The ROSWELL INCIDENT: The Nazi Theory Works…

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The Roswell Incident is, of course, one of the most famous – perhaps the most famous – incident in the modern mythology/history of UFOs (or Flying Saucers, as they were regarded at the time).

The prevailing belief of many is that a spacecraft of extra-terrestrial origin crashed in New Mexico in 1947, with multiple E.T bodies salvaged from the impact.

Depending on which version/source of the story you subscribe to, one or more of these alien beings may have been operated on and studied, while another may or may not have entered into a dialogue with U.S Army or Air Force personnel or even, according to some versions, the then US President Harry Truman.

I was fascinated by the Roswell Incident when I was growing up; that entire era that it initiated of the “Flying Saucer craze” is a fascinating subject and time-period to study, particularly in America in the fifties, with its post-war, Cold War backdrop and the then-new fascination with “the saucers”, UFO Contactees and alien visitations.

With or without any actual belief or conviction in the reality of extra-terrestrial visitors and spacecraft, the subject itself, particularly in that era, makes for a fascinating historical and cultural study.

And the Roswell Incident, whatever it ultimately was, is at the heart of it.

 Roswell Incident, newspaper archive 

But like all real-world incidents covered up by authorities at the time of their occurrence, the Roswell Incident has become a web of myths and theories from which it is ultimately impossible to extract ‘the facts’ anymore due to whatever factual information there was being mixed up over the years with falsehood and speculation, some of it the work of over-excitable theorists and writers and some of it the work of officials and agencies involved in a cover up.

What we do know is that the ‘official’ explanation changed over the years, making the official story unreliable on principle: and thus justifying all of the speculation and theories and counter-theories.

We are also now so many decades removed from the incident that eye-witness testimony is increasingly both rare and unreliable and will only become more so.

Yet even now new information and new theories still come to light. A German documentary originally screened on the N24 channel and called UFOs in the Third Reich argues that the Roswell Incident was linked to the testing of one of the infamous ‘Nazi UFOs’; a craft called ‘the Bell’ that employed futuristic ‘electric-particle propulsion’.

The craft may have been the work of Nazi scientist and NASA employee Werner von Braun and the infamous V2 rocket specialists taken to America at the end of World War II in America’s bid to outdo the Soviet Union in the field of rocket technology. Click on this link for more in-depth research into the ‘Nazi Bell’ design.

 Nazi Bell UFO 

While I was already familiar with the Nazi/UFOs subject, this was the first time I’d heard the Nazi scientists mentioned specifically in relation to the alleged Roswell crash. The phenomena of ‘Nazi UFOs’ is not a new revelation, of course. It has been known for decades that British and American bomber pilots flying German skies during the war reported seeing strange objects and flying saucers.

While mainstream flying saucer lore cites Kenneth Arnold’s famous 1947 sightings as the beginning of the modern ‘flying saucer era’, a truer overview of the timeline might instead cite Nazi skies during World War II as the actual beginnings of the modern phenomena (the ‘Foo Fighters’ phenomena, as it was being called).

Curiously the widely-held ‘beginning date’ of the flying saucer ‘craze’ – 1947 – was a mere two years after the end of the Second World War; and therefore would be exactly the sort of time-frame in which Nazi UFO designs might’ve started to be tested in American skies, this being 1 – 2 years after German scientists may have been spirited to the US as part of ‘Operation Paperclip’.

Therefore, chronology wise, this German/Roswell connection idea would seem to make sense.

Doesn’t mean it’s true, of course; but that’s not for me to say.

However, the Nazi Bell explanation wouldn’t seem to account for the longstanding claims of alien bodies being retrieved from the crash. For the Nazi Bell narrative to hold true, we would have to believe that the stories of the alien bodies (or even living aliens) were false: or that the official explanation of ‘crash test dummies’ being mistaken for ET bodies being true.

Could crash test dummies have been used in the alleged Nazi craft? And were these mistaken by someone for real aliens when the wreckage was found?

Or is this Nazi Bell narrative being put out there to deliberately confuse or re-frame the story?

Whether it was a crashed experimental craft with its origins in the Third Reich, a fallen spacecraft from another galaxy, a visit-gone-wrong from ‘interdimensional beings’, a time-travel crash by Quark and the Ferengi (according to a funny episode of Deep Space Nine), or whatever else has been postulated over the years… something out-of-the-ordinary clearly happened in Roswell, New Mexico, in the summer of 1947.

And we know as a matter of fact that Werner von Braun and the German scientists were in the United States at that time, less than two years after the end of the Second World War.

AND that the ‘foo fighters’ sightings seemed to transplant from World War II Europe to post-war United States within this precise time-frame: as in, the ‘sightings’ or incidents seemed to follow the Nazi scientists from Germany to the United States, with Kenneth Arnold seeing his flying saucers and 1947 and the Roswell Incident occurring mere weeks later.

This does seem to be as good, as logical, an explanation for the Roswell Incident as we’ve ever had. And it requires no alien beings, interdimensional entities or alien autopsies.

Which makes it a lot less exciting: but no less interesting.

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