Exposing the BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING: What REALLY Happened…?

Boston marathon bombing, Dzhokar Tsarnaev

So Dzhokar Tsarnaev is facing the death penalty.

And we’ll never really know who really carried out the Boston marathon bombing; though we can of course make informed guesses.

It’s not even a case of officials and the media merely ‘dismissing’ the existing evidence, but actually outright refusing to even acknowledge that evidence’s existence.

The evidence doesn’t even enter into the narrative, even when the narrative is so ludicrously flimsy.

I can forego the more detailed rehash of all the information, as most of us are already aware of it; but for those who aren’t, I direct you to these highly useful links here and here; the latter in particular is a thoroughly exhaustive look at the evidence with a number of key photographic analyses.

Like January’s Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, the Boston Marathon bombing of course had all the hallmarks of the staged false-flag operation from the very start; from the fact that clues where in plain sight the whole time to the fact that ‘bomb drills’ just happened to be going on at exactly the same time. One eyewitness, among others, reported law enforcement telling the crowd “It’s just a drill” immediately after the explosions.

The Boston Police, however, firmly deny there was any drill going on, despite the testimony of the eye-witnesses.


Start with Jeff Bauman, who supposedly lost his right leg and the lower part of his left leg in the explosion; though it is strongly attested by others that ‘Bauman’ was *already an amputee*; read here for more on Bauman.

Again this site has a comprehensive analysis of multiple photos from the scene, demonstrating the highly amateurish performance played out by multiple actors for the sake of the media cameras, with the obviously fake ‘blood’ all over the pavement, the odd, incongruous behaviour of multiple people on the scene and the various discernible signals being exchanged between the various actors.

You might ask why all these people would act a traumatic situation out like that: well, for one thing because it was a *drill*, remember.

Look at the photo below and look at the guy with the shades and the hoodie (in the central portion of the image), looking far too relaxed about it all and watching for direction from the other two guys in caps. And that’s just one example; there are a whole bunch of other photos demonstrating how staged the entire thing was.

 Boston Marathon bombing photo 

Then you also have the multiple ‘crisis actors’ – ‘eyewitnesses’ to multiple incidents or news events – who keep cropping up on news reports, clearly just on the payroll of the broadcasters. This is a growing phenomenon and one that is so brazen, so ridiculous, that you’d think the news channels would do a better job of lying (at least hire *different actors*, you cheap-skates). But no, we’re supposed to believe that these same people just happen to have the misfortune of being present at multiple terror incidents or news events; including one was supposed to be dead already.

The two women pictured below are examples of this, though there are a number of others who’ve been caught out too. The news channels must be laughing their heads off at the gullibility of the viewing public.


More significant than all of that is that the actual, real  ‘bombers’ (assuming there even was an actual bomb other than a controlled explosion exercise as part of the drill) were likely identified early on.

Images from the scene, first uncovered by 4Chan, drew attention to the highly suspicious men in the vicinity.

At least two men, possibly a third, are photographed at the site of the bombing and are wearing matching military boots and army-type khaki trousers and both carrying conspicuous large black backpacks (perfectly matching the description of the backpack the bomb was allegedly in)… and that doesn’t make it into the official report or investigation?

Nor into any of the news coverage?

These same men are shown standing where the bomb was to go off and then crossing the road and watching from a distance after the explosion.


The entire time they are also communicating via ear-pieces. The Tsarnaev brothers, on the other hand, are simply innocuous-looking spectators among many other spectators; it is only because the news stations *told us* they were the culprits that we now look at them with that prejudice.

But if you were looking at those pictures without that bias, they wouldn’t stand out at all and any one of the various people on the scene could’ve just as easily been pointed out.

These suspicious-looking military/intelligence type men could, according to some, be FBI handlers, and according to others Israeli Mossad agents (as is suggested with the Paris Charlie Hebdo attacks).

