What’s with the Pyramid-Shaped UFOs…?

This month will see the delivery of the Pentagon’s much-hyped report on UFOs – mandated by the COVID relief bill signed by President Trump back in December.

While the original date of June 1st appears to no longer be the date to watch for, whatever it is the Pentagon is planning to reveal to Congress is happening this month.

And as something of a ‘warm up’ act for whatever’s going to drop in June, a handful of UFO videos have been getting media attention in the US. This is a subject matter I will be visiting more: at least for this month, as we approach the Pentagon’s much-hyped UFO report or ‘disclosure’.

In April, the Defense Department released a series of videos of craft that it simply labeled “aerial phenomena” that remain “unidentified.” However, it’s important to note that these weren’t new videos: these tic-tac UFO videos had already been in circulation for several years, one from 2004 and two from 2015. It would be more accurate to say that these were re-released videos, albeit with the Pentagon making them ‘official’ (whereas they’d previously been considered ‘leaked’ videos).

But subsequent to the re-emergence of the tic-tac navy videos, there has also been the more interesting ‘pyramid’ UFO footage – which has also done the rounds in the news media and been discussed on mainstream news networks. The green-tinged video was captured by the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) and apparently leaked to the documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell. It appears to show a pyramid-shaped unidentified object, apparently hovering over the USS Russell in July 2019.

Corbell describes the pyramid-shaped object as “probably the best UFO military-filmed footage certainly that I’ve ever seen, but I think also that the world has ever seen.”



Some have poured cold water on the footage, claiming there are plausible explanations for the three flashing UFOs seen in the video.

But the USS Russell footage is interesting: the supposed pyramid-shape makes it particularly compelling. And it’s the pyramid shape specifically that prompts me to wonder about possible psy-op properties to this whole thing.

Had it been any other shape, it might be a different story: but, clearly, the pyramid shape invites specific associations… for example, with Ancient Egypt, the Ancient Aliens mythology and popular ideas like the supposed pyramids on Mars, etc.

In other words, it plays into pre-existing and popular mythology.

I mean there’s even a pyramid on the US dollar bill (and conspiracy lore is full of differing explanations – correct or incorrect – for why that pyramid is on the dollar bill: and what ‘new order of the ages’ is supposed to mean) – so a pyramid-shaped UFO hovering over a navy vessel certainly seems primed to invite those associations, even on a subconscious level.

I’ve noted before that there’s an unhealthy and suspect connection – and has been for years – between the modern UFO/aliens mythologies and Egyptological occult ideas: as if various proponents of the modern ET/UFO-centered mythologies have been going out of their way to link ETs and UFOs with Ancient Egypt. The absolute best illustration of this orchestrated programme was provided by the British authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince in their 1997 book The Stargate Conspiracy: a book I must’ve read about ten times when I was in my late teens. In it, the authors argue – and show – the extent to which military and intelligence elements were involved with pushing certain occult-origin mythologies and ideas into popular consciousness via attachment to the emerging UFO phenomenon.

These new mythologies, steeped in the work of people like Aleister Crowley among others, were being put into popular culture by various ‘respectable’ authors and researchers: part of the purpose of which was, according to Picknett and Prince’s book, to provide the fertile ground for the emergence of a new religion for the modern age. Though it encompassed various things, the recurring motifs of this New Age religion/mythology were Ancient Egypt and the idea of the returning ‘space gods’.

Extraordinarily, this included actual parapsychological programmes (and occult experiments) conducted within elements of the intelligence community: the supposed psychic contact established, for example, with the Nine Gods of the Egyptian Ennead (a documented ‘event’ that also has obvious echoes in Crowley’s supposed contact with the being ‘Lam’: a supposed paranormal entity who’s sketched image bears a striking resemblance to the modern trope of the Grey Alien that was popularised by Whitley Strieber on the cover of the best-selling book Communion in the 1980s).


LAM: Aleister Crowley, Alien on Communion book cover
Aleister Crowley’s sketch of the occult entity ‘Lam’ on the left: and the alien on the cover of Whitley Streiber’s best-selling ‘Communion’.


Picknett and Prince are highly respected and reliable authors and researchers: and their expose would’ve been highly unpopular among both the authors and legions of fans of the then flourishing industry of books on ancient alien-gods and revisionist history relating to Ancient Egypt and the pyramids, Mars, elements of the modern Contactee phenomenon, along with the sort of New Age belief systems forwarded by the likes of Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, even Aleister Crowley, and many more modern, highly successful authors like Erik Von Daniken and Richard Hoagland.

