The ‘Race War’ Meme: And Truth About the CHARLOTTESVILLE Unrest and Attack…

Nazi flag at Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville
'Protester' brandishing a Nazi flag at the Charlottesville rally in 2017: the organisers of which had links to Azov in Ukraine.

It’s fair to say that what unfolded in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday is the kind of thing that has been expected for some time now.

The ongoing inflamation of identity politics and provocation of divide-and-conquer or ‘strategy of tension’ conditioning has been paving the way for incidents like this one; with more probably to come.

What has been building – and has been amplified (deliberately or otherwise) by last year’s toxic presidential election – for some time has been a societal breakdown, racial tension and an atmosphere of totally toxic ideological conflict.

It has been inflamed deliberately and carefully by both the mainstream media and elements on the Left (or probably more accurately, elements involved in manipulating aspects of the Far Left) and, more openly and overtly, by the Right and Far-Right (with the so-called ‘Alt Right’ media also carefully stirring things up as much as possible).

The likes of  CNN or the  New York Times are just as responsbile for this climate as the likes of Info Wars or Breitbart are.

I’ve been talking about this divide-and-conquer manipulation for a long time now and, in US terms, did so here in this piece after the Dallas shootings, and, more broadly, here in this piece about how white supremacists and Islamist extremists are both being used to create a sectarian conflict to destablise Western societies. The main theme of this was to highlight a manufactured psy-op/predictive-programming going on in multiple countries to cement the idea of an ‘inevitable’ race war or civil war type scenario, which might occur in both the US and several other Western nations – the point also was to look at the funding for some of this and where it comes from.

In that article, I wrote about ‘how the key players on both sides of the extremist divide are being cleverly used to try to plunge our societies into sectarian turmoil’ and about ‘the divide-and-conquer programme or ‘strategy of tension’ designed to play off different parts of society against each other – and this is a big part of where that programme appears to be heading.’

It also focused on how the society breakdown or the ‘Civil War’ meme was being so obviously planted into popular consciousness by both the mainstream media and the hate-preaching ‘alt-right’ media; so much so that, as I noted, ‘it qualifies now as something of a cliche; I also often wonder whether the entire thing is itself a psy-op involving predictive programming or self-fulfilling prophecy (I previously suggested that Info Wars, Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson were playing this psy-op from one side, with COINTELPRO-style elements of things like the Black Lives Matter movement playing it from the other)’.

I will get back to those points shortly; but let’s focus first on what actually happened in Charlottesville at the weekend.

On Saturday, a mass gathering of white nationalists and Far-Right activists from across the US gathered in Charlottesville for a march called ‘Unite the Right’, initially organised by members of the alt-right blogging community. ‘Alt-right’ figureheads and activists like the wealthy Richard Spencer were present for the event, as were Members of Nazi groups (brandishing Nazi flags) and members of the KKK.

A counter demonstration by groups of liberals and also more extreme ‘Far-Left’ groups resulted in clashes, intimidation and some violence.

James Alex Fields, Jr., a 20 year-old, apparently plowed into a sea of anti-fascist protesters with his car, killing one 32 year-old woman and injuring nineteen others.

Some more background info is useful here. The clashes that led to the terrorist act were actually preceded, the day before, by hundreds of white nationalist marchers carrying torches and employing Nazi symbolism.

In all honesty, anyone who looks at these scenes and doesn’t see (deliberate) echoes/invocations of Nazi Germany is sorely in need of some history lessons.

This stuff was actually going on earlier too; in May, for example, a torch-wielding group that included prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer were in town for similar Nazi style orgies. Spencer, for the record, is one of those key Far-Right nationalist influencers and opinion-makers (along with people like David Horowitz and Pamela Gellar) whose vast funding is linked to the wealthy ‘Islamophobia Network’ (as highlighted in an article a couple of months ago) that has been conducting a vast enterprise across the Internet to steer large chunks of society towards fascism and ethno-nationalism.

The car attack in Charlottesville looks, essentially, like a Far-Right terror attack – albeit somewhat mimicking some of the Islamist-extremist attacks we’ve seen elsewhere (in the same way the alleged Finsbury Park attacker did in July).

  Charlottesville attack, 2017 

Most alt-right platforms were quick to talk about the car attack being a false-flag. Some even suggested the anti-fascist protesters targeted by the vehicle were themselves behind it, while the general claims are also being made – as usual – that the anti-fascist protesters are themselves a conspiracy (because, I guess, who in their right minds would be against fascism?).

Most of this reads as standard, silly right-wing drivel (it’s also fascinating how, according to alt-right websites and channels, Islamist extremist attacks are never false-flags, only the right-wing ones are).

