MUNICH: A Confused, Incoherent Attack With Possible Mossad Fingerprints…

Munich Shooting, 2016

The shopping mall shooting spree in Munich seems like the most confused, incoherent attack to date. The narrative has been confused too. And there are key, tell-tale details we should pay attention to.

For hours the news stations were saying the police were hunting 3 to 4 attackers; then at the end we were told it was only one guy – an 18 year-old Iranian/German teenager, who shot himself in the head.

Some news outlets, led by CNN, decided to report he had yelled “Allahu Akbar”, while others reported he was wearing Neo-Nazi style boots and targeting foreigners.

The hours of reports of “3 or 4 gunmen” being hunted by police and anti-terror forces is suggestive of what happened (but was covered up) in Orlando, where there was a whole team of FBI patsies, but only one of them went through with an attack.

There were early reports that the gunman in the shooting spree may have been targeting foreigners or immigrants. This attack, as was being noted, occurred on the date of the 5 year anniversary of the mass shooting in Norway in which Anders Breivik – a Far Right, Neo-Nazi with Masonic connections – massacred dozens of Norwegian teenagers (out of violent hatred for Norway’s multi-culturalism and immigration).

The alleged Munich shooter has now been identified as Iranian-German – which means he definitely wasn’t related to ISIS: yet much of the media, particularly in the US, continued to cover the story as though it was an ISIS attack.

Iranians don’t become ISIS sympathisers – they’re enemies.

Yet I was listening to the radio, and they continued talking for hours about ‘ISIS’ and ‘The Muslim Problem’, as if they were just too disappointed with the real story that was being reported from Munich.

I guarantee you that even now there are lots of people on social media and on websites trying to make out this was an ISIS attack or something to do with the migrants.

In terms of the ill-fitting ISIS/Iranian meme, something like that happened before, specifically in the Sydney Siege, where Iranian Mon Haroon Monis was supposed to have carried out the cafe hostage attack for ISIS and brandishing the ISIS black-flag. That distinctly odd character too was incoherent, made no sense and had no motive, bearing all the hallmarks of an intelligence agency stooge with mental problems. In that case, the planning was so bad that they didn’t even realise Iranians and ‘ISIS’ are a total mismatch.

The case of this Munich shooter appears to have the same problems.

The most bizarre part of the story is the footage recorded on a rooftop, in which the alleged killer is engaged in a shouting match with onlookers.

Someone on Reddit has translated all of the video from German to English. Read what the shooter was saying – it is incoherent, even bizarre, and sounds to me like someone who’s mind has been messed around with (re, MK-Ultra, Manchurian Candidate type ops; look up the Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis, for example).

He shouts “Ich bin Deutscher” (“I am German”) on the video as bystanders shouted at him from a nearby rooftop. In a very odd scene, he is shown arguing with bystanders, shouting things like “fucking Turks!” and “Fucking foreigners!”

The purported gunman talks about also medical treatment; translated by someone from German as having said “Was in psychological treatment…I didn’t do anything, shut up”. He also talks about having been bullied.

This could suggest someone simply with psychological problems, possibly from bullying (he also seems to reference having failed his exams and being on welfare); a kid who might’ve simply snapped and gone on a rampage, like a number of kids have been known to do (especially in America). This indeed seems to be the explanation Munich police are now putting out there.

On the other hand, again, it could also suggest a patsy who has been manipulated, brainwashed or subject to intense ‘control’ methods.

Watching that footage – and particularly noting the blurred, confused motivation (again, read the transcript) – he seems almost like someone who’s been so badly ‘programmed’ that he actually doesn’t know what he’s doing or why.

It could seem literally like he doesn’t know whether this is supposed to be an Islamist attack, a Far Right attack, or just Random Angry Teenager With a Gun: as if his ‘handlers’ were so shoddy or so unsure themselves what the narrative was supposed to be that they ended up imparting that same confused motive to him too.

What we can probably dismiss is the “Allahu Akbar” story. The ‘Allahu Akbar’ claim seems to be reported by some ‘eyewitness’ every time there’s an attack: it was the same claim made in the case of the Paris attacks, even though a particularly reputable eyewitness at the Bataclan had reported there had been no such words spoken. In this instance, the claim originated with CNN and not German sources.

So what was this?

