What Everyone Missed About the TRUMP/OBAMA Meeting…

Donald Trump and Barack Obama in Whitehouse

I would love to have been a fly on the wall when Donald Trump visited his future home, the White House, to meet Barak Obama on Thursday.

I mean, there’s a conversation it would’ve been fascinating to hear: a conversation between the first Black President of America and his soon-to-be successor – a man endorsed officially by the Ku Klux Klan. I mean, just process that for a moment and reflect on what it symbolizes for the direction of a society in the twenty-first century.

And hey, I’m not bashing Donald Trump – it’s not his fault the KKK endorsed him (or that his father belonged to the organisation).

But it still says something anyway about the state of affairs; a state of affairs that is so toxic, so depressing, when you really think about it in its fullest terms. If George Soros has anything to do with the anti-Trump protests currently going on – which all of the ‘Alt-Right’ outlets are insisting; and which I accept may or may not be the case – the other side of the equation is hardly covered in fucking roses either.

And I am astonished by the sheer, blind gullibility of so-called ‘conspiracy researchers’ and so-called alternative, anti-establishment writers – including one or two who I respect and am on good terms with – who are so hopelessly adrift in Trump Mania that they’re like Disney princesses being swept off their feet by their tall, handsome (pussy-grabbing) Prince.

I’ve been trying to process my thoughts about the Trump victory and whatever it is that’s going to unfold in America, and those thoughts are too complicated to properly express just yet.

Instead, I want to focus on just one thing: as mentioned, Trump’s odd, awkward visit to Obama in the White House. Because there are very curious things to notice if you pay attention.

Now of course the president-elect being hosted by the sitting president is the norm, even if these particular two men have been absolute enemies who’ve character-assassinated each other beyond belief.

Firstly, most people might’ve noticed how uncomfortable Donald Trump looked.

I would go further than uncomfortable – I would say he looked shaken. You could put some of that down to nervousness about his impending presidency, but my gut feeling was that this was something more. This didn’t look like the same swaggering, confident, loud-mouthed character we’ve been seeing for months: he looked unsettled, small and overwhelmed. Obama looked relatively fine – albeit, a little insulted by having to sit with someone whose victory the Ku Klux Klan have announced they’re going to hold an official celebration for in a few days.

But it seems to me that something has been said to Donald Trump – not necessarily by Obama himself, but nevertheless during his visit to the White House. Whatever it is, Trump learnt something in that visit that he hadn’t known before that – and it seems like it disturbed him and took the wind out of his sails.

I’ve tried to speculate to myself what that might’ve been – but there’s no way of knowing. It could’ve been to do with whatever’s going to unfold in the next few months. He could’ve been threatened the same way Bernie Sanders was (though this is unlikely – if anyone wanted to threaten him, they would’ve done it ages ago).

Shit, he may have just been told about Little Green Men in the Nevada Desert, for all we know.

Or, to be less imaginative, maybe Obama just explained to him how complex and difficult the presidency is going to be and that there isn’t enough petty cash for the Mexican wall. There are possibly simple, non-conspiratorial explanations.

But seriously, watch the footage again – he looks very shaken by something and it is very out-of-character.

In all seriousness, whatever else he may be – good or bad – he is also a 70 year-old man (the oldest man to ever be elected president) who went from looking like King of the World to deeply troubled in the space of about two days. And people have been burning effigies of him in the streets and calling for his assassination – that can’t be comfortable to know either.

But there is something else more important I very curiously noticed about the awkward footage from the White House – and it’s something I haven’t seen anyone else point out.

Have you noticed how many secret hand signals he was making?

 Donald Trump and Barack Obama in Whitehouse

Nicolas Sarkosy, Illuminati hand signs 

Everyone online these days is obsessed with the so-called ‘Illuminati’ hand signals. I don’t particularly believe in the ‘Illuminati’ – which, as far as I know, was just a European intellectual secret society from a few centuries ago and probably wasn’t anything sinister.

But I do accept that there is very likely a network of powerful secret societies, under various other names, that exists and is very much in operation.

And the secret hand signal thing among high-level political and cultural leaders does very much seem to be real just from all the photographic evidence alone. Well, Donald Trump has been throwing up these hand signals (particularly the 6 symbol, as shown above, and the pyramid symbol shown below) all throughout this presidential race and his rallies.

 Politicians making pyramid hand signs

Donald Trump and Barack Obama meet in the White House 

I mostly ignored it for months; but on Thursday it just seemed so much more pronounced.

Here he is, President-Elect, just won an astonishing election victory, and he’s on his first trip to the White House to meet the soon-to-be-ex president, and he is well aware the cameras are on him and that this is a massive moment that the whole world is watching… and there he is, making the 6 signs and pyramid signs while Obama talks to the journalists.

As if that’s not curious enough, him and Obama then seem to share what looks like a secret/masonic-style handshake – when they could’ve just shaken hands normally if they’d wanted to.

