Princess Di, Grace Kelly & the Curious World of Secret Societies, Royal Elites & Occult Ritual…

Grace Kelly and Princess Diana

Having reiterated the general case for Princess Diana (and Dodi Fayed) having been assassinated, there has also for a long time now been a case to be made – as hinted at yesterday – for the assassination having also been a ritual/sacrifice possibly designed to speak to veiled occult interests.

Although I often urge caution when dealing with subjects like this, concerning the Princess of Wales’s death specifically this idea has always appeared to carry some weight.

This idea, which has gathered a lot of steam over the years, centers on the fact that the site of the car accident was once the site of a temple to the goddess Diana; and, according to some, was a location of underground chambers where ritual sacrifices used to be carried out (to the goddess Diana; and established by Merovingians some time between 500 – 750 AD).

In Roman mythology, Diana – representative of the Sacred Feminine – was the goddess of nature, childbirth, hunting and the protector of the weak. She was also equivalent to (and linked with) the Egyptian goddess Isis.

The limo also happened to crash into the thirteenth pillar of the tunnel – which appears to have all kinds of significance in terms of the Merovingians (see here, for example – I’m not necessarily endorsing everything that other people have written, but simply asserting the fact that the 13th pillar seems very signficant in a way that is difficult to ignore).

On the matter of Grace Kelly (pictured above with Diana and Charles), I’ll come to that at the end and explain why I think it may be relevant.

As interested in the ‘occult’ (which, in general and when it doesn’t involve secret societies, is *not* actually the sinister or ‘satanic’ subject that some people mistakenly think it signifies – the word has seemingly become very misunderstood or misused by some conspiracy theorists) as I have always been, I would’ve – even a few years ago – generally avoided bringing symbolic/occult considerations into a subject like this one.

My personal instinct was always to keep a clear separation between those kinds of considerations and what should be a very sober, analytical approach to very serious subjects like, for example, terrorism, politics or assassinations – which is why I’ve posted on this subject separately from the article on the crash (or assassination) itself.

However, over time, it has become more difficult to maintain that rule all the time – because, particularly in some instances (and the Diana assassination is definitely such an instance), the connections are so apparent that to ignore them actually becomes negligent or wilfully ignorant instead of just cautious.

As a side-note (and, admittedly, I’m about to go off on a major tangent here) the Merovingians are regarded by many as being partly descended from the bloodline of Jesus (not proven) and also as being ancestors to all European royal families.

A very famous book I recommend reading is The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln. Whether the book is plausible or simply consists of over-imaginative, psuedo-historical nonsense is something I have never resolved; but it was so engaging that I read it three or four times as a teenager.

The book argues that the children of Jesus and Mary Magdaelene intermarried with some of the noble familes in France, creating the Merovingian Dynasty, from which apparently all the royal houses of Europe descend. The book also argued that a secret society called the ‘Priory of Sion’ (or ‘Zion’ – and who also, according to the book, created the Knights Templar and therefore, arguably, both modern banking and modern Freemasonry) is working to reestablish the Merovingian bloodline to power all across Europe and a European Empire based on European nationalism and politically and religiously unified through the imperial cult of the Merovingian bloodline.

As a side-note to this side-note, they also claimed, fascinatingly, that the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion wasn’t in fact related to ‘Zionism’ in the Jewish or Israel sense at all – but to this so-called ‘Priory of Zion’ society; but was later mistakenly associated with Jewish Zionism by anti-Semites.

While it’s a fascinating book, I tend to think it plays more as a kind of ‘alternate history’ fiction in places rather than entirely convincing historical record. What it does is to take plenty of legitimate or plausible history (for example, the well-attested idea that Mary Magdalene was a major apostle figure and teacher and rival to the Roman Church, and that she may have escaped to the South of France and lived out the rest of her life there) and then to embellish it with lots of speculative dot-connecting for which there isn’t necessarily much reliable proof.

I’m not dismissing the book – it has a lot of genuinely interesting ideas and very intelligent reasoning – but I’m also wary of treating it as ‘gospel truth’.

Nevertheless, the book has been hugely influential – and many, many people now regard it with almost religious devotion.

As I said, I generally prefer here to stay focused on the bare bones aspects of the conspiracy and not go too much into the occultish side of things: but, to go into that side of things, you might as well start with David Icke’s view of the Diana assassination here, since a lot of the underlying themes to this stem from his book The Biggest Secret, which focuses heavily on the death of Diana and also, more broadly, is about what he believes to be the elite or ‘Illuminati’ bloodlines (of which the British Royal Family – which actually isn’t British, strictly speaking – is one) that control the world.

Again, I’m not necessarily endorsing everything that other people have written.

This being said – and as much as I usually try to avoid the speculative, occult, symbolic side of things – sometimes the markers are so conspicuous that you end up having to acknowledge them.

And the location of Diana’s murder – Paris; literally the ‘City of Isis’ (‘Para-Isis’) – is, as previously discussed, a major symbolic/occult location. I am not averse to the idea that Diana’s death in Paris may have been part assassination and part occult ritual sacrifice – in the same way that the November 13th Paris ‘ISIS’ attacks (again, see here) were likely to have been part state-enabled/false-flag terrorist attack and part occult/ritual sacrifice marking the November 13th murder of the Knights Templar.