A year ago, in fact, Elon Musk was rebuked by the Egyptians when he insisted the pyramids in Giza had been built by aliens: the Egyptian authorities themselves are not fond of that school of thought.

I want to avoid going into too much more detail about Prince and Picknett’s book here: as there’s just too much information and too many connections to explain. The book is well worth reading: and I am going to revisit more of it here in later articles, because there’s a lot of really interesting stuff to look at.

The point here is that all of that context makes me a little suspicious of the fact that this video the Pentagon released just happened to show an apparently pyramid-shaped object.

I mean UFOs come in all shapes and sizes: saucers, cigar-shapes, orbs, triangles, etc. Pyramid-shaped UFOs are, as far as I know, not all that common in reported UFO sightings.

It’s also curious because there is another very odd incident involving a pyramid-shaped object.

A “huge floating pyramid” was seen above the Pentagon itself in December 2018. It was caught on film and apparently seen by dozens of witnesses. The problem with this event was that it didn’t cause much more of a stir in the media. Which is odd. For a (presumably giant) pyramid-shaped UFO to appear over the Pentagon, of all places, and then vanish – how did that not blow up into a bigger story?

Yet, two years later, everyone’s talking about this pyramid-shaped object hovering over the USS Russell from 2019: why aren’t they talking about the “huge floating pyramid” over the Pentagon? Isn’t that, in theory, a bigger story? It’s the PENTAGON, for heaven’s sake!

To be honest, the more I’ve looked at that particular footage, the more I’ve wondered if it’s actually some kind of holographic projection rather than an actual physical object. We know that those capabilities exist. And that would certainly take us into Project Bluebeam territory: but why would the military stage a fake pyramid-shaped UFO appearing over the Pentagon? Just an experiment? Testing the waters: both in terms of the technology and the public reaction? A psy-op?

Pyramid UFO over Pentagon, December 2019

I don’t know. I’m actually struggling with some of this stuff. But I just think its very odd that the pyramid-shaped UFO footage the Pentagon has released to the media has caused a big stir in the media: but the pyramid-shaped object that appeared over the Pentagon itself only three years ago barely raised any eyebrows.

Surely the two are connected? I mean, if the implication is that this is aliens, then it’s the same aliens in both cases, right?

And… if it isn’t aliens, then the implication is that games are being played. And games – psychological or social – are not a new thing for the Pentagon or the various elements of the military-industrial complex. I mean, just look at the recent absurdities of Q-Anon and some of the shit that was going on at Fort Bragg: I explored all of that in this piece about the January 6th Capitol Riot & the Q-Anon psy-op, including the Pentagon’s apparent interest in ‘ARGs’ or Alternate Reality Games. Anyone who didn’t read that article yet, give it a look: the entire narrative of the Jan 6th Capitol Riots and the Presidential Election has been falsely framed on all sides.

But I do tend to think the 2018 pyramid over the Pentagon might be a hologram.

And, again, that draws us towards Project Bluebeam territory. Project Bluebeam, for anyone who’s never heard the term, is a theoretical plan to conduct a mass deception simulating a fake alien invasion or the Biblical Second Coming (or some hybrid of both). Its main proponent, Serge Monast, suggested that the ‘New World Order’ religion would seek to discredit and dismantle the old religions entirely rather than try to incorporate them: whereas the thrust of Picknett and Prince’s book was that this manufactured ‘New Age’ religion was trying to assimilate the existing religions into this new, all-encompassing religion/mythology (simply re-contextualising Christian or Judeo-Christian ideas, for example, in terms of the new space gods or returning gods of Egypt paradigm).

It’s worth noting that the Project Bluebeam theory – whether it’s true or not – could arguably be something that also relates to Dr Steven Greer’s warnings of a staged alien invasion or threat and to Werner Von Braun’s alleged deathbed warning that a fake alien invasion was being planned by the military-industrial complex.

In terms of the possibility of the December 2018 pyramid over the Pentagon being a hologram rather than a real UFO, a Washington Post report from 1999 seemed to confirm that these kinds of operations were being actively pursued and researched, including, for example, for use during the War in Iraq. Military physicists had allegedly established the feasibility of holographically projecting large three-dimensional objects that appeared to float in the air.

Also, just as strange as the Pentagon/Pyramid image itself was the video that did the rounds on the internet at the time, claiming to be of a closed-door session of the UN in which NASA was confirming the presence of the pyramid-shaped object over the Pentagon – and explaining to the world’s representatives that it was the moment of definitive contact with an extra-terrestrial civilisation. The UN video claimed to have been filmed via hidden camera. However, as this Storypick article explains: ‘The woman in the video, Aliya Prokofyeva, is a real person. However, the video itself is not. She has been superimposed using CGI onto footage of the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, addressing a UN General Assembly meeting...’