Admittedly the handshake is harder to make out for sure – but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s throwing up interesting hand signals elsewhere.

 Donald Trump and Barack Obama shake hands 

Of course, the likes of Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson and Info Wars, Breitbart, and all the other hate-preaching so-called ‘Alt Right’ media outlets – who’ve been doing for Trump precisely what CNN, ABC and co have been doing for Hillary – won’t mention this or draw attention to it.

But it looks almost like Trump just announced his covert affiliations for everyone who knows what to look for.

He may have, in fact, been showing these hand signals specifically to alert other secret-society members in government or media that they don’t need to worry about him having won the election – as he is part of the family, even if some of them didn’t know that before.

And Info Wars, Breitbart and the other ‘Alt Right’ platforms , who’ve over the years spent hours pointing out every ‘Leftist’ or ‘Liberal’ politician with alleged ‘Illuminati’ or secret-society affiliations (according to most of these, little old Angela Merkel is the Devil, apparently), are not going to draw any attention to Trump throwing out these signals.

Which just confirms what I have already known – and been saying – for some time: that Jones, Watson, Breitbart and the rest of them (all of them surely pretty wealthy by now) are in fact a covert operation (probably run by intelligence agencies or COINTELPRO) and not actually real ‘alternative media’ at all.

All of that aside, I’m honestly still not sure what is actually going on: whether Trump was meant to win the election or whether it was supposed to be Hillary.

And also, someone being a member of a secret society doesn’t automatically make them sinister: most secret societies, at their point of origin in previous centuries, were probably good organisations designed for intellectual pursuits, science and philosophy, and were forced to operate in secrecy and develop secret handshakes and the like to protect themselves from the tyranny of the church.

A secret society could presumably be up to good or up to evil – my point being that the secrecy itself isn’t proof of ‘evil’.

The main point I’m getting at here is that it is very suspect when ‘Alt Right’ platforms obsess about the so-called ‘Illuminati’ and secret societies and brand Hillary Clinton as ‘Lucifer’ or ‘Satan’ or a child murderer, but then completely fail to notice their own candidate throwing up ‘Illuminati’ hand signals left, right and centre in the White House.

And hey, everyone here knows I’m no fan of Hillary: mostly because of her horrific run as Secretary of State, in which she helped destroy several nations. But we’ve bashed Hillary enough for now.

And I’m not totally dismissing Trump either. Him belonging to a secret society isn’t a crime and doesn’t necessarily mean he’s Up To No Good. But it is very, very suspect for someone who’s being held up as the ‘anti establishment’ hero – particularly when a whole lot of the gay-hating, Mexican-hating, pussy-grabbing plebs are declaring him ‘the Messiah’ or as someone “sent by God” to “bring down the New World Order”.

 Meme: He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy. 

Conclusion, in essence: I’m not buying Trump as the ‘anti establishment’ movement or victory. Not for a moment. Something else is – and was always – going on.


S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. I believe 100% in this illumaniti or free Mason Society is pure evil. And yes I respect you’re opinion what you posted about not knowing if it’s evil or not to the author thank you for not posting you’re blog and not sounding like a Trump supporter who can’t be told anything and are blind to the truth just like Trump is. Your opinions are very informative insightful,intellectual and isn’t condescending and I appreciate somebody who isn’t afraid to post the truth. And I don’t think believe that Trump displacing all of the hand signals for the illumaniti Initiation and he hates to be told what to do by big brother that’s what I think he was partly worried about.

    • I do believe the hand signals are his initiation sorry my spell check changed my words and he’s very afraid of the illuminati and I do believe they wanted a somebody who can follow orders .

      • Thanks, Natalie. I just think it’s very curious that he keeps making the hand signals. He does it so often. I actually suspect the ‘Illuminati’ probably doesn’t exist – or that it’s a false name that’s just meant to throw us all onto the wrong track. I agree with you that *some* network of secret societies is involved in most of the things people accuse the so-called ‘Illuminati’ of, but that they’re probably not *called* the Illuminati and probably don’t identify themselves as ‘Illuminati’.
        In any case, I imagine that Trump is definitely part of the club.

  2. Excellent observatons on the digital symbolisms… interesting that the hand signal of a six with 3 fingers standing seems like 3 stacked sixes. This seems to be a gesture of obedience to the Beast and do note that said symbol is being made with the right hand as per Rev 13. It may be thr heralding of a new economic age as the “mark” l is a must have economic mark for buying and selling. Also notice they are each looking off into oppossite directions as they do their symbols as though someone is cueing them; and O’s crossed fingers which can symbolize the weaving of the nations into a coat of many colors. Scriptures speak of 10 strong and dominant regional kings subduing the earth – a few are already visible. I understand that some choke at a Biblical perspective but we need to get past this if you want to understand truth – we shouldn’t confuse God’s holy word with man’s twistexd and manipulated religions. Lots of interesting and unusually long comments.