 Princess Diana car crash, Paris 

I covered that subject at length here, essentially illustrating how the Paris attacks, including the Bataclan Theater massacre, appeared to be a massive display of occult symbolism, knowingly invoking everything from the Templars, the Jesuit Order and the so-called ‘Illuminati’ to making sacrifice to Mars the God of War.

Read more: ‘Paris, the City of Isis – Major Occult Symbolism, Mass Hypnosis & the Terror Psy-Op‘…

Even as someone who, again, usually tries to remain focused on the meat and potatoes, that whole business of ‘ISIS’ (the so-called ‘Islamic State’) attacking the City of Isis on Friday 13th (and invoking all of those symbols) was just too ridiculously rich to ignore.

Likewise, the idea of Diana meeting her dubious death at the site of an ancient Diana temple in the ‘City of Isis’ and crashing at the 13th pillar is just too obvious to ignore too.

Curiously – as another footnote – Hyde Park’s first new scultpure for 50 years (in 2009) was literally called ‘Isis’ and was right next to the Diana Memorial.

I’m not all that inclinded to go down the ‘Diana Knew the Royal Family’s Illuminati Bloodline Secret and That’s Why She Was Killed’ route. There’s a lot of stuff all over the Internet to that effect, including the belief that Diana was involved in secret rituals that had horrified her (as well as claims that Prince William is the ‘Anti Christ’, etc).

I’m not really into all that stuff – although, in fairness, the Diana quote about the House of Winsdor being “not human” is genuine (however, there isn’t necessarily enough reason to think she was being literal when she was probably being colorful and derogatory).

However, even putting all of that stuff aside, there’s still a likelihood that Diana would’ve been initiated into – or become aware of – secrets of some kind or another. Even just the Jimmy Saville satanic ring is an example of something that comes to mind.

What always struck me about this idea of Diana having been initiated into shady things is the fact that the most famous ‘Princess’ of modern times before Diana was Monaco’s ‘Princess Grace’ (the legendary Hollywood actress, Grace Kelly, who left film to marry into the Monaco royal family) – and that she too died in a car accident (in 1982), which also fueled suspicion and conspiracy theory.

 Grace Kelly, Princess Grace of Monaco 

Just as curiously, claims have long existed that Grace Kelly had been initiated into the ‘Order of the Solar Temple’ cult (a society thought to have spun off from an earlier Aleister Crowley order) – and that, in fact, this was just months before her death.

Just as curiously, the Order of the Solar Temple is most famous for later mass suicides and ritual murder; and, on top of that, for being linked to the CIA and the Operation Gladio terrorist network.

Philip Coppens’ article ‘Knights of the Extreme Right’ (published in Nexus magazine) is an absolutely fascinating read on this subject – although it doesn’t relate to the Diana story at all, I highly recommend reading it for the general perspective it provides.

But the separate claims about two high-profile women marrying into powerful elite/royal families both having also been initiated into (possibly occult or secret-society) secrets – and then both dying in car accidents – has always made me wonder if the two unrelated stories (Princess Grace and Princess Diana) actually mirror each other in ways beyond just the manner of death.

Curiously – though I’m not suggesting we should make much of this – Diana, when attending Grace Kelly’s funeral, is reported to have told Princess Caroline of Monaco that she and Kelly were ‘psychically connected’.



Given the death of Grace Kelly in Monaco, I also always found disturbing the famous footage from 2011 of ‘Princess Charlene’ apparently in tears during her wedding ceremony to Prince Albert II of Monaco. According to multiple reports in the media, she had tried to flee three times and had to have her passport confiscated to make sure she went through with the wedding.

Admittedly, we’ve gone off on a massive tangent here: however, the underlying point would be a suspicion that has grown more and more over the years that there is a definite overlap-point between some occult secret societies, elite/royal families and even things like false-flag terrorism and conspiracies involving intelligence agencies and Deep State operations.

As much as I might prefer to keep all those things separate, the reality might not allow for it.

More than anything, the death of Diana looks very much like a Deep State operation – but one with underyling ritualistic/occult markers deliberately invoked. And when those kinds of markers are invoked, it’s obviously not just for the fun of it – but because it means something significant to someone and serves some ritualistic, religious or ceremonial purpose.

None of this is necessary or needed in order to prove or argue the case for Diana having been assassinated – which is why I’ve separated it from the main article about the fatal car crash. But it is nevertheless a dimension to the story that definitely warrants attention.


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  1. Excellent thought provoking article Burning Blogger.

    My immediate reaction 20 years ago was “murder!”. But your piece made me wonder just how much of the Diana tragicomedy is real. Just how much she was in on the long running psyop.

    In fact how do we know that she is really dead? If the whole thing was as controlled as your article implies then all bets are off I think. We can have no certainty about anything in the official story, other than it is not true.

    • I assume she genuinely died. But, to be honest, who knows anything for certain anymore?

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