BRUSSELS TERROR: ‘War in Europe’ or More Manufactured Conveyor-Belt Terrorism…?

Je Suis Sick of this Shit

This has all become so tiresome and predictable that you could set your watch to it.

Apparent terror attack in major Western city, rolling 24-hour news coverage to make sure we know how important this is (“Europe is now at war”), increased climate of fear, division and xenophobia, immediate mass-conditioning hashtags (‘#PrayForBelgium’, ‘#JeSuisBruxelles’, etc), world landmarks lit up in Belgian colours, reactionary demonisation of refugees, opportunist right-wing groups seizing the chance to play ‘I told you so’ card, and so on.

Just as predictable, to be honest, is the ‘online blogger suggests false-flag’ routine. I’m as bored of that subject as anyone; as such, this is a shorter post than the other times, because the general subject has been covered at length for previous incidents such as Paris, Copenhagen, Boston, and 7/7.

The way these things play out now is so commonplace that you can make an easy check-list for all the reactionary comments, viewpoints or hashtags that follow. It’s the refugees! Or no, it’s the Muslims – they don’t belong in Europe. Or we need more mass surveillance, more soldiers on the street, etc. For the record, this Brussels attack should actually be proof enough that mass surveillance and militarization doesn’t guarantee stopping terrorist attacks (assuming they’re intended to).

I preface the rest of this by saying I intend no disrespect whatsoever to the people in Brussels who were subjected to Tuesday’s events (no innocent people should ever be subjected to terrorism as they’re innocently going about their daily lives), but #PrayForBelgium seems as scripted and as unnecessary as #PrayForParis. For that matter, has anyone seen what’s happening to people in Sirte? Or read the recent UN report on life in post-war Iraq?

The image/meme at the top of the page, by the way, is taken from this equally fed-up person’s Twitter account.

The apparent ‘ISIS’ attack in Brussels on Tuesday was expected. Something of the sort has been coming; we’ve been told so for a while. Two explosions occurred at the city’s international airport, while a third explosion occurred at Maalbeek Metro station. Dozens of innocent people are reported to have been killed, with many more seriously injured. Two blasts are said to have hit Zaventem airport; though the claim is that there was only the one suicide bomber. Another explosion is said to have hit Maelbeek metro station (close to EU headquarters) an hour later. Some witnesses reported hearing shots fired and shouts in Arabic (as was reported in the Paris attacks a few months ago) before the two airport explosions. A suicide bomber was “probably” involved, the Belgian prosecutor has said.

 Brussels airport terror attack, 2016 

Again, all our sympathies should of course be with the victims of these bomb attacks, their families, and all those injured or otherwise traumatised in the attack. They are all innocent victims, regardless of the real nature or context of the attack. There will no doubt be talk of ‘crisis actors’ and the like; but I’m going to assume all the victims have been real victims, and that most of the people caught up in the trauma were not ‘actors’.

Second, this may not have been a false-flag, but a real ‘ISIS’ operation. It really may have just been a terrorist cell carrying out terrorism on a logical European target-city. There’s no doubt that there are radicalised individuals in a number of Western cities, and Belgium in particular appears to have a problem with ghetto areas and unemployed, disenfranchised, radicalized young men, mostly from a Northern African origin. But even if this Tuesday’s bombs were essentially the act of radical Islamists, understand that this doesn’t negate the false-flag element – it simply becomes a broader-context and longer-playing false-flag narrative (see end of post).

Widely circulating video footage purporting to show the Brussels Airport explosion appears to have been fake, and may have been shot in 2011 (from a bomb attack in Domodedovo Airport in Russia in that year). This is reported in the UK’s The Independent.

Many others also circulating additional CCTV video footage, claimed to be from Tuesday’s attacks in the European capital, were actually circulating footage from an older, unrelated incident in Belarus.

Despite the unreliability of these widely-shared social media posts, some mainstream news broadcasters showed the same footage, depicting it as footage from what had happened in Brussels.

This sort of thing has happened plenty of times before, of course; such as when the BBC showed footage of Indian protesters in Delhi and presented it as footage of anti-Gaddafi protesters in Libya (not even the same continent), or when major news sites showed an image of dead bodies from a Mexican earthquake and presented it as victims of the Syrian government, or when American broadcasters showed footage of Iraqi football fans celebrating a football victory and presented it as Iraqi civilians celebrating the 9/11 attacks. And so on.

