A Definitive Debunking of ‘TOMMY ROBINSON’: Welcome to the ‘Race War’ Psy-Op…

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There are some days when the sheer scope of the idiocy makes me want to not get out of bed.

If ever you needed proof of how many witless muppets are – hook, line and sinker – caught up in the ‘race war’ or ‘clash of civilisations’ psy-op, you need only witness the tedious #FreeTommy or #FreeTommyRobinson hashtag and the scores of ‘patriots’ or useful idiots protesting the former EDL leader’s arrest, both on-line and on the streets.

Either there really are legions and legions of dull-witted racists out there who wouldn’t know arse from elbow… or Wi-Fi access really should be limited to people who can pass some kind of basic intelligence test first.

But, to paraphrase a famous saying, a hashtag can be halfway around the world before reality has even gotten its boots on.

Contrary to what seems to be a carefully-contrived misconception, Robinson’s 13-month prison sentence has nothing to do with ‘freedom of speech’ or anything he has said, but actually stems from simple ‘contempt of court’ – due to the fact that Robinson live-streamed footage of defendants arriving in court to Facebook.

The controversy Robinson was getting involved in was to do with one of the grooming gangs who’d been running what were basically ‘rape rings’ targeting vulnerable young girls – and which consisted more or less entirely of men from Pakistani or otherwise Muslim backgrounds. The crimes in question were horrendous; and the way these cases were mishandled or covered up was beyond disgraceful – but that’s a different subject.

But the way some sections of the Internet’s dunce’s corner are portraying this Tommy Robinson comedy act, you would think Robinson’s sentence was an overt attack on freedom of expression and that Robinson is some kind of heroic martyr to free speech: conveniently ignoring the fact that the same EDL/Pegida provocateur has previously been on the BBC, in mainstream newspapers, on breakfast television with Piers Morgan, and all over the country, very much enjoying his freedom of speech in order to stir up the racial, religious or cultural conflict psy-op that he is now so much a part of.

Indeed, it’s freedom of speech that has made Robinson such a high-profile, influential figure: hardly anyone in living memory has profited so much from freedom of speech. And it was simply contempt of court (after he’d already received multiple warnings) that got him put in jail.

Of course that hasn’t stopped the flood of support for the hate-preaching former BNP (and now PEGIDA) man, both domestically and abroad.

Nor has it stopped the low-IQ social-media sheep from getting up in arms as if Robinson was some new Nelson Mandela confined to a new Robbin Island.

Half a million people in the dunce’s corner have apprently signed the petition to “free Tommy Robinson”. That dunce’s corner has gotten bigger than I thought it was – and I already thought it was pretty massive.

Rallies and protests have also resulted in clashes with police, with reported injuries. Protests haven’t just taken place in England, but apparently elsewhere in the world too, including in Tel-Aviv (no surprise there) and in Texas.

It’s no surprise the #FreeTommy campaign has also had high-profile backers of the worst kind, such as the Dutch comedy act Geert “what we need is Zionism for Europe” Wilders, Donald Trump Jnr, and the mentally-ill American ‘comedienne’ Roseanne Barr who tweeted this.

It’s worth noting – for the terminally stupid – that Robinson isn’t some kind of conscientious, peace-loving Gandhian figure daring to speak out: he has a long history of clashes with the police and run-ins with the law.

As well as being brought before judges on various counts over the years of violence, racist provocation and disorderly conduct, he has previously fallen foul of the law for mortgage fraud, among other things, as well as being arrested in the United States – curiously – for entering the country illegally using someone else’s passport. On that latter point, note that dodgy passport behaviour is classic Mossad: note also that Robinson’s business in the US was to attend an event as a guest of Zionist/Neo-Con agent-provocateur Pamella Gellar – which, as we’ll see in a moment, is significant.

We’ll also come back to the matter of ‘Tommy Robinson’ and his passport.

  White supremacists Paul Joseph Watson and Tommy Robinson 

I already published a longer article here about the manufactured ‘race war’, ‘civil war’ or societal breakdown that seems to be being choreographed over a number of years, involving the UK, Europe and America. In that longer piece, I broadly explored the relationship between radical Islam and far-right or neo-nazi groups, various expert predictions of coming race wars or civil breakdown and the inescapable conclusion that much of it was being manufactured – via both sides – deliberately.

You can read that article here – which explores this wider subject more expansively.

