Exposing INFO WARS & ALEX JONES, Part II: The ‘Mind War’, Cult Tactics & the Military Satanist…

Alex Jones

In the previous article, I laid out why I think we should be sceptical of Alex Jones and Info Wars, based on various factors. In this follow-up article, I really want to square in on why we should be worried about ‘Info Wars’, its role in things and its possible purpose.

I said that my view of Info Wars for many years now has been that it is not only controlled opposition, but it is a key part of a full-on psy-op operation, in place – as I’ve written previously – to fuel the ‘race wars’ programme, in place to inflame sectarianism and civil breakdown, to brainwash masses of gulible, vulnerable people, and to engage in mass mind-control and thought-influencing.

So now let’s explore why: because this is where this shit potentially gets darker: possibly encompassing an infamous Satanist, a psychological warfare paper leaked in the 80s, two of the most famous cults and cult-leaders of the 20th century, and some very odd coincidences.

Also, there’s one blog in particular here that has been trying to expose Alex Jones since 2007: centering on Jones being a CIA disinformation asset and ‘Alternative Media gate-keeper’ along Operation Mockingbird lines. I don’t necessarily agree with all of the conclusions drawn in this blog, but it’s very thorough and worth looking at.

But there are scarier angles to consider: which open up a whole other rabbit-hole.

Let me say first that, genuinely, I don’t like having to spend time ‘debunking’ other so-called ‘conspiracy’ researchers or ‘truthers’ or whatever they’re supposed to be called these days. It’s a sign of the very curious era we’re now in that we now have to waste time debunking other self-proclaimed ‘alternative media’ platforms instead of staying focused on debunking government lies or conspiracies.

But that’s where we are now – the lines have gotten thoroughly blurred, even to the point where conspiracy theories or theorists are themselves the conspiracy or at least part of the conspiracy.

It’s happening all over the place, but nowhere more is it more relevant than with Alex Jones and Info Wars.

While my suspicions that Info Wars is a psy-op programme have been there for a number of years, it isn’t something I bothered looking into very deeply. I mean, why would I? If I don’t like something, I just dismiss it – I don’t necessarily feel the urge to look for deeper, sinister motives (at least not always, anyway).

I simply assumed that Jones discovered how much money he could make from keeping up the Crazy, Ranting Conspiracy Theorist act – and I assumed his ego simply got massively inflated once President Trump appeared on his show and once Info Wars was being massively credited for its role in helping the Trump presidential campaign gather momentum.


Alex Jones is an actor 

Like I said in the previous article, I also figured that, at worst, he was a closet evangelical Christian with a pro-Zionist leaning – which he chose not to admit too openly. No big deal.

However, as things have gone on – and as both Jones and especially Paul Joseph Watson have become relentless peddlers of more and more horrible racist, sexist bile and indoctrination – my suspicions started to change and I wondered if something even more sinister than simple COINTELPRO-style co-opting was going on.

The more I watched Jones launching into his manic rants, spitting more bile, and especially the more I saw Paul Joseph Watson relishing his role as a 21st century cyber-Nazi, the more I began to think about both the art of – and the purpose of – mass indoctrination, radicalisation and mind-control.

And then I came across blogger and author A. J. MacDonald Jr, who wrote a very interesting piece a number of years ago, insisting that Alex Jones is ‘running a Jonestown-style CIA mind-control psy-op’.

The author and former military man, who claims to have had first-hand experience of Jonestown, wrote the following (the emphases are mine): ‘Alex Jones of Infowars, in Austin, Texas, is running the same CIA groupthink mind-control operation Jim Jones once ran in Jonestown, Guyana; with a few modifications… The interesting thing, which makes this – Jonestown – old, deadly CIA groupthink mind control project relevant today, is this: Alex Jones (et al) is (are) running the same identical psychological operation today, with a few minor modifications. Go through the old Peoples Temple tapes, compare them with what Alex Jones says and see (listen) for yourself, and see if this isn’t in fact the case…’

He continues; ‘The exploitation of peoples’ fears, the breaking down of peoples’ natural barriers to that which normal, healthy peoples find repugnant, teaching people to verbalize and express their anger and feelings of vengeance toward those they hate and fear, and his teaching peoples to laugh at that which others normally find repugnant – along with a powerful ideology – was Jim Jones’ method, and is Alex Jones’ method too...’

