IRON MAN 3 & the BIN LADEN Myth: Plus More Evidence of Faked Videos…

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In case you missed it, there was just another little tidbit – mostly ignored by the majority of the media – to further indicate (or even prove) that the Osama bin Laden ‘videos’ were being mostly faked right from the outset.

The video speeches, which were so central a part of the American propaganda for the manufactured ‘War on Terror’, were likely *all* faked, given that Bin Laden was never formally charged with any involvement in 9/11 and given that he had himself denied any involvement.

In an interview with the New York Times, a former ABC News intern now admits that he was responsible for “faking” Osama bin Laden’s accent, which the network used to dub over various bin Laden videos and broadcast to the world.

The 22-year-old intern worked on ABC’s program Nightline, and as soon as the September 11th attacks occurred he was asked by a producer to do voice-over for Bin Laden’s “confession” video. ‘My first time in the recording booth, I was feeling my way through,’ he says. ‘I sat up straight, careful not to rustle any papers, which the sensitive microphones would pick up. In truth, I was trying my best to not sound like the immature college kid I knew in my heart I still was’.

Accusations that the videos were fake were there all along, of course.

By December 2001, even the BBC was compelled to wonder whether the famous Bin Laden ‘confession’ video that the Cheney/Rumsfeld administration was citing as “the smoking gun” to prove who carried out 9/11 was actually a phony. The footage is now regarded by most people as having been faked – yet it was the entire basis for the invasion of Afghanistan. A German TV show asserted that the White House’s translation of the video was inaccurate and “manipulative”.

There can’t be many people left who still buy the Osama bin Laden myth; the entire story, from 9/11 right through the War on Terror and to the supposed Navy Seals hit on the Abbotabad house in 2011 appears to have been a carefully maintained fiction for geo-political purposes.

Something that really seemed to touched upon this in Hollywood terms was the Iron Man 3  movie.

While there are sections of Hollywood that clearly serve to propagandize for the intelligence community – such as Zero Dark Thirty, which was a blatant attempt to cement the Bin Laden myth as well as justify the use of torture – there are still also elements in big-budget filmmaking that use their platforms to subtly impart significant information between the lines.

George Lucas, the archetypal Hollywood outsider, did this to a massive extent in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, which told a story about false-flag wars in which one political element was secretly controlling both sides of the same war in order to establish a dictatorship and achieve a New Order.



Other filmmakers – Marvel Studios is under the Disney umbrella, after all, and can only do so much – do it more subtly where possible. In Iron Man 3, Sir Ben Kingsley plays the Mandarin; presented through the first half of the film as a menacing terrorist spokesperson who issues threats and proclamations to America via video addresses. He appears as a terrible terrorist mastermind, and at one point in the film his campaign is even referenced in dialogue as being the catalyst to maintain a ‘War on Terror’.

But when Tony Stark (Iron Man) finally tracks him down, he discovers the ‘Mandarin’ doesn’t really exist – instead he finds a camp, alcoholic and drug-addled actor named ‘Trevor’ who was hired to play the part and record the videos.

It’s actually very funny, and Kingsley is magic in the role; but it is quite clearly an analogy for the Osama bin Laden myth.

It even feels reminiscent of the reports about the stuff that was found among Bin Laden’s belongings at the Abbotobad compound: which apparently included things like Mr Bean videos (and, according to one claim, episodes of Spongebob Squarepants).

Incidentally, this isn’t the only instance in which the Iron Man brand appeared to have precognised in this fashion; although usually not included on the popular list of encoded pop-culture references to 9/11, an episode of the 1990’s Iron Man animated series (titled ‘The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat’ and airing in 1994) appeared to contain scenes forecasting aspects of the 9/11 attack.

I say Bin Laden ‘myth’ not in the sense that he wasn’t involved in Islamist fundamentalism and jihadism – which he clearly was – but in the sense that his ‘masterminding’ of 9/11 was certainly a myth and the Al-Qaeda narrative at the time of 9/11 was also a fiction, all designed to provide the pretext for a war without end in the Middle East and a transformation of America domestically.

On September 28th (a fortnight after the Twin Towers fell), the so-called terrorist mastermind was reported as having said, ‘I have already said I am not involved. I had no knowledge… nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other humans as an appreciable act… Whoever committed the act of 11th September are not the friends of the American people. I have already said that we are against the American system, not against its people; whereas in these attacks, the common American people have been killed’.

