The Christchurch Massacre: Connecting the Dots & the Perpetual Motion Machine…

What happened in Christchurch, New Zealand, is not surprising.

An event like that has been coming: and there’s going to be more of them elsewhere. With the extent of the continuous propaganda and brainwashing content (or experiment) being run across the uglier sections of the Internet, it’s actually surprising that something on this scale hasn’t happened sooner.

Whether it’s as a part of the organised psy-op to create the ‘race war‘ or it’s just as a result of the mass conditioning being carried out on vast numbers of people, things like this have been – and still are – very much on the cards.

False Flag? Who knows? Possibly.

I’ve written so much about false flags in the past that, honestly, I’m just bored of it now. But Truthscoop has written up a piece on that subject here.

And Info Hub Blogger has written a balanced piece here, discussing the possibility of a false flag or Deep State operation. He also talks, among other things, about the possibility of the ‘terror threat’ from white supremacists or white nationalists being played up more now, with the implication being that there will be more to come.

There are things in his article that I don’t necessarily agree with, but with that idea, I agree with him. I think it’s likely that – assuming at least some of these are false-flag ops – we may see more of a shift away from Islamist terror attacks and towards Far-Right or ‘alt-right’-inspired attacks. If so, the aim would in part be to continue to play up and aggravate the ‘clash of civilisations’, playing the two extreme sides – Islamist extremists and Far-Right extremists – off each other (a dynamic I previously laid out here), with the rest of us normal people caught in the middle.

Read more:Islamist Extremism & White Supremacists: Understanding the Projected ‘Civil War’ & Societal Chaos‘…

All of that being said, I can just easily see this as a straight-up massacre carried out by someone radicalised by the relentless flood of ‘white power’ propaganda saturating much of the web.

It’s not exactly unlikely, when you’re accustomed to seeing comments-sections and forums routinely filled with ‘white power’ diatribes and even colorful fantasies about ‘killing Muzzies’. Nor does it help when you see subsequent comments-sections and forums containing outright praise for the perpetrator or gleefully revelling in the justness of this ‘revenge attack’ for the various Islamist terror attacks.

There’s some justification for believing that the character we’ve been told carried out the Christchurch shootings is precisely the sort of person, with the kind of experience, who would do that – which I’ll elaborate on shortly.

But it’s possible – even likely – that some halfway combination of both could be the case. That seems to have been the general way these things have been done before – real perpetrator, real brainwashing, real crime, but generally ‘helped along’ by external facillitators.

In the past, there have also been what were just blatant, stage-managed false-flag operations, where it was questionable whether the ‘perpetrators’ were guilty at all – but it has also seemed more and more like there’s a broader strategy in play now that doesn’t depend on those kinds of micro-managed false-flags.

As I said, I got tired of nitpicking specific incidents a long time ago: and, taking a broader view of how these things seem to work now, it’s probably not even necessary to micro-analyse the individual terror incidents anymore anyway.

It’s interesting to take a broader view of the ‘false-flag’ concept sometimes: because it’s not just the idea of stage-managed atrocities at the micro level. If you have the vast apparatus in place for people to be genuinely radicalised (even to the point of bloodlust), then it’s only a matter of time before some individual succumbs hook-line-and-sinker and carries out a violent or murderous act.

That apparatus has been in place for some time already: it’s the elite-funded ‘community’ of ‘alt-right’ commentators, platforms and activists that have taken over most of the so-called ‘alternative media’ and much of the Internet.

The point being that, if at least half or more of this online ‘media’ operation is elite-backed, then when someone goes and carries out acts of extreme violence or terrorism based on that influence, it could be viewed as a longer-form type of ‘false flag’ operation: they’re just waiting for unbalanced individuals like Brenton Tarrant to take the bait and go do the thing.

Side-note: note the curious hand signal Tarrant is making in court, in the image below. Who is he signalling to – and what is he signalling?