I covered ‘Tommy Robinson’ somewhat in that article too, because, as I said then, the manufactured ‘clash of civilisations’ was being ‘created over time via carefully placed figures and ‘influencers’ who are able to incite hatred or sow division on a large scale.’

That’s where Tommy Robinson comes in perfectly: in his carefully established role as the white Anjem Choudary – a link that is actually very pertinent and which I will come back to at the end.

There have been numerous claims that Tommy Robinson is an intelligence-agency asset or actor (MI5 or Mossad). I’ve seen no definitive proof of this: but I certainly wouldn’t dismiss the possibility either that Robinson, like Choudary, is working for higher powers. Choudary, as we’ve covered here before, was known to have links with MI5 – something that had in fact prevented British police from arresting him for years.

 Tommy Robinson: Mossad 

An obvious tell-tale giveaway is the fact that ‘Tommy Robinson’ doesn’t use his real name, but seems to have adopted ‘Tommy Robinson’ as a public persona. His real name is actually Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon. Even more suspect, he has also previously gone by the names of Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris.

Curiously, the last time I talked here about why we should always be dubious about people who have too many names or aliases was in reference to the Westminster Bridge terrorist from March last year. I suggested then that the terrorist ‘Khalid Masood’s’ history and his various names was suggestive of him being an intelligence agent or asset who probably ended up as a patsy in the Westminster Bridge attack (‘Masood’ had gone by at least four other names at different times and had lived in different parts of the country in oddly disparate circumstances each time).

Justice Watch put up a really succinct post on this a year ago, particularly on the oddity of ‘Tommy Robinson’s’ multiple names and passports.

In fact, the oddities are highlighted further in this coverage of ‘Robinson’s’ court proceedings in 2013 (after he had been found entering the United States with a fake passport for his love-in with Pamela Gellar).

Listen to this bit carefully. We’re told that ‘the judge called Tommy’s “Paul Harris” passport “his real passport”, whilst jailing him in the name of Stephen Yaxley Lennon…’

And that he ‘then he went onto imply that his “real name” might not be known inside the public realm.’

Uh, what…?

And, as I noted after that same Westminster Bridge attack (almost certainly a state-enabled false-flag), it is more than curious that Tommy Robinson and his Israeli-funded ‘Rebel Media’ crew just HAPPENED to be present on the scene at Westminster Bridge right as the attack occurred.

Seriously? What are the chances that Robinson and his Internet media group would just HAPPEN to be in Westminster making a video about the threat of Islamist terrorism and the urgent need for “patriots” to rise up and do something about it – just as an alleged Islamist terror attack actually happens?

He was also, months later, in Manchester in time for the Arianna Grande concert bombing (carried out by a member of one of the British-sponsored jihadist groups who waged war on Gaddafi in Libya) – Tommy Robinson seems to have a prophetic knack for being in the right place at the right time.

I don’t want to go back over how the ‘race war’ psy-op is being run again (I wrote a much bigger piece on that here): but, at the basic level, you have carefully-placed ‘spokespeople’ or ‘influencers’ on one side (like an Anjem Choudary) urging people towards radicaliation and given a big platform for doing so effectively, and then you have similar figures on the other side (Tommy Robinson, Paul Joseph Watson, Britain First, Pegida, Pamela Gellar, etc) apparently reacting to the first group and also urging a different group of people towards radicalisation.

While one is made to look like a reaction to the other, they are in fact both being conducted in concert with one another – creating a deliberate environment and dynamic for broader sections of the population to get sucked into.

Alt-Right figures like Tommy Robinson and Paul Joseph Watson have enormous audiences. Both tend to post up toxic videos calling on ‘patriots’ to rise up every time an alleged Islamist terror attack occurs anywhere in the West (including the state-enabled false-flags). Watson (of Info Wars) averages anywhere from half-a-million to over a million views per video at the best of times.

As I noted, it has appeared increasingly as though Tommy Robinson is always on hand as soon as something happens. ‘New Order Agenda’ actually did a very funny (and very revealing) take-down of Robinson, ‘Rebel Media’ and the whole gang after the Westminster attack, showing how stage-managed that whole production was – I can’t link to it anymore because the video (and the channel itself) has been taken down.

Curiously, while the video and channel debunking Rebel Media’s coverage has been deleted by YouTube, the Rebel Media video itself has remained up – you can see it here.

They even say it in the video’s description: ‘Tommy Robinson and Caolan Robertson of TheRebel.media were in London when the March 22 terror attack broke out. They rushed to the scene to report on it, then returned to the studio for an in-depth conversation about Islamic terrorism...’

