Gaddafi’s Warning: The Migrant Crisis & the Mediterranean “Sea of Chaos”…

The tragic deaths of hundreds of people by drowning in recent days, all risking their lives to reach Europe via Libya, is just the latest in a long line of tragic effects and human costs to the illegal NATO-led ‘intervention’ in Libya in 2011.

The morally bankrupt plot led by the likes of Hilary Clinton, Nicolas Sarkosy, David Cameron, and other political leaders, to murder Muammar Gaddafi, help Al-Qaeda run amok, destroy Libya’s infrastructure and steal the country’s vast resources not only directly killed over 30,000 innocent civilians, but it destabilised the country, created endless civil war and a massive, ongoing humanitarian crisis that is now spilling into Europe via the Mediterranean.

The numbers of those perishing at sea (see here and here) are becoming horrific.

These hundreds of people now frequently drowning at sea while trying to reach European shores are a direct consequence of that banker-led ‘intervention’ by Western powers; as European leaders now finally gather to ‘discuss’ the crisis, one thing none of them is going to admit is how immoral and how illegal their actions in 2011 were and how all of this now happening is directly their fault.

But Muammar Gaddafi specifically warned that this would happen. Before ‪‎NATO‬ and ‪‎Al-Qaeda‬ murdered him, ‪Gaddafi‬ warned that the Mediterranean would become “a sea of chaos” if ‪Libya‬ was destabilised.

 Muammar Gaddafi 

He said that migrants would flood through Libya into Europe and he was correct. He said that weapons would flow out of Libya and into other countries via terrorists and he was correct. He said jihadists and terrorists would use the fallen Libya as a transit-point for expanding terrorist operations and he was correct (Boko Haram, for example, didn’t exist in Africa until after all the stolen weapons started flowing out of Libya). He said the Western/NATO powers would wreck the country and that they didn’t care about the Libyan people: he was correct – the NATO/Western powers who devastated Libya and toppled its government then turned their back on the country once Gaddafi was dead and allowed it to spiral into over four years of civil war.

Libya, which under Gaddafi was the most prosperous country in Africa, is now fought over continuously by rival warlords, Al-Qaeda battalions, corrupt and incompetent rival ‘governments’ and vast gangs of armed criminals – all armed, supported and brought to life by the US, the UK, France and NATO.

And now the scores of innocent people dying in the Mediterranean waters can be added to the ever-growing list of casualties.

At least 1,500 are said to have died just in 2015 so far. Pope Francis, a consistent advocate for greater Europe-wide participation in rescue efforts, reiterated his call for action, reminding us of these “men and women like us – our brothers seeking a better life, starving, persecuted, wounded, exploited, victims of war.” The International Organisation for Migration in Italy estimates that up to 3,072 migrants died in the Mediterranean in 2014, compared with an estimate of 700 in 2013. Worse, The Guardian reports that a record number of asylum seekers are expected to risk the same journey throughout this year and that many more will die doing so. These aren’t isolated tragedies; they’re going to keep happening.

There’s another element to this tragic crisis now too, which is noticeably not being referred to in the rising media coverage. This story from some months ago was already reporting that the Islamic State group was ‘plotting to flood Europe with half a MILLION Libyan migrants as a “psychological weapon” against the West’, adding that ‘the terror group is vowing to send hundred of boats filled with some 500,000 migrants from the war-torn north African country, transcripts of intercepted telephone conversations have revealed.’

Of course, ISIS/ISIL was only first reported to be in Libya a few months ago, specifically when they allegedly executed a number of Egyptian Coptic Christians. Libya, the poor country that Gaddafi turned into a virtual Utopia until the Western governments destroyed it, is now awash with terrorists, armed criminals and extremist jihadists. But after NATO and the Western governments installed Al-Qaeda into the country in 2011, it’s hardly surprising that the ISIS/ISIL brand is now able to operate there too, and in fact one of the senior Al-Qaeda commanders backed by NATO in 2011 has already switched sides to join ISIS/ISIL.

It is understood the extremists believe European governments will fear riots in capitals and major cities if they see migrant numbers arrive on this scale.

Italy’s Il Messaggero newspaper referred to telephone intercepts showing that ISIS/ISIL were going to ‘let drift, bound for Italy, hundreds of boats full of migrants.’ The figure discussed was 500,000, though there was an estimated 700,000 on the Libyan coast waiting to board.

You could say this is a callous, inhuman policy on the part of the Islamic State militants – and you’d be right.

But their crime actually pales in comparison to the crimes of NATO and the major governments of the West, who brought all of this into being in the first place.

Every subsequent death is simply adding to the scale of that crime.

S. Awan

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