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Did anyone see the official Republican response speech to Biden’s State of the Union address last week? 

My God, that was some weird shit.
Also highly creepy. So much so that I had to record a clip of it off the TV, because I was so unsettled by it.

The woman in the video was Republican Alabama Senator Katie Britt – and, good grief, do they need to make sure she never address the nation again.
It’s not even so much about what she’s saying – it’s standard unhinged and cringeworthy MAGA stuff, which most people can pretty much tune out by now.

But it’s the way she does it.
She comes across, alternatingly, like either a cult member addressing her brainwashed fellow cultists, or a drugged up, mind-controlled MK Ultra puppet.
You could just mute the audio and look at her eyes and still be creeped out. And there’s her tone. And her painfully awkward attempts to convey clearly fake emotions like anger, sadness or fear at different points in the video.
This is what an inhuman shape-shifter would look like trying to impersonate a human being on camera. I was almost waiting for the reptilian eye thing.
Add some horror movie music in the background and it wouldn’t be out of place.
Politics and society is moving from what was already nightmare territory and into what is now becoming a form of surrealist horror and/or dark parody, it seems.
That Republican speech wouldn’t look out of place in Twin Peaks or a David Lynch movie. You don’t even need the magic They Live glasses anymore to see these things.
Whatever’s wrong with the lady herself, what were the Republican strategists thinking? And who was directing this Dystopian nightmare, thinking it was good stuff?
Really, if these guys didn’t have Trump, they’d have no chance of winning an election ever again.
Which is why all their chips are in the Trump pot – there’s no alternative. It’s Trump or nothing.
Whatever his many, many (many) faults, Trump seems to be the only one who can pass for a relatively normal human being.
Katie Britt looks like she’s on some Heaven’s Gate trip. You can watch her entire speech here, by the way.
Do you remember that painfully awful video of Ted Cruz and his wife from a few years ago? The one where they looked like either android replicants or, again, drugged up cult members?
I can’t find it anymore online, but I remember it vividly.
Why can’t these people act like normal human beings? Is it that hard? Have they all been at the Liz Truss school of performing arts?
Maybe there really are lizard people out there in the corridors of government, after all.
Then again, I was only half joking when I said Katie Britt’s address was like a cult video. Essentially, by now, MAGA ticks all the boxes for a real life cult: complete with a messianic leader who can do no wrong.
And that’s not even counting Qanon – which is a cult within a cult. In truth, the distinction between MAGA and Qanon has also largely evaporated in the last several years anyway.
But it’s somewhat appropriate then that an increasingly cult-like political movement would produce cult-like content like this – even as the Republican Party’s official response to the President’s SOTU.
As much as I’ve been assuming Trump is going to win the election this year, I’m beginning to wonder if the wind might actually be blowing in Biden’s favour.
Despite his many, many (many) faults, Biden gave a pretty decent State of the Union – and this Republican response was so bad that you wonder if this is the dynamic that’s going to play out later this year too.
Seriously, that Britt woman was one step away from asking supporters to break out the Kool Aid and commit mass suicide if the election is lost.


While we’re talking about the US and speeches, I have to also note that I watched another terrible speech from last week – this one by Kamala Harris.

It’s bad for very different reasons to the Katie Britt one, but is so lame that it’s worth mentioning.
It’s the speech where she talks about Gaza and the need for humanitarian intervention.
I mean, she’s kind of saying the right things, I guess – albeit far too late (and after her government has vetoed UN ceasefire attempts multiple times). But her delivery is so obviously insincere. The performance is terrible.
This is clearly not a woman who cares about Gaza or about *any* humanitarian issues.
She is not just a terrible VP,  but a terrible actress – incapable of faking her emotions even a little bit convincingly. The result is a palpably insincere speech that reeks of desperation for approval during election year.
Obviously, they’re worried about losing votes with pro Palestinian demographics or with Arab Americans.
Maybe this is why Biden usually does the talking: and why Harris is usually nowhere to be seen. At least he, for all his gaffes and fumbles, comes across as a real person who has some human feelings.

Some of these politicians have become so bad at mimicking normal human feelings, it’s actually a little unsettling. Honestly, David Icke might’ve been onto something with the lizard people thing.


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