    • And he does great wonders, so that he makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, (nuclear missiles?)

      And deceives them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

      And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, (money talks, especially US Dollars) and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
      And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
      And that no man might BUY or SELL, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
      Revelation 13:13-17

      By this, it takes MONEY to buy or sell. I think people just don’t want to admit this because it would require all of us to engage in changing the system of the rich having most of it.

      You cannot serve 2 Masters. Either you would love one and hate the other, or you would serve one and neglect the other. You cannot serve God and money.
      Matthew 6:24

    • President Elect T also may have been coached for public speaking and, however unlikely, may ignorantly be makng some of these symbols. As for him being shocked… he might have had pretzels with Ole Lou himself in a private face to face session at the White House. Matthew 4:9 & Luke 4:7 come into play here as there are macabre spiritual conditions for obtaining Earthly power seats.

      Do you recall the 2 incidents shortly after September 11… first when Dubya Bush returned from NORAD (where he was rushed to for safety after 911) and how he was clearly shaken and his only utterance to the people when he appeared on the news late that same night was: “Pray!”.

      Then a few days later he appeared a bit black and blue and said it was because he choked on a pretzel and tripped going for help because no one else was around. Hmmm.

      In the mid 80’s Reagan also met in a closed door session with the Pope in Miami, at Plaza Vizcaya, the now publicly owned Deering Estate that old locals reported was used for dark sacrificial rituals.

      If certain people can’t stomach the rise of Donny T, imagine how they’ll protest when Jesus returns.

      Movie: Angel Heart

      • I remember PretzelGate. Are you suggesting there was more to that than I imagine?

    • Wow, you’re reading into it even more than I was. On another point, while I’m personally not particularly religious, I do have a lot of respect for religion at the purest level – but not much respect for, as you say, the twisted, manipulated interpretations that are so often employed for ulterior motives and agendas.

  3. I’ve noticed Trump’s basic, repetitive hand gestures since he entered the race, and they were no different when he was in the Oval Office.

    My thoughts on seeing him were he was thinking,’What have I done? This is so much bigger than I bargained for?’ It appeared to me he finally realized he was way over his head. The Republican and Wall Street Billionaires will tell him what to do!

    Unless the election was rigged, what Trump pulled off is absolutely amazing, love him or hate him!

    I think it was a Public Con job to suggest the elites, financial, political and media, were against him. The elites of the Republican Party put in the whole Party apparatus to get him elected. Even while they said CNN was for Clinton, they gave Trump more airtime without any serious challenges as I saw it.

    The reality in the aftermath is the election leaves the US more divided than ever before. Clinton got the majority of votes, and Trump got it on the Electoral College that was put in the US electoral system to make sure the elites retained control over the ignorant masses, except in this case. If the Republicans govern with total disregard of that reality, thinking they have a ‘mandate” things will get much worse.

    Watching from CanaDa, as I expressed in this Blog, I saw the choice was between BAD or WORSE. Naturally, as a People Lover, I wished I was wrong in that assessment and only Time will tell.

    I agreed with Trump on the need to talk with Russia to work out the differences, and that the media and the Plutocracy/Oligarchy was rigged against the average worker, but other parts of his character indicated to me he would be a prime receptacle for the spirit of anti-Christ American Christians believe will come. They thought it was Obama and Hillary, but obviously with this election result, that spirit is still to come.

    I had no favourite in the campaign and suspended all speculation on the outcome until the results were in.This is my opinion now:

    The Billionaire President-Elect has much experience with workers that performed the work that made him rich.

    Now that the VP is a Christian fundamentalist, and the Christian Evangelicals supported Trump, discarding the many Biblical references concerning the Rich “hardly ever” entering the kingdom, I now wonder if they will bring to his attention, this “prophecy” from their Bibles they never discuss in Public with their TV platforms, but insist the People must follow all Bible teachings?

    Go to now, you rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.
    Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth eaten.
    Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. You have heaped treasure together for the last days.

    Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by FRAUD, cries: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

    You have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; you have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.
    You have condemned and killed the just; and he does not resist you.
    Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waits for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain.
    James 5

    The last line does imply “regime change” of the rich elites the voters elected a Billionaire to bring about in the USA.

    I can only hope and pray, the Future President Trump is born again from the divisive Candidate Trump, being like Clinton exposed in the email as having one policy in Public for the election campaign but another one in Private, and will make the spirit of this letter a constant guiding light governing his behaviour and decision making for the next 4 years,

    “I want to tell the world community that while we will always put America’s interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone, with everyone — all people and all other nations. We will seek common ground, not hostility; partnership, not conflict.”

    Off topic, but for those who love Leonard Cohen’s ‘Suzanne’, there is a video of it in the following article posted online 5 years ago, about the period in my life when I washed dishes at Suzanne’s Kitchen on the Boardwalk of Venice Beach, California for $1/hour in the Spirit of ’76.



