Trump, the ‘Alt-Right’ – And the Weird Reality/Reality-TV Overlap…

Fanatical supporters of Donald Trump

The more I look at the entire paradigm, the stranger it gets and the more I wonder if we’re trapped in a kind of weird reality TV show.

I use the term ‘reality TV show’ not just because the US President is a former reality TV star; but because the term ‘reality TV’ doesn’t, strictly speaking, denote a ‘fake’ reality, but a kind of staged production that nevertheless purports to be showing us a true reality (even though, in many cases, a reality TV show isn’t showing us a true reality at all).

In the previous article, I was talking about how some of the alt-right opinion-makers and figureheads are probably psy-op merchants, helping to advance a divide-and-conquer agenda by brainwashing gulible people.

Lots of them aren’t, of course – lots of them are just genuine hate-preaching nutjobs. But it only takes a few of them to be psy-op agents (Paul Joseph Watson still strikes me as a likely candidate) in the same way that some Islamist extremist preachers like Anjem Choudary and Abu Hamza turned out to be working with intelligence agencies.

Well, today I did a little more digging on this Jason Kessler guy – the alt-right blogger who organised the ‘Unite the Right’ march in Charlottesville.

And, it turns out, Kessler – currently an alt-right figurehead – may have been previously a Leftist who was involved in Occupy (!) I give a massive hat-tip here to a fellow W/P blog – Alt-Right Exposed – for bringing this to my attention.

As it happens, Kessler was not allegedly only on the Left and engaged with Occupy, but actually admits to being a ‘professional provocateur’ in his older online content (see here). “I can’t think of any occupation that I admire more than the professional provocateur…” he wrote in one archived blog entry from 2015.

In another, he also seems to muse on the benefits of mass violence and attacks, which he referred to “somewhat of a blessing in disguise”.

Indeed, according to the SPLC, there has been doubt or questions in racist/Far-Right forums and websites for a while as to where Kessler came from and whether he might’ve been – just a short while ago – both an Occupy activist and an Obama supporter. He appears to have transformed himself into a die-hard Trump supporter and rabid white nationalist only after Trump won the election.

If – as alleged – he was involved in Occupy, I would immediately speculate that he may have been one of the many infiltrators or COINTELPRO-style agents assigned to undermine the Occupy movement.

 Jason Kessler, CNN 

Even more curiously (and confusingly), ibankcoin points out that eagle-eyed people have spotted that a CNN report on Occupy Wall Street from 2011 is credited to a ‘Jason Kessler’, specified as ‘Assignment Editor’.

Might not be the same guy; but it’s a pretty odd coincidence.

Which reinforces my existing belief that some of the influential alt-right talking-heads on You Tube or on various platforms might be psy-op operatives. Kessler has also been a frequent guest with psy-op supremo Alex Jones and of course has links to various other alt-right activists.

The point about it being a psy-op is, to be clear, not that all the nutjobs holding up torches or wearing swastikas or KKK hoods aren’t genuine crazies – they are. It’s that various key influencers, organisers and preachers might be intelligence operatives in place to stir up and direct the crazies.

For a good example of how this seems to work, we can look to the Islamist preacher and ‘ISIS recruiter’ Anjem Choudary.

Choudary was accused of indoctrinating numerous young men, sending them to Syria to join the IS ‘Caliphate’, as well as having been involved with one or two young men who ended up carrying out terrorist acts (the Lee Rigby killers and one of the London Bridge attackers were both linked to Choudary).

What Choudary was most famous for, however, was making inflammatory public appearances, offending people, appearing on TV programmes – all of which had him gleefully espousing the virtues of the Islamic State and, generally, embarassing the shit out of the mainstream Muslim community in the UK, while at the same time helping to amplify anti-Muslim sentiment among much of the general population.

According to an article last year in the Telegraph, one counter-terrorism source, who investigated Choudary a number of times, ‘insisted the decision not to prosecute him had come from the security service, MI5.’ He is quoted as saying “I am gobsmacked that we allowed him to carry on as long as long as he did. He was up to his neck in it but the police can’t do full investigations on people if the security service say they are working on a really big job, because they have the priority.”

 Anjem Choudary 

Interestingly, when asked by Andrew Neil on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme (in 2010) about his financial affairs, Choudary was very evasive, saying that his finances were a private matter. But he did, very vaguely, say that he was “doing something, and I don’t want to discuss that with you. I’m not on Jobseeker’s Allowance…”

If Choudary was an intelligence asset, the point is that his role might’ve been simply to brainwash, indoctrinate and direct a number of young men into extremist views (and later, extremist acts) – and to help amplify and play up the ‘Islam Threat’ and thus contribute substantially to the divide-and-conquer operation.

He may have been simply an actor playing a part. In that scenario, the various young men he influenced or recruited were not actors but became genuine extremists, some of them even terrorists.

