UKRAINE: Neo-Nazi Mercenaries & the Mass Media Fakery…

Nazi Militia in Ukraine

The stench of media and government deception and stage-management in regard to the Eastern Ukraine crisis is growing stronger every week.

I’m no Russia apologist, by the way: but this distorted paradigm the media is maintaining has gotten tedious very quickly.

Ukraine’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has even admitted to the presence of foreign mercenaries in ‘volunteer battalions’ that have been taking part in the military operations in eastern Ukraine. Last July the Russian Foreign Ministry demanded that Sweden, Finland, the Baltic states and France conduct a thorough investigation into alleged participation by mercenaries from these countries in hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

The ministry said this while commenting on a story in the Italian publication Il Giornale that said mercenaries took part in a military operation as part of the so-called ‘Azov battalion’ in eastern Ukraine, its activity financed and led by tycoon Ihor Kolomoisky.

This is all simply a copy-and-paste of the proxy war waged on Syria, albeit in Europe and minus the Islamic element.

Yet no one in the mainstream news is going to talk about this of course, just as no one was willing to address the flow of Al-Qaeda mercenaries into Libya to overthrow Gadaffi or the transferal of terrorists, jihadists and arms into Syria to overthrow Assad. And so the NATO maneuvering against Russia continues unabated, regardless of the recent ‘ceasefire’ brought about by EU/Russian negotiation.

Hey, here’s a fun game: have a look at these two pictures above and try to guess which one is ISIS in Syria and Iraq and which is of mercenaries in Ukraine…

 Nazi militia in Ukraine


Done? Ok, so you probably figured out which is which, but it took a few moments, didn’t it?

While the corporate, mainstream media continues to repeat the ‘Russian aggression’ mantra and run with its own contrived, scripted narrative day after day, it continues to be all-too-evident from alternative news sources and independent research that the corporate media is essentially running a fake story over many months; just as it did in Libya.

Let us all bear in mind that the foreign support of terrorists and mercenaries in Libya and Syria directly resulted in the creation of ISIS in Syria, Iraq and now elsewhere (and that the foreign-backed terrorist takeover of Libya directly resulted in the transfer of arms to Boko Haram in Nigeria and Chad, terrorism in Mali and elsewhere). The NATO-backed mercenaries in Ukraine may well be poised, eventually, to have a similar knock-on effect in European nations; a possibility, a danger, I covered in this recent post.

This is all tried-and-tested strategy, but it is so obvious by now that those orchestrating the conspiracies can’t even be bothered to cover them up properly anymore.

Beheadings in Iraq and Syria? You know there were beheadings in Ukraine too, right?

Meanwhile a German TV channel was caught airing fake Russian tank pictures in a ploy to ‘prove’ Russian incursions into eastern Ukraine. But of course we shouldn’t be surprised, given false satellite imagery already repeatedly being cited as ‘proof’ of Russia’s ‘aggression’, along the likelihood that the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 last year was a false-flag operation designed to be blamed on Russia and thus cause international outrage.

The most laughable – some may say the most desperate of all – was the almost pitiful sight of Ukraine’s Prime Minister Poroshenko holding up a handful of Russian passports and citing it a proof that Russian operatives had been caught operating in eastern Ukraine. Look, look, he seems to say, we have their passports! It’s as if he isn’t aware that the conveniently brandished passport is widely perceived as the No.1 calling-card of the fake, staged operation.

It’s almost become farcical, like a conspiracy that’s been outsourced to a combination of Monty Python and Team America.



As far as the false ‘evidences’ go, it all has its basis in international history both recent and further back in time. Our governments concocted false evidence of Saddam Hussein’s non-existent threat to the West and used it to invade, destabilise and essentially annihilate Iraqi society. The mainstream, corporate media then did its best to propagate the fake story of how Muammar Gaddafi was killing his own people; a story that Amnesty International investigated and said it found no evidence to support. In spite of this, NATO went ahead with its ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Libya (‘humanitarian intervention’ is, of course, a euphemism for destroying a country’s infrastructure, bombing it into the stone age and assassinating its leader), while even *now* the corporate media continues to portray Bashar Assad as a tyrant whose war in Syria is somehow unjustified, despite the wealth of evidence proving that his country was deliberately flooded with foreign-funded terrorists and mercenaries.

The ability of the establishment and its mass media outlets to conduct convincing false narratives has diminished so badly (look at how quickly the debunking of the official 9/11 narrative came about) that it can barely be bothered to do it properly anymore.