Brenton Tarrant makes strange hand signal in court

It is, dynamically, not different from what the Islamic State psy-op was doing: whereby various ‘lone wolf’ individuals took up the ’cause’ and would (supposedly) carry out a terrorist act. In that scenario, given that at least half of what we think of as ‘ISIS’ was in fact a psy-op and manipulation, you could essentially talk about ‘false flag’ dynamics at a macro level rather than at the micro level of a terrorist act itself.

In other words, you manufacture the environment or conditions where you can maximise the number of crazy individuals willing to swallow the propaganda Kool-Aid and go do something horrific: in that scenario, you create a kind of perpetual motion machine of online Kool-Aid content-producers, radicalisation, and violence that can keep going for a very long time.

It minimises the need for stage-managed false-flag operations involving intelligence-agency patsies – because you’re just creating real murderers and real hatred instead.

Also, micro-managed false-flag events can be nitpicked at (by annoying people like me) and questionned: it’s much easier and much less of a liability to actually just enable real maniacs to go do real maniac things. In that scenario, they can actually say it’s not a false-flag – and they’d kind of be telling the truth.

But, in terms of ‘manufacturing the conditions’, you don’t just do this necessarily at the propaganda level. You do it at the hands-on experience and real-world networking level too.

With all of that said, let’s look at something here.

Some months ago, I published an article here called Azov Batallion, White Jihad & the Return of the Nazis‘, in which I explored the evidence that the international network of far-right or Neo-Nazi groups and activists were all linked, all forwarding a shared agenda, and were also to some extent tied in with the militants in Ukraine.

In it, I argued that the ‘White Power’ or ‘White Jihad’ movement was being ‘allowed’ to build momentum the same way as the ‘ISIS’ phenomenon was, for the dual purposes of both specific geopolitical interests and general domestic destabilisation and general ‘race war’.

I’ve covered this general subject many times, including in this older article on how Islamist extremists and Far-Right Neo-Nazis were being allowed to develop as the two ‘sides’ of a probable nation-spanning conflict that would rip through society.

But I want to focus for a moment again here on the situation in Ukraine – and the ‘Azov Batallion’ – as the same catalyst and/or breeding ground for the destabilisation of the West as ‘ISIS’ and Syria/Iraq/Libya were for the destabilisation of the Muslim world.

Fascist neo-nazi militia in Ukraine

I wrote then: ‘These groups want a nation-spanning movement or conflict – precisely as the Islamists wanted a nation-spanning ‘jihad’. They are the Mirror of ISIS. And just like the Islamists, they see their fellow white supremacists in other countries as ‘brothers’ and fellow warriors…’

So let’s look at how this may relate directly to the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Donbass Insider reports speculation that ‘Tarrant could be associated with Ukrainian neo-Nazis.’ And that he could be ‘part of the same organization in which there are two mercenaries who fought on the side of the Ukrainian punishers in the Donbas.’

The article cites sources I’m not sure about, but specifies the Australia-based ‘Right Wing Resistance’, and talks about ‘A member of the same organization, Right Wing Resistance Brenton Tarrant, demonstrating skills, possibly obtained in wartime conditions, shot people in New Zealand. He is also an Australian citizen, a member of the same Nazi organization. It is quite possible that he is a member of the Ukrainian Nazi units that fought in the Donbass”…’

It continues, ‘From open sources, it follows that Right Wing Resistance is a group of white nationalists led by Kyle Chapman, based in Christchurch – that is, in the city where Tarrant shot people.’ According to this, people in New Zealand found out about the group after Christchurch was subject to “street patrols”…’

On the ‘street patrols’, does that sound familiar? Kind of reminiscent of Waltham Forest in London, Anjem Choudary and the supposed ‘Shariah Patrols’: that short-lived drama that helped fuel the ‘race war’ meme in the UK and gave rise to race-war proponent and psy-op actor ‘Tommy Robinson’.