It is entirely unclear. We’ll probably be told more in the next few days; though whether what we’re told is the truth is another matter.

While I generally try to avoid the Blame Israel game, there is a case certainly to be made this might’ve been a Mossad operation, and here’s why.

The last major ‘terror attack’ in Munich was the infamous massacre during the 1972 Munich Olympics. But that ‘Black September’ attack – allegedly by Palestinian terrorists against Israeli athletes – is held by many to have been a false-flag op carried out by Mossad.

This attack yesterday may have been both a false-flag terror attack to increase/continue instability and psy-op tension, but also a highly symbolic operation: in Munich again, and just shortly before the current Olympic Games begin.

What else? I noticed that both The Daily Mail and CNN reported that the mall where yesterday’s shootings occurred is, rather disingenuously, adjacent to the site of the 1972 Munich Olympics. The symbolism is a little too rich for my liking.

This possibility of this having been a Mossad psy-op is also touched on in this observation, via Jay’s Analysis: specifically that – by bizarre coincidence the same eyewitness happened to be on-site to film both the Nice truck attack and yesterday’s Munich attack on his phone. Tremendous ability to be in the right places at the right times.

The fellow in question, it seems, happens to also be married to a Mossad operative.

If it was a Mossad op, the Munich police and German security forces wouldn’t necessarily have been aware of it.

Also, if – as the authorities now say, there was only one suspect – then it is possible the other gunmen witnesses described were his handlers or possible Mossad agents.


On the other hand, this may have just been a disturbed, angry kid who decided to go on a shooting spree with a pistol – someone with genuine psychological problems.

It isn’t clear either why the media – based on multiple eyewitness reports – were saying for hours that there were multiple shooters.

Masked police in Munich after the McDonalds shooting, 2016 

But what is also worth noting some of the very careful language coming out of Munich: specifically that the authorities are reported to “believe” the 18 year old boy was the lone shooter and that they “believe” he took his own life. That actually isn’t certain – they say they ‘found him dead’ later on (after the city had been locked down for hours and people had been told to stay in their homes and an apparent hours-long search was conducted for multiple shooters).

It is *assumed* that he took his own life: but the media is mostly choosing to overlook the very cautious and deliberate language from Munich authorities, which leaves plenty of room for other interpretations – and which makes me wonder if they’re trying to leave subtle clues in their statements as to what was really going on.

If this was a false-flag op (and one that clearly didn’t go as it was supposed to), the likelihood is that German/Munich police, authorities and anti-terror personnel probably knew nothing about it and were reacting to it without any inside knowledge – which would account for the confused narratives and the ambiguity in official statements.

It is apparent, at any rate, that this boy had nothing to do with ‘ISIS’ or any Islamist terrorism, and that he cannot be linked either to the refugee crisis or the issues of migration or open borders.

S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. Thanks for reply… interesting perspective on the “ends”, since that is certainly happenning in US, and I would dare say that that a control and surveillance state is already already exists at a very developed stage in EU.

    Zepruder tag is relevent to the statement you wrote: “by bizarre coincidence the same eyewitness happened to be on-site to film both the Nice truck attack and yesterday’s Munich attack on his phone. Tremendous ability to be in the right places at the right times.”

    I would venture to add that in my Dealy Plaza readings it has always been difficult to accept that Abe’s fly on the wall presence and thorough filming of the events was purely coincidental. Particularly since he was so prominently positioned and since almost all the other plainly visible photographers and cinematographers had their cameras taken from them shortly aftewards. Later the Nix film shows all the media photographers who were too far back in the motorcade to know what was going on or what had happened, are all over the grassy areas methodically taking pictures of the people who witnessed the shooting event – seemingly to take a facial inventory of who was there.

    Incidently it was a young Gerardo who in the mid 70s publicly aired the Zepruder film for the first time… makes you wonder what his deep contacts may be.

    As for Germany being in the crosshairs, it seems Brexit was a deciding factor for Turkey to follow in Turxit, hence Erdogans apology and making up with Russia. On a separate note, also remember that it was B-bi who jumped on a plane as soon as Putin said he knew who had downed the Jet over Sinai. Alo ote that recent EU attacks have been very low budget and mainly disruptive and creating insecurity. They have not necessarily been random, but seem to be hitting travel routes (trains) and other places where most people would feel safe because of their remoteness from the large population centers, and the Catholic Chuch incident can only be intended to unleash a Crusade. So many small incidents in a short amount of time and all by suicidal or mentally unstable souls; both of which there is ample supply. Can this be escalation and steady smoke for something bigger?