    • Thanks ray032, always enjoy your take.
      Yes, I quite respected Trump’s victory speech and thought it was very measured, responsible and even promising. Particularly when he called out for Democrats and everyone else to “guide” him and help him. I think that was a strong statement. And I think most of his campaign was an act that he may wish to step back from – the problem is this: it’s not Trump himself I worry about, but everyone he has gathered around him, particuarly of the type you mentioned in your comment. Pence being the most dangerous of all.
      There is also this: if anything happens to Trump (assassination, impeachment or some scandal forcing him to resign), it’s PENCE that becomes President. That’s more worrying than Trump himself by far.
      Also, RIP Leonard Cohen – what a class act.

  4. Conclusões.
    Apocalipse 17

    1 E veio um dos sete anjos que tinham as sete taças, e falou comigo, dizendo-me: Vem, mostrar-te-ei a condenação da grande prostituta que está assentada sobre muitas águas;
    2 Com a qual fornicaram os reis da terra; e os que habitam na terra se embebedaram com o vinho da sua fornicação.
    3 E levou-me em espírito a um deserto, e vi uma mulher assentada sobre uma besta de cor de escarlata, que estava cheia de nomes de blasfêmia, e tinha sete cabeças e dez chifres.
    4 E a mulher estava vestida de púrpura e de escarlata, e adornada com ouro, e pedras preciosas e pérolas; e tinha na sua mão um cálice de ouro cheio das abominações e da imundícia da sua fornicação;
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    9 Aqui o sentido, que tem sabedoria. As sete cabeças são sete montes, sobre os quais a mulher está assentada.
    10 E são também sete reis; cinco já caíram, e um existe; outro ainda não é vindo; e, quando vier, convém que dure um pouco de tempo.
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    Apocalipse 18
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    3 Porque todas as nações beberam do vinho da ira da sua fornicação, e os reis da terra fornicaram com ela; e os mercadores da terra se enriqueceram com a abundância de suas delícias.
    4 E ouvi outra voz do céu, que dizia: Sai dela, povo meu, para que não sejas participante dos seus pecados, e para que não incorras nas suas pragas.
    5 Porque já os seus pecados se acumularam até ao céu, e Deus se lembrou das iniqüidades dela.
    6 Tornai-lhe a dar como ela vos tem dado, e retribuí-lhe em dobro conforme as suas obras; no cálice em que vos deu de beber, dai-lhe a ela em dobro.
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    24 E nela se achou o sangue dos profetas, e dos santos, e de todos os que foram mortos na terra.

  5. Almost forgot there is also a petition currently on Change.org calling for the Electoral College to change their votes and put Clinton in the Whitehouse. So far it has 3.3 million supporters.


    Also since the election I’ve received 2 emails from Avaaz, a well known Soros funded campaign organisation, ramping up the anti Trump psyop.

    • Porque a visão é ainda para o tempo determinado, mas se apressa para o fim, e não enganará; se tardar, espera-o, porque certamente virá, não tardará.
      Eis que a sua alma está orgulhosa, não é reta nele; mas o justo pela sua fé viverá.
      Tanto mais que, por ser dado ao vinho é desleal; homem soberbo que não permanecerá; que alarga como o inferno a sua alma; e é como a morte que não se farta, e ajunta a si todas as nações, e congrega a si todos os povos.
      Habacuque 2:3-5

    • Well, that would be a disaster. Trump won, according to the (flawed) system. End of story. I think the US is in real trouble with a Pence-led regime, but what’s done is done – they won the election, now they should be allowed to govern.
      What’s pathetic is how badly the Democrats ran this campaign – it’s their own fault. Now they just need to wait four years for the next one – just as every other Democrat or Republican party has had to do forever. In fact, the best thing the Left can do is back off, let Pence and co have a disastrous four years, and in the meantime re-direct all of this current anger and resistance from liberals into the 2020 race and building up the Sanders movement for a takeover of the Democratic Party, the same way Corbyn has taken and held the Labour leadership.

  6. I first noticed the hand gestures during the first debate – he seemed to start almost every response with it – so have been thinking about its significance ever since. I have yet to pin down exactly what it means but I have never thought of him as the anti-establishment candidate more like the pro-corptocracy candidate. If anything I think he represents the complete and final takeover of the capitalist establishment. He is first and foremost a businessman and money makes him tick.

    As for the meeting with Obomber, Trump was definitely subdued, possibly overwhelmed but that could be because he’s been told to tone down the rhetoric now and he is busy thinking before speaking. At this point the country is a tinder box and saying the wrong thing now could spark untold unrest, escalating the already troubled masses protesting against democracy…the irony of which seems to be lost on the protesters.

