NATO Moves Against Russia, Beheadings in Ukraine & the Re-Writing of World War II…

Ukrainian Army in Donbass, Ukraine

The recent Holocaust Memorial events, centered around the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz‘s liberation, brought back to public attention the crimes, climate and horrors that unfolded in Nazi Europe: a climate that we are unfortunately seeing a major resurgence of in the 21st century and manifesting in various ways.

Unfortunately, the occasion was also used by various parties for point-scoring and propaganda, as would predictably be the case. Some used the occasion to continue the orchestrated international campaign against Vladimir Putin and Russia.

The Kremlin accused Poland of engaging in anti-Russian “hysteria” after Polish Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna credited Ukrainian soldiers, rather than the Soviet army, with liberating Auschwitz.

This was a particularly distasteful act of pro-Ukrainian propaganda at an occasion that was supposed to be about commemorating the dead. The campaign being discernably waged against Russia gets more and more deplorable with each passing week. Putin not being invited to the memorial event in Poland was particularly neglectful, given who it was that liberated Auschwitz.

In the interests of historical context, it’s worth pointing out that there were a lot of Polish Nazi collaborators in World War II who aided the implementation of the Final Solution, while Ukrainians of the time are regarded as being some of Nazi Germany’s most willing and enthusiastic collaborators. There are indications, for example, that the Ukrainian auxiliary police was used in the round-up of Jews for the Babi Yar massacre and in other Ukrainian cities and towns, such as Stepan, Lviv, Lutsk and Zhytomyr. Which makes the Polish Foreign Minister’s statements all the more distasteful.

Ukraine was then (and still is now, by all accounts) one of the most racist, intolerant societies in Europe. Ukrainian nationalists – the guys the Western governments are currently directly supporting – can today be seen roaming around with Nazi swastika flags and making Nazi salutes; which renders the Polish minister’s statements even more disgusting.

 Nazi Militia in Ukraine 

The campaign being used to vilify Russia, along with the volume of lies being told and the arming and supporting of Nazi Ukrainian militias, is so immoral that I don’t know how corporate-media broadcasters can sleep at night. The fact that part of that propaganda campaign now included, in the Polish foreign minister’s case, attempting to actually re-write history isn’t even that surprising anymore. “The Russian people carried the lion’s share of the fight with fascism on their shoulders – 70% of all the Red Army fighters and officers were Russians,” Mr Putin said in response, and also paid tribute to more than half a million Jews who had fought in the Red Army and made a “huge contribution to the victory against the enemy”.

Not formally invited to the Auschwitz event, Putin instead attended an event marking Holocaust Memorial Day at Moscow’s Jewish Museum.

Meanwhile the international manoeuvring against Putin and Russia and the manoeuvring towards a dangerous escalation of conflict in Eastern Europe has picked up momentum in recent days.

NATO declared on Thursday it will set up six new command posts on its eastern borders, creating a 5,000-strong “rapid reaction force” in an effort to show solidarity in the face of what the it calls ‘Russian aggression in Ukraine’. Elements of the new force will be able to deploy to any flash-point within 48-hours notice, with the rest being able to move within a week, much faster than current NATO response times. It will reportedly be supported by air and sea forces as well as special-operations units and two more land-brigades on standby in the event of a major crisis.

Altogether this move envisions 30,000 NATO troops being assigned to reinforce NATO’s eastern defenses. This is combined with the new line being proposed by Washington, just today the talk officially turning to “arming Ukraine”, with Joe Biden having been sent to the area to discuss the matter.

All of this of course assumes that Ukraine wasn’t being armed already by US or NATO sources; but even assuming it *wasn’t* already going on, this open talk of providing arms (along with the “rapid-reaction force” maneuver by NATO) is clearly designed to overtly provoke and threaten Vladimir Putin and Russia. If you only followed the corporate news coverage of this situation, you would be fooled into thinking that the US and NATO have simply been responding to the Ukraine crisis, coming to the aid of the Ukrainian agenda in an hour of need; however, the U.S. State Department is said to have spent more than $5 billion dollars in enticing Ukraine towards the West and provoking this orchestrated conflict with Putin.

This contrived programme by Washington to bring about this crisis and back Putin and Russia into a corner is effectively explained by, among others, Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal, for example in this piece from the Global Research site. In the piece, Mr Roberts talks about that term “Russian Aggression” that keeps getting repeated again and again by politicians or in news coverage, even though there hasn’t actually *been* any “Russian Aggression”. ‘Repeat it enough and it becomes real’, Mr Roberts notes. ‘The existence of “Russian aggression” is assumed, not demonstrated’.

The concerted operation to cast Putin and Russia in the renewed role of the global Bond villain has been so farcical at times that you’d almost think you were watching a spoof mockumentary. David Cameron, for example, comparing Putin to Hitler last year was a pitifully juvenile attempt at inviting a paradigm-shift in popular perception of Russia; we’ve seen this kind of campaign before, however, in the way the French, NATO and the US put on their grand production of ‘Colonel Gaddafi, the Mad Tyrant Killing His Own People’ in 2011; and then proceeded to bomb the country into the stone age and facilitate an illegal and brutal assassination.

 Muammar Gaddafi and Vladimir Putin 

Washington has used Ukraine to create renewed Cold War style vilification of Russia both in Europe and in the United States, while effectively damaging European-Russian relations politically and economically; the benefit of this new ‘Cold War’ paradigm is, just like the orchestrated ‘War on Terror’, to ensure the profit-making capabilities and survival of the American military-industrial complex.