MacDonald’s argument may be more opinion than fact: but it’s a very well argued case made by someone with in-depth knowledge of the Jonestown Massacre.

Ever since I read this, I’ve been seeing things very differently.

Jonestown ended in mass suicide (or mass murder), by the way. I’m assuming most readers here are familiar with Jonestown: but if you aren’t, the best-known documentary on the subject can be seen here.

The thought of something like Jonestown – but on a much more massive scale involving millions of devotees – is frankly terrifying.

As I’ve said, for the last several years I’ve thought of Info Wars – and the related community of adherents, personalities, partner sites and channels – as a psy-op: or even potentially as a street-level propaganda arm of a planned attempt at a major fascist movement in the future (using the ‘conspiracy theorist’ as a vehicle for aiding the very conspiracy that the conspiracy theorists used to talk about).

But I hadn’t really thought of it having cult-like properties until it was so intelligently laid out for me.

Also, in terms of the ‘Jonestown’ reference, this kind of thinking is reinforced somewhat by the fact that Alex Jones has been so obsessed with David Koresh and Waco: not that the Waco controversy isn’t a valid subject for conspiracy theories (it definitely is), but the extent to which Jones has previously lionised David Koresh is now more worrying to me in the context of A.J Macdonald’s Jonestown theory.

 David Koresh, Time Magazine cover 

Most people don’t remember this, but Alex Jones, in 1998, was the organiser of a successful effort to build a new Branch Davidian Church in the wake of the Waco incident and Koresh’s notorious death.

In fairness to Jones, his stated purpose was to honour the people who’d died at the FBI’s hands – but it’s still an interesting chapter in Jones’s story to note in the context of this article.

You could argue that was kind of where the ‘character’ of Alex Jones came from: in a sense, born out of the fire and brimstone of Waco.

Here’s some footage someone uploaded of Jones at Waco – there’s nothing sinister about the footage, but it’s just to highlight Jones’s involvement with the Waco aftermath.

On a slight side-note (or perhaps not so much of a side-note), this for me has some bearing too on the Q-Anon thing – which was championed heavily by Alex Jones and which essentially seems to combine Trump Mania with End-Times fervour and evangelical zeal. Among those obsessed with the ‘Q-Anon’ psy-op (and it is a fucking psy-op – the most obvious psy-op in the history of psy-ops) are scores of people who think Trump is not only going to overthrow the Deep State, but that he is a sign of the imminent Second Coming of Jesus.

Also, extraordinarily, Q-Anon followers believe they have been told by the mysterious ‘Q’ (who probably doesn’t exist) that Trump and the military are going to declare Martial Law and establish a temporary dictatorship in order to clean out the corruption in the ‘Deep State’ – they have literlaly been brainwashed into embracing and cheering for a promised state of dictatorship in order to ‘restore America’.

Watch the videos of Q-Anon enthusiasts and their sense of expectation is unmistakably tinged with a Messianic sense of anticipation.

It’s literally a cult probably being run by someone from military psy-ops – and could even conceivably be a devious ploy to engender mass support for some kind of coup/dictatorship by creating a whole mythology or narrative around it that fits into pre-existing religious beliefs and cultural biases.

Even if it isn’t some real, diabolical plan for creating public support for a dictatorship, it could easily also just be an experimental psy-op to see how stupid the alt-right/Info-Wars crowd are and how easily they can be conditioned into embracing dictatorship – which would seem to me to be a useful experiment for future reference and just the kind of thing the military’s psychological warfare department would want to test out (more on that – in a big way – shortly).

Check this cinematic-style video for by ‘Q-Anon’ disciples, for example, to get a sense of the cult-like/Messianic flavor of the whole thing.



It’s called ‘Q – The Plan to Save the World’ (by SGT Report). This particularly video has engendered waves of almost hysterical religiosity among Q followers: but there’s a seemingly endless array of people, YouTube channels, ‘truthers’ and the like who obsess over every small detail of the ‘Q’ thing.

Of course, the Q-Anon thing might also just be some guy in a basement somewhere playing games with silly people.

But the point here is that Alex Jones employed ZERO critical thinking in his handling of the phenonemon, deciding to embrace it wholly – even though the implied end-game of the Q-Anon thing was a state of dictatorship: and even though Alex Jones spent years ranting about the coming dictatorship and police state.

