TOMMY ROBINSON’S Release Proves It Was All a Bullshit Psy-Op For Dummies..

Free Tommy Robinson rally

I mean that pretty much sums it up.

Which is what I’ve been saying here the whole time anyway – that the whole Tommy Robinson thing is a staged psy-op for dummies and for the sake of maintaining the ‘race war‘ strategy of tension.

And the fact that ‘Mr Robinson’ has now been released from prison after three months of what was intended to be a thirteen-month stretch probably demonstrates the staged, scripted nature of the entire affair – which was clearly designed only to further build up Robinson’s ‘brand’, portray him as a martyr and further inflame the white nationalist mob for the sake of a psychological warfare operation that is still in play.

They rely on the gulible stupidity of enough people to take the bait and run with it – that’s why that ‘QAnon’ business in the US is still going on too. But this one is way stupider.

Oh no, sorry – I’ve been told before not to call ‘Free Tommy’ cheerleaders stupid. My apologies. But hey, don’t forget to purchase your ‘FREE TOMMY’ fridge-magnet while stocks last.

At this point, I’m almost doubting that ‘Tommy’ was even in prison at all – he might’ve simply been kept somewhere out of sight for a couple of months while all this drama and the ‘FREE TOMMY’ hashtag (psy-op) played out for maximum drama.

I can’t recall too many instances where a judge sentences someone to thirteen months, and then they’re released after three – and to a hero’s welcome. UKIP have compared Robinson to Nelson Mandela – which, rather hilariously, is precisely what I said would happen two months ago: the difference is that I was being sarcastic, but UKIP appear to be trying to make a serious statement.

We’re told there’s going to be a re-trial down the line; and that ‘Tommy’ was released because the initial trial was considered to have been flawed. But, almost certainly, the decision has been made due to outside pressure – and we know for a fact that this outside pressure was there.

For the record, I think 13 months was harsh anyway – but that’s not the point. As I reported here last month, Robinson’s legal fees were being picked up by the Zionist/Neo-Con group ‘Middle East Forum’. The Israel-linked think-tank also said at the time that it was “bringing foreign pressure on the UK government to ensure Mr Robinson’s safety and eventual release” – a statement that was signed by Gregg Roman, who was previously with Israeli Defense and Foreign Ministries.

Assuming Robinson was ever in prison in the first place, it was external actors and agencies that coerced British authorities into releasing him so early – it had little to do with the justice system or with any genuine rethinking of the case.

None of that adds up; especially when you’re dealing with an international psy-op involving such high-profile coverage, campaigning, ‘brand’ management and merchandising (I’ll get to the merchandising in a second – it’s really fucking weird).

In addition to the ‘Middle East Forum’ and other probable agencies behind the scenes, former Breitbart/Goldman-Sachs man, Steve Bannon, has also been zealously championing Robinson’s cause – and using the #FREETOMMY psy-op to drive momentum for his planned international right-wing coalition (‘The Movement‘), which states that its aims are to undermine liberal societies and governments, establish right-wing nationalist states in an international movement and, in short, push for a return to the 1930s in precisely the manner I was predicting here in the ‘Seeds of Fascism‘ a year-and-a-half ago: as I tried to demonstrate back then, through clear sources, quotes and references, this is all a well-planned operation to incite a race war and a resurgence of international fascism, centering on Europe – and various Zionist actors, like Robinson and Geert “Zionism for Europe” Wilders, are a key part of that programme.

Here’s a clip of Bannon on LBC, by the way, championing ‘Tommy’ as “the backbone” of the country. He shortly then went on to have a mini breakdown in the studio, suggesting that Steve Bannon might not be entirely stable.

Tommy Robinson t-shirt 

At any rate, the point of the #FreeTommy shit-show, all along, has been maximium drama to raise passions among the stupid, turn Tommy into some kind of noble free speech hero and whip up the public into the frenzy.

That mission had already been such a success in the last few months that there was no longer any need for this part of the scripted pantomime to be played out fully.

Research shows that over half of the social-media fan-boys involved in the #FreeTommy campaign were not in the UK, but in the US and other countries: Tommy Robinson’s profile was massively raised across the Western world, helping elevate the psy-op all across social media, alt- right websites, forums and YouTube channels, and into the mainstream media.

Mission accomplished.

Meanwhile, the EDL/Pegida man and Mossad fanboy has complained he was “mentally tortured” during his few weeks in prison – by “mentally tortured” he means, we’re told, that he had no television.

Seriously, that’s what he said.

He also compared his brief jail time to ‘Guantanamo Bay’ – despite authorities insisting he is lying about having spent the entire two months in solitary confinement. “I was supposed to be in Her Majesty’s Prison Service, not Guantanamo Bay,” said the bad actor and probable intelligence-agency asset.