    I agree with your conclusion on this posting that the B-men are possible perpetrators of this one. And maybe now deliberately working to further weaken the EU and keep the masses roaring at their leaders, but maybe also doing it to further destabilize the € and the US$ while at same time butressing Eurasian currency efforts down the road – i.e. silk road. I think Is-real may have traded sides and come to Papa Petin (like Recep has) instead of serving the West as in past.

    • Thanks, very interesting thoughts. In regard to Zapruder, I’ve never thought about it from this perspective before. Very interesting. I always just took it for granted that he was a rare, random guy with a video-recorded who just wanted to preserve the moment of Kennedy’s drive-by.
      The Catholic Church incident is very troubling: but this whole thing of Islam V Christianity is a nonsense. Muslims and Christians have lived in peace all over the Middle East for time immemorial. But now that you mention ‘Crusade’, I did actually hear Alex Jones a week or so ago suggest that we needed to launch “a new Crusade” into the Muslim world – which is pretty worrying.

      • Hey there… Zep comment had to do with the “coincidence” you cited of the same intelligence agent spouse being cameraman at 2 separate tragic events in two different countries.

        Having done a considerable amount of amateur research on the Dealy Plaza event where Abe Zepruder had a prominent camera vantage point, my final analysis is that it would be naive to conclude that Abe himself was coincidentally able to capture entire JFK assasination.

        The conclusion is based on the fact that most grassy area witnesses reported their cameras taken from them or film removed. The Nix film also shows press photographers running up to witnesses who are crouched in the lawn and methodically photographing them so as to create a photo inventory of witnesses.

        Bear in mind that the press team was riding in a bus at least 5 vehicles behind the JFK’s car and they had no way of knowing what had just transpired unless the had foreknowledge and a task order to photograph everyone present. The Algen photos (particularly A5) are also studio quality images that a photographer would never had take because they had no journalistic value of the Executive visit to Dallas, but would have incredible historic value of that day’s tragic event.

        Some not necesarily relevant trivia… I was able to visit D Plaza a few years back (incidentally on July 4th -streets were empty) and ran into an older local commuting to work on his bike and we chatted briefly. He said he clearly remembered the day and added that the JFK event put Dallas on the world map, since back then it was just a po’dunk town of 450K inhabitants and now it is a bustling metropolis.

        Back to Europe…. the request to destroy the City of Nice’s Orwellian street camera images are most purposely to remove the ubiquitous record of that day’s tragic events and all the high resolution images of operatives on the ground as we saw at the Boston event. Kudos to the city prosecutor for his refusal to do so.

        And mow back to coincidences… Speaking of names on the map: It was G Guevera who in the mid 70s showed the world the Zepruder film for the first time. In recent months G.G. is surrounded by his own cloud of coincidences and his own daughter’s being at the Boston incident aswell as, not 1, but 2 Paris tragic events on same day.

        Truth is stranger than fiction…

        • All very interesting. And truth certainly does appear stranger than fiction. The only thing I would still question in regard to Zapruder is what purpose it served, given that his footage served to undermine the official story – as it clearly showed Kennedy being struck from the front and not the back.
          Interestingly, however – and this may just be a myth – I’ve heard it suggested before that the purpose for the Zapruder film’s existence is to act as a ‘warning’ to all subsequent US Presidents of what can happen if you don’t cooperate with the Deep State.

  2. Tritely put – their end justifies the means: The “new” pattern of the “means” clearly seeming to be emerging as a patsy model where a “lone nut” is used to unleash the full brunt of a nation’s wrath – in both US and Europe.

    The element of symbolism to the 1972 Munich Events is mind boggling and the incident of same Zapruder filming at recent Nice and Munich attacks should are a huge red flag, but one likely to be ignored as was Geraldo Guevera daughter being at Boston Marathon attack and simultaneously at 2 Paris attack sites.