As late as 2006, Bin Laden’s FBI profile contained no reference to him having been involved in 9/11. Indeed, Paul V. Sheridan (Winner of the 2005 Civil Justice Foundation Award) was told by an FBI spokesperson, “Bin Laden has not been formally charged in connection to 9/11.”

By 2010, CIA officials were even casually admitting to creating fake videos, as in this Washington Post piece in which two ex-CIA officials talked about creating fake Bin Laden videos and about wanting to create fake videos of Saddam Hussein that would depict him as a pedophile (for propaganda purposes).

The same doubts over the legitimacy of propaganda videos have continued beyond the Bin Laden era and into the era of the new, manufactured bogeyman of the so-called Islamic State, with evidence seemingly emerging that some of the ISIS ‘execution’ videos have been fake, raising many questions about whether we’ve simply been witnessing a case of the emperor’s new clothes.

The question about the reality of some of the ISIS videos has gone beyond the realm of online ‘truthers’ or conspiracy theorists, with experts openly – even reluctantly – calling the videos into question.

 Islamic State execution footage 

Curiously in February this year, a former ISIS fighter in Yemen appeared to have admitted that ISIS fakes videos and uses fighters as actors. Memri explains that ‘the Al-Hidaya media group, which is associated with Al-Qaeda, published a 12-minute video titled “The Hollywood Reality Of Al-Baghdadi Group.” The video, which was posted on the group’s official Twitter account (@Hedayh_701), features the testimony of Abu ‘Ataa’ Al-Sanaa’ni, a former member of ISIS in Yemen who recently defected from its ranks and wished to expose the truth behind the organization’s conduct.’

Whether all the ISIS videos have been faked or just some of them (regardless of the faked videos, there’s no question that criminals under the ISIS banner have committed numerous barbaric acts), and whether ISIS members themselves have been doing the faking or whether it has been orchestrated by Western intelligence agencies, is difficult to work out – and merely adds to the considerable confusion that already exists around the subject of ISIS, Islamist terrorism in general, the US-led ‘War On Terror’, and everything that goes along with it.

Perhaps that confusion, along with the widespread fear and anxiety, is *intended* as a key part of the mass psy-op: a state of heightened uncertainty almost to the point of numbness, where no one knows where to go for the truth anymore. The fact that a publication like the New York Times is now willing to casually drop in an article about faking Bin Laden videos perhaps plays into this.

What’s undebatable, however, is that ISIS – the world’s No.1 terrorist bogeyman – is entirely a manufactured product of the US-led ‘War On Terror’ in the first place: and that War On Terror was launched via the equally manufactured bogeyman of Osama bin Laden and the 9/11 Inside Job.



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  1. Unless I missed it, and I may have, you do not mention that not only is it more than likely that the Osama videos were fake, but the man might well have been dead just as 2001 began to recede on the calendar.

    See, for example, this archive of references:


    An obituary notice appeared on December 26, 01, in Islamabad. That may have been a ploy to take the heat off of Osama or not . . .

    Something about Marfan Syndrome . . .

    What is fake and what is real? Not easy to discern . . . And yet I have no doubt at all that we are being bamboozled all of the time . . .

    • No, thanks for adding that to the mix, Norman. I didn’t reference it here, as I’ve referenced it elsewhere in a bigger 9/11 piece – but you’re right to bring that point up.
      I am actually entirely convinced that the supposed raid on the ‘Bin Laden compound’ in May 2011 was played out purely to distract international media and news channels away from the fact that NATO had tried to assasinate Gaddafi in Libya that same morning – at a time when Western officials were claiming that there was no plan to assassinate Gaddafi.
      Because the NATO strike failed to kill the Libyan leader – but did have civilian casualties, including Gaddafi’s three grandchildren – I believe they quickly played out the Navy Seals operation in Pakistan: to ‘kill’ a target who, as you point out, was possibly already dead many years earlier. Consequently all intentional media for the days that followed was focused on the big story of the Bin Laden killing and hardly any coverage was given to the NATO airstrikes on the Gaddafi family’s various properties in Libya – which were illegal.

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