Who Killed Journalist/Blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia in Malta and Why…?

Murdered journalist Daphne Galizia

Three men were charged two weeks ago with the murder of the Maltese investigative journalist/blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was murdered in a car bomb on the 16th October.

George and Alfred Degiorgio, aged 55 and 53, and Vincent Muscat, 55, who have all pleaded not guilty. They are also accused of possessing the bomb-making materials and weapons.

Galizia, who had been a journalist for various publications, ran the Running Commentary blog in Malta, which for many years investigated and reported corruption among various politicians and high-profile figures.

Referred to by Politico as a “one-woman Wikileaks”, Galizia had a reputation for relentlessly pursuing incriminating information on a number of powerful people and criminal activities in Malta and, among other things, she played a significant role in exposing the Panama Papers and Malta’s central role in the business of tax havens. Malta has been labelled “Panama in the EU” and has appeared on a blacklist published by the EU.

The lists of people inconvenienced by her work aren’t limited to Malta.

Her son – who had to experience the horror of finding his mother’s scattered body parts after the explosion in her car – has talked about the “gang of crooks” who had been harassing Galizia for some time and who, according to him, “conspired with politicians in Malta to financially cripple my mother with one vexatious lawsuit after another”. This allegedly included London-based lawyers.

Writing on Facebook he said: “She was also targeted because she was the only person doing so. This is what happens when the institutions of the state are incapacitated: the last person left standing is often a journalist. Which makes her the first person left dead.”

Her death obviously brings to mind other murders carried out against journalists in recent years, including the murder of Serena Shim.

Needless to say, when an investigative journalist/blogger is killed by a bomb in her car, it doesn’t take much of a leap of imagination to move on to conspiracy theories. There are serious doubts about the official investigation (which included the FBI) and its conclusions; and there are various conspiracy theories being forwarded.

One of these that I have found of particular interest is the claim that Galizia was investigating Maltese connections to fuel-smuggling from Libya in the weeks before her death. This diesel-smuggling operation involves Libyan traffickers and criminal networks in the post-Gaddafi failed-state and Sicilian/Italian organised crime. People involved in the investigation into her death say she was looking into this operation prior to her murder.

Curiously, she had been entirely pro the 2011 Libyan intervention and was in fact something of a cheerleader for the uprising against Gaddafi. From her articles, it is clear that she saw the Arab Spring in both Syria and Libya as a genuine, popular uprising against a dictatorship and not as a foreign-backed proxy regime-change operation. Which is odd for a whistleblower and investigative journalist; particularly given the reports of alleged French secret agents having used Malta as a base for going to and from Libya in their clandestine operations to incite the 2011 ‘Civil War’ in that country (somehting I covered in the e-book here).

Malta was also crucial in the Lockerbie bombing case and played a key role in fabricating the evidence against Abdelbasset Megrahi – and thus in the years of sanctions against and ostracisation of the former Libyan Republic.

On that front, I’m choosing to assume that she simply came to a different opinion than mine or was gleaning her views from very different sources to mine. In fairness, if you were only looking at the street-level events of the Arab Spring protests – and not at what was going on behind the scenes or in geo-political terms – then you would easily come to the conclusion that the dictators were simply refusing to heed to the will of the people.

From a certain perspective, that’s a true reading anyway – the vast majority of protesters in those countries were genuinely marching for change, democracy and to be free of decades-long dictatorships and regimes.

Either way, her looking into the current fuel-smuggling operation may well have been what provoked her murder.

But, as many are pointing out, it could’ve really been any number of things and involving any number of conspirators. There was no shortage of people who might’ve wanted her out of the picture. And the real question is whether the official investigation is itself a cover-up operation or whether it has any real intention of uncovering and revealing the true perpetrators.

The fact that we’re talking about Malta is significant, because Malta is a hub for organised crime, corruption, shady financial dealings, and is also known for being a cardinal centre for powerful secret societies (including the infamous Knights of Malta, whose members include high-level politicians, businessmen, industrialists, religious figures, and Jimmy Savile) and a major centre for Freemasonry.

William Cooper, in his book Behold a Pale Horse, describes the Knights of Malta as “a world organization with its threads weaving through business, banking, politics, the CIA, other intelligence organizations, P2, religion, education, law, military, think tanks, foundations, the United States Information Agency, the United Nations, and numerous other organizations. The world head of the Knights of Malta is elected for a life term, with the approval of the Pope. The Knights of Malta have their own Constitution and are sworn to work toward the establishment of a New World Order with the Pope at its head. Knights of Malta members are also powerful members of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the Trilateral Commission.




There are lots of strange things about Malta, including its vast network of underground tunnels (Crusader-era tunnels) and temples linked to the Knights of Malta, including apparently the oldest underground temple in the world.

Which makes it possible that the bomb-plot against her involved a convoluted coming-together of different interests.

In that scenario, it would suit any potential cover-up to pin our attention on something like the Libyan/Italian smuggling business and not on any potentially more widespread or damaging groups of interests that might include high-profile figures or agencies.

That being said, it could be argued that more powerful or influential interests could’ve had her killed a long time ago if she was being a genuine nuisance to them: whereas lower-level mafia or criminal networks would be more likely to just kill someone off if they were becoming a problem.

Also, as far as I am aware, Galizia didn’t write about any of those more occult or ‘Illuminati’-esque subjects, but stuck to the meat-and-potatoes of exposing general corruption and high-level financial crime.

In any case, whatever official conclusion the official investigation comes to (even if it is the whole truth), it is safe to say most people won’t be convinced and will continue to wonder who was behind the horrendous murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.


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