    These recent incidents differ from last year’s activities involving “on radar” cells, where the present trend is a “lone nut” as a catalyst to activate and weaponize other disgruntled immigrants. The tactics have also seemingly shifted towards unsuspecting and low security public settings.

    But that leaves the questions as to what are “the ends”? Are they just to spread hate and lump all non-caucasian European foreigners and Islams together as they divide, polarize and play the masses against each other. Or… is there a bigger geopolitical climax of events in store like further dismantling the ECC and/or the expansion of hostilities in the Middle East towards Persia.

    Movie: Arlington Road

    • Great observations.
      As for what ‘the ends’ are? Based on current readings of the situation, I feel like either (1) we’re being pushed towards a manufactured societal breakdown – ‘race wars’, tension, violence, etc, for the sake of that classic ‘NWO’ model, or (2) we’re seeing a kind of controlled transfer of power to the Far Right across Western nations – possibly with the existing governments bringing in mass surveilance and police-state powers for maximum social and political control… and then allowing a controlled transfer of power to Far Right governments, which will inherit those powers.
      These are theories I haven’t fully formulated yet; but have been mulling over for some months, and it was one of the reasons I was not pro-Brexit, even though I have a lot of problems with the EU.
      It is very suspicious to me that Germany has had four incidents in the passed week when it has had virtually none before that. It’s as if they’re slowly trying to destroy the Merkel era and allow a controlled shift to the Right. There is certainly a strong feeling that the EU itself is going to collapse in the coming years.
      Movie: Arlington Road is a terrific one.
      One thing – what did you mean with the ‘Zapruder’ reference?

  3. Was the comment about Turks supposed to hint at him being kurdish or possibly Armenian? Both have been outspoken lately in Germany. Duelling protests by kurds & turks since EU stepped into the ring to denounce everything turkey related. Armenians have been grateful for genocide vote with turkey pissed about it. This is 3rd event in recent weeks in Bavaria – building up to today or just trying to start trouble in Germany in general?? Many questions, few answers.

    So, what do you make of Turkish claims former US/NATO General John Campbell (ret.) was in on the Turkey failed coup??

    • Well, the consensus is that he was of Iranian descent, so I don’t know. They’re saying he was actually anti-immigrant and may even have been somewhat radicalised by the Far Right.
      In terms of Germany in general, I find it odd that everything has been fine for ever and then there’s four different ‘incidents’ in less than a week. If I was going to be suspicious, I would suggest Germany will end up going the French route of a ‘state of emergency’ and with increased police/security/military/surveillance powers.
      The claim about the former NATO General is something I heard today, but haven’t looked at. Do you think this claim is true?

      • Can’t be sure it’s true, but the last publicly known “person in charge” of US efforts to assist Syrian “rebels” was disgraced former US General John Allen. A few months ago reports came out in Arab media that Erik Prince had visited Turkey but nobody knew who he met there. If he had been meeting official Turkey it seems likely local media would have reported about it, yet they said nothing. If you follow the career paths of people in charge of Iraq/Afghanistan they all came up the same way starting with Patreaus. This latest General followed the same pattern in his career, so it seems possible he could have been involved. As all former CIA/intel agents say : “you never retire from CIA” .
        There is info that NBC was first to put out the story that Erdogan was seeking asylum in Germany when he was actually flying over Turkey the whole time. They credited “Senior US military source” . Since Monday, Turkish news Yeni Safak has reported that US General was actually spreading money for CIA through transfers from Nigerian bank to the Turkish officers involved.
        The details sent my mind back to 1980s Iran-Contra scandal.

        • Interesting. Well, that all makes sense; I don’t know. Funny, that tactic of trying to pretend the ‘leader’ has fled when he hasn’t – was also used in Libya, where William Hague tried to tell everyone Gaddafi was in Venezuela.

  4. ­Usual balanced but bold analysis. Not commenting on the specifics of your layout, have a couple more general things to add; Those truth-exposing communicators, who’ve covered historical false-flags for what they evidently Gladio-like demonstrate – seem to be making a strategic decisions, to go-along with some of the overall purposes of suspected-perpetrator’s intentions. Have ‘us’ blame Islam based immigration and/or the need to address the spread of this terrorist curse-like unstoppable.