    However, despite the election result, despite the visit to the Whitehouse, I can’t hear that fat lady singing yet. A big deal is being made of Killary winning the popular vote and her supporters are out in the streets voicing their disapproval of the president elect in dozens of cities now which has clearly been instigated by the mainstream media. Everyone is so caught up in their own confirmation bias bubble of “we’re right you’re wrong”. Too busy throwing insults at each other to actually sit down and talk/listen about what is really going on. The political elite will not be beaten until we stop playing the game their way. Sadly these young people out there protesting what they’ve been told is a PROBLEM are merely following their programming by the MSM and cannot see that they are being manipulated into the desired REACTION which will allow the predetermined SOLUTION to be provided. And what will that solution be? How about the Electoral College voting for Clinton, and not Trump, to appease the protesting people.

    Now you are probably thinking: they can’t do that they have to vote the way the people of their state voted. But they can, only about half of the states have legislation prohibiting their Electoral College Voters from voting anything other than in line with state results. And if they do vote against the results there is only a small fine or penalty for doing so. In fact Maryland has already passed legislation to allow their Electoral College to allow them to vote for whoever wins the popular vote – 10 Electoral Votes although Clinton won Maryland so it wouldn’t make a difference. However, if other states do the same and decide that even if Trump won their state they will vote for Clinton they could overturn the election. This of course would be unconstitutional and could result in Trump supporters taking to the streets, possibly clashing with the Clinton supporters, leading to civil unrest the likes of which hasn’t been seen in decades. All of which could easily lead to martial law and potentially Obama using some of his many executive orders which, surprise surprise, have been put in place for just these kinds of events.

    So expect more unrest on the street of America but don’t expect this to be an easy few months leading up to the inauguration in January as everything could change in December when the Electoral College votes.

    • Right exactly; I’m not saying Trump is bad or that Hillary is better or anything like that – just that people are being really stupid if they think he’s the Outsider or the anti-establishment guy. The guy’s being part-funded by Goldman Sachs, for crying out loud, and possibly some Soros insiders:
      What people don’t get is that both Trump and Brexit are geared towards an ultra-capitalist situation styled on the 1980s – I saw a writer refer to it as ‘Thatcherism on Steroids’.
      In regard to changing the electoral college votes and all that, it would be a disaster to go down that road. If the anti-Trump protesters are this angry *now*, imagine what the Trump supporters are going to be like if the election is reversed. *Unless* they want the Trump supporters to rise up and get violent so that they can go full Martial Law response. Which is definitely possible.

  7. I didn’t vote, because it was like being asked “Do you want to get shot on the chest or the stomach?” I don’t want to get shot at all, but sadly that choice was not available. As for Trump, my husband remarked that he thought that Trump looked shocked that he actually won. I have read from a few other sites, surmising that Trump dialed up the crazy to throw the election and make it easier for Clinton to win. There are revelations that the DNC wanted Trump, because they thought he would be easy for someone as disgusting as Hillary to beat.

    I don’t support Trump at all, but there is good evidence that he doesn’t mean 75% of the crap that comes out of his mouth. It’s important to remember that he is an actor and reality TV show star, and he knows how to work it in front of the cameras. He was also formerly a Democrat, and was also pro-choice (rich people always are in their private lives, if not in their public lives). He changed his position once he was publicly identified with the Republican party.

    Also, it’s obvious that Trump is an insider…he wouldn’t get that rich without being “one of them”. He “earned” his fortune by exploiting networks and knowledge that are not available to the common man or woman, and to have access to that you must be already be a part of the upper class, and if they are really ambitious, they know to join secret societies in order to access the best career opportunities. As for Alex Jones and the “alt-right”, I believe they are a subsidiary of Fox News. At least I know InforWars is definitely a division of Fox News.

    So why did the “anti-establishment” plebes vote for him? I get that some are really snookered, thinking that Trump really is “anti-establishment”, but plenty of voters went for him because they were angry Sanders voters. They had no illusions about Trump, but they never forgave the DNC for stealing the nomination. Frankly, it was more of a FUCK YOU vote, and if you look at Hillary’s record, a powerful argument can be made that Hillary was actually more dangerous. She’s a proven danger, Trump is an unknown in that regard–which works for him. Do you want a proven criminal, or someone who could be a criminal, but may not turn out that way if the circumstances are right? In that light, swinging for Trump actually makes sense.

    The reality is this: REAL outsiders do not get free media coverage (Jill Stein, Sanders during the primaries–he only started getting real coverage when he “conceded” and started supporting Hillary, and yes he’s a sell-out). He got free media coverage because the “consent manufacturers” thought that if they lampooned and derided Trump endlessly, they could massage enough consent (i.e. disgust) to generate votes for Hillary. Turns out they underestimated the disgust most people have for the current system: high unemployment, low wage, insecure service jobs, insanely high rents, crazy health insurance premiums, working 2 or 3 jobs just to pay rent, etc. THAT was why Hillary lost. Yes, some people are gullible enough to think Trump will do something for them. But the real reason is that Trump, even when he was dialing up the crazy (honestly it looked like it was on purpose), ACTUALLY CARED ENOUGH TO LIE TO THESE VOTERS.

