The ‘FREE TOMMY ROBINSON Film Production Rolls On: And It Gets Better…

Tommy Robinson: Mossad

He does seem to have a lot of friends. Some in high places; lots of them in not very high places at all. Later today, lots of them will be out in the street again, apparently embracing their role as ‘useful idiots’ in a scripted pantomime.

This is really an add-on to the much larger piece I published here about Far-Right agent-provocateur and Zionist operative Andrew McMaster, Paul Harris, Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon,Tommy Robinson’: whose arrest for contempt of court sparked protests and a great deal of outrage in recent months – based on a carefully contrived narrative that actually doesn’t really work.

While some people took offense or exception to my pointing out the bloody obvious (that ‘Robinson’ is a ‘race war’ psy-op agent working for one or more agencies), the latest information regarding Mr ‘Robinson’s’ situation would seem to put the matter to rest.

Specifically, it appears that Robinson’s legal expenses are being picked up by a Zionist/Neo-Con think-tank (The ‘Middle East Forum’).

In their statements, the MEF says it is “helping Robinson in his moment of danger”, as well as “bringing foreign pressure on the UK government to ensure Mr. Robinson’s safety and eventual release”. Interestingly, the MEF also acknowledges it is “organising and funding” the imminent ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ protests/rallies scheduled for July 14th.

It is also clear the MEF was funding/organising the similar protests earlier last month. Which is probably why the protests were not just in London and the UK, but also in Texas and in Tel-Aviv.

For the record, the MEF also funded the legal defense for Dutch ‘populist’ and Zionist agent Geert Wilders in 2010 and 2011.

In the article last month, I wrote about the exposure of the multi-million dollar ‘Islamophobia Network’ after a US-based investigation into the wealthy donors funding the likes of Pamela Gellar, Geert Wilders, ‘Tommy Robinson’ and co: and how, according to the investigation, it all linked back to Zionist-related entities and the Israeli government’s activities in the Occupied Territories.

Note now then that the MEF’s statement regarding ‘Robinson’ was signed by Gregg Roman, previously of Israel’s Defence and Foreign Ministries.

The MEF’s President and founder is Daniel Pipes – a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and, curiously, one of those who helped establish the right-wing conspiracy theories that Barack Obama was ‘a secret Muslim’ whose presidency represented some kind of imminent Muslim/Socialist takeover of the United States (which, in turn, fueled much of the nationalist and alt-right backlash that empowered the Trump/Bannon campaign).

He was also the author of such imaginatively titled works as ‘How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran‘.

As RationalWiki notes in its entry on Pipes, there is someting either very ironic or very curious to note about Pipes. Specifically that, before he became solely obsessed with Muslims (which, conveniently enough, was right around the time the Bush administration was launching the War on Terror), Mr Pipes was ‘was actually most known for his 1997 book Conspiracy: How the Paranoid Style Flourishes and Where It Comes From‘.

Funnily enough, it was ‘a book which sought to debunk conspiracy myths surrounding world organizations and, most specifically, those involving the Bilderberg Group and Council on Foreign Relations.

Yeah, again, it looks like an awful lot of people are being played for fools. But when they’re such willing fools, it’s difficult to feel too sympathetic.

And, as usual, it looks like ‘Tommy Robinson’ has friends in interesting places.



I apologised previously for calling the million or so ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ petition-signers “stupid”: so I will henceforth refer to them only as “very clever people”. The “very clever people” who still think ‘Robinson’s’ arrest is to do with freedom of speech seem to be in good company: that good company being the ‘Middle East Forum’ itself, which is calling for ‘Robinson’s’ release and “freedom of the press”, apparently deliberately omitting what the actual legal reason was for ‘Robinson’s’ incarceration – which had nothing to do with free speech and everything to do with breaching of court rules.

But, no, apparently ‘Tommy Robinson’, the actor with four names and multiple passports – and one of the biggest beneficiaries ever of Britain’s freedom of speech – is still the Gandhi-like martyr of the alt-right crowd, who – being “very clever people” – continue to rally around him with a passion.

Police fear that pro-Trump rallies to mark the US President’s presence in London are planning to merge with the planned ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ rallies, according to The Independent; which also reports that a US Republican Congressman is attending the Tommy Robinson rally, along with the ever-present Geert Wilders.

Trump himself – to his credit – has said nothing about ‘Robinson’ to date, though it’s worth noting his son Donald Trump Jnr has repeatedly tweeted in support of Mr ‘Robinson’.

On a side-note, if I wasn’t aware of President Trump’s London visit yesterday, all the noise would’ve alerted me anyway: the sheer volume of those ‘Osprey’ planes and helicopters were, frankly, adequate grounds for filing some kind of noise pollution complaint. I’m nowhere near where the President was, but I was being annoyed by those things on-and-off for over an hour – man, those things are loud.


Anyway, getting back to the point: and needless to say at this point, this Tommy Robinson BS is all well-choreographed psy-opera to fuel the ‘race war‘ pantomime.