Something curious, also worth noting, is that the date of the Brussels attack (22/3) may be of occult/ritual significance, as was very much the case with the Friday 13th Paris attacks (read more: ‘Paris, the City of Isis: Major Occult Ritual/Symbolism, Mass Hypnosis & the Psy-Op Now Underway…’)

Four days before the explosions occurred in Brussels, a ‘Redditor’ identified as lordrothschild in fact predicted an ‘ISIS’ attack for March 22nd. In a post titled ‘What’s happening on March 22?’, lordrothschild poses the question “So, does anyone have any theories as to what the Illuminati will do on the 22nd of March this year?’

 Skull and Bones secret society logo 

The reason for his question, and the significance of March 22nd in some areas of conspiracy-theory lore, is that the emblem of the secret society ‘Skull & Bones’ features the number 322 (with March 22nd being 3/22). Skull & Bones, which both George W. Bush and John Kerry among others have been identified as members of, is mostly believed to have originated in the 1930s (and may or may not have originated in Nazi Germany).

Aside from that very specific prediction, terror attacks in European cities – and in Belgium in particular – have been forecast for some time.

Even Turkey’s President Erdogan alluded to this likelihood just a few days before the incident (and although there are some suggesting a conspiracy just with that statement, it’s more likely Erdogan was just making a general prediction based on the known presence of radicalised individuals in parts of Belgium). Assuming this week’s atrocity was carried out by ‘ISIS’ members or sympathisers, it would act, again, as rather definitive proof that all the mass surveillance and militarisation (the military has been out in Belgian cities for some time now – ever since the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris over a year ago) is rather ineffective and unhelpful in preventing terrorism.

Belgian intelligence in all likelihood knew about these (alleged) attackers, just as both Belgian and French intelligence openly admitted they knew about the alleged November Paris attackers. Indeed, in pretty much all cases of Western terrorism, the perpetrators are revealed to be known to intelligence agencies, and in some cases even to have been directly involved with intelligence agencies. There have been complaints not only about intelligence sharing between nations, but even between intelligence agencies and the police; this has particularly been an open issue in Belgium, where the intelligence community has been accused of not sharing data with law-enforcement, thus making the police’s job much more difficult.


Extremist/terrorist networks and sleeper cells in the West are almost certainly being kept in place (with or without their own knowledge) by various Western intelligence agencies in order to be utilized whenever they’re needed for these kinds of attacks.

These attacks are inevitable; they’re going to be happening periodically for their psychological and social effect on Western populations, as well as for various other reasons beneficial to governments, intelligence agencies and (corporate and military-industrial) foreign policies.

This state of affairs has its basis the type of operations NATO intelligence engaged in during the Cold War with similar networks of radicalised militants at their disposal to be used both as foreign mercenaries and domestic agent-provocateurs, which are now commonly known as ‘Operation Gladio’. Gladio can be regarded as a demonstrable historical fact; a post-World War II program established by the CIA and NATO supposedly to thwart potential Soviet/communist invasions or influence in Italy and Western Europe. In reality it was to become a state-sponsored right-wing terrorist network used for numerous false-flag operations and a wider subversion of democratic societies. The existence of the Gladio program was verified by the Italian government in 1990, when a judge, Felice Casson, discovered the network in the course of his investigations into right-wing terrorism.

 Operation Gladio 

Here, for those interested, is a comprehensive resource concerning Operation Gladio.

Belgium, for that matter, may have been subject to Gladio-related or Gladio-style false-flag terrorism in the past too. In Belgium, in 1984 for example, ‘a bizarre operation occurred around Vielsalm in the Ardennes region. A squad of US Marines were parachuted into Belgium and met by a member of the Belgian military intelligence. They hid for a fortnight before attacking the police station of Vielsalm, in a so-called Oesling exercise, killing a Belgian officer. One marine was injured during the operation, losing an eye. Initially the attack was passed off as terrorism, but was later proven to be the work of the American and Belgian military – as confirmed by the Senate investigations of 1991. Other attacks occured, where, as was the case in Vielsalm, arms and ammunition were taken. Arms that found their way subsequently to extremist groups’.

But the modern business of radical ‘Islamist’ cells being embedded in Western locations for sporadic or periodic attacks can be seen as a continuation or evolution of Gladio strategy.