Yeah, sure.

Watch the video though – it’s the sloppiest, most contrived, scripted garbage you’ll ever see.

Don’t be duped into thinking these people crop up entirely organically and gain high-profile of their own accord or in isolation.

Tommy Robinson is in fact part of a well-funded, well organised network that includes people like Geert Wilders, Pamela Gellar (“If Iran attacks, Israel Should Nuke Europe” – that’s an actual quote from her), David Horowitz and various high-profile ‘alt-right’ figures or opinion-makers.

The literal existence of this ‘Islamophobia Network‘ has been properly documented by now, particularly in the report Fear, Inc. 2.0: The Islamophobia Network’s Efforts to Manufacture Hate in America, which exposes the “over $57 million that’s been contributed to this fear-mongering, anti-Muslim, anti-Islam organisations by eight very wealthy donors.”

CJ Werleman covered this subject, summarising that ‘Since 2001, a group of shadowy groups and individuals have spent millions to disseminate misinformation about Muslims into the mainstream media, body politic and public consciousness. The objective? Provide political cover for both the US’s war on terror and Israel’s war on Palestinians…’

This is of course the same underlying agenda I’ve been pointing to here for a long time – such as in regard, recently, to Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration and the Zionist/Evangelical prophecy fulfilment agenda in the Holy Land.

It’s a sign of the strange age we live in now that what would’ve once been various disparate subjects are now in fact entirely inter-linked – I also wrote a very long, detailed article called ‘Seeds of Fascism‘, which explored the documented Israeli-Zionist link to the rise of Far-Right groups and ‘Populist’ movements in the West and how the goal was a manufactured ‘race war’ or clash of civlisations to erupt in Europe and the West, all of which is geared – in large part – towards providing cover for the Zionist extremists who’ve taken over Israeli government to carry out their longer-term plans.

Again, I won’t reiterate all of those details here again (see the article here); but the false-flag terror wave and the subsequent rise of Islamophobia and the accompanying rise of Far-Right groups all seems to ultimately connect back up with the situation in Palestine.

Robinson is merely one player in this widespread network that pops up in different places and under different guises: it’s no surprise then that Tommy Robinson is a staunch Zionist, like his friend Geert “Zionism for Europe” Wilders (who, incidentally, attended the protest in London yesterday and made a speech for his friend ‘Tommy’).

Rebel Media itself, by the way, can be easily linked back to this ‘Islamophobia Network’. The Canadian-based platform – which has been desperately trying to be ‘edgy’ and appealing by using mainly young people to front its content – popped up in 2015 right as the ‘terror wave‘ (mostly manufactured psy-op and false-flag ops) was beginning (with the false-flag attacks in Paris: and in particular the blatant false-flag of the Charlie Hebdo attack – which Israel and Netanyahu himself made enormous capital out of): the timing was therefore suspect from the beginning.

Rebel Media, founded by Ezra Levant, is largely funded via the David Horowitz Freedom Centre, while Tommy Robinson is listed there as being funded by tech billionaire Robert Shillman (who also sits on the board of organisations like The Friends of the Israel Defense Forces).

This is the same David Horowitz Freedom Center that, as noted last year, was found to have donated to Zionist agent Geert Wilders’ election campaign in the Netherlands.

 Geert Wilders and Israel 

Horowitz, along with other Zionist-aligned American figures posing as independent bloggers of journalists – such as Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer  – has been highly influential in the current climate of right-wing resurgence and pro-Israel, anti-Muslim, anti-refugee propaganda, such as that which underlies Breitbart and the Trump campaign.

Horowitz was specified as one of the most successful peddlers of the anti- Muslim propaganda by the 2011 Center for American Progress’s (CAP) aforementioned report Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America, with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer (pictured below Tommy Robinson – he is also owner of the highly popular ‘Jihad Watch’ platform and, like Horowitz, a major player in the Zionist-sponsored ‘clash of civilisations’ programme).

 Tommy Robinson, Richard Spencer, Pamela Gellar 

The same report highlighted pro-Israel donors pouring millions into American hate groups.

‘Tommy Robinson’ is pictured above with some of his international co-conspirators: Kevin Carol, Robert Spencer and Pamela Gellar – this is an international network, not some minor, localised phenomenon.

But let’s look at ‘Tommy Robinson’ again a bit more closely. Who is he?

Robinson, for anyone who doesn’t know who he is, is a Far-Right figurehead and agitator who was the founder of the English Defense League (a far-right group essentially started up by classic football hooligans, former BNP members and Neo-Nazi activists), as well as Pegida UK and the European Defense League, having also previously belonged to the British National Party.