    Maybe ‘go along’ is too harsh but in view of what might be inconclusive to the extent; outside hands, claims/fake mental ill-health and possibly fictional ID’s etc – not investigate ‘how’ but jump on and proclaim a more mainstream looks and why? Perhaps considering it ‘may as well be Isis’ and the need stem the perceived Islamic takeover, is worth the cost, over more rigorous credibility. Serves to draw in a more moderate crowd to Truther-led concerns without… (hey, let’s misuse… ok, re-appropriate a Bible verse) …And, ‘accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarrelling over disputable matters’.

    What ‘others’ write and say? So what-ish (?) – but now with ‘Munich’ and another/less common narrative to tarnish anti-immigration sentiment, perhaps we’ll see the; Divide all and conquer all tactic, more clearly, for what it is? Or better-said, already know, but more readily admit this series of two puppets/two hands operations.

    The other layer is intended disruption among the last living, breathing, true-journalism over; No -or- some, physical, causalities? This need to get as many as possible, concluding, incorrect-sides. As evidence leaks out, their awkwardness, if misjudgement, discouraging continued speaking-out. Voices who want to shout “stupid if you don’t…” – either side – fair enough but particularly ‘Nice’ seems constructed, whatever the ‘reality’, to cause this damage.

    As I’m typing, receive a notification of the chuffed honour, that Paul Craig Roberts has retweeted something I added to links of his. For a moment thought it was another of his articles, relief-bringing, in bridging ground, as with your articles. Paul continues to investigate and refuses to necessarily finally move-on. The pace of these incidents occurring, could diminish their relevance, to re-consider? Perhaps it’s c/o comment sections but encourage your reports-back when significant updates are necessary.

    Hidden-ish hands behind the ‘bedlam’ exposed here are intent on owning history. From ancient days, not only see themselves, the-stream through it but want to revise this in our minds and reinterpret artefacts. False-flag history is about their unfolding (aka apocalypse) of confusion and conquer, to disrupt and dissuade a deeper understanding among the wider-public’s concerns. As time and again is written, how 1984.

    • Great observations, as usual, Mark – and with the usual poetic flourish. I do think that we’re going beyond standard ‘divide and conquer’ now and into a kind of ‘startle and confuse’ strategy now too, with very blurred narratives to make understanding very difficult.

  5. You hit the nail on the head with this article! Just as the Dallas sniper(s) attack was meant to evoke the JFK assassination (thanks to the police chief trotting out the peculiar word “triangulation” in a press conference the night of), this Munich attack was meant to resuscitate the fear of the 1972 Munich incident.

    I don’t know about the Mossad angle, but I did learn this. Mossad chief Zvi Zamir was in Munich in 1972 when that incident happened. Why? To protect the Israeli athletes? So much for succeeding at the one plausible mission.

    Again, great work!


    • Thanks Paul. Wow, Dallas/JFK – I hadn’t even made that connection, but now you say it it seems obvious. And I hadn’t noticed the ‘triangulation’ reference either.

      • The police chief felt compelled to use the word “triangulation” in his press conference the night of the Dallas shooting. This was a press conference with the mayor. The chief was adamant that multiple snipers had killed the officers in question by means of “triangulation”: from different vantage points. I saw this live on Fox News (not my favorite station…to say the least).

        The chief also seemed certain that the three people in custody were involved. This was one woman and two men in a Mercedes with “camouflaged bags”. He made several references to these bags.

        My guess is they contained collapsible sniper rifles. Likewise, I wouldn’t doubt that these government agents next struck in Baton Rouge.

        Was the police chief trying to get ahead of the story knowing that these agents would be able to flash intel IDs and walk?

        Most likely cover story: “we were tracking this guy (Micah Johnson) and we just missed taking him out. Sorry.”

        The chief’s statement made use of “triangulation” at least once and “camouflaged bags” multiple times. This was all before Johnson was blown up by a robot (if that happened at all).

        Then, of course, the three suspects + active shooter became a lone gunman narrative.


        • Interesting. I – thankfully – don’t get Fox News where I am, so I didn’t see any of that. Very curious that they would use that word in Dallas then. And again, this situation of ‘multiple shooters’ diminishing to just a lone gunman in the final write-up.
          It’s curious also that both the Dallas and Baton Rouge suspects were Iraq War vets – which makes me wonder about conditioning and Manchurian Candidate type ops.

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