Iraq, Libya and Syria – three stable, mostly secular Arab nations – have been methodically destabilised and callously turned into terrorist playgrounds and training arenas by NATO, the US and other international conspirators, providing vast arenas and battlegrounds for disaffected young men, wannabe jihadists and ‘holy warriors’ to be trained, further radicalised, desensitized and most importantly to get real-world experience of terrorist activity, guerrilla warfare, mass killing and blood-lust on the streets of Libyan, Iraqi and Syrian cities and towns.

Young, disenfranchised men from ghetto areas in Western cities – particularly in Belgium and France – have been allowed for some time now to travel to those places and develop their training and desensitization (while also engaging in terrorism against citizens in Libya, Syria and Iraq); and then they come back to their countries, bringing that psychological damage and blood-lust with them.

The frankly apocalyptic situations engineered in Iraq, Libya and Syria are serving as mass ‘converters’ to produce enough extremists and would-be terrorists to last for a generation.

In fact, leaked or declassified documents demonstrate that Western powers were actively seeking the creation of an extremist ‘caliphate’ in the Middle East, with what we now call ‘ISIS’ being simply the realisation of that intent.

Belgium is in fact reported to have produced more ISIS fighters than anywhere else, who’ve travelled over to Syria, Iraq and Libya to conduct jihad.

It has always been curious how little Western states have done to stop the flow of wannabe jihadists over to those countries where they’ve engaged in mass terrorism in foreign lands.

In that broader context, it really doesn’t even matter whether specific attacks like this are ‘false-flags’ or not, because the entire, overlapping narrative is one of a massive ‘false-flag’ machine and ‘terrorist’ conveyor belt.

Meanwhile, as time goes on, we’re going to be watching these things with increasing numbness, as we’re becoming fully accustomed to the narratives, the rolling news footage, the heavily choreographed emoting and outpouring of public grief, symbolism, and all the rest of it. 

We’ll be so used to the counter-narratives and conspiracy theories too, so that we’ll essentially not care anymore whether these things are Islamist terror attacks, staged false-flags or whatever else – we’ll just be blankly gazing at the repetition of information and counter-information, tired of all of it and probably too numb to ascertain (or even care) what the truth is anymore.

S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. Im fed up with all these things too!! For an interesting take on Western/MSM media and what they don’t say this video covered the placing of “goog” country flags on fb pages while practically ignoring “bad” country terror attacks. He’s right about how they don’t care about any nation not following US/NATO/EU diktats… https://youtu.be/oSI4n6xZ86s

    • I agree, silverpalomino – the FB conditioning is very telling. It actually kind of turns my stomach when the various landmarks are lit up in the flag colors; it’s like a mass psychological conditioning.

  2. Great article, shame it fails to mention the ‘New World Order’ even once or name names or tie it in with other environmental, economic and political terrorism events. As this is possibly the most intense and ‘exciting’ time in the history of evolving plots and government conspiracies; it’s sad to see the author so jaded and washed-up/bored with the whole thing. Needs a fresh injection of research and motivation. Since we are ‘on the clock’ for the big one – WWIII and a nuclear war, it seems the underlying motives and criticality are lost here. Awakening is the only weapon we have, Please use that obvious writing talent to better effect.

    • Paul, the thing is covered lots of that stuff before – not to mention that other people are covering it all the time elsewhere. So I don’t really want to reiterate all the same stuff every time I post.
      When I write long, deviating articles, most people don’t read them.

      • Not a problem, it just sounded like you were jaded and possibly even embittered by it. Which is a shame, you’re a talented writer. I’d like to see you do more and have some enthusiasm. Just trying to give positive feedback in a not so positive world. I guess people felt the same in 1939 on the eve of war. 🙂

        • No worries, Paul. Probably am a little jaded and embittered when it comes to this stuff – difficult not to be. Thanks for the observations though.
          Also, I hope we’re *not* on the eve of war.