The fact is that Jones only talked about the ‘coming dictatorship’ when Obama was in power: as soon as Trump became President, Jones went from warning about it to encouraging his followers to embrace it. Jones championed ‘Q-Anon’ right up until a Q-Anon reference apparently warned Q followers about platforms like Info Wars having devious motives – then he jumped ship.

It’s all actually very confusing.

Anyway, I’ve been compiling a whole separate article on ‘Q-Anon’ – so I won’t do any more on that particular subject here.

The problem is that, like Q-Anon itself, Info Wars has also long since become a cult-like dynamic with cult-like followers and properties.

Watch some of those Jones or Watson rants and you can imagine them as cult leaders in the pre-Internet age, preaching to small gatherings. Like a cult leader, Jones is constantly insisting that some terrible thing or another is imminent and telling his followers to prepare for the coming catastrophe: and then, in a massive shift, he was championing Donald Trump as more or less the saviour of America.

While I consider that Info-Wars itself has been co-opted by some faction of the intelligence-community to be used a psy-op programme, the Q-Anon thing almost seems like the next level to that – an even more blatant psy-op to manipulate vulnerable-minded people or overly passionate ‘patriots’ into certain, as-yet-unrevealed courses of action in the future.

There’s nothing particularly shocking about that in itself: we’ve seen military-based psy-ops elsewhere.

For example, my contention has always been that the ‘ISIS’ thing in the Middle East was always half psy-op and half ‘real’, with the psy-op part being to get the whole damn thing up and running in the first instance. You’ll recall, for example, that the Islamic State ‘caliph’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is possibly a fictional character who never really existed. This was revealed by a former US military figure (whose name I can’t remember, but I covered it here).

‘Baghdadi’ was used as a Messianic-type figure (in Islamist terms) to manipulate fanatics in that region, as well as to bewitch or terrify ordinary citizens (and moderate Muslims) in those areas by playing the ‘ISIS’ psy-op into deep-seated religious prophecies and expectations concering the End of the World.

That’s a recent example of how that shit works and how dangerous it is.

Anyway, back to Q-Anon. And, to be fair, Jones himself has now distanced himself from that business. But Info Wars and Jones were a key influence in getting the Q-Anon momentum up and running: and, even more to the point, what’s going on with ‘Q’ followers right now is something that the Info Wars operation has been paving the way for for years now.

Also, in terms of the Jonestown reference, A.J Macdonald was writing years before this ‘Q-Anon’ thing appeared: in fact, years before even the idea of a Donald Trump presdency was anything anyone could’ve dreamt of. But the state of things now seems to validate his view far more than anything from the time he wrote it.

To be clear, I am really not trying to demonise the person of Alex Jones.

And I’m not at all saying that he’s going to end up as a Jim Jones or David Koresh type figure – I don’t at all imagine that that’s his intent. Also, he’s too clever for that anyway. He’s much more about the profit, fame and prestige – but his ‘character’ and his platform could nevertheless be used as a key vehicle or influencer for those kinds of things to happen.

As I said in the previous article, I had somewhat assumed for a while that Alex Jones used to be a genuine-ish guy. Some of his earlier work (particularly concerning 9/11 and the Bush Regime) was important and very influential. In fact, a lot of people – especially in America – would probably say that Jones was the person who ‘woke them up’.

My assumption had been that, at some point down the line (when his popularity and potential mass-reach was starting to become apparent) his operation got co-opted by external agencies and that he essentially sold out and became an actor maintaining a ‘role’ (which has literally come out as the reality now), with his platform becoming a psy-op medium – servicing an external agenda while also putting a ton of income in his pocket.

That’s still probably my prevailing view on what happened with Info Wars and Alex Jones.

But even this is something I’ve had to reconsider somewhat.

As has been noted by an aforementioned blog, it’s curious that Alex Jones’s massive network is called ‘INFO WARS’: and the infamous psy-op manual by Michael Aquino was called ‘MIND WAR’. It could be just a coincidence: but Info Wars appears to somewhat follow a slightly updated/modified version of the model forwarded by Mind War.

For the record, Michael Aquino appears to be one of the creepiest fucking people you’ll ever hear of in your life.