I mean this is almost beyond parody – the whole big alpha-male act and he considers no TV to be mental torture? And yet here’s a guy who, like all the alt-right agitators, routinely refers to liberals as ‘snowflakes’?

Is there anyone snowier or flakier than ‘Tommy’ Robinson whining about being deprived of Celebrity Love Island for a little while?

Unfortunately, as has been all too clear in recent weeks, the majority of Tommy’s rabid cheerleaders tend to be unversed in irony and will therefore not see the funny side of any of these statements from the man with four names and god-knows-how-many passports.

An unknown amount of money has also been made via all of the #FREETOMMY merchandise that has been flogged in the last two months – which appears to be a lot.

I did a quick Google Search and it seems that psy-op crap is being sold all over the place.

Hey, why not? You’ve bought the psy-op, now why not buy this tacky memorabilia to commemorate your stupidity?

 Free Tommy Robinson merchandise 

Maybe you fancy sporting a cool ‘Free Tommy’ t-shirt. Or drinking your morning coffee out of a nice ‘Free Tommy’ mug?

I even spotted ‘Free Tommy’ clothes for children – and I almost choked on my Earl Grey. This shit has gone beyond funny and into the realms of disturbing. I mean, it was funny when it was sad adults – but seeing innocent little kids in the ‘Free Tommy’ wear is beginning to seem like a proper fascist fantasy.

I mean Goebbels could’ve worked even greater wonders if he had the Internet.

That little girl in the hoodie is going to be so embarassed one day when she looks back at what someone made her wear. In all seriousness, isn’t this a form of child exploitation?

 Free Tommy Robinson hoodie

Free Tommy Robinson merchandise


Also – and I acknowledge this might be in poor taste – but the kid in the purple bib seems to have Adolf Hitler’s haircut. Just saying.

I’m actually a bit scared… that I’ve woken up in an alternate reality where all the smart people have already been rounded up and sent away and all that’s left is this.

Also, out of sheer curiosity, I did a search for ‘Free Anjem Choudary’ merchandise – but, as expected, found nothing. Anjem must be feeling a tad jealous of his soul-mate’s incredible popularity – it’s always tough when you’re the less popular one in a double-act.

Just ask Sonny and Cher. Or Ren and Stimpy.

Again, I’m no longer entirely convinced that he was actually in prison at all. But, even if he was, it’s still just a script.

Remember that this is all a script. And always remember that very strange thing the judge said to ‘Tommy’ in one of his previous trials in 2013: where the judge called Tommy’s ‘Paul Harris’ passport his “real passport”, but then jailed him under the name of ‘Stephen Yaxley Lennon’ – and then implied that his “real name” might never be known inside the public realm.

Yeah, nothing suspect about that.

In addition to the massive international boost to his brand that his imprisonment has created, and however much cash was raked in from all the baby-wear, we are also told that Robinson made a ton of money by being in jail for two months – somewhere in the region on £20,000.

This is, of course, in addition to the funding he receives from tech billionaire Robert Shillman via the ‘Rebel Media’ psy-op platform, which is also tied up in the David Horowitz Freedom Center. The Middle East Forum – founded by Neo-Con psy-op expert and members of the Council on Foreign Relations, Daniel Pipes – was, as I said previously, funding Robinson’s legal case, as well organising the mass rallies in England, Israel and Texas: the same group has claimed it has financially aided Robinson in the region of a five-figure sum.

As per most of what I wrote here about the well-funded international network that Robinson belongs to, it appears also that American-based Zionist figurehead Pamela Gellar has also been funding Robinson. Gellar (pictured with Robison and some of the others below), you’ll recall, is the reason ‘Tommy’ had previously tried to enter the United States using a fake passport – to attend a Gellar-sponsored ‘event’ involving cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

 Tommy Robinson, Richard Spencer, Pamela Gellar 

On that note, I predicted a few weeks ago that the upcoming Geert Wilders’ ‘Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest’ in the Netherlands is probably being designed to trigger either a real Islamist attack or incident or a staged false-flag terror attack. With ‘Tommy’ now free, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilders’ cartoon contest goes ahead very soon so that his friend ‘Tommy’ can attend, along with Gellar and all the usual crowd – for maximum publicity and propaganda.

Remember that all of those individuals belong to the same international network, with the same sources of funding, which is why they’re always so incestuous. It is all inter-linked and these things are all designed to feed off each other, gathering momentum over a number of years until we reach a planned boiling point.

And, as previously noted, ‘Tommy’ seems to get advance notification for false-flag terror attacks, as he clearly did in the case of the Westminster attack in March 2017: so there’s probably a major propaganda event planned and it probably will be the Geert Wilders cartoon thing. But that’s just my guess.