He is also a key figure in the highly suspect Zionist/Alt-Right media platform ‘Rebel Media’, which was gaining traction at around the same time that Israeli ministers were asking Steve Bannon and Breitbart to champion the Zionist cause and demonise BDS.

Like his friend, the Dutch provocateur Geert Wilders (who I’ve covered here), he self-identifies as a Zionist and expresses an overtly pro-Israel position.

As explored previously, Wilders (who was in the running for Dutch Prime Minister months ago) was investigated by Dutch authorities for his dubious connections to Israeli agencies. Robinson, as far as I know, hasn’t been investigated on similar lines: but he probably should be.

Here is an image of a proud Robinson pictured on the Israel/Syria border (the disputed Golan Heights), posing with a rifle and an Israeli military tank.

 Tommy Robinson with the Israeli military on Syrian border 

Robinson’s affinity for the cause of Zionism isn’t something he hides. Last year, he drew condemnation from various Jewish groups and members of the Jewish community in the UK for publicising his “secret meeting” (according to The Independent) with “Manchester Jews” in the wake of the Manchester terrorist incident.

The majority of Jewish people in Britain, particularly traditionally Left-wing Jews, have entirely disavowed Robinson and his various organisations, wanting nothing to do with him. Jewish Voice, for example, is among the most outspoken to condemn Robinson’s agitations at every turn, regardless of his pro-Israel positions (their tweet here is unambiguous).

However, as has been clear for some years, right-wing Jews and Zionists (and not necessarily in the UK) have been supporters of Robinson and things like the EDL, Pegida and other far-right groups that thrive on anti-Muslim sentiment. Israeli flags have been photographed at EDL and Pegida rallies.

 Israel and English Defense League 

We also know, for example, that there was a #FreeTommy rally held in Tel-Aviv, as reported by Haaretz.

Esther Solomon, writing for Haaretz, talks about the “Israeli fan-boys”, writing ‘It’s a thrilling time to be a racist nationalist. Forget the old days of being marginalized, of the painstaking efforts to recruit activists, of de rigueur haircuts and uniforms. Now, you can build an international grassroots nationalist coalition online with a simple narrative and single hashtag.’

She goes on, ‘it exposes, again, a fundamental rift between Jews in the diaspora and Israel’s right-wing. Jews in the U.K. want nothing to do with Robinson or his laundered neo-Nazis, but Israeli right-wingers on the streets or in the Knesset, fueled by their hostility towards both Muslims and liberal values, see common ground with the rising stars of racist nationalism and their performative “Zionism”…

Again, I’ve covered a lot of this in the ‘Seeds of Fascism‘ article: how an extremist takeover of Israeli government led quickly to international Zionists pushing far-right or ‘Populist’ movements or figureheads across Europe, America and the West – those connections are documented.

And so ‘Tommy Robinson’ no doubt falls into the same category as Geert Wilders and a number of others.

The question of whether he is an intelligence agent or agent of the Deep State remains open. If so, he could just as easily be a British agent and not linked to Mossad.

But the passport controversy alone opens up a lot of questions – as does his multiple names.

But the fact is that everyone – including the half-a-million half-wits who signed the petition – who falls for this pantomime is simply aiding the psy-op and the agenda. Just like the various half-wits and morons who fell for Anjem Choudary.

I maintain that Robinson and the now-jailed British Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary were essentially the same person – just two sides of the same coin: or, as I previously put it, two cheeks of the same arse.

Two high-profile, publicity-loving upstarts seeking to incite public unrest and create the conditions for the ‘race war’. There is no real difference, in my view, between Robinson and Choudary.

Both of them are almost cartoon-like caricatures, both on a mission to incite or accelerate racial division or ‘race wars’, both of them given far too big a platform of celebrity status in the media, and both of them for a long time seeming to give each other the oxygen needed to mutually thrive. Like hero/villain dynamics in many classic comic-book mythologies, one can’t thrive without the other.

And both of them have always seemed like actors playing parts – with both Choudary and ‘Robinson’, there have been numerous times where I’ve watched them struggling to even keep a straight face when they’ve been ‘in character’: you can see the smirks every now and then. It’s the same thing you see with Paul Joseph Watson.

 Anjem Choudary

Tommy Robinson Quote 

The only difference is, as I’ve said before, is that I don’t remember any #FreeAnjem hashtags or campaigns when the extremist hate-preacher was finally jailed – nor any campaigns to make Choudary a martyr to freedom of speech.