          • Sorry, I am afraid, I believe we are very close to a major disaster for mankind. I am struggling very hard to get the message out, but there isn’t anyone to listen. I am a Risk Manager of 30 years experience in International corporate business. In my travels I came across something significant that I reported to the authorities and when I did so, it was hushed up. Naturally this triggered my curiosity and suspicion and led me to investigate the Govt conspiracies. At the time it was so significant they hacked my computer, tapped my phone, put surveillance on me, sent me bribe letters and even had a prowler jump over next doors garden in broad daylight. That tells me how important it was as it implicated America in the false-flag attacks. Prior to that I had no interest in this stuff. You clearly know about the control of the media and the extreme censorship of mainstream channels and their ownership relationships to Illuminati sources. Unfortunately I now fear these same elements have control not only of the global banking system but the Industrial-Military complex, the political elite and all instruments of power, at least in the western ‘Axis of Evil’ – these can be broadly categorised as ‘Neo-Conservative Zionist Fascists’. Events are marching on daily. It would take a long discussion to verify it for you and convince you of the reasons but I believe that even if you consider the nuclear threat a dialectic (as it used to be in the cold war), there is a clear and present danger that goes well beyond that. I have personally seen traffic heading to secure locations that look like supply convoys marked clearly with Illuminati symbology. Trails have been laid for plausible deniability. The NWO appear to be stocking DUMBs and that means only one thing… they are expecting the worst – otherwise the expense would preclude it. No-one would store supplies on such a scale if there was not a clear and present threat and it points to deliberate preparations. Beyond that, all actions by the occultists appear to be deliberate and intentional to bring down Governments and destabilise society, this is all in accordance with the UN Agenda 21 blueprint for a ‘New World Order’ One World Government and calls for the massed Genocide of over 2.5 Billion people. My research indicates this is intended to happen in the next 12-24 months following a possible man-made natural disaster and a series of emergencies including martial law in America and the use of FEMA camps for massed internment. All this is backed by Luciferian occultism. All the facts, the changes in law/legislation, the Luciferian agenda, the practical steps being taken, the sightings and activities, social, environmental and psychological attacks – all inter-related to form a frightening and deliberate strategy (Consultation for the UN is by Lucis Consulting (formerly Lucifer Publishing), all the small details fit. They are preparing a financial collapse equivalent to that prior to WWII and are going for a re-run but with nuclear weapons. Possibly there will be an attack on the Vatican and perhaps also on the President of America but most frightening is the risk of a nuclear incident that has been tee’d up. The psychopaths responsible are driven by their belief in prophecies contained in the Kabbalah and the unwritten Talmud that are based upon Luciferian heresies. These AshkeNAZI are the Zionist threat we face. I don’t know how much you know about this, but I am happy to walk through some stuff with you if you are interested.In the end it’s about getting the message out to as many people as possible and creating a massed Awakening. Fortunately I can cut through this stuff quite easily but the sheer volume of it is the challenge.

            Scepticism is one of the traits that are being cultivated in the psyops that are ongoing, it’s very sophisticated stuff. I wonder how much of it you are taking in or whether you are able to stand back and view the bigger picture more objectively from a point of view of evidence and facts, motive and means rather than opinion and emotion, which is what they are training people to do with their mind control processes. http://www.google.co.uk/patents/US6506148

          • Paul, thanks for such substantial, detailed contributions. I’ll respond to you as best I can.
            First, there’s a lot of these things that I am aware of – or at least, I am aware of the beliefs, theories and perceptions. I generally try to avoid writing about things that I can’t substantiate; and some of these things are difficult to write about without simply regurgitating other people’s ideas (and those ideas aren’t always backed up with reliable source-information).
            That said, I have reluctantly over the last few years come to believe in what you call the Luciferian occult element. I say this from a purely objective, non-partisan perspective, as I am not religious and don’t subscribe to any religion – but there’s a great deal of evidence that simply cannot be dismissed.
            Even saying that, however, I also caution against swallowing the unedited, unchecked ramblings of some of the over-imaginative bloggers or conspiracy theorists out there, who write purely from imagination and not evidence, many of whom are discernibly doing so in order to further their own religious or sectarian agenda/bias (be it Christian, Muslim, New Age or anything else).
            Regarding your own personal experiences, however, which you have alluded to – I would be fascinated to talk to you more about that.
            Also, I just checked out the link you included – and it’s pretty fascinating, disturbing stuff.
            Also, lastly, regarding the ‘supply convoys marked with Illuminati symbols’, that’s fascinating. I’ve seen images/footage of those vehicles last year, with occult/Masonic symbols on them – but I honestly assumed they were doctored images/videos, as I didn’t believe a secret society would be so brazen as to display those symbols in plain sight and in convoys. Two people from the US did email me their own personal photos of some of these vast vehicle and tank convoys, which they photographed while driving on a highway (this was during the ‘Jade Helm’ business) – and the scale of it was pretty disturbing but there were no discernible occult/Masonic symbols.
            Are you saying you’ve personally seen convoys/vehicles bearing the occult symbols?

