Las Vegas Shooting/Attack or Occult Ritual – Notes & Observations…

Luxor Hotel pyramid, Las Vegas

The mass shooting in Las Vegas has prompted all the usual responses from all the usual (tedious) voices.

From mainstream calls for tighter gun regulations to alt-right insistence that this must’ve been Muslims (or militant ‘liberals’) conducting a false-flag – it is clear, as it has been for some time now, that 90% of what passes for public discourse these days consists of echo chambers, confirmation bias and a kind of inane, broken record syndrome.

That being said, the available information (so far) about this attack paints a shaky, confusing picture of events.

There is also something very interesting about the location – which I will get to at the end; and which is the reason I raise the question of whether there’s a ritual or occult element to this massacre.

There were reports of a woman telling a group of people at the concert, “You’re all going to die tonight.” Those reports might’ve been fake – but, if they weren’t, it raises questions.

The main problem with this story is the extreme nature of not only the killing, but the preparation and the means – and that the alleged killer doesn’t seem to fit the profile.

David French highlights some of the oddities at National Review: ‘It certainly sounds as if the shooter used either fully-automatic weapons or semi-automatic weapons. Moreover, the police are reporting that he had “more than 10 rifles.” He apparently rented his corner room for days and may have even set up cameras to detect when police were approaching. That’s all strange enough, but it’s even more unusual when you consider that his own family apparently didn’t know that he maintained a stockpile of guns…’

He notes also; ‘crimes with fully-automatic weapons are extraordinarily rare. As my colleague Charlie Cooke tweeted earlier this morning, legally-owned fully-automatic weapons have been used in three crimes since 1934.’

The 64 year-old Stephen Paddock doesn’t seem to fit the profile of someone who would go to those lengths, with that amount of preparation, just to indiscriminately snipe at random people in cold blood (and then turn a gun on himself).

That being said, I wholly acknowledge that people can “just snap” and that the actions don’t always follow a satisfying logic (ever seen the movie Falling Down?).

Also, if anyone’s going to ‘snap’ anywhere, Las Vegas is as likely a place as any – considering the possibility of running into massive financial problems. Las Vegas hotels are infamous for suicides – and for the fact that journalists tend to be in an arrangement with the casinos to not cover those deaths.

The Islamic State group apparently claiming responsibility for the attack demonstrates, once and for all, how utterly meaningless it is *any* time ‘ISIS’ apparently claims responsibility for any attack in the West.

The claim that Paddock had “converted” to the IS ideology and was an IS agent is clearly nonsense.

Right on cue, the Israeli-linked SITE Intel group (run by proud Zionist and former IDF officer, Rita Katz) put out the ISIS claim, allowing various alt-right commentators and sites to attach something more ‘concrete’ to their instinctive need to label Las Vegas as an Islamist attack, despite the evidence to the contrary.

Alt-Right demagogue, light entertainer and parody-of-himself, Alex Jones, immediately attributed the attack to left-wingers, liberals, Communists and Antifa – and also quickly and readily parrotted the spurious Islamic State link. Almost all alt-right platforms are calling it a false-flag, with many insisting it was an Islamist attack. Unfortunately, most of those people only ever suspect a false-flag when it doesn’t involve Muslims.

And that’s one reason (among many) not to bother taking them seriously.

The FBI claimed there is no evidence to connect Paddock to ISIS.

The FBI dismissing the ISIS claim is significant – because, as previously highlighted (most of all in the case of the Orlando nightclub shooting), the FBI generally goes out of its way to set up the ‘ISIS’ angle, even encouraging would-be patsies to make sure they attribute their attacks to ISIS. Therefore, the fact that, in this instance, they’re dismissing the ISIS claim suggests there really is no legitimacy to it.

ISIS, remember, claims everything. It doesn’t mean shit.

This could’ve been another state-enabled operation or false-flag.

