Something Fishy About the Turkish Protests in Holland…?

Turkish protesters in the Netherlands, 2017

Or an alternative title for this post could ‘Turkey Comes to the Aid of Geert Wilders’.

I’m just going to come out and say it – even though I could be totally wrong about this. Does anyone else think that the ‘Turkish protests’ in the Netherlands are teeny-weeny bit suspect? I hinted at this yesterday in the post about Geert Wilders – though I didn’t suggest it being a conspiracy at the time.

But with the Dutch elections just a day or so away now and concerns about Zionist-agent Geert Wilders and his PVV party “doing a Trump” and causing an upset, I thought it was more than curious timing that these violent, out-of-control protests suddenly kicked off in the Netherlands. At PRECISELY the time that suits Geert Wilders beautifully.

The protests are all being carried out by Turks, of course – which means (mostly) angry, aggressive ‘Muslims’. Even *I* can spin that immediately as ‘Muslim Hordes on the Rampage’ – even better (for Wilders), is the image of “Hundreds of protesters waving Turkish flags” on Dutch streets: which even I, in my ‘liberal’ outlook, think is a stupid, inappropriate thing for them to be doing in a central European country and for the sake of a Turkish government that has transformed itself into a dictatorship in all but name.

Seriously, I sometimes wonder whether people even know what they’re protesting or marching for anymore: or whether they just react, as so many often do, from sheer tribal reflex.

In fact, even *I* was thinking to myself ‘if they’re so passionate about the Erdogan government, why aren’t they back in Turkey instead of rioting in Rotterdam?’ Which is precisely what Geert Wilders then said later. Which immediately made me want to take a shower: for I was horrified to have thought the same thing he said.

I did a quick check too and noted that the Zionist-aligned and pro-Wilders Breitbart depicted the protests as ‘Islamist Mobs’ running riot in Rotterdam.

The situation has been so bad that, according to reports, ‘Dutch police used dogs and water cannon early on Sunday to disperse the crowd, which threw bottles and stones’. But again, given how prevalent it is these days in ‘alt-media’ to regard protesters as a conspiracy, I have to ask whether this unrest is all that it seems to be – or are these silly flag-waving people in Rotterdam more like “useful idiots” being utilised in a broader game?

The Dutch government’s decision to bar ministers from the Erdogan government from campaigning in the Netherlands seems entirely reasonable – and is supported by other European governments, including Germany. The Turkish ministers were in Holland specifically to convince the Dutch Turkish communities to support the Erdogan government’s plans to expand the Turkish President’s powers and alter the constitution: essentially, a drastic and further expansion of powers for a government that has already been oppressing minorities, shutting down media organisations and intimidating opposition politicians for some time now already.

The Dutch government has said it was trying to avoid the danger of ‘importing divisions’ into its own Turkish minority community, which has both pro and  anti Erdogan camps. Entirely reasonable. There are lots of anti-Erdogan Turkish people in Holland too – but you wouldn’t think that from the footage we’ve been seeing, which instead creates the impression that all of the Turkish community in the Netherlands is marching for Erdogan.

My question is: was this unrest in Rotterdam merely an organic, unexpected reaction to the Dutch government’s move or was it being manipulated deliberately – and for the sake of Geert Wilders’ election chances?

In that scenario, my suggestion is not that the Dutch government was manipulating anything. But that some other agencies or external forces may have been involved in – or helped guide – the more violent or disruptive elements of the protest to turn it into a much bigger-impact event.

The timing just seems too curious to me. It could just be coincidence – or just bad timing. In which case, Geert Wilders might have fate on his side – which is not a nice thought.

Or it could be something more. Possibly even some element within the current Dutch government (who might be quietly sympathetic to Geert Wilders’ party) might’ve pushed for or guided this banning of the Turkish ministers, knowing it might create a reaction on the streets that could then be amplified and used for propaganda effect.

I am only speculating – there is no proof of this. And perhaps I’m just being too paranoid: but, after all the information I worked through in this research last week, I am perhaps bound to be suspicious of conspicuous timing.

Either way, Geert Wilders (and his Zionist-nationalist sponsors) must be very happy with this turn of events.


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  1. Or an alternative title for this post could be “The Dutch Comes to the Aid of Erdoğan”

  2. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”, my Earthling friend. 🙂

    In 1928 the world’s big economic crisis had opened the road for increasing fascism. When the dates come to 1935, for example Nazis’ Wehrmacht was the unique example in world history. Because it was the army which was formed of volunteers at first; mostly poor and unemployes people.

    In 2008 the world’s big economic crisis has been opening the road for increasing fascism, again. Fascism resurrects in Europe again. Even the same happened in US. Mostly the poor voters’ tendency goes to fascist parties.

    The assurance of world of finance, so the neoliberalism did the same thing again. Like in 1929, in 2008 and after then, neoliberalism has put the world economy in crisis.

    While the real problem is the neoliberalist politics, and while the poor people are the most damaged masses, the poor people hold on to the fascism.

    In 1930’s, the enemy against the fascism was the communism and socialism. But todays the enemy against the fascism shows as the immigrants and refugees.Of course, there is rightfulness part in here, but not in high economic levels. Because the poors of 3rd world countries aren’t being wanted by the poors of 1st world countries in Europe. Actually while the both side poors don’t want each other, the bosses in Europe are rubbing their hands together with enjoy due to low-cost labour.

    Well, what will happen after then?

    Probably, the 3rd world countries will miss the “AI” era, as same as the industrial revolution slipped through their fingers. But my opinion they will not to be only loser side. All ordinary people on the planet, while elites devolop the AI techs for their profits and aims, ordinary people will sink more and more into the economic crisis, but elites will not deal with their crisis, because elites will hold all informations of all people in their records. Probably robots era will be more fast after than, for using robots instead of human labour which makes trouble all time according to elites.

    And these events go to the days which will be inspired to Terminator movie:))

    Also, I love that guy! So I meant Shakespeare, not Terminator.:) I’d really like to met him face to face on this planet, my Earthling friend!

    • And I would like to meet a hybrid of Terminator and Shakespeare 🙂
      Very good observations, my ET friend.

  3. If the Turkish government thought such violent protests are counterproductive to their cause would they have let the flow? Not that they are sabre rattling fanatics

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