However, it remains entirely possible the incident could have been not a false-flag op precisely, but an act of state-enabled terrorism.

If it was, the motive could be something specific, such as a more dramatic way to undermine or demonise the Trump administration – given the pre-existing associations (rightly or wrongly) between Trump’s election campaign, the ‘alt-right’ and Far-Right/white-nationalist organisations, the way this could presumably be spun is that the Trump/Bannon gang have emboldened and inflamed white supremacists and militants into action.

This certainly has some truth to it anyway, as even a cursory glance at Far-Right or white nationalist platforms since the presidential election shows quite clearly that those guys see the Trump administration as meaning ‘Our time has come’ or something to that effect (“This is victory day, my brothers” was one I remember reading).

Given those associations – and it isn’t Trump’s fault necessarily that these groups support him – it is very easy for anti-Trump elements in media, government or Deep State to spin this attack as being a product of Trump’s presidency or a representation of who and what he stands for.

Which raises a suspicion that perhaps this car attack could’ve been (Deep) State-enabled – as in a real attacker, but being either a patsy or someone who was allowed to do something like this, as it could be useful.

Playing up this particular ugly side of the ‘Taking Our Country Back’ hysteria could also be very useful right now as a vehicle for trying to (eventually) make Trump’s presidency untenable, particularly if the ‘Russia-Gate’ business continues to be ineffective and some other way is needed to undermine Trump.

Or it could be something more general – simply some more, tweaked divide-and-conquer ‘strategy of tension’, involving a white-nationalist terrorist instead of a Muslim extremist. The motive then would simply be to maintain or increase the level of tension and insecurity.

Such incidents also provide testing grounds for armed state interventions and Martial Law type scenarios.

On that note, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a sweeping state of emergency after the Charlottesville incident. Which, in these circumstances, was probably the right thing to do.

However, the point is that incidents like this provide the opportunity to implement such measures; and if more of these types of incidents or clashes occur in different parts of the country, Martial Law type measures can become more and more normalised and commonplace and the population slowly becomes acclimatised to it (basically, it’s the slow boiling of the frog in the water technique – where you heat the water gradually so that the frog doesn’t leap out of the pan).

States of Emergency in general are a tricky business: take the State of Emergency implemented in France in 2015, which is still ongoing, with armed soldiers still out in public places.

I wrote back in December that the Trump election was probably going to pull the US into major civil unrest or ‘civil war’ type scenarios, designed for Martial Law – although, at that time, I thought it was going to happen a lot quicker and be more centered on Hillary winning the election and Trump’s support base rising up in anger.

 White Supremacists in Charlottesville 

All of that is assuming that this Charlottesville attack was a false-flag: I’ve got no real sense of whether it was or wasn’t.

It may just as easily have been precisely what it appears to be on the surface – random, angry act of murder by angry Far-Right nutjob.

At this point, it almost doesn’t matter (in societal terms), because the conditions, atmosphere and sectarianism is clearly really there, with different groups of extreme, indoctrinated people frothing at the mouth – meaning that, as I said at the start, an attack like this was inevitable at some point.

It would be no shock to me that some braindead white supremacist would ram a car into a crowd of “Leftist, Lib-tard scum” (I’m paraphrasing pretty much every ‘alt-right’ website in the world – they’re not big on vocabulary), particularly after having his imagination inflamed by those lovely KKK/Nazi marches with torches and swastikas.

Just as it was no shock to me that braindead Islamist extremists or ‘ISIS’ supporters would ram a van into civilians in Nice or in London.

But in all such instances, that doesn’t necessarily mean this is the whole story – given how common false-flag ops now are.

Is there any actual evidence for a false-flag here?

Probably not. It’s mostly motive and suspicion rather than clear evidence.

Aside from the vehicle attack, there was also the other thing that happened in Charlottesville. Two Virginia State Police were also killed during the rally when their helicopter crashed. The helicopter crash was being reported by a number of sources on Saturday as having been an accident, unrelated to the unrest in Charlottesville.

However, Associated Press clearly reported the downed helicopter was connected to the event: ‘State Police said in a statement that the helicopter was “assisting public safety resources with the ongoing situation” when it crashed in a wooded area.’

It may have been an accident; but with all the armed people and milita men about, one tends to wonder what really happened.

Also, according to the state’s ACLU chapter, police were told to stand down and wait for commands to intervene — which, to suspicious minds, raises the question of whether the situation was deliberately allowed to get out of hand and even whether the Far-Right terrorist attack was allowed to unfold.

The explanation appears to be that the police were worried about all of the armed militia people present and didn’t want to get involved in an exchange of gunfire if things got out of hand – though I’m not entirely sure that explanation makes sense given the heavy militarisation of the police at other times and in other places.