However, the apparent absence – so far – of a logical motive or affiliation (be it religious, political or ideological) makes the false-flag idea more difficult than usual. The 64-year-old Nevada resident Stephen Paddock doesn’t appear – from what we’re told – to have any affiliation with the Far Right or with any political grouping.

Paddock’s father – Benjamin Paddock – was a convicted bank robber and on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list after escaping from prison in 1968. There’s been no indication, however, that Stephen Paddock had any criminal record.

Admittedly, this attack has some oddities, as referenced earlier, to it and is a difficult one to pin down.

A lot also depends on whether you trust the information at face value. This Paddock person who we’re told was the shooter might not have been. He apparently committed suicide, but we don’t know that for certain either.

Unless better information emerges or is suggested, this one’s very difficult to form a clear view of.

One last note, however – an important one. I did notice, from the map on the BBC site (below image), that site of the attack is adjacent to a conspicous, big black pyramid.

 Luxor Hotel pyramid, Las Vegas 

I know that Vegas is full of novelty structures like that (and also Egyptian references incorporated into flashy hotels and casinos), but even so, the black pyramid (Luxor Hotel) seems conspicuous.

It makes me want to know what song was being performed at the moment the shooting started – I know absolutely nothing about American country music, but I’m curious as to whether the song being played was ritually significant in any way (I’m thinking, in particular, of the Eagles of Death Metal being reported to have been playing ‘Kiss the Devil’ when the Bataclan Theatre attack began).

Here’s a more dramatic view of the structure.

 Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy 

Note that, rather than being an entirely smooth pyramid surface all the way, the Vegas pyramid highlights the capstone at the top/apex, perhaps suggestive of the floating eye capstone on the dollar bill (generally believed to have been incorporated into the dollar bill in the 1930s for occult/secret-society symbolic reasons).

I actually wondered if the 32nd floor (where the shooter is said to have been) might’ve been significant too and wondered if 1932 was the year the eye-pyramid was put onto the dollar bill – I checked and it wasn’t (it was 1935).

Nonetheless, the Luxor Hotel black pyramid might even be suggestive of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor – the occult society, members of which went on to form Aleister Crowley’s O.T.O.

It occurs to me that it being called the Luxor Hotel might have more to do with the occult brotherhood than with the actual historic Luxor in Egypt – as it is in fact known that the original Luxor didn’t have a pyramid.

There’s something just as curious about the structure, if you consider – just for a moment – the possibility of the apex representing the ‘all-seeing eye’ of the dollar-bill pyramid.

The tip of the Luxor Hotel pyramid houses what is believed to be the strongest beam of light anywhere in the world: referred to as the ‘Luxor Sky Beam’.

This correlation (possibly) between the symbolic all-seeing-eye on the dollar-bill pyramid and the strongest beam of light anywhere in the world on the Luxor pyramid is interesting.

 Luxor Pyramid, Sky Beam, Las Vegas 

It is also claimed that the light is visible from space.

Stranger yet – and, admittedly, I might be going off on an unnecessary tangent here – there have been a stream of UFO sightings or strange aerial phenomena reported above the pyramid and particular in relation to the beam of light. See here, for example.

Admittedly, I may have gone off-point here. But the reason to bring all of this up is to raise the question of whether the location of this massacre in Las Vegas occured in an area of occult significance or perceived ritual power.

All of which might be suggestive of a symbolic/ritual value to the killings – just as with the Bataclan Theatre.

These are just notes, however.

I’m forwarding no specific conclusion or theory – as the information we currently have access to is far too sketchy and uncertain.

This attack could’ve been almost anything – including the unhinged actions of a random man.