Choudary, interestingly enough, has been linked to the intelligence community, particularly MI5 – indeed, police sources publicly complained that the police were blocked by MI5 from dealing with Choudary for years. This, by the way, is the same Anjem Choudary who is accused of indoctrinating scores of young men into jihadism and sending many of them over to Syria to join the Islamic State group.

In fact, the perfect demonstration of this ‘same arse, different cheeks’ dynamic was Waltham Forest, if you’ll recall.

In 2012, when Choudary (Arse-Cheek 1) popped up in Waltham Forest (East London) and announced to a press gathering that the London Borough was being turned into a Sharia Law zone where strict rules would be enforced, the whole spectacle had manufactured pantomime written all over it. “We want to run the area as a Sharia controlled zone and really to put the seeds down for an Islamic Emirate in the long term“, the deluded preacher announced, trying his best to play the role of diabolical caricature villain.

In fact, nothing really happened (there were three or four documented incidents of anti-social behaviour or intimidation by radicalised, low-life half-wits) – and most people in the borough just got on with their normal, everday activities. There was a group engaging in so-called ‘Sharia Patrols’, but it appeared to be limited to less than a dozen young men (linked to Choudary), several of whom were later arrested.

But the announcement itself gave the media – and not just the UK media, but the international Internet media – everything it needed to run ongoing stories about the ‘Islamisation’ of British cities.

For years afterwards, right-wing or alt-right websites (including all the usual faces like Pamella Gellar, Richard Spencer, Paul Joseph Watson, etc) and forums (and even some mainstream platforms in the US) ran with this idea of Sharia Law being implemented in British ‘no-go areas’ where the ‘Islamisation’ was in full swing. The idea became so embedded and widely accepted (through sheer repetition in online platforms) that the incoming US President Donald Trump has himself repeated it multiple times.

But what the incident also did was provide Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon – oh, I’m sorry, I mean ‘Tommy Robinson’ (Arse-Cheek 2) – the perfect opportunity to swoop in like the patriotic saviour of the nation, establishing himself as the salt-of-the-earth patriot standing up against the bearded villain of Anjem Choudary and his merry band of wacko Islamists.

With the arena gleefully provided by Arse-Cheek 1, Arse-Cheek 2 and the EDL showed up in the ‘Islamic Emirate of Waltham Forest’ to fight the good fight and liberate the occupied territory.

Of course, Arse-Cheek 2 goes wherever Arse-Cheek 1 goes – that’s how an arse works.

Cameras and video footage, along with news coverage, and much social media hubbub, were all in place at the time, of course, to make it seem or feel like something big was happening – and thus was born the great heroic figure of ‘Tommy Robinson’.

Of course, nothing much actually happened in Waltham Forest. Just some gatherings and some counter-gatherings. Certainly, the EDL didn’t accomplish anything: the police eventually rounded up a few offenders, and that was about it.

But the ‘strategy of tension’ was now in full effect: and that’s basically where we’ve been ever since – Psy-Opsville.

Riding the great wave of the manufactured ‘Clash of civilisations’ paradigm, ‘Tommy Robinson’ has established himself as Britain’s No.1 ‘patriot’, fighting the noble fight against the foreign hordes and their alien culture: and now he has also cast himself into the powerful role of ‘free speech’ martyr, a white nationalist’s Nelson Mandela, if you will.

What a world.

Tommy Robinson’s official website, which is generally hilarious, has all the mock-earnestness of the Anjem Choudary supervillain act. ‘Support Me’, it says earnestly. ‘The truth has to be told. I can’t do it without you.’

This would all be so funny – if it wasn’t for the fact that at least half-a-million people haven’t spotted the joke.


More: ‘SEEDS of FASCISM: The Truth About International Zionism, Far-Right Populism & the Return to the 1930s‘,’Islamist Extremists and White Supremacists – The Coming Race Wars & Societal Breakdown’  ‘Trump, Jerusalem & the Zionist Apocalypse Fantasy‘, ‘From Orlando to Paris – Mass Psychological Warfare & the Terror Psy-Opera’


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  1. Once again the owner of this website uses his favourite mantra of:

    “Anyone who disagrees with me is stupid”

    Not the first time this schoolboy logic has been used by him when trying to push an ill thought out idea supporting his own particular prejudices.