There are also lots of claims that the police essentially backed off and allowed the two sets of violently opposed groups do whatever they wanted – even though some of the Far-Right groups came armed with guns and armour.

What we have, at any rate, is a criminal act of murder or terrorism at the very least (it should always be defined as terrorism if it is ideologically or politically motivated – likewise, Neo-Nazi Thomas Mair’s brutal murder of MP Jo Cox last year should’ve been regarded an act of terrorism and not merely a murder).

And, as stated at the beginning, it was only a matter of time, given how much the racial tension and identity politics has been ramped up and how insanely toxic the divide has become.

But it should also always be borne in mind – as previously argued – that, aside from the useful idiots on all sides who get caught up in all this toxic division and brainwashing, there are also other parties, agencies and interests carefully stoking those fires and playing different parts of society against each other.

 Race War, South Park meme 

A lot of this was covered both in the ‘Civil War’ article here and, even more so, in the ‘Seeds of Fascism’ article here.

Alt-right conspiracy theorists can talk about Soros or about Deep State backed ‘Leftist’ protesters or opposition. They can also talk about this attack as a false-flag to further discredit Trump by association with unsavory groups and ideologies.

But what they can’t do is pretend that the leader of the KKK wasn’t in attendance, that Nazi flags weren’t being waved by the ‘Unite the Right’ attendees, along with Nazi slogans being chanted, that those in attendance weren’t white supremacists or that the person who organised the event specifically called it a “pro white” rally.

And why would they even bother to? They’ve been encouraging this kind of stuff for years now.

Regardless of whether elements of the counter-protest – presumably the extreme anti-fascist or ‘antifa’ activists – were also making trouble or causing violence (and the evidence seems to suggest they were – they were reports of verbal abuse, physical violence and pepper spray, with no doubt that the ‘antifa’ protesters were provoking the Far-Right marchers), there is no question as to the nature or ideology of those who came to hold the rally.

And it is blatantly obvious that the rally’s intention was to stir up trouble, provoke opposition and cause an incident – for one thing, the location is widely regarded as a liberal, intellectual and progressive enclave, and the march (with torches, Nazi slogans, and guns) was clearly conceived as a kind of invasion or intrusion to both intimidate and provoke a response.

On that note, it should also be borne in mind that the area has even more recent resonance due to the white-nationalist (and Apartheid-supporting) teenager Dylan Roof shooting dead a bunch of black people in a church – given this recent event, there’s no doubt that the act of conducting Nazi-style marches in the area was specifically intended to intimidate and threaten (there were also people making Nazi salutes and chanting “Hail Trump” or possibly even intended as “Heil Trump” – there is video and audio evidence of this).

And when the President himself then appears hesitant or unwilling to denounce or condemn white supremacist groups – as he has been repeatedly unwilling to do – he really isn’t doing much to legitimise himself in the eyes of anyone outside of his primary support base.

 Donald Trump and Barack Obama meet in the White House 

I wrote immediately after Trump’s inauguration that one of the best things he could’ve done to really legitimise himself as President for the whole country was to denounce and distance himself from some of his most unsavory supporters and advocates, such as the KKK and American Nazi groups – all of whom were using his campaign and his presidential victory as a rallying signal for action.

The events on Saturday gave him the perfect occassion to do so – and he appeared to hesitate.

On the subject of Far-left activists causing trouble, I’m not making any excuses for them.

There are serious problems with elements of the Far-left who seem to be constantly inserting themselves into any situation possible to incite unrest or trouble, both in the US and in the UK.

It’s also fair to say that the BLM movement could become more toxic due to probable infiltration or co-opting by other elements and there’s probably some COINTELPRO style operations in play here.

And it is clear from the reports that the ‘antifa’ counter-protesters caused trouble (with some of them turning violent). These groups have, in fact, probably caused more trouble and public violence on the whole than their polar opposites in the Far-Right.

But, in this instance, it should also be borne in mind that the torch-carrying Nazi-esque march preceded the ‘antifa’ trouble – and was therefore, arguably, what acted as the initial provocation in Charlottesville.

That Soros or some other external entity has involvement, at some level, with some Leftist organisations or protest movements is nothing new; but, as previously pointed out, the ‘alt-right’ has its own dubious webs of funding and support from wealthy backers with vested interests in the sectarianism being formented.

And this brings us right back to what I was arguing in the Islamist extremism/White Supremacists article – specifically, that those brainwashing and manipulating the dumb sheep from the alt-right and those doing the same from other side(s) are probably both delberate, concerted operations designed to divide and play-off different elements of society against each other.