A dot-connecter might also look at the militarisation occurring in France and Belgium, particularly the armed soldiers now defending NATO and UN locations, and wonder if it has anything to do with ISIL or terrorists at all or whether it’s really more to do with what’s going on in Ukraine and what it might soon lead to.

There are in fact more than 30 pro-nationalist, volunteer battalions operating in the territory and answerable to no one – among them, Aidar, Ukraina, DND Metinvest and Kiev 1 – and they are all said to be funded by private investors.

 Nazi militia in Ukraine 

Why does that sound familiar? Oh yes – Syria. And Libya. Norwegian channel TV2 has exposed telling footage of the ‘Azov battalion’ flying flags with the symbols of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi party, ‘Patriot of Ukraine’. This might be shocking to some, but evidence of this association and of the nature of the Ukrainian nationalist operatives has been around for some time already (though entirely ignored by the mainstream media). Far-Right Ukrainian nationalists were known to be committing war crimes in the rebel-held areas of Eastern Ukraine; this according to an Amnesty International report, with evidence having emerged last year in local media of the volunteer militias beheading (yes, beheading) their victims.

Kiev-based news network Pravilnoe TV reported that it had spoken with a mother of one of the victims who confirmed that her son was a pro-Russian rebel, captured during fighting in Donetsk. She claims to have received her son’s severed head in a wooden box in the post and she is blaming Ukrainian nationalist volunteers for the extraordinarily barbaric act.

We’re not talking about ISIS, just to clarify – but Ukraine.

In plain terms, the US and NATO may have been funding, supporting and praising war crimes in Ukraine, while the establishment and the establishment-controlled media has consistently and entirely failed to reveal the fascistic nature of the Ukrainian nationalists; and all this for a situation that a number of commentators have noted could, in a worst case scenario, lead to a nuclear war.

Let’s cut the crap and be honest about this now: as virtually everyone conducting independent research has testified, what we are seeing in the Ukraine is in fact the same proxy-war strategy we were seeing in Libya and then in Syria. Ukrainian white-supremacist fascists, just like the Islamist fascists of ISIL, have been covertly funded and empowered by Western/NATO sources in order to use the Ukraine against Russia and Putin. In 2011, Al-Qaeda operatives and various mercenary or criminal brigades were used by the same sources in the same way in Libya in order to bring down Muammar Gaddafi and turn Libya into an Al-Qaeda/extremist stronghold. In that same year, the exact same strategy was unleashed on Syria in order to topple Bashar Assad and turn Syria into an extremist haven.

 Libyan rebels fighting against Gaddafi, 2011 

The inferred warning to draw from this distinctly bleak modern-history lesson is this: that the murderous, immoral brand of terrorists that was unleashed in Syria and then let loose in Iraq might well soon be joined by a European equivalent beginning in the Ukraine. The only difference is that these guys aren’t Islamic, but will be Nazis/fascists and white-supremacists. What we have to bear in mind is that the psychopaths who make up Islamic State militias aren’t primarily Syrian or Iraqi, but are *foreign invaders* from all over the world – from France, Britain, the US, Australia, Pakistan, and several other countries. Many of these are almost like chess-piece terrorists moved about from place to place. A great many of them travelled over to Syria from Libya once they’d accomplished the bloody fall of that nation; in fact, scores of them had initially been sent *into* Libya from other locations to participate in the downfall of Gaddafi.

The more you look at the Ukraine situation, the more you are forced to wonder if an equivalent brand of European terrorists and thugs is being developed in this conflict, who might then be spread into other locations.

In this growing climate of inter-cultural breakdown and resurgent Far-Right support in various places, along with the rise in Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, the worst-case-scenario prospects for where that combination of factors could lead are horrific.

What makes this modern Nazism all the more unsettling is that the recent Holocaust Memorial and the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation occured in its shadow, acting as a timely reminder and warning of how badly things could potentially go in the present.

S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. Only just recently stumbled upon this blog but so glad I did…its helping me join up all the dots and the bigger picture is becoming much clearer…thank you.

    As you say it does not bode well that the troubles in Ukraine have given rise to neo-nazi/fascist elements which are being conveniently ignored by the MSM and western governments. I suspect the Ukrainian leaders (Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk) are a little too far right (for my liking) but that doesn’t seem to bother those that put them there. But with the recent refugee crisis in Europe it makes sense why they rose to power. Not everyone is Europe is happy with so many refugees and the MSM are trying to scare us with the possibility of islamist terrorist infiltrating the refugees coming to Europe. This whole situation reeks to me of Problem, Reaction, Solution. How long before everyday Europeans are turning to the far right to provide the Solution to the refugees and the middle east.

    I’ll admit its a headache trying to keep up with everything – Ukraine and Syria seem to be on some kind of see-saw for the MSM with Russia on the pivot point between the two. Thankfully I am now aware of the everyday propaganda of the MSM and so always balance whatever they say with alternative media outlets such are yours.

    • Thanks TrinKat, that’s a very kind sentiment. I think you’re basically spot-on about problem, reaction, solution too. I have to admit also that I’m extremely worried about the rise of Far-Right groups in Europe and not just in Ukraine; especially in relation to the refugee crisis. I fear it could end up with some horrible scenarios in the future.

  2. Yes … I was astonished that Putin wasn’t invited … let’s face it the US only joined WW2 to stop the Soviets from overrunning the whole of Western Europe, which by 1944 they were quite capable of doing and they also knew how to do it unlike our recent forays into war!

    • The Soviets lost something like 20 million men to World War II – far more than the UK or US. To try to trivialise or downplay that contribution is pretty sick, right?

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