Instead of excessive denial, what we now get instead are governments and institutions who’ve been caught out but will simply go ahead and do what they want to do anyway: because they’re that powerful and because they’ve been getting away with such operations for so long now.

That narrative constantly includes the knowing broadcast of false info provided by state or intelligence sources. In regard to Russia, this strategy was more or less admitted in this Wall Street Journal article in which David Kramer declares, ‘NATO and the U.S. need to release publicly much more evidence about the Russian forces who are inside Ukraine and attacking it from outside. The failure to provide hard evidence allows Russian officials to deny their presence and prompts journalists, in their misguided pursuit of “balance,” to cite Russian denials.’

For ‘much more evidence’, we can read between the lines and infer that it doesn’t matter whether the ‘evidence’ is real or falsified, just as it didn’t matter in the build-up to the illegal Iraq War and the demonstrably false information that was used to justify it.

Of course independent journalists, on-line platforms and alternative news sources have been refuting the mainstream version of events in Ukraine since the very beginning; it is evident too that even people living in eastern Ukraine – those who suffer the most through this entire, drawn-out conflict – aren’t all convinced by that narrative either. This story, brought to my attention by Alexandra Bruce for FKTV, exposes a rally organised by the Kiev military to convince locals to submit to mobilisation. It isn’t the first instance of attempted forced conscription, and it didn’t go according to plan.

In a town near Odessa, on February 9th, hundreds of angry locals surrounded the soldiers, took away their rifles and burnt the conscription papers.

The video, now gone viral, of a Kiev Military Recruiter being cut to size by a local East-Ukrainian woman from the Zaporozhia Region is rather special and demonstrates clearly not even all of the Ukrainian people are falling for the propaganda programme. “We’re tired of listening to poison on TV!,” the woman says angrily. “How much longer should we endure those propaganda lies? Do you think we’re all idiots here?! You think people are sheep, you can lie to us and scare us and we’ll do what we’re told?”

“Look at Donetsk and what’s going on there,” she continues. “The poor people are hiding in cellars, hungry – and Russia sends them humanitarian aid! Did Kiev send them any food?! Did it send them anything at all?! They’re sitting there, without electricity, heating or food. Why are they suffering? What for?! You are saying Crimea was taken by force? It left without a single shot fired! It’s Russian land and they took it back! Donetsk and Lugansk did not want to obey your junta, which usurped power illegally!”

Of course the problem is that no matter how many people all across the board are aware of the illegitimacy of the corporate media/government narratives, recent history demonstrates that the agendas, whatever they are, may well go ahead regardless of mass objection or exposure.

S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. I love the “Russian passports”. You can just imagine Russian soldiers illegally sneaking into Ukraine to fight and bringing their passports along. As long as people are stupid enough to fall for this type of nonsense, our criminal governments will be able to get away with the crimes around the world.

  2. NP, reblogging is fine, there’s no issue 🙂 It’s a compliment when I get reblogged and I appreciate you doing it the way you’ve done. What’s a problem is when someone reposts your material but doesn’t credit you or include a link back to your site, which is what this guy did: http://www.munroemeandthebook.co.uk/?p=3487 – he took my content and presented it as his own, with no link back to the original. That’s highly unethical.

    Your reblog on the other hand is perfect and I appreciate it 🙂

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  5. Fantastic piece…

    “It’s almost become farcical, like a conspiracy that’s been outsourced to a combination of Monty Python and Team America.” True, so true! (I mean, everybody knows that when ‘operatives’ from one country cross a boarder to do clandestine missions against another nation, they always carry passports with them, right!?) 😉

    I am seriously tempted to reblog this article, it’s on the money. Hope that’s ok. You’re a good writer, you parse these things out in a way that people can understand. I admit I have a hard time summoning the patience these days to write such things without just going off on some quasi-psychotic rant as to how STUPID it is that suddenly, almost overnight, all the “terrorists” in the world simultaneously started wearing ski masks as if they were part of “C.O.B.R.A.” or something. (I believe Hamas is now doing it too, ever since Israel began their raid of Gaza last year…)

    • Thanks man. And sure, reblog away, it’s all good. I take your point about Hamas wearing the masks now too, I’ve noticed that. I guess it’s the ‘in thing’ these days. By the way, you *should* just go off on some quasi psychotic rant! That sounds like it would be great to read 🙂 Or maybe save that for when we do a podcast some time soon 😉

      • Absolutely. which reminds me, we should probably figure out what kind of schedules/time zones we’re having to work around for that. I’ll email you soon and we’ll start making it happen.

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