The Moscow Concert Hall Attack Was Staged…

Moscow Concert Hall Attack False Flag

A brief one here. 

But yes, it looks like the terror attack in Moscow was probably a false flag organised by Russians themselves.
I did posit that likelihood already in my immediate post on the matter, in particular citing the example of the Moscow theater siege from 2003 – a false flag seemingly engineered by the FSB and blamed on Chechens.
But I wasn’t definitive about it in the initial post, and was considering all the different possibilities and available evidence.

Thanks to James from Crimes of Empire, who shared this online video analysis with us: which seems to definitively expose the staged nature of the attack.
I won’t reproduce all the details here, as you can just go to the link and look at the analysis there, drawing your own conclusions.
The telltale analysis is of footage published by Zvezda, a TV network run by the Russian Ministry of Defense.
As an example of  the evident falseness of the scenario, the author notes that ‘more than 15 seconds of near-continuous gunfire, a glass door has been shattered, a group of people are huddled behind a pillar directly in front of them, and these guys look bored. Just look at their body language. Look at them! Are they at a corporate Christmas party or a mass shooting?…’
Yeah, this starting to look about as convincing as something like the Brussels airport attack back in 2015.
Anyway, so no, not an attack from Ukraine. 
And not apparently an ISIS attack either.
Which still leaves questions: such as why US and Western officials were so eager to classify this as an ‘ISIS K’ operation with such immediacy.
Or such as why the US happened to issue those apparent warnings of an imminent terror incident: only for an apparent Russian false flag event to then unfold.
Maybe Russian intelligence was taking advantage of the climate of expectation that was created?
There’s still also the question of who the alleged perpetrators – who were subsequently paraded in front of cameras by the Russian authorities – thought they were working for or what exactly they thought they were doing.
This is assuming these guys are who or what the Kremlin says they are.
The report that these individuals were drugged up at the time could suggest they were simple patsies or puppets with limited agency.
As ever, things are usually not what they seem.
And apparently there’s nothing new under the sun.
This site’s entire archive false flag incidents can be explored here.

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