    Not everyone is overawed by his brilliance and many could argue that he is supporting the growth of an ever increasing state organisation intent on suppressing any form of dissent. Notice, I do not use the site owners name, because like “Tommy Robinson” he also hides under an assumed persona.

    Below is a link arguing cogently against his own brand of intolerance:


      • “Nuanced: a subtle difference or distinction in expression, meaning, response, etc. a very slight difference or variation in color or tone.”

        Is this quote from the anonymous person who runs this website nuanced?:

        “the fact is that everyone – including the half-a-million half-wits who signed the petition – who falls for this pantomime is simply aiding the psy-op and the agenda. Just like the various half-wits and morons who fell for Anjem Choudary.”

        “The blogger” (your subriquet) is simply another conspiracy nutter who considers himself superior to lesser mortals.

      • petergrafstrm – I suspect (from his tone) that ‘ablet1’ might be one of the half-a-million who signed the petition: which would explain why he’s offended by the article.
        He also tends to show up when I say anything to do with Israel – which makes me suspect he has a particular axe to grind. He previously accused me of being an Anti-Semite who was making things up: ironically, he accused me of being an ‘anti-Semite’ in response to an article that was largely *about* how the accusation of ‘anti-Semitism’ was being weaponised against certain people to stifle them in regard to criticism of the Israeli government. He clearly didn’t seen any irony in that.

    • ablet1, my name is on my site-profile at the top left of the page.
      Also, my “assumed persona” (as in ‘Burning Blogger of Bedlam’) is clearly not an attempt to trick anyone into thinking *that’s* my real name, like ‘Tommy Robinson’ – it’s the *website* name. Also, I don’t have four or five different names or aliases, don’t have a bunch of different passports, and am not funded by any billionaires. Nor do I show up on foreign-army tanks holding a rifle.
      Finally, ablet1 – and for the last time – Tommy Robinson’s situation has nothing to do with crackdowns on “any form of dissent” – he is in prison for contempt of court: and after receiving multiple warnings not to do what he was doing. How could you possibly think TR is a victim of suppression of ‘free speech’ when he has made a fortune in making publich speeches up and down the country for years, as well as on television and on the Internet?

      • Stop stamping your little feet in frustrated anger simply because someone disagrees with you. Of course you’re not trying to trick anyone…and yes, your name is on the front page of your website. However, using your logic how are we to believe it’s your correct name? You state that you’re an independent journalist. Most journalists I know are only too keen to tell everyone of their published work…so when, and in which publications, have you been published? Even your website is a freebie! Hardly the mark of a seasoned independent journo.

        And why do people of your political persuasion feel the overwhelming need to place everyone into particular groups? You’ve already categorised me (publicly) as an idiot. However, insults like that don’t bother me. It simply shows the limitations of your reasoning, maturity and imagination. All small children hit back by name calling.

        If you want to be taken as a serious journalist grow up and accept criticism like an adult.

        • ablet1: I don’t mind that you disagree with me. People here disagree with me on things plenty of times – it’s fine and can actually be constructive.
          But you’re repeatedly missing the point so spectacularly that I can only assume you’re doing in on purpose – and are just picking an argument with me because I made you feel stupid.
          Whether that name up there is my real name or not (and it is), I’ve only ever gone by that one name: I don’t have four different names and multiple passports. And I don’t have court judges saying that my real identity will never be disclosed to the public.
          Nor, as I pointed out, have I shown up on the Israeli border with a rifle in hand, standing on a tank overlooking Syria. But you’ve deliverately avoided all of those points – along with a dozen others – and fixated instead on one thing you think you can catch me out on.
          There is no logical comparison between what I do here and what your hero ‘Tommy Robinson’ does – if I was on television, got financial backing from a billionaire, posed with rifles on foreign-army tanks, and was calling for a race war, *I* would fully expect to be scrutinised on things like, say, why I have multiple passports, mulitple names, etc. The fact that you don’t see anything odd in that is baffling to me.
          Also, it’s rather hilarious that you’re complaining that I “put everyone into groups” – considering that you’re here to defend a man whose entire fortune is based solely on demonising all the followers of a specific religion, while calling on one ethnic group to do something about it. Again, you haven’t thought any of your statements through – and you don’t have a leg to stand on.
          I actually didn’t call you an idiot: but anyone who defends ‘Tommy Robinson’ by complaining about ‘putting people into groups’ HAS to be, by definition, an idiot.
          On the point of ‘journalism’, I haven’t tried to publish anything through print-media for a number of years by now: but my ‘About’ page at the top lists some of the publications I used to be published in. Not that this has ANY relevance whatsoever to the topic at hand. Again, you’re clutching at straws because I made you feel stupid – for which I apologise.

