two years ago, ‘Horowitz’s funding of Wilders is the first concrete indication that this Islamophobia network spans the globe.’

All of that is coming to fruition now and playing out across multiple nations. The Dutch election is a part of that much bigger international, societal crisis: so was the recent American election, and so too will be – later this year – the tense elections in France and Germany.

If Geert Wilders manages any kind of shock ‘upset’ in this election – like Trump or Brexit – it won’t be any kind of spurious ‘people power’ or ‘alternative’ movement, but simply another in the carefully-arranged dominoes line of Zionist-aligned agents taking power.

I don’t believe Wilders’ or his party will gain any meaningful ground in this election – I think Dutch people in general are far too clever to fall for the scam.

Just as Austrian voters were smart enough to keep the Austrian Far-Right party (who, non-coincidentally, also have links to the Israeli nationalists and in fact issued the ‘Jerusalem Declaration’ before even Wilders’ did) from election victory recently, the Dutch will probably do the same.

However, I slightly fear that the complete nonsense going on right now with Turkish protests in Holland (over a Turkish minister being prevented from coming into Holland to promote the Turkish dictatorship) is happening at the worst possible time and might actually help Wilders and the PVV at the last minute.

I hope not; but if he does get in, the long-term result might be – in his own words – ‘Zionism for the nations of Europe’.



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  1. My ‘enemies enemy…’ could be another take? Yet, is there much difference in being willingly co-opted by political Zionism, and/or co-opting along for authoritarian nationalism sake (aka etc etc)? Note; Western trendy modern-Right, is openly – and for once this term can be more rightfully used – anti-Semitic. These only-whites for geographical segregation, with dominant Govt. and upfront Paganism, make Jewish people the roots to rail against. Presume view Geert’s a sell-out but useful. Warming up the masses for their ‘pure breed’ of solutions. Suppose repentant Jews get in, but repudiation to the uttermost required. Obviously the blunt and blinkered pop. racially driven Right -and- violent Islamist causes, support those wanting to keep a region… a world, in increasing conflicts. By-product being, eyes-off Israel oppression. While we’re at it, throw a certain Trotsky pretend-stand in the mix. My growing curiosity is about the underlying motives with the famous politicos? And the press, playwright, actors… they all know, what we who know/know – f.flags and shadow states undermining ‘normal’ narratives – so what’s driving them? So sick or threatened in a bubbled-up delusion, or is it sheer personal survival? What staggers me is how can people act ‘this’ convincingly – but they do. Who’s wagging who, what and why, a chasing tails conundrum. Good article. Not foaming-mouth at all writing, in regions that gets most; steamed up or well-stay-clear. Re-configuring and balance. Thanks.

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