We’re also told elsewhere that ‘Black Sun’ imagery also appeared on the Christchurch shooter’s paraphernalia; the black sun being an occult symbol used in German neo-pagan and Nazi mysticism. This image is apparently also popular with the Neo-Nazi militants of the Azov Batallion and one of the primary symbols of the Ukrainian Volunteer Regiment.

An Australian news article from just last year gives us some information on this link between far-right Australians, the ‘Right Wing Resistance’ and the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis. ‘When Australian former Neo-Nazi and registered gun owner Ethan Tilling flew into Brisbane this year, he was returning under the radar of Australian authorities with newfound combat experience from a brutal and forgotten war. Mr Tilling, who was until recently a member of the Nazi group Right Wing Resistance, had spent the Australian spring in the bitter cold of Eastern Ukraine firing Kalashnikovs, rocket launchers and grenades at Russian-backed separatists...’

It continued; ‘The 23-year-old former soldier from Brisbane is one of two Australian ex-Defence Force personnel identified by the ABC who have joined thousands of ultranationalists flocking from across the world to take up arms in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donbass…’


Neo Nazi mercenaries in Ukraine

Curiously, it also highlights that ‘…Unlike Australians who break strict foreign fighter laws by joining Islamic State or the Kurds who oppose them, neither Mr Tilling nor Mr Bennet, from Melbourne, have broken any Australian law by taking up arms in Ukraine.’

It adds, ‘ABC does not suggest Mr Tilling or Mr Bennet pose any threat, but Australian and international security experts say the cases highlight an inconsistency in the law which leaves Australia vulnerable to the brand of violent right-wing extremism that is spreading across the US and Europe…’

So, let’s come back to the article I posted here a few months ago.

That article centered on the FBI indictment that seemed to have revealed that Amercan white supremacists had been receiving training from Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi ‘Azov Batallion‘. This specifically linked to the unrest in Charlottesville and the white-power activists who had “violently attacked and assaulted counter-protesters” at white nationalist and white supremacist events.

According to Whitney Webb’s report at MintPress News, the court documents ‘refer to RAM as a “white supremacy extremist group” while the group self-represents as “a combat-ready, militant group of a new nationalist white supremacy/identity movement…’

That ‘RAM’ reference specifically is to the ‘Rise Above Movement’: though it isn’t clear that group is directly linked to the individual who, during the Charlottesville unrest, drove a car into protesters, killing one woman.

But, like this Christchurch shooter, RAM’s founder (Robert Rundo) was reported to have been making trips all over the place, including Ukraine, Italy and Germany, “to meet with members of European white supremacy extremist groups.”

Christchurch shooter Brenton Terrant says he has been ‘all over the world’ in preparation for his act. This speaks to, as I’ve talked about before, the reality of the inter-linking groups and general ‘brotherhood’ mentality that seems to exist – and that is also being engendered by the vast (and elite-backed) ‘alt-right’ media enterprise at the indoctrination level. These guys don’t operate in isolation; neither at the propaganda level nor at the street level.

This being said, the backstory with the Christchurch shooter is a bit more complicated and confusing: because he was also apparently in Pakistan, which raises even more questions – and may suggest this guy had broader financial backing and contacts.

White Supremacy – or ‘White Jihad’, as they now like to call it – is an international movement pursuing an international objective. The question is to ask who’s objective they’re pursuing: obviously they’re pursuing their own, twisted vision, but – like the ‘Islamic State’ project – the likelihood is they’re also servicing agendas above their own too.

In terms of the Ukraine factor, it might not be a huge or central element in the overall programme, but its purpose is to provide a playground for would-be ‘White Jihadists’ to develop their ‘skills’ and experience.