      • Did you deign to read the link I enclosed? To save you the trouble of clicking on to it here’s the central plank of his argument:

        “Robinson was guilty as charged. But here we come to the heart of our worries. The vast majority of British people still assume the law is blind and impartial. But a growing minority now sees the law as weaponised, a potent item in the Left’s arsenal with which it is waging and winning its culture war. The total media blackout imposed by the judge (lifted on appeal), left the sinister impression that Robinson was being “disappeared” with an efficiency any Argentine general from the bad old days might well have admired. The message could not have been more explicit: report on what the court did to Robinson and you will end up occupying an adjoining cell. Is there any other way to describe that ruling but as government-sanctioned intimidation.”


        The above is what is very worrying to this “idiot” (as you describe me). The dawn raids by Britain’s equivalent of the NKVD will, at this rate, surely follow. You as an “independent journalist” must be as concerned as me by that last sentence.

        • Sure, the Secret Court system is something I’ve talked about before (here, for example: https://burningblogger.com/2017/06/08/june-8th-theresa-may-the-police-state-all-the-pieces-are-in-place-the-choice-is-now-yours/).
          And it is worrying, you’re right. But it’s been going on for years and with all different kinds of people, including whistleblowers, alleged terrorists, and others (often including Muslims, by the way). As I recall, Mr ‘Robinson’ once called for radical Muslims to be locked away without trial – for the safety of the country; so he’s obviously in favor of it too.
          I think the Secret Courts are a terrible thing – but it didn’t take a ‘Tommy Robinson’ situation to make me worried about it. Also, as you say, the media blackout was ‘lifted on appeal’, so I’m not sure what the fuss is – given there have been plenty of cases before whether no such lifting was allowed.
          Again, you’ve avoided all of the other points I raised – such as passports, incursions to the Golan Heights, billionaire backing, etc, and have chosen to focus on an odd side-issue. It’s not a freedom of speech issue – the very article you quoted confirms that ‘Robinson’ was guilty: and, as it says, the blackout was lifted: This is all a red-herring.
          And there’s no point blaming ‘Leftists’ for everything, when we have a right-wing government right now: and, indeed, the Secret Court system was implemented by a Conservative Home Secretary who is presently Prime Minister.
          Putting all of this aside, I’m going to apologise for being rude to you: I usually endeavour to not behave that way, but you’re opening comments were so deliberately trying to be confrontational and insulting that I naturally reacted in kind.
          That being said, I still feel you’ve missed the point. If you could explain why ‘Tommy Robinson’ has four names, multiple passports, and was seen on the Syrian border with a rifle (and why a judge said his real name would not be known in the public domain), then maybe I’d be more inclined to feel sorry for him.

  2. so according to you, stating uncomfortable facts about Islam/Muslims is not considered freedom of speech but a crime that deserves punishment in prison? Being provocative is now a crime?? lol so mentally weak, the UK has gone to sh1t

    • No – again, he’s not in prison fro ‘freedom of speech’ issues: he’s in prison for contempt of court. He has had *plenty* of “freedom of speech” – have you not SEEN how much coverage he gets and how many online followers he has? That’s freedom of speech – total freedom of speech.
      If “being provocative” was a crime, he would’ve been in jail years ago.

  3. Great work as usual! One thing I’ve noticed is how youtube repeatedly features TR aka Arse-cheek 2 in its recommendations in spite of the fact that I have only watched a single video by him ever. It’s almost as though youtube aka google aka alphabet aka bilderberg steering committee is doing its utmost to promote this guy. Is this what they mean by a “post truth” world?

    • Well, and it’s suspect that – as I said – the videos debunking TR and Rebel Media were removed (the whole channel, actually), while Rebel Media and TR in general get massive promotion. Same with Paul Joseph Watson and Info Wars, etc.
      You can kind of work out what channels and ‘personalities’ are getting big-money backing and which ones are simple grass-roots or one-man-operation channels.