So, the UN video was clearly a fake. But, as far as I know, the actual pyramid over the Pentagon itself hasn’t been ‘debunked’ or explained.

I just think there’s something very odd or conspicuous about pyramid-shaped UFOs specifically, because of all the connotations. And if it was a staged hologram or hoax, then it was clearly designed in part to invite those associations with the preexisting mythologies about Ancient Egypt, the Martian pyramids, and the ‘space gods’, etc, that have become so prominent over the passed several decades (and again, which – according to The Stargate Conspiracy – has become so prominent in the first place by design).

Pyramid-shaped UFOs have also in the past been filmed above Moscow, and even specifically over the Kremlin. Also, there were even images allegedly showing pyramid UFOs over… wait for it… the pyramids in Giza! The Giza Pyramid UFOs, I’m pretty sure are fake. But the Russian footage seems to have been ‘real’ – though, again, a lot depends on what we mean by ‘real’.

For the record, I’m not at all dismissing the subject of ancient ET visitations and involvement in early civilisation (because there is certainly a case to be made to suggest something of the sort may have happened), nor the idea of modern non-human intelligences communicating with us – both of which have a wealth of reasonable information and logic to more than justify serious study. Nor am I criticising any well-meaning authors whose ideas or research may have been co-opted by more cynical agencies for other, more sinister purposes – I like and respect some of those authors and their work.

I don’t even dismiss the possibility of extra-terrestrial connections to Ancient Egypt: because, again, there’s some interesting stuff to be found in that subject area (see here, for example).

But Picknett and Prince’s book was right and their research was honest and meticulous: there was clearly a concerted effort going on to push this idea of ancient alien contact and the imminent Return of the Gods (and its connection to Egyptology) into the popular consciousness, and it did demonstrably involve the military and intelligence communities – which inevitably casts a cloud of suspicion over a lot of the most popular authors, books, ideas and emerging mythologies that came together to create what is today a hugely widespread belief system.

And I find it difficult to look at footage of flying pyramids and not think that someone is trying to deliberately play into this belief system.


S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. Great article. Sounds like a fascinating book too. I used to be a true believer in the UFO stuff but it has increasingly dawned on me that we are all being played (as per usual) and – as you say – UFOs seem to be just one aspect of a bigger agenda and not only a hoax to cover up secret military hardware (something I believe the Soviets did too) but actually to lay the foundations for a future religion. On the face of it that religion will be one part ‘pagan’, one part transhumanist and one part Satanic (for want of a better word). In other words it looks a hell of a lot like Nazism (which was primarily religion after all). Incidentally, the Skinwalker Ranch baloney (baloney in my opinion obviously!) seems to have been deliberately concocted in order to stitch lots of the different threads together. All of that said, as a physicist I don’t doubt the possibility of alien life somewhere in this vast universe or even the possibility of some types of “paranormal” phenomena. But the fact that some of these things may exist doesn’t exclude the likelihood (near certainty) that we are also being fooled for some nefarious (dare I say) ‘final solution’.

    • Thanks, WoC. Yeah I think there’s always been manipulation and psy-op elements going on with this stuff. I’m not a sceptic when it comes to UFOs and strange incidents, etc: but I think the reality – whatever it is – has been so obscured, manipulated and managed that they’ve made it impossible for us to properly separate the wheat from the chaff. And it’s been very well established by various researchers that government-aligned disinformation agents have been active in the UFOlogy field/community for decades.

  2. It is very enjoyable article again! Thank you my friend! I will write first this comment after WD and I needed to go out(of course this is about his pee time.:) but later I will write comment again about your article, because I have read quick and there is something was caught my eye first, and I should point this one at asap.

    The footage about triangle UFO above Moscow is really fake as you suspected. Because there is no snow on the roads you see. I have checked the weather report on the same day, 10 Dec 2009 in Moscow and it says avarage is -4,5 °C and the wind speed is between 1,8 and 2,6 km/h. And if thinking this temperature does not show the snow, I have also found a news about 8 december 2009, and it says that first big snowfall came in this winter and in a short time Moscow turned as snow white and snow quickly covered sidewalks, roads and parked cars.

    Thare is so now way this snow to disappear in less than 2 days in Moscow. Here the link:
    ria ru 20091208 197848222 html
    . / / .

    If you ask what kind of link is, (actually I know you would not ask:)), I put the dots and slashes on the bottom line, where they should be at upper, so that the system does not perceive it as spam again.:))

    • Oh, wow, that’s a trip down memory lane. I haven’t had Quality Street since I was a kid. But I do remember the green triangle sweet.

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