I said then, ‘In a worst-case scenario, I tend to wonder if the situation in Ukraine is going to be used as a training ground for white supremacist militants all over the place to cut their teeth with hands-on exprience – the same way parts of Syria, Libya and Iraq were made lawless so as to provide jihadists with staging areas and training ground: and how some of them then came back to Europe and supposedly carried out terrorist attacks…’

We don’t know for sure if this Christchurch shooter, Brenton Tarrant, served as a mercenary in Ukraine: but we do know that he was in Ukraine. And if he is part of the ‘Right Wing Resistance’ (which had two other members who fought in Ukraine), then it’s certainly a distinct possibility.

In which case, he may have received his training and hands-on experience of weapons and killing with the Neo-Nazi militia in that conflict zone: and then come back home with the intent of putting that experience to use domestically.

Which is precisely what happened with Western-based recruits who went over to get involved in the violence in Syria, Libya or Iraq and then – in some cases – came back and carried out terrorist acts at home (the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi being an example: he was allowed by the British security services to go to Libya and fight alongside Al-Qaeda and other Islamists against Gaddafi, and then he came back carried out a terrorist attack in England).

You can easily see it’s the same strategy: create the conditions in a certain place (Syria or Eastern Ukraine), allowing ‘volunteers’ to go get their bloodlust and training and then come back and carry out violent acts.

As explored previously, the Russian Foreign Ministry took the step back then of demanding various governments investigate the involvement of ‘volunteers’ (mercenaries) from their countries who went over to take part in the Nazi Azov Batallion, just as Gaddafi and Assad had respectively asked Western states why all these ‘volunteers’ were flocking into their countries to join the Islamist militias.

ISIS Militants in Aleppo, Syria. Credit Image: © Medyan Dairieh/ZUMA Wire/ZUMAPRESS.com

This comparison of the Azov Batallion to the Islamic State group is not just in geopolitical terms, but in terms of essential character: this is a group that was openly known to drive around in tanks with Nazi symbols and making Nazi salutes, committed war crimes, and were also alleged to have engaged in beheadings (yes, beheadings) and allegedly burning crosses.

It’s not as if the various Western ‘volunteers’ (including the aforementioned Australians) went over there to a war-zone to visit tourist hot-spots.

Meanwhile, aside from the killing spree itself, what’s always curious to observe is the reaction and how the event is spun.

No one really gives a shit about the people being murdered: it’s all about how to spin it to suit the prevailing agenda. So most mainstream media uses it to further demonise Trump, most Conservative media insists it’s a false-flag to vilify the right, most of the ‘alt-right’ media cheers in celebration that one of their ‘brothers’ has taken up the armed struggle, and the truth of the event – whatever it is – is rendered almost irrelevent.

Though it’s funny how it’s primarily the alt-right or conservative platforms that cry out false flag in this instance – only because the perpetrator is an alleged white supremacist supposedly indoctrinated by some of those very platforms and memes. None of those guys were crying false flag when it was Manchester, London Bridge, Paris, or wherever else – in those cases, they happily used those incidents to further the ‘clash of civilisations’ meme and reinforce the continuous Kool-Aid delivery process (which is their job, after all – their role in the mass conditioning).

Info Wars is always particularly funny to observe during these moments: it’s so bad that it’s basically satire. It quoted Rush Limbaugh, for example, in insisting the Christchurch shooter was (and I quote) ‘A ‘Leftist’ Who Staged ‘False Flag’ Attack To Frame Conservatives‘. The sole basis for this idea – other than desperation – is the guy’s praise for China and its ethnic policies in his ‘manifesto’. That, apparently, proves he’s a ‘liberal/leftist’ – never mind that the rest of the manifesto consists of the alt-right tropes and memes that have dominated alternative media in the last five years.

Again, it’s a perpetual motion machine designed to go on for a long time: the bullshit operation online feeds the radicalisation, which maximises the chance of violent acts, which in turn is re-spun as more bullshit by the propaganda/brainwashing factory… and on it goes.

When that machine is running long enough, you don’t need false-flags anymore at the micro level – because the machine will just produce it all for you.

Again, for all I know, Christchurch might’ve been a more obvious false-flag at the micro level: but it barely even matters anymore –  because all of the surrounding context and climate is itself a manufactured manipulation.