Anyway, here’s to the man of the hour: Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, Andrew McMaster, Paul Harris, Tommy Robinson.

And long may the psy-op continue. Which it will, because we’re in the age of stupid.

And hey, if a re-trial does end with him being put back in jail (but not really), at least all the ‘FREE TOMMY’ t-shirts, mugs and baby-wear is all still in stock! Don’t get forget your ‘FREE TOMMY’ mouse-mats, key-rings and pin-badges too!

If anyone has found this article patronising – I should hope so.

Read More:SEEDS of FASCISM: The Truth About Right-Wing Populism, International Zionism and the Return to the 1930s‘, ‘Islamist Extremists & White Supremacists – The Race War & Civil War Psy-Op‘, ‘Will the REAL Tommy Robinson Please Stand Up?‘…

S. Awan

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  1. Of course. Anyone that does not see that both Judaism AND Islam are incompatible with Europe, that as much as the Yiddish Turk and Arab hate each other they really do need each other; is a useful idiot. Islam is Judaism for the Arab as the Jesuits are Judaism for the European. They all have one spring.

    It is brilliant cunning, the forte of the Yid though. Engineer a demographic replacement program of the European with the darkie and especially Muslim. Both are irreconcilable in the same borders. Sure there will be a few non-Jesuit thinking Protestants and Catholics to protest but if they play the piper to Judaism then they are useful.

    It is easy to criticize Islam as it is so absurd and it easy is to provide “factual evidence”, we used to say empirical and what happened to that term?, from Islamic countries that shock and anger the Western Jesuit trained. Which is about fucking everybody.

    The ensuing chaos and confusion of the maddening perpetual naivety of the White man will distract from the JQ, a question that crosses all racial, national, and religious borders. A Black man and a White man getting together and discussing who was and is really behind “colonialism”, “inequality”, “apartheid”, and why neither is getting a reach around is anti-Semitic racism after all.

    Tommy Robinson and his kind are to distract the increasing anger of the English being replaced ethnically and every other facet in England. I yearn for the day when the English remember who they were before Cromwell, and pick up the bill again. Traitors like Robinson are essential that if it does happen the wrath is not directed at the wizard behind the curtain.

  2. Merchandising would likely provide a revenue stream rendering the psyop self funding a signature of a Mossad style operation. We see similar with the appalling crone Pamala Geller, Ass-ange and a multitude of others.

  3. A typically clinical dissection and hilarious to boot. Thanks for both the insight and the laughs. Incidentally, do you think given his Israeli connections he might be called out as a “schmoflake”? (Or is that better reserved for the Board of Deputies and others crying wolf about Corbyn “existential threat” to British Jews? Just a thought.)

    • Thanks WoC. Yeah, on the subject of Corbyn and the “existential threat”, I’ve just written a piece on that, which I’ve scheduled to publish in a few days. I link to and reference one of your articles from early this year in it too. I was checking your site for something this week on that front, but didn’t see anything yet. Maybe you’ve simply gotten bored – as I have – of the whole subject of Corbyn and anti-Semitism?

      • I keep trying to write something but it is so hard to find the motivation. How do you repeatedly criticise anything so patently absurd? That said, I thought Jonathan Cook’s article in today’s Counterpunch did a superb job of just that – I’ll link to it at the end.

        Also, it feels like this whole stage-managed media hype needs to be linked back in some useful way to that concurrent stage-managed media circus surrounding ‘Tommy Robinson’. Perhaps you can link them? Anyway, I shall look forward to reading your take on it and thank you very much in advance for the link.

        Here’s that article: https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/08/09/the-crisis-in-corbyns-labour-party-is-over-israel-not-anti-semitism/

        Oh, and here’s another brilliant extended piece by Cook investigating Israel’s ethnic nationalism and its relationship to ring-wing extremists: https://www.jonathan-cook.net/2018-07-13/how-israel-helped-to-revive-europes-ugly-ethnic-nationalisms/

        • Thanks for the links. Yeah the links between the extremists in Israel and the far right groups elsewhere is something I wrote about last year – but its good to read some reinforcement of that. On the Tommy Robinson linking to the Corbyn topic, that’s an interesting thought, but actually the Boris Johnson thing seems to fit even better: it’s as if the Boris thing has emerged as a mirror image of the Corbyn/anti-Semitism thing – almost as if by design…?

          • The chancer Johnson is doubtless trying to give a bounce to his not-so-secret leadership ambitions on the back of the ‘Tommy Robinson’ bandwagon (if that isn’t mixing metaphors a little too much). The man has no shame. But hopefully he’s misjudged this one. It has also (temporarily) drawn fire away from Corbyn.

  4. ” . . . But hey, don’t forget to purchase your ‘FREE TOMMY’ fridge-magnet while stocks last.”

    Ha-ha. That is funny. Great post.

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