    I know it’s strange to say, “cared enough to lie”. But Hillary didn’t even bother. She acted like, why do I even have to address these losers? Part of your job as a politician is to act like you care, even if you don’t. That requires some acting skills. If you can’t handle that requirement, don’t run for office. So here she goes, acting like she’s too good to even acknowledge these basket of deplorables,yet she wanted their vote. Man, that brain damage must be very extensive, because anyone with common sense would know that’s not how you treat people if you want them to vote for you. I’m very socially backwards and even I know that piece of truism. Also, she raised so much money…she was given every possible advantage, yet she lost. And deservedly so.

    I don’t endorse lying, don’t get me wrong. But when you make the effort to come up with a good lie, it perversely shows some respect to the people you are lying to. It shows that you care enough about what they think to not get caught. But when you don’t even bother to lie…when you think it’s simply good enough to ignore people and paint your opponent and their supporters as crazy, that really is the height of arrogance. It’s also the biggest fuck you to the people whose vote you want, which her and her handlers didn’t seem to understand.

    Lastly, keep in mind that the a sizeable portion of the white voters who went to Trump actually voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. So yes, there were white racists, but a lot of these white voters were simply sick of working 3 jobs (or not working at all), and wanted real economic change in their lives. Trump was their hail mary.

    Anyway, I can’t get the image of a flushing toilet out of my head after this election debacle. I believe everyone lost, regardless of who “won”.

    • Yes, well the whole thing was set up for everyone to lose the moment Sanders was forced out of the running. Polls from right up to the election day showed that Sanders was the most popular politician in America at that point – far more so than Trump or Hillary. The same polls also showed Obama was more popular still than either Trump or Hillary.
      In terms of Trump being put there to help Hillary – I suspected that from about a year ago, but it doesn’t make sense to me that they’d then let him win the election: particularly when there are currently suggestions that the Right may have rigged the election to some extent (
      I was starting to think, a week or so ago, not only that both candidates were mixed up with the Elite and with shadow/secret gov networks, but that someone in that shadowy background saw which way the wind was blowing and decided to switch preference to Trump – better to control the ‘opposition’ than to continue to forcefully prop up an unpopular Hillary.
      Otherwise, yes, I agree wholly that Trump doesn’t believe most of the crap he said in the campaign. He was a great actor playing a role – but it’s probably going to backfire on him when he’s in office. And the other problem is that – although he was a Democrat before – he has now also surrounded himself with the most hard-Right, dangerous people possible: Guliani and Pence, for example – and even talk of Sarah Palin being brought in. Obviously – as you know well enough – I’m not saying Hillary was a better option by any means. And in some ways, I still think there’s a chance the Trump presidency could yield some good – but there are so many potential ways that it won’t.
      But you’re right that it was a big fuck you to the system – and on that level I sympathise with it. And also, I like Trump as entertainment – but I don’t think I’ll be that amused if Le Pen wins in France next year and ‘Alternative for Germany’ wins, or multiple Western countries go Far Right. And the Left is largely to blame for its own catastrophe – and nothing epitomises that more than the fact that the DNC actively suppressed a genuinely popular, grassroots movement of Leftist, liberal, progressive people in order to prop up an unpopular, corrupt establishment candidate. That’s on them.

      • Here in the US, the establishment has really succeeded in slandering the left, like all we give a shit about is identity politics. Yes we care about racial and sexual equality, but that’s not all we’re about. The DNC is corporatist (which is actually very right wing–Hillary is actually more right wing than Theresa May and Marine LePen on economic issues) and this is what passes for the American mainstream “left”.

        From what I have gathered so far about the American Deep State, they reserve their special hatred and persecution for true left wing activists and revolutionaries, which I haven’t seen for most right wing movements. Ruby Ridge and Waco occupy the right side of the spectrum, but they weren’t running a country. When has the American Deep State propped up a “leftist” dictatorship? Like never. But there are plenty of right wing dictatorships that “disappeared” left wing activists that the Deep State happily supported. But I suppose that makes sense, given that the Deep State is essentially right wing in nature and philosophy. I have read a few right wing figures who have “died under mysterious circumstances”, but if you do a body count the left has taken far more hits. Charles de Gaulle was no leftist (I believe he was center-right), and I do know that he was nearly assassinated by the Deep State, but that’s the only major right political figure I can think of that was targeted for elimination. Other right wing dictators were eliminated when they wandered too far from the plantation and started thinking of their country’s own interests.