  4. Another great article. You are one of the few voices in the wilderness that make sense and build cohesive arguments. Thank you for your work.
    What you didn’t mention is that ‘Tommy Robinson’ is evidently in possession of a small penis, as indeed most racists are.
    At least this will ensure that he is less attractive to the jailhouse LGBTQ crew than better appendaged chaps, so making him sad and lonely and despised in his cell, which is a good thing.
    It is this diminutive penis set that are targeted by the power in the world. who understand that they harbour a great deal of internal anger and resentment and so are more easily guided into violence because they need, somehow, to prove that they are ‘men’. Other mini-dicks recognise this and are drawn towards racism and fascism, the only things that can pull them away from the terraces or from their burger-dropping encrusted sofas.
    No woman to tell them to clean up their mess, you understand.
    I could go on.

    • Why are you so fixated over penis size? Try and be original in your critique, otherwise you come across as the antithesis of those you profess to despise.

        • Brian Law, that’s a fair point.
          Actually, on a related matter, I’ve been wondering if there’s going to be some kind of manufactured ‘event’ during the Russia World Cup: as Russian ‘ultra’ football violence has already received so much coverage in the recent past, now would be the perfect time for an outbreak of ultra violence to help demonise Russia again in general. And, as Euro 2016 showed, the people the Russian Ultras tend to target are England fans specifically. So I do wonder if a dangerous contingent of England hooligans might be shipped over to Russia to start something up with their Russian equivalents.
          I hope not. But, given the recent Salisbury thing, it wouldn’t surprise me. Russian authorities themselves know how important this World Cup is for Russia’s image as hosts – so great measures have probably been taken to suppress or neutralise the Russian gangs at home. Which is why I suspect that – if there *is* any major incident in the next four weeks – it will have been somewhat manufactured.

    • larryzb: and you have to wonder about anyone who goes to that much trouble to do so – practically making it their life’s work.

  5. Oh my life. Flicked through without looking. TR should be addressed. It’s dominating and wonder why. Be intrigued at your uptake, will return later.

    • The wonders and worry about beer eh, that I could be so… enthusiastic, about a read on T.R? Ah well, better say m’peace. The central criminal cabal want us belittled and have many can, have to face, being foolish. Stir and separate. The broad–nationalist-ish appeal are ideas for muddying. All dividing and pushing, juxtaposed and paradox. Weponsised m.s.media. Tommy the tool. Like supposed Brexit, pumped up and designed to disappoint. Demonstrates the cycle. Let go through/the vote, not frauded away, to build-up and deplete grassroots activism. Promote an uprise to manage the crush. Control. Tommy and co, the choir. Lack nuance and admit the reality of what is happening with immigration. Make a star of someone who’ll not talk too well. Rub it in and those for smaller, more-local than-not governance. Need bashing. Ethno–state based believers, both open or shy to state too loud, must be wound up and clamped-down. Forcing the questions out, these racial-dreaming dupes think. Stoke up the underclass. On-the-streets race war is a psy-op. Yet, m.s.m-led, pump up to demoralise the beleaguered on tribal/cultural lines. The jump-in to arrest (could have warned first) TR, and wind-up with the press blackout, is more ‘want the fighting’. Immigration, religious practice, gender, orientation – all means to an authoritarian end. Fan up and cause disturbances. Now and again, pull off a fake flag. (Think they look more fake, over ‘false’). Brill article and should do a post to proper rant. TR is about dividing on immigration to confuse and smash up genuine concerns. Will have had “we’re white hats, honest, Tommy…” convo’s. Assume went — thinks “somewhat”– along. Not to, should cause a public denial of offer and refusal. Plus, he and all the full-on deniers about false-flags, those who insist on reminding about — have done a deal. To make money and fame? Could be this and not full-on in a spook-bed but they reckon, for ideology or quids; ‘the price is worth it’. Final quick garbled rattle-out: is about wider fog and madness on broadcasting/journalism. Watching T.R. stare into his phone with an emotional urgency, that he’s, “only getting this out there”. To who and what’s it doing? Note, he stands alone/among a handful, on the street. Am babblin’ to get over that this whole; “telling-the-people” line is grandiose deception. People outside the inner-city don’t care about the issue’s in them and those in them have to live among each other. As for ‘telling’ what who, doesn’t know, what? Or care — more the ish. Should engage more direct to your many ripping through points but know they make me think and learn some. Thanks and top read.

  6. Thank you for telling us what this Robinson thing was /is all about.I don’t have much knowledge of what goes on in the UK ,I just know it is a mess par excellence .I try to follow geopolitics on a higher level ,I guess it could be termed ,the muck at the bottom of the pit is not appealing but still good to know what drives it with open eyes.
    Best regards.

    • Thanks summitflyer. I usually avoid the mucky end too, but in this instance was reacting to the high-profile coverage.
      I still follow your excellent news site too.

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