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  1. Hola Bud… I’m back from hiatus. I live near Vegas and personally know of confirmed victims – both injured and fatal. Interestingly to of the fatalities I heard of where reported by the coroner to be painless head shots. This begs the question of other shooters with scoped rifles.
    There are numerous “shooter on the ground videos” taken by smartphone. One is actually a man in a security guard uniform who fires an automatic into the fleeing crowd.
    And then there is the taxi driver video that is the only one showing actual muzzle flash coming from the center of the hotel and not from thehigher upper right hand levels of the book depository. This taxi video corroborates with the police radio air traffic. And the dispatcher is noticeably calm quiet leaving it to forces on the ground to figure things out – almost like some was there in the room monitoring and asking her to stand down.
    Then there’s the typical photos that are highly disingenuous to what is taking place, a contrast between the images taken from phone videos and the crisp professional images that appear on the MSM all seem staged with same actors appearing repeatedly in many images.
    The snippers (sic) nest images also appear to be doctored. Not enough spent casings to account for the fracas in zepruder videos. And the red puddle of the alleged culprit’s head wound is peppered with neatly placed casings.
    The motive here is plainly gun control. Nevada has among the most lax gun laws in the US and a gun control victory there would be a trophy for the disarmament politics. That is the loudest and most notable debate stemming from this apparently staged event. The narrative went from a few rifles in his room but the tally increased almost daily to the point there were over 20 weapons found. This will be ample legislative fodder for many years to come.

    Also, as you often note, a pattern of events took place. A crisis drill shortly before the tragedy; employees of the hotel required to participate in active shooter training by a noted deadline one day before the event. No hotel, parking lot, hallway footage though LV has to have the most advanced surveillance network in the world with a high emphasis on facial recognition, and yet not footage or photos of Oswald except for one screenshot with eyes closed.
    The brothers interviews are also bizarre and he seemingly reveals gun man was and an “arms” dealer(???). Brother also lives in city of Orlando Tragedy last year and there is a photo of brother wearing a t-shirt from the PR Firm that represented the Pulse night club.

    The ownership and management of the hotel also bring strong questions to mind. I could go on..

    Movie: the package

    • Welcome back; and thanks for all of this additional commentary. Great information. I’ve been seeing some of the multiple-shooter claims; but I had no idea about the active shooter drill or the arms dealer allegation.

    • I live in Vegas, I completely agree and I know there was an ad for crisis actors and a Moulage truck on scene and a police drill going on that weekend for a shooter scenario. I also saw a video from Raymond Page who works for the Review Journal who was shooting video moments before the mayham started its like he was waiting for it.. They edited the beginning where a cop was hiding behind a light post. I truly believe there was an assassination. There was a hand gun that fires three single shots before the concert lights got turned on it was like that was a que for the shooter. Also they were still looking for gun men after Paddock supposedly shot himself but check the photos Paddocks gun is laid over the back of his leg and there is fresh blood on dried blood from his head wound. Tragically many of the witnesses of that night died mysteriously in the weeks following the massacre.

      • Wow, I didn’t know about witness deaths after the event. But yes, that whole story clearly didn’t hold together at all.

  2. I have not looked into the details of this absolutely horrific attack. I do however have some background info that will perhaps interest you regarding the Luxor Hotel. The Occult symbolism is frankly undeniable.

    Lux = light / Lucifer = light-bringing or shining one. The esoteric reference in terms of an enormous black pyramid with its heavenly beam of light is blatant (Out of darkness comes light). Oddly, and if I remember correctly, the Ministry of Love in Orwell’s 1984 is also housed an enormous windowless black pyramid. There is also a Bill Cooper Mystery Babylon show (with video footage) entirely devoted to the Luxor Hotel – “Hour 34 – Luxor, The Source of Light”. I have linked to it below:


    • That’s excellent, WoC, thanks. Clearly, I only scratched the surface. I had entirely forgotten the 1984 reference. The Bill Cooper reference, now that you’ve linked to it, rings a bell. I knew there was something about the Luxor Hotel – I just didn’t spend enough time looking into it.

  3. The number 32 may have a connection to the Freemason…32nd degree. There are actually 33rd degree but it for the highest member only. The 32nd degree logo has the number 32 in a pyramid shape or triangle.

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