          • Hi, I am sorry, I don’t know what to call you as I am not sure you’ve posted a name, so I will just call you BBB.

            Yes, I was convinced that the evidence I was seeing in November last year including the sending of many coded messages that seemed to indicate a potential attack for November 17/18 – now it may well have been an uncover training exercise but it included vary intriging references to ‘Exit 7’ and another series of ‘Exit’ posts. that appeared to mark escape routes for a potential Flood/Attack, which I believed to be linked to an Arctic Tsunami event to be triggered in the Norwegian Arctic Shelf, this event would have created a massive tidal wave capable of flooding London and most of the UK and NW European coastlines and crossing the Atlantic and hitting the Eastern Seaboard USA. At the time I felt there was compelling evidence from many independent (and although the security services dismiss social media sources) many sources that corroborated independently were backed by media traffic and circumstantial evidence. I took one of the designated ‘escape routes’ and found some rather disturbing thing while doing so (I am located in SE England). When I arrived in Germany, I took the main Autobahn East to get to a safe zone and that’s when I spotted the convoys of trucks moving along the Highway in procession, not overtly as a convoy but as a continuous flow of trucks. At first I was intrigued by the sign on the back on one truck bearing the letter ‘A’; which I figured to be the pyramid symbology, As I observed, I saw more and more trucks with this symbol and then I started to notice variations, those trucks that weren’t bearing the White label marked ‘A’ were bearing other symbologies; either the company logo on the Truck had Luciferian connotations or the rear brake lights contained symbols of tridents or all-seeing eyes or other identifiable markings. I don’t believe in co-incidences. I too has seen video clips of trucks reported going in under the WTC in NY and also to other DUMBs sites, so I was aware of this before I left. I take this as a serious sign that supplies are being stored. Added to which I’ve seen news items of wealthy people seeking to purchase places in secure locations like these. We can be reasonably certain these exist, there are numerous video clips leaking out showing these facilities and a number of prominent people have been asking questions, for example Jesse Ventura who visited one last year (probably on You Tube). https://youtu.be/HVIWWxFCWLM

            Bearing in mind I was driving at the time, I couldn’t pull over or get a photo of the trucks but they were in constant convoy and I was a first hand witness to them in the Cologne area of Germany. I travelled down the A12 through Holland past Arnhem and on to the 3, 43 and the 2 Autobahns up past Hannover and on to Berlin. I can’t confirm the destination of these trucks but they seemed to be varied and presumably contained an assortment of supplies. One or two included heavy tractor/diggers but there were bottled water suppliers for example. One truck was leaking fluid all over the road, but I didn’t attempt to stop him, I just avoided it as I was trying to keep a low profile and it could have been hazardous. This would have been on the 16th November as I planned my trip to be away at the time when I thought the attach would take place.

            So it seems the first place to start is an investigation into the use of the Black ‘A’ on a white plate and what it means. There were literally seventy or more vehicles I passed that day bearing this symbol and many, many more with the occult connections. As you say, there are way too many examples of the Occultism for it to be considered coincidence. My research in that area is ongoing but I can lead you to independent sources that verify that theory. If you would like to work with me to try to get a clearer picture of what is going on and to help get the truth out there, then of course I would be very happy to do so.

            I believe we are in serious trouble, that’s my own analysis. I realise you have to be sceptical and you see a lot of things but I don’t dismiss them, I place them in context and filter out the speculation. It’s way too easy in our present society to be dismissive and I do feel that’s being deliberately encouraged to hide the truth and prevent serious investigation into real conspiracies and plots. Before I was approached (I can speak more on that separately) I had no interest in conspiracies.

            Significantly, the issue came to me, it was not me seeking it out. Another important point is that I am not religious, I am not driven by belief as much as by logic, facts and evidence. My background in risk management and in strategic thinking at a corporate level enable me to apply critical thinking to problem solving. None of what I speak of is really my opinion, what I believe is largely irrelevant, rather it is what makes sense when sifting through the facts and evidence and establishing the means, motive and cui bono behind what are truly events of global significance to mankind.

            I believe we are chasing some very big events in terms of coming False-flag attacks and even more disturbingly the psychotic aims and agenda of a satanic cult bent on massed depopulation and the realisation of twisted and misplaced ancient prophecies. UN Agenda 21 is a very significant piece of this puzzle and it’s hard to deny the credibility of plans for the ‘New World Order’ and their ‘One World Government’ when you sift through the evidence and see the ways in which society is under attack constantly from every direction in a very disturbing and co-ordinated fashion. So ditch your fluoridation and start helping me push back against this evil that threatens us all.