Was the Christchurch shooter a patsy? Maybe.

But it’s not difficult to see him as also being someone indoctrinated by the ceaseless flow of mind-rotting propaganda: whether it was via YouTube, Facebook, 8-Chan or other platforms, websites and channels. That’s not shocking: this elite-backed ‘culture war’ programme has been in overdrive for several years, feeding a steady, daily dose of poison into the minds of countless people in multiple countries.

All it takes is one out of every fifty-thousand Kool-Aid drinkers to go take action.

The killer’s ‘manifesto’ appears to be a hotch-potch of basically everything the alt-right crowd and the alternative-media hijackers have been putting out for the last several years.

Some have argued it might be a fake manifesto put there from the outside to create certain impressions and connections. Maybe. That doesn’t explain why the guy was in Ukraine: or why he seems to have a hard-on for the Azov Batallion.

On the other hand, it’s just as easily a real insight into the thinking of a low-IQ Internet junkie who’s swallowed so much of the Kool-Aid in the last few years and is just spewing out a mish-mash of everything he’s read or watched. I’ve known or encountered people exactly like that – not gun- wielding psychopaths, but people who’ve consumed so much online propaganda and psy-opery that they literally just sound like a bad YouTube video every time they speak: as if the original person or intellect isn’t even there anymore and all that’s left is the thousand hours of YouTube they’ve consumed while getting angrier and angrier.

In an older article, I referred to this whole thing as ‘grooming’ being done online and to vast numbers of people at a time. Was the same game with the ‘ISIS’ thing: now it’s the ‘white power’ stuff – though, in fact, the two go hand-in-hand in a permanent embrace.

He also has been reported to have said specifically that he was hoping to spark a ‘race war’ – which, appropriately enough, seems to be precisely what the elite-sponsored agenda seems to be.

And he apparently idolises the Norway killer Anders Breivik, among others. Putting things back into a broader context, Anders Breivik (a Mason of sorts, according to various observers), it should be noted, cited the inspiration of Daniel Pipes in his manifesto: Daniel Pipes is a Neo-Con/Zionist propagandist, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, founder of the ‘Middle East Forum’ (the organisation that bankrolled ‘Tommy Robinson’s‘ recent free-speech psy-op and the #FreeTommy charade) and ideological bedfellow of things like the Gatestone Institute, Nina Rosenwald and the general elite-funded millionaire network behind the so-called ‘alt right’.

Fittingly (and I mention it whenever I discuss ‘Tommy Robinson’), Pipes wrote the book Conspiracy: How the Paranoid Style Flourishes and Where It Comes From.

I mention all of that here just to reiterate the point that the people and interests at the higher echelons of the ‘alt right’ movement (the propaganda/radicalisation arm of this mind-control operation) are not the ‘salt-of-the-earth’ working-class types that most of the rank-and-file Kool-Aid enthusiasts seem to think they are, but the polar opposite.

As for the Christchurch massacre: whether it was a straight massacre, a false-flag massacre or even a staged event, the underlying reality is that we are all being manipulated.


Read more:Islamist Extremists & White Supremacists: The Projected Race-War & Societal Chaos‘, ‘Azov Batallion, White Jihad & the Return of the Nazis‘, ‘The Truth About the Charlottesville Unrest & the Desired Race War‘, ‘Age of Universal Deceit, Part II – Germany & the Chemnitz Killing‘, Age of Universal Deceit, Part I – Sweden‘, ‘The Curious Case of the MAGA Bomber‘…

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  1. In the shooter’s livestreamed video, at the start, when he is driving around, on the car stereo he is playing some Jewish music. Some neo-Nazi, eh? Is the music some sort of Mossad in-joke, to see if anyone’s paying attention?

    • I haven’t seen that. But I’m not sure how we would ascertain it as specifically Jewish music anyway: unless it was really obviously Hebrew words.