 Newspaper article on Michael Aquino

US military Satanist, Michael Aquino 

The odd figure of Michael Aquino is listed, even on Amazon, as ‘a Lt Colonel, Psychological Operations, US Army (Ret)… graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University… Defense Intelligence College, Defense Intelligence Agency… Foreign Service Institute, Department of State… US Army Special Warfare Center (Special Forces (“Green Beret”)/Psychological Operations/Civil Affairs/Foreign Area Officer)… US Army Command & General Staff College… U.S. Army Intelligence School, and US Army Space Institute.’

The ‘Psychological Warfare Specialist’ was allegedly discharged from the US Army after exposure of his alleged involvement in ritual sexual abuse of children. He was also a devoted Satanist (belonging to Anton LaVey‘s Church of Satan), an admitted Neo-Nazi obsessed with Nazi occult practises, and the founder of the occult ‘Temple of Set’ (still active).

He co-wrote a paper (along with Retired Major General Paul E. Vallely, a military analyst for FOX News) called ‘From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory’. The paper, which was supposedly accidentally made public in 1980, was – it was claimed – intended as a theoretical model for discussion among government and/or military departments.

The paper advocated for a more powerful kind of war than physical, combat-based war – one which focuses on the human mind both individually and collectively. Hence ‘Mind War’.

I had forgotten about most of this, until I recently started looking back on some of this stuff.

And then I almost fell out of my chair when I remembered that one of Alex Jones’s Info Wars tag-lines has been “There’s a War On For Your Mind”.

Alex Jones Info Wars promo 

‘MIND WAR’? ‘INFO WARS’? ‘There’s a War On For Your Mind…’?



Anyway, I don’t want to digress into too much on Aquino (for more on that, check out this link).

But according to Aquino’s writing, “mindwar” is a permanent state of strategic psychological warfare against the populations of friend and foe nations alike. While the general context seems to have been for application in warfare, adaptation to general social and political mental activity is implied, involving the idea of ‘thought architecture’.

How much ‘thought architecture’ has Info Wars been responsible for over the last few years? It’s hard to say. But the MSM has frequently told us how much a role Info Wars played in the 2016 Presidential Election – so, whether for better or for worse, there’s no question that the platform is having a substantial effect.

And most of that effect has to be seen as negative or toxic.

Certainly, it’s hard to watch videos of Paul Joseph Watson demonising black people, demeaning feminists or all but calling for a Holocaust against Muslims and NOT to consider how much of a dark influence is being exerted over this platform – and how much mental and social ‘architecture’ is being conducted on large numbers of people.

An article from Executive Intelligence Review details both Aquino’s alleged Satantic connections and ritual child abuse, as well as his psychological warfare innovations for the military.

It highlights the oddities in the timeline too, noting that ‘even as Aquino was being investigated by Army Criminal Investigation Division officers for involvement in the pedophile cases, he retained highest-level security clearances, and was involved in pioneering work in military psychological operations (“psy-ops”)... Aquino was deeply involved in what has been called the “revolution in military affairs” (“RMA”), the introduction of the most kooky “Third Wave,” “New Age” ideas into military long-range planning, which introduced such notions as “information warfare” and “cyber-warfare” into the Pentagon’s lexicon…’

On the origins of the ‘From PSYOP to MindWar‘ paper, it notes that ‘Aquino and another U.S. Army colonel, Paul Vallely, were co-authoring an article for Military Review. Although the article was never published in the journal, the piece was widely circulated among military planners, and was distributed by Aquino’s Temple of Set…’

The other interesting thing about Aquino that many have now observed is that he doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry… anymore. Yet it has been observed that he did previously, with the entry having been deleted in 2008.

It must be noted that it is extremely odd for someone so (in)famous to NOT have a Wikipedia entry: Aquino is famous enough to have books for sale, to have been a known associate of Anton LaVey (founder of the Church of Satan) and to have appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show (video link) – and yet Wikipedia at some point decided he didn’t exist or wasn’t worth keeping a page on.

Admittedly we’ve taken a detour with all this talk of Michael Aquino.

Howver, I reference it only because MIND WAR and INFO WARS seems to have something in common, not just in terms of wording and language (‘info wars’ is even a shortening of the “information warfare” Aquino advocated), but in terms of purpose and effect.

