Mass Surveillance: a political cartoon by Eric Garcia

A quick introduction to the work of Eric Garcia – a bad-ass political cartoonist who got in touch me with me a few weeks ago.

Eric began creating his cartoons while he was serving in the U.S. Air Force and he decided to start making fun of the military.

He has gone on from there to continue an incisive, cartoon-based assault on perceived political corruption, social injustice and mass media hypocrisy.

These are some examples of his most recent work.

One is a comment on potential deportation of immigrant individuals who’ve served their adopted country in armed forces and other capacities. Another is a particularly cutting take on the refugee crisis and in particular the demonisation of refugees.


Some of his cartoons are genuinely fabulous, showcasing his ability to hit precisely the right note to express a political or social reality via the almost retro (nowadays) medium of the political cartoon. He is also a gifted painter and sculptor and has created a number of murals and art installations.

 Muhammad Ali tribute: cartoon by Eric Garcia 

Described elsewhere as ‘one of the best most incisive political cartoonists working today’, Eric’s work can be seen in a number of national and international publications. His work will also feature semi-regularly on this blog in the future.

Here is El Machete Illustrated. Eric’s website is here.


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