  2. Quite a journey of thinking this week. Overall there are positives. Distress and disagreements but more revealing, that can be turned back on to the bad-doers. Becoming aware, the Christchurch — it’s all in the name eh? — attack, is allowing for backfiring. Yes-though, your central ‘miss the point’ point is necessary to keep up and prominent. For more, better-than-not writing about all this. Need to have a go.

  3. I’ve seen the video and watched analysis/good points being made by Uncle Alice, Jeffersonian Girl, it’s clearly fake, but why? Why leave so many errors? to distract from something else, to have the truth world divided? To have a crackdown on the distribution of ‘truth videos’? Thats really as far as I’m going with this one. Whether it was a hoax or there were really deaths, I don’t know. There’s the usual drill being run at the same time, there are several fake online profiles of survivors, there’s the Mossad spy ring deported, caught in the aftermath of the earthquake in Christchurch. Not even sure the guy is the same person who appeared in court. So many layers to look at…as you say perpetual motion machine.

    • Yeah, it’s confusing. There was also a threat that Netanyahu made against New Zealand after NZ supported UN sanctions against illegal settlement builders.

    • Yeah, it’s confusing. There was also an open threat Netanyahu made against New Zealand after NZ supported UN sanctions against illegal settlement builders.

  4. “..he[Tarrant] was very interested in President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, there could have been an assassination plot maybe,” said Yusuf Erim.

    My association goes to spider: tarantula.

    Also I encountered the text “..[Tarrant] was arraigned…”

    And my association again areignee =spider

    • Thanks, petergrafstrm, that’s really interesting. God, this guy is like a one-man Pandora’s box.

      • I was thinking masonic message? Message: spider. Spinning a web.
        There were turkish journals mentioning Tarrants visits there.
        What parties are his threads joing? Or what prey is being spun into a cocoon? (Appart from the public..)
        End of wild speculations.. 🙂

        • Yes, there’s a lot here: quite a headache in fact. I should do a second post, looking further and including what you’ve provided here. I’m just swamped for time right now. I’m not convinced it was a hoax though: false flag maybe, but not an outright hoax.

  5. Admittedly I have not looked closely into this latest atrocity, but the thing that immediately puzzles me is that not only did a lone lunatic somehow manage to kill so many and at two different mosques, but that the horrific event was also livestreamed. Even by past standards this surely requires monumental intelligence and police failings. Regarding the manifesto (and it seems that every mass murdering fanatic needs to write one these days… I suppose it makes a change from leaving your passport at the scene!) Scott Creighton (Churchdog42) has been running some interesting videos about it. The manifesto itself is actually quite hard to find, although I did take a look at one link that Scott directs us to. And the parts I read are bizarre in the extreme. But then as someone might reasonably point out in defence of the lack of plausibility, well what would you expect from a nutcase…! (on which basis we can account for absolutely anything basically).

    • Yeah, I don’t know. The manifesto could be a fake. But, like you say, it could also just be a reflection of the guy’s muddled thinking and his overdosing on YouTube videos. The guy was in Ukraine though – and that’s the main thing that sticks out to me.

  6. Tasmanias Port Arthur and Scotlands Dunblane massacres (the latter covered on this blogg in 2016) both happened in the spring of 1996. In both cases it led to stricter gun control legislation and the Christchurch shooting is reported to be pointing in that direction.
    All three probably false flags. In preparation for the wrath of the western masses to be unleashed as the planned austerity measures materialise..?
    Note that a very suitable cover for the wanted austerity is the green motive. We have to stop dissipating energy etc. That is the ‘we’ who dont usually travel business class to and fro career-enhancing escapades.

    • Yes, you’re right, petergrafstrm: that’s a part of it – I noticed that in the coverage. But I don’t think it would be the only part of it. My guess is there is – as usual – more than one agenda; and that the authorities in NZ decided that they might as well throw that one in there while they had a good premise for it.

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