I doubt much will happen, but it seems to me like London Mayor Sadiq Khan is also playing into the pantomime by approving the ‘Trump Baby’ balloon, being acutely aware that President Trump (intentionally or not) has become the current chief icon for the alt-right, white nationalists and far-right groups – and this intended insult to the visiting US President is probably intended to inflame ill-feeling even more among all the “very clever people”.

Not that it takes much: the actor ‘Tommy Robinson’ has played his role highly effectively in getting everyone sufficiently worked up, just as his co-star Anjem Choudary once did.

Again, it is all probably a choreographed dance.

To hammer home this point, note that ‘Robinson’s’ good friend (and fellow frontman of the aforementioned network and also funded by Daniel Pipes’ ‘Middle East Forum’) Geert Wilders has been given the green-light from Dutch authorities to go ahead with his ‘Draw Prophet Muhammad Cartoon’ contest, scheduled for some time this year.

The contest, without any shadow of a doubt, is designed to provoke a backlash from some suitably low-IQ or fanatical Muslim who’s stupid enough or radicalised enough to take the bait and cause a major incident. The chances of this happening should be considered quite high – there seem to be a lot of low-IQ or fanatical Muslims stupid enough to audition for that part.

More than that, Wilders’ planned cartoon contest is probably the green-light for a planned false-flag terrorist incident – where the believable motive for the attack is coveniently pre-established by past incidents.

And thus the ‘strategy of tension’ psy-op will continue, intensifying exponentially, like the snowball rolling down the hill.

Given the close connections between the likes of ‘Robinson’ and Wilders – not just ideaologically, but in terms of both funding and associations – one imagines all these things are intended to unfold in concert with one another, all to advance the script.

It’s a badly written script, full of predictability and plot-holes – but too many people haven’t noticed or don’t care. More than that, a few million “very clever people” seem to have found willing work as faceless ‘extras’ on the film-set that is this race-war production.

A production whose main star at the moment is the man himself: Andrew McMaster, Paul Harris, Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, ‘Tommy Robinson’.



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  1. Tommy “four names” — as one of his critics never fails to remind. ‘Agent working’? If so, wouldn’t take much work. A nudge and beer over wider claiming to be white-hat tactics. All to help dreams of a yester-year-renewal the UK. Reckon he’s sincere and vision, thinking is all about compassion and Save British. Don’t think could pull that convincing an act otherwise. Although, not sure can tell/look too close/care even. Plus, find some good in what’s said, albeit tainted enough to run from/not listen on. No qualms and easy to share your bright-light considerations. The deeper psy-op is fuel for — call it — ‘radical and Islamist’ with guns, bombs and money. Phones and cars. All courtesy of… The set-up is on the go. Click on, expecting the headline any day: A Mosque and/or Synagogue first. Or, the other way around. Could be a business or what have you… anything to whip up. Might do a fake one but suspect enough to pull off a falsy with Islam-thinking duped-along. Tommy becomes a prophet. Not and self-fulfilling but self-perpetuating. All with a Zionist-led free pass from attention. Managed and fuelled by their warnings against Tommy-like politics as any/way ahead. Like the CIA-run mainstream press spread in the 60’s: “Don’t do LSD”. Tommy to get rubbished toward wider, reluctant, accepting and popularity. For all his blustering talk he’s somewhat weak as a communicator. Off the cuff and staring into a phone effective but with an adept critic, he flounders. Ones around his kind of thinking see him as a weak link. Anyway ’nuff a comment. ‘Green-light for a planned false-flag’. Will be rarely well-reported, except here.

  2. Right again.
    The script for the fake Robinson was written over a century ago in those ‘fake’ but incredibly accurate ‘protocols’. What is relied upon is the bottomless stupidity of the masses, fueled by coarse instincts. I grew up amongst these people and could never work out how it is they are allowed to drive, let alone to vote. Democracy was designed by our subtle masters to allow the mob to have the illusion of power such that they could, at will, be steered by their noses into whatever chaotic political nonsense was required. This we witness everywhere, and have witnessed for a couple of centuries. Revolution after revolution, war after war, the dumb beasts being stirred to anger, not having the brains to look deeper nor the intelligence to see anything more complex than the simplest narrative.
    The cops are in this up to their masonic necks. They and the ‘common purpose’ monsters littering local authorities and social services.allowed these rapists to carry on until thousands of kids were brutalised by them such that (and for this purpose) the easily ignited anger of the mob could be led by a fake, small penised wanker like whatever his name is and chaos could ensue.
    Albert Pike’s letter, coming to fruition, by manipulation of the collective consciousness of dummies.

    • I still haven’t decided to my own satisfaction whether the ‘ protocols’ were real or a hoax. Or even whether the Pike letter is real or a fake. But, as you say, the apparent accuracy of both is hard to ignore. I’m astonished anyhow that ‘Tommy’ is still being so embraced.

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