I focused a lot in that article on people like Paul Joseph Watson and Tommy Robinson, but the arena is much wider than that and involves a number of manipulators and extremist preachers – some of whom are no doubt genuine extremist nut-jobs, but others being likely psy-op merchants working to indoctrinate people and create the conditions for the societal breakdown.

The Charlottesville march organiser was right-wing White Nationalist blogger Jason Kessler, who had called for what he termed a “pro-white” rally in Charlottesville. Kessler – a favorite of Alex Jones and Info Wars – has links with multiple Far-Right or ‘alt-right’ You Tube vloggers and other platforms. White nationalists and their supporters promoted the event for weeks.

The white nationalist organizations ‘Vanguard America and Identity Evropa, ‘the Southern nationalist League of the South’,  the National Socialist Movement (Nazi); the Traditionalist Workers Party; and the supremely dumb-sounding ‘Fraternal Order of Alt Knights‘ also were on hand, Kessler said, along with several groups with a smaller presence.

In the older article I referenced earlier, I had also noted – concerning the race war or civil war meme – that ‘The Donald Trump presidency almost seems designed to amplify all of that and bring it to a head at some point.’

In fact, I have been wondering if the Donald Trump presidency is in fact designed specifically for that purpose – if possibly Trump himself is an actor playing a role (as a kind of rallying point for the Far-Right and the Left to gather around or against), the purpose of which is to trigger the societal breakdown and ‘race war’ or ‘civil war’ type scenario.

I’m still not sure whether this is the case or not; but, at any rate, his presence is probably being manipulated by various agencies for that purpose.

The key has been for the media (both mainstream and alt-right) to focus people obsessively on identity politics, so that people are made to identify aggressively with those issues (being black, being gay or transgender, being a minority, being a woman, or – in the case of the ‘alt-right’ agenda, being white) so that they *don’t* care as much about broader issues that pertain to all of society.

In other words, the effect is to fragment everyone in society into sub-groups that they identify with and who can then be manipulated into fighting each other and hating each other instead of being invested in the best outcome for all of society.

That’s the essence of what the divide-and-conquer psy-op is. And it also plays somewhat into the point that Noam Chomsky recently made about the Trump phenomenon being essentially a deliberate and massive “distraction” to occupy everyone’s attention while the military-industrial complex, the corporations, banks and the 1% have a field day thanks to Trump carefully putting all of their agents into key positions in the administration.

What happens is that everyone – led by the media – stays focused on the race or sectarian issues that the Trump situation is agitating, all of it based firmly in identity politics, while ignoring what’s quietly going on behind the scenes.

This is because it is much better for the so-called ‘ruling elite’ to manage and manipulate a civil war type paradigm with society divided against itself than to manage more of a revolutionary type paradigm where all of society is protesting against the elite interests at the top of the pyramid.

That’s why – going back to the themes of the ‘civil war meme’ article – this ‘civil war’ programming or divide-and-conquer paradigm is happening in multiple countries at the same time: primarily France, the United States and the UK, but also much of Europe.

At any rate, the divide-and-conquer programme appears to be accelerating, with very many people being drawn into that narrative and paradigm – a paradigm and narrative that is part scripted, part psy-op and part entirely real.

At this stage, our hope should be that the majority of people are more intelligent and discerning than that and will refuse to get drawn into it. And that the majority of peoples’ better natures will prevail.


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  1. Lots to chew on and thanks for that. The torch procession and the chants are eerily reminiscent of marches I’ve seen in Europe and unmistakeably Nazi. However, might I inject a more contentious point that seems to be doing the rounds in some thoughtful alternative circles (American Everyman springs to mind) – that many of those guys on the march appear surprisingly clean-cut for Nazis and neo-Nazis. The implication being of course that some aspects of original march may have been staged too. In truth I don’t know what to make of such analysis but am interested to hear your thoughts.

    • Thanks, WoC. Yeah I noticed that about some of the footage/images too – the ‘clean-cutness’ of a lot of the men. I don’t know whether I read too much into that, as you don’t have to be scruffy looking to be a Nazi or to belong to the KKK or some other Far-Right group. I’ve seen some of the footage of ‘Golden Dawn’ Nazi marches in Greece, for example, and a lot of those guys are well-dressed and smart-looking.

  2. Wonderful! I’m totally convinced that Trump is playing a part and is part of the establishment, deep state or military industrial complex (however you prefer to call it). I’m not so sure about the civil war meme and it’s purpose though. I think Trump has been brought in to bring down the tea party. As he becomes more and more associated with Russia and the far right more tea party types can be discredited. Looked at from any angle Trumps presidency is a total stuff up.

    I think the same applies to Brexit. (As that is going really well at the moment!) I think it’s going to be a total mess (and is intended to be). See this article by a leaver which I think hits the nail on the head.


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