            Add to this the factual evidence of the FEMA camps, the video evidence of disposable coffins, the stocking of supplies, the changes to the US Constitution to make defending it a Terrorist act and allowing for the deployment of troops on US soil. the preparation of Wal-Mart Stores for use as ‘command posts’ and their linking with underground tunnel systems, the testimonies of former advisors and other evidences that point to a very real and emerging threat based upon a national emergency (Let’s assume Arctic Tsunami – the simulations have been done in the last three or four years) followed by a food crisis, refugee and immigrant population riots, a state of emergency and then massed internment, this is how they will disarm the population and take over America. The documents available for the FEMA camps include plans to deploy Snipers for crowd control and significantly these camps contain ‘interrogation centres’. I’ve seen information that states that the public are being categorised for ‘reprogramming’ and classified. Now you can dismiss all this, I’ve done the research for myself, so I am comfortable that I’ve seen the necessary evidence, https://youtu.be/FfkZ1yri26s

            Individually you can dismiss it; you can talk about Jade Helm and other ‘exercises’ and that would be true but then you have to ask yourself what is it they are preparing for? The camps exist, the bridges are being reinforced to take heavy tanks, supplies are being stored and DUMBs built. It looks to me like a deliberate and wilful move towards a Nuclear war. Now the massed internment doesn’t achieve this, but what it DOES do is place the USA in a position of a fait accompli. In this situation, with a national emergency at home, it becomes abundantly clear that the military options open to a country in crisis are reduced to one simple option should the NWO trigger a simple foreign policy crisis, like Ukraine or Russo-Turkish conflict by proxy and that would be to use a Nuclear option (knowing full well the retaliation would do the Luciferian job for them in terms of erasing 90% of the population and creating the context/achievement of UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 – massed depopulation across the Northern Hemisphere; the theory being that equatorial winds will keep the Southern Hemisphere safe from the fallout while the DUMBs allow group survival belong ground.

            Whatever you believe or don’t believe, I do not think the threat can be easily ignored or dismissed without some serious reassurances and checks and balances. Right now, even as an Atheist (I am an Agnostic) you have to say, it doesn’t matter what we think, if the other guy believes in Lucifer, that’s a problem! For me that’s good enough to flash a warning light. The body of evidence in favour of the Luciferian plot is overwhelming. It might start with a fake President (Barry Soetoro is not who people think he is) and it goes on from there. We can play the political name game, make the connections through secret societies, we can look at the photo evidence of symbolism used by prominent figures and celebs, we can explore the dark side of Hollywood, MK Ultra and Project Monarch, the drug cartels and the Military-Industrial Complex, all are fact, but what is more compelling is that they are all interlinked into one large and contiguous conspiracy that threatens us all. That’s enough for this e-mail, we have a lot of things to go through and I suppose I really should read more of your articles to see what you know already. If you’d rather talk off site, you are welcome to email me. What I am trying to do is start some momentum; I believe that only Massed Awakening can now save mankind, it’s as simple as that because all of the instruments of power and all of the control is now in the hands of those who can do the greatest harm with practically no accountability, acting above the level of the law they control. This is why any prosecution is simply ‘window dressing’.

            Media control is the key to ‘hearts and minds’ and we have a lot to do in very little time. I hope I have at least inspired you to ‘live a bit’ while there is time and to get stuck in with renewed enthusiasm.

            The cavalry isn’t coming, we and a select few are it…

  3. On the ‘Wright Stuff’ show 23 Mar 2016 someone rang in and stated that we are all being manipulated and that the CIA are behind the terrorism.
    Someone else who rang in, with military background, said that terrorist attacks like ‘Brussel’s’ were deliberately orchestrated: that the terrorists who do these attacks are ‘known’ and these attacks are allowed to happen in order to try and catch people higher up in the chain.
    Think am already well past the ‘numb’/’not caring’ bit. ‘Je Suis – sick of this shit’ too.

    • Wow, that seems like a kind for rare caller for a daytime tv show. ‘Je Suis Sick of this Shit’ is my new motto for this stuff.

      • Yes, I was surprised. The woman who stated we were all being manipulated and that the CIA were behind terrorism… did kind of get cut off… though maybe that was due to time constraints of the show?

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