Win a Free Ticket to PEARL JAM in London on June 29th…!

pearl jam stickman

Yeah, seriously. 

And you don’t even have to ‘win’ the ticket, actually – it’s simply available to anyone who wants it
Pearl Jam are playing the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on Saturday June 29th.
I have an extra ticket. So if you’re a PJ fan or you just fancy a decent night out, please get in touch ASAP.

I don’t even want money for it, really – unless you feel honour-bound to pay something, that is.
Really, I just want someone to make use of this spare ticket and have a great night.
I bought two seats, assuming it would be easy to find a friend who wanted to go. Unfortunately, everyone I had in mind is either not in the country, generally unavailable, or already has a ticket.
So this is up for grabs.
If no one takes up the offer in the next few days, I’ll just try selling it on: but I’d prefer to treat someone to a special, memorable event.
I’ve seen PJ twice before – back in 2000 at Wembley and then ten years ago in Milton Keynes – and it’s always a superb night.
So, again, if anyone’s interested, get in touch ASAP.
You just need to be in London – or able to get to London – on the 29th: and we can arrange to meet up, maybe have a drink 🍷, and then go to the stadium.
It’s also a good chance to hang out: you know, for anyone who wants to meet me in person and shoot the shit.
I’m even happy to make a day of it and meet up earlier in the afternoon – if anyone wants to bend my ear about false flags, ‘plandemics’, or whatever the fuck else people like us chat about when we get together.
I mean, if you want to chat about X-Men comics, I can do three hours on that alone.
Anyway, get in touch as soon as you can if you’re interested. 
I really need to know by mid-week at the latest.
Needless to say too, these tickets are pretty valuable – you only have to peruse the online forums to see how much complaining and criticism there’s been about ticket prices, especially concerning an artist that once famously took on the corporations in order to keep prices low for fans.
But let’s not go into all of that here. And again, I’m not really bothered about the money – just about having a good time and treating someone else to a good time too.
So get in touch to secure your place today!
Oh, also Richard Ashcroft is the support act.
So if any of you are fans of Richard Ashcroft or The Verve, that’s another reason you might want to come to this.
To be realistic, I’m probably going to go with the first person who responds. So keep that in mind.
Either leave a comment below, expressing your interest: or, probably better, message me via the Contact page.
That is all.
And here’s an embed of one of the greatest music videos ever made: just to get you going.


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  1. Hey, I just seen this, do you still have the ticket for PJ? I’ll be glad to come!

    • Really sorry for this late response, dude. But as you probably know, the show was sadly cancelled. Thanks for getting in touch though.

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