BURNING BLOGGER Launch Podcast: Censorship & the Alternative Media (with Crimes of Empire & Truthscoop)…

Welcome all. The new site is finally here. And we launch with the first new podcast.

To mark the launch of https://burningblogger.com – and two years after the Burning Blogger of Bedlam was de-platformed during the censorship purge of early 2019 – I am joined by James from the superb Crimes of Empire and the mercurial Mark from Truthscoop to talk about censorship, free speech, and the state of both journalism and the ‘conspiracy’-related content realm.

 Burning Blogger Launch Party Poster 

The first part of the podcast is discussing the new website, as well as tackling WHY the old site was taken down by the censors. We then discuss the sorry state of the ‘alternative media’ realm at present, Mark’s back to basics philosophy, and whether ‘Q Anon’ is in fact the Charles Manson of ‘conspiracy’-related media.

We finish on a discussion of identity politics and how it is being used to divide-and-conquer all ‘anti-establishment’ momentum. And James’s notions of a country called ‘Amazonia’.

Thank you for coming here to see the new site launch. And thanks to everyone for their support over the last couple of years.


S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. Thank, You… for the interest: Gives me, ‘reason to believe’.

    Yet, to plunge-in and hear the podcast. Concerned and reticent to hear, and cringe at m’yapping? Drill (music) is a blast eh. Appreciate your feedback. Intend to (truth) ‘scoop’ off-the-back of the fresh wave and sounds, out of UK’s ‘Social Housing’.

    Nic Hughes would be the fella I spoke about, a graphic designer, and influence upon me. One memory from the Podcast was a note to fix, what I said; “Nic, was part of ‘Moot'” but the name of the ‘crowd/crew/church/community’ was, in fact; ‘Vaux’. In 2012 Nic died. His influence over our brief friendship and assistance in my endeavours; seared my sensibilities.

    Well-impressed, Mumra2K, with your passion. Looking out for your insights and thoughts in further comments. Thanks.

  2. Great podcast! Really liked that outro jingle, very “gumshoe”.
    8:35 Don’t all news media cut speeches off for brevity (and framing), and thus if viewers want a full unedited version of any political speech they can turn to outlets such as; CSPAN or the Parliamentary Channel?

    13:31 How to prevent censorship takedown in the future. GREAT question.

    15:24 UK Drill Rap, I hope. Looking forward to when this drops, mate!

    17:21 Only 2 weeks?!! Indeed a miracle!

    18:39 As though you never left but also look different? Hmmmm…

    23:52 So that’s why you split your work into two separate sites?

    25:07 fully agree. Heaven forbid you have other interests and opinions, right?

    34:36 Nick Hughes? This a guy who works at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Oxford?

    36:33 You’ve got a WordPress site like tBB? I’ll look in the description and check that out!

    1:10:00 Yeah, that was back in 2000 still, some months ago. Looking forward to what you put out next.

    • Thanks for listening. I hope James and Mark see your comment too. On 15.24 – yeah, you’ve got to go over to Truthscoop.net for the drill stuff: way over my head.

      8.35: On Trump being cut off. He was making a very significant speech on election night: I just don’t think its right to cut off the President of the United States at that point. Even if you want to refute him, you at least let him make the point first. That’s my view.

      On the podcast ‘outro’ – I literally just pulled the last moment from the classic Pink Panther theme tune 🙂 For some reason, I thought that soundbyte would be perfect.

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