        The reality, which too few people articulate, is that today’s Democratic Party are firm believers and enforcers of economic feudalism. That’s right wing, not left wing. They truly believe that to matter, to have even your basic needs met, you must have money. Clean water and air is not a right, neither is medical care or housing. Economic justice to them means he/she with the most money has the most influence. They like a pliant, desperate, and insecure workforce who will do anything they are told because they are scared of losing the roofs over their heads. A scared labor force who will fight amongst themselves for the “privilege” of working any job, no matter how low paying or exploitative. Subservient and desperate people are really nice for rich people aren’t they? Allows them to buy goods and services they normally wouldn’t be able to, like a much older gentleman or gentlewoman buying the affections of a much younger, impoverished woman/man for pennies on the dollar (we have to account for all sexualities, after all). That’s what the Democratic Party of today is. Not the party of justice, but the party of corporate overlords who wish to rape and plunder at home and abroad with no consequences whatsoever. The Republican Party is at least honest about it.

        The DNC thought it was enough to browbeat voters by saying you must be racist, sexist, anti-gay to not vote for Hillary. What person would ever think it was progress if a female CEO laid them off or committed fraud for personal gain? Does a woman who works 3 jobs think, gee, “I’d feel better if it was a woman rather than a man who is underpaying and exploiting me”? Does a gay Muslim suffering in Iraq think, “my struggles are worth it if it’s a lesbian that’s bombing my country into submission and taking my country’s oil and other natural resources”. BS identity politics are the crumbs they deign to throw at voters with any left tendencies, but you can’t live on crumbs, even if you wanted to. There are brown, yellow, female, gay, and all of the above that are seriously suffering economically, who need the economic rape and plunder to stop. They see bills they can’t pay and jobs that pay next to nothing. Rich celebrities in various genders and races saying everything is great won’t do a thing to change that reality.

        Finally, the DNC refused to answer the question of what it means to be an economic loser, and why the punishment of losing needs to be so severe. Let’s say you can’t get a job, not because you don’t want to work, but because not enough businesses are hiring. Millions are facing this everyday–unable to work because not enough jobs to go around. Do you deserve to be homeless because no one can or will hire you? Do you deserve to die of starvation? You’re willing to work, but if no one is hiring, your willingness counts for jack shit. And work only counts when it’s paid, because the electric company and the landlord won’t take IOU’s. So what does the DNC and Hillary have to say about this? Able bodied people willing to work should not be starving or homeless just because there are no jobs. That’s not natural, that’s man made. There are plenty of resources to go around, it’s just the top layer hogging everything for itself. There’s no scarcity issue here–it’s clear as day that a few people are being greedy, and everyone is suffering as a result.

        The mechanisms the privileged few use to hog everything is political in nature, it’s not an “act of god”. But if they can convince you that it is an “act of god”, that it’s some kind of natural law, you will just accept your lot in life and not resist or complain. “Some people are just better, that’s why they have so much more than me. If I have so much less, it’s because I’m inferior and I deserve my misfortune. My natural inferiority means that I will always need superiors to tell me what to do and think.” That’s how they want the underclass to think. And if the underclass accepts this way of thinking (and a sizeable portion already has), then the more naturally submissive they will be, doing everything their superiors tell them to. This is the “nirvana” the elite wants to achieve. Will they achieve total victory and achieve complete dominion and control over the “untermenschen”? I guess we’ll have to see and find out.

        • Epic observations.
          I agree, by the way, that the DNC doesn’t know what the ‘Left’ is; and the DNC essentially fucked over the real Leftists and progressives and the kids this year. I think a lot of Sanders supporters fully recognised that and is why many of them either voted Trump or didn’t vote at all. What will be interesting is to see what battle is fought within the Democrat Party now, post-Hillary, and who goes forward to carry the party. Will it be something like we’ve seen with Corbyn and Labour in the UK or will it just be more of the same?

  8. This is very interesting writing my Earthling friend! Yes, you are right that the symbols cannot be an accidentally. Already, as a materialist extraterrestrial, I believe in there is no such thing as coincidence:)

    But this part is confusing for me. “The main point I’m getting at here is that it is very suspect when ‘Alt Right’ platforms obsess about the so-called ‘Illuminati’ and secret societies and brand Hillary Clinton as ‘Lucifer’ or ‘Satan’ or a child murderer..”

    If Trump has connection with illuminati organization, why they brand H. Clinton as “Lucifer”. To believe in Lucifer does not belong to illuminati? If this was kind of “bait and switch”, why the signs that you also mentioned were very clear in front of people? How they(illuminati organization) could take this risk that people can be aware?

    Or I missed the signs at your post and misunderstood all issue 🙂

    • Thanks, my ET friend. What I was saying is that it is suspicious when ‘alternative’ media demonises Hillary Clinton for being a ‘satanist’ and being involved in secret societies, Bohemian Grove, etc, but then doesn’t say anything about their man Trump showing the same hand-signals. If they believe in those conspiracy theories about the hand-signs and ‘Illuminati’, etc, then why would they only focus on Hillary and not on Trump?
      In terms of the signs being ‘very clear in front of people’: it seems like it always is that way, as possibly shown in the images of Sarkosy, Blair, etc. They don’t seem to hide it; but are frequently shown casually making these gestures with their hands. And all I’m saying is that if Trump is doing it too, then he probably belongs to the same network of people.