But a fellow blogger was among those who very quickly noticed highly significant tell-tale signs from closer inspection of these men. ‘I have noticed that one of them is wearing a hat from Craft International, a mercenary training company set up by former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and at least one of them is wearing an earpiece, the type the Secret Service use to communicate on site during operations.

 Mercenaries pictured at the Boston Marathon bombing 

Which is entirely true; all you have to do is look at the photographs – it’s not like you have to be Spock or Colombo and wade through tons of ‘evidence’. ‘Craft International’ is essentially a mercenary company and its known symbols/logos are present on the apparel of the men pictured on the scene.

The infamous Iraq sniper Chris Kyle’s murder also draws a lot of suspicion, especially from those who link it to the Boston Bombing and the fact that personnel from his company appeared to be on the scene. See here for more on that.

Private contractors, in military terms, *are* basically mercenaries; they work for whoever pays best. They are, many experts admit, an extremely dangerous development, as they aren’t obliged to answer to military code or a traditional chain of command. And they are not expected to serve the interests of the public, nor even necessarily of their country or government, but merely the interests of whoever they paymasters are at any given time. The private military contractors are best known for their shady role in the Iraq War, particularly ‘Blackwater‘ for example, and various other entities that have been involved in foreign affairs. This included almost certainly the “death squads” that were active in Libya in 2011 and Syria in 2011/2012.


The best thing about them is that they are privately hired, meaning that they can be used without state or government accountability and can operate without any ethical code.

It also means they can be working with an agency like the FBI at one time, with some military department at another or simply some corporation or multi-national at another. Setting off a bomb in Boston or carrying out a false-flag would be no moral quagmire for people who cut their teeth murdering civilians in Syria, Libya, Iraq or wherever else the money sends them.

Dzhokar Tsarnaev, shot in the throat by law-enforcement officers, has maintained his innocence, of course. And his family has always insisted that he and his brother were set up and that they’d been manipulated by the FBI, which of course is nothing new as the FBI are probably behind 90% of  such ‘incidents’ in America.

Tsarnaev can never talk, so we can’t hear his story, and his older brother was killed unlawfully, so he can never talk either.

I say killed ‘unlawfully’ because it is evident that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was unarmed, surrendering and non-threatening at his point of capture and yet for some reason was stripped naked in public and later executed.


Look at this image above: and then look at this later image of Tamerlan Tsarnaev here and the condition his body is in – it doesn’t add up. I’ve chosen not to show the image on the page, as it’s too graphic.

And even beyond the brutal (and entirely unnecessary) killing of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the violent attack on his younger brother, tell-tale additional stories emerged too, such as the killing of one of the Tsarnaev brothers’ friends, shot 7 times by the FBI in his home, including in the back of the head. The Washington Post confirmed that the victim was unarmed when the FBI executed him. Another of their friends has been killed closer to the bombing.

But of course the corporate media, the investigators, the courts, none of them are interested in any of that. Only in the script.

A cover-up is one thing; but it’s become so matter-of-course by now that it isn’t even intended to be convincing anymore.

It really is just an insult to the intelligence; but that’s the behaviour of people, institutions and forces that are so used to lying that they’ve run out of ways to do it convincingly and are so used to being ‘invincible’ that they can’t even be bothered to lie to us with any real conviction anymore either. America and all of the mainstream media is now like a failing marriage where one partner knows the other is cheating but doesn’t say anything about it, because even though all the trust is gone they just want to keep the marriage going anyway for fear of divorce.

This evening when Tsarnaev’s death-penalty was announced, I actually noticed people writing smug, celebratory comments in response; like “that’s what you get for messing with Americans” and “lethal injection is too good for him”. People who obviously don’t look at any of the actual evidence, but are willing subjects to a complete and utter illusion that is being played out every day.

It reminded me of news coverage from the night the Tsarnaev brothers were gunned down, having been pursued by a military unit that looked big enough to invade a small country; and we saw all those people cheering, celebrating, waving the flag and chanting “USA, USA!”

It made me think of that Natalie Portman line from Star Wars; “So this is how liberty dies; with thunderous applause…”

S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


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