We know that similar cases have unfolded in the United States – with, for example, the Al-Qaeda cleric, recruiter and figurehead, Anwar al-Awlaki, who was linked to a number of terrorists and terror plots (including 9/11), yet was protected by the FBI from legal action and was even revealed to have dined at the White House after 9/11.

There’s no reason to think that some similar operations might be going on in the White Supremacist movement too.

And if someone like Jason Kessler, who organised the Charlottesville rally, really was an Obama or Occupy supporter just a year or so ago, the implications are certainly that he might be an actor too – or, in his own words, an ‘agent provocatuer’.

Along similar lines, I have also – as I pointed out yesterday – been wondering if the Donald Trump presidency or reality TV show presidency is actually a pantomime designed to play out some kind of planned collapse or chaos, with Trump himself being basically an actor playing a scripted role.

The more this nonsense goes on, the more it looks to me like he really is simply playing a part in a choreographed drama, with both the anti-Trump mainstream media and *some* of the pro-Trump ‘alt-right’ media playing out their own scripted roles at the same time. I say *some* of the alt-right because most of the alt-right does just consist of genuine hate-filled white supremacists – but all it takes is a few well-placed and well funded ‘actors’ in the mix.

In terms of the ‘reality TV show’ paradigm overlapping with reality (I mean, reality reality), it just gets weirder and weirder the more you look at it.

 Robert Redford in Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

I was re-watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier a few weeks ago and noticed something I hadn’t noticed when I first saw it in 2014. Specifically that the villain – played by Robert Redford (pictured here)- looks and sounds eerily like Donald Trump.

If you didn’t know any better, you would think Redford’s character – a Nazi/fascist engaged in a secret fascist takeover plot while pretending to be the nice guy – was actually based on Trump (given the visual similarities); but, of course, the film was made a few years before Trump ever became a presidential candidate.

Which makes me wonder about predictive programming again and the notion of the scripted pantomime being played out.

After all, Marvel Studios has some form with this kind of thing, having previously also laid out the Osama bin Laden myth in Iron Man 3, where the terrorist villain – the Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley – in fact turns out to be an alcoholic, drug-addled actor who was hired to play the role of making menacing video messages threatening America with terrorism for the sake of a fake War on Terror (see article here).

With some of this, I admittedly might be clutching at straws: but the Robert Redford character really does look (and come across) like Trump in the film – and that plot was basically about a secret network of Nazis/fascists (Hydra) who had been biding their time and infiltrating a government agency since World War II in order to one day completely take over.

Now, you might think it’s sheer paranoia or folly to refer too much to blockbuster movies in an article like this one: however, bear in mind that Trump himself was found to have been directly quoting the Batman villain Bane *during his inauguration address*, which again makes me wonder about predictive programming and general pantomime.

In any case – and regardless of actors or psy-op properties – the actual rank-and-file White Supremacists, KKK or Neo-Nazis are of course dangerous and would, in a worst-case scenario, be a great threat to any society in which they were enabled to flourish or have access to power.

Just as the so-called ‘Islamic State’ – regardless of its origins in Western intelligence operations and the Iraq War and its obvious psy-op properties – is/was genuinely a real threat to civilisations in the Middle East once it was up and running. Something can start off as a psy-op or intelligence operation simply to get it going – and then, after a certain point, it becomes its own nightmare with its own momentum. The examples of ‘ISIS’ in Iraq or parts of Syria, or the US-backed Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, demonstrates how quickly it can happen.

‘ISIS’, for that matter, itself is yet another example of the confusing overlap between reality and a production with  ‘reality TV show’ like properties to it – a point we’ve explored a number of times before, in regard to so much of the ‘ISIS’ brand, production and propaganda and the way it was being presented by the media (particularly in 2014).

 Islamic State psy-op 

Unfortunately, once you start down this ‘reality-tv/reality’ rabbit-hole, it just keeps going.

For example, as previously explored, the claims have always been there that the Islamic State ‘caliph’ or leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, doesn’t exist – and that he was originally being played by an elderly actor. There actually remains, even now, very little evidence for his existence (see here).

Given how big a deception and operation this ‘Islamic State’ thing has been – involving the conquest of entire territories, the near-destruction of entire nations, and an international military intervention involving multiple countries (not to mention destabilising effects on Western countries) – it really isn’t that much of a stretch to consider that the problems now wracking the United States might also be running along staged-production/psy-op lines too.

There is still, of course, an underyling reality to all of it – but, as stated at the beginning, the ‘reality tv’ paradigm is that the ‘show’ is a staged production that nevertheless purports to depict a true reality.


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  1. Another great article.

    I look forward to your take on Barcelona. You no doubt have noticed as I have that there is a referendum coming up in October and the attack started near ‘Catalonia Square’. Fascinating similarities that these van/lorry attacks all have.

    • Thanks – I’m posting something up on Barcelona now, along the lines you talk about.

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