  9. Fascinating romp of a read. Bill Hicks Puppet Show, the obvious, comes to mind. Assuming Trump is the genuine opportunist and people carer, disclosures by ‘friends’ claim, any looked-shocked, be understandable. Truth or lies told by these fancy themselves, life making-magicians behind Obama etc, could have reinforced deal and penalties? Suggestions last weekend the neo-con lot offered some ‘thing’ – said to have been declined. White House visit could have been ‘family secret time’. Obviously Donald would only have one weapon in his arsenal; “do what you like, to me or loved ones, I’m not backing down…” etc etc. Makes me think he may have been shown something, even he only suspected or perhaps never even knew about? Most-most reality whack, would take us back to said-Illuminati, which if nothing else proposes demonstrates/experiences reckoned from the other dimensions, nether regions – or many would say, nether-lies, be never never land. But get, “it’s like Don saw a ghost?” Yet could be, he’s all suckered be nice and move-on. Charmed by Hillary and Obama in minutes. Maybe dem; “I.. put a… spell on yoooou…”

    Size of the alt. right and Trump for me, spec’d out in motive matters. This and output that’s hard to put down to reverse psychology and perceived outcome/results… What’s occurring because..? There could always be threats and concessions, conceded to those from the shadows. Yet my reading – consider misplaced over or under reaction – is a natural outworking of the formula: ‘We’re in big trouble + take our proclaiming chances = exaggerate/amp up -or- understate to push-on’. Desperation, frustration and strategic attention/audience gathering. Plus, believe-selves into: Because look this way and not that – makes-sense.

    For me the two glaring errors from Infowars and, the alt-ers (although little fun-fun surprise there) concerns Islam and false-flags. Otherwise for my bursts along Alex and co, can right oh rock me up and active. This deflated occasionally with aghast and squirm. Too down-the-road for me not to be increasingly, ‘what’s not against, is for’ rather than, ‘what’s not for and much-like, is against’. More about being in a band than going to gigs.

    All about where it goes now. Disagree they’re stirring the young Left up. Chance-a-be… personal polling shows, politico-activiticos, wouldn’t dare listen in for a minute. Might have watched the odd clips that in their mind shows ridicule. ‘Other side’ on 9/11 etc is all there is to say about that. As for their listeners not-Left and sort, overwhelming masses UK-wide that’s for sure, don’t bother and it’s MSM who spin them into unnecessary prejudice. And this is, bold, reverse psychology.

    Welcome the direction of this piece. Certain needed diversity strengthens. There are media manipulators wanting war with Islam and contributing to hostility. Brexit is being desperately (that word again), used to divide race by the remain-lobby duped, way more than exit-ers. At least with the moderate multitudes. And for those calling “terrorist attacks” plainly not halal sausage to do with religion, are reinforcing the shadows services work. Donald and Infowars have much to prove in maintain a steady diplomatic progress-awaken line. These past few months have shifted because of Trump-speak, conversations from here to Berlin and beyond. How this continues fragile hope or disappointment? Hundreds of US Govt. jobs and standing by promises or not, will say all that’s needed about the election. (This of course is weeks away and no ways certain Donald will get there). Could be the wider wind-up dialectic and more of the same. But to say ‘could’ is that gap on the road ahead and maybe breaks a bit, to bad-bad, are on? Trump-won, err on, this could usher some light-up. If he did half-what he said good – and, was vote-winning tawk re the bad stuff an’ don’t, defies the t.v. type pundits re jobs for the boys? Well, well, well… yea thou, all in all, social trouble sadly increases nevertheless. On handshakes – dunno? Could be posh and assertive posing. Do believe, think-illuminating, is rampant in the underbelly. Maybe Donald is sending them, the one when seated next to Obama, defiance not adherence?

    • Thanks Mark. This whole thing is ridiculous now – everyone, on every side, is so pumped up and totally mistrusting of the other side. The mainstream media is lying about a whole bunch of stuff – which it always does – but the alt-right media is lying its ass off too; which makes it practically impossible for most people to understand where the truth is. The ‘truth’ itself is no longer even a thing, because it is so obscured by now. And when the ‘truth’ becomes impossible to ascertain, everyone reverts to gut feeling and innate response instead – which is mostly a mixture of fear, tribal instinct or anger. Everyone needs to calm down and be emotionless and try to see clearly and with logic – but that’s not going to happen, because both the MSM and the alt-sites are stirring up everyone’s emotions and outrage. None of this is going to lead to good things; not as it currently is anyway.
      Appreciate the Bill Hicks reference though – would love to have Hicks be alive in these times to offer comic observation. Have you ever heard the theory that Alex Jones actually *is* Bill Hicks? Bit too wacky for my tastes, but an entertaining notion.

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