I also need to check at some point to see if Alex Jones had ever made reference to Aquino or ‘Mind War’ in his various conspiracy-theory equations.

It’s easy to see Info Wars being possibly an adaptation of the Mind War model: and that it could well be a Jonestown-style psy-op expanded to a much larger scale.

That thought scares me, because Jonestown was relatively small-scaled (in the sense that it was fixed on a geographical location and unfolded in real-time) – but Info Wars is enormous in terms of its reach and influence. And – if it is a psy-op platform – you have to wonder where all of this is ultimately going or where it’s intended to end up.

Q-Anon is, as I said earlier, a troubling indicator – there seem to be a hell of a lot of people falling for that stuff.

But it basically doesn’t even matter now whether you think Info Wars was originally a well-meaning project that got co-opted or whether it was a total psy-op from the very beginning: because where we are now is that it is a total shit-show.

As I noted in the previous article, the fact also seems to be that most of the genuine people or genuine info-seekers who bothered with Info Wars back in the day – or who supported it – stopped paying attention to it quite some time ago, leaving only the hate-porn enthusiasts and the gutter-section of the Internet. Arguably, Jones has known for some time that his audience has fully changed from the former to the latter, meaning that he has to all-out pander more to the latter in order to keep his business thriving.

But, as it turns out, the whole scam might in fact go back much earlier even than that – and I was just being naive, probably because I was giving Jones too much credit for some of his earlier work.

Even if the ‘Mind War’ thing is just coincidence, it’s still interesting. The possibility certainly suggests itself that ‘INFO WARS’ might be based on ‘MIND WAR’ principles: if so, the further possibility suggests itself again that Info Wars is a military psy-op.

What’s clear is that we’re in an age of maximum ‘information war’ and ‘thought architecture’, utilising tools and methods that are unparalleled in their scope and reach.

What Jim Jones or David Koresh could do with smallish numbers of people, modern cult or psy-op leaders can do on an unbelievable scale and over much longer periods of time. The potentiality exists today for mind-manipulation of various groups of people on an industrial scale – and it is without doubt that there are powers and agencies out there who are making use of that potentiality via various channels.

Amidst all of that, the most genius move is for the most visible parts of the ‘opposition’ to those conspiracies to be re-purposed into the very vehicles by which those conspiracies can be carried out or maintained: in other words, again, the conspiracy theories or conspiracy theorists become the conspiracies.

Navigating the ‘info war’ in those conditions is doubly or triply difficult, especially for any undiscerning or vulnerable types of minds.

Maximum scepticism and maximum critical faculty is advised.


S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. Psy-ops and mind control programs have been near perfected by the CIA, the British and the Israeli Mossad. Currently, in the world, it is the Anglo American Zionist war cabal that is the biggest threat to world peace. They prepare us for war by demonizing in their pervasive propaganda whichever leader or nation they have designs upon (current examples are Putin/Russia and Iran).

    These mind/behavior conditioning programs go back to the 1950s or earlier. Recall Sirhan Sirhan, who was effectively a lobotomized patsy for the RFK assassination in 1968, thanks to the Mossad.

    Jones appeas to be a misinformation agent. Burning Blogger, your point is on target that the conspiracy theorists are part of the conspiracy, even if for some it is unwittingly!

    “Maximum scepticism and maximum critical faculty is advised.” Sound and needed advice.

    • Thanks larryzb. The funny thing about Sirhan is that it was so obvious – just from footage – that he was totally out of it. And yet it took so long for the conspiracy research to gain any ‘credibility’.

  2. The way Alex Jones delivers his message sounds like crying wolf over and over again to me.
    Gets old sooner than later. Makes me go: “So what/sfw/and now what?”
    If this alarmist behaviour is not backed up by serious content the effect is underwhelming,
    and comes across as emotionally unstable, needy/deperate even.

    On the subject of Lt.Col. Aquino, his bad reputation could be suggestion/glamour/theatre.
    OTOH, to couple the training of a green beret with occult practice does give a dark and twisted vibe.
    Beyond fun and games, there we find this creepy black magician…

  3. Dearest rare as and switched on brother shot to Alex defence, got shot up and fiery soon as began to explain these posts. Which made me smile and this-here best-of AJ challenges. One can stomach. So-what disagree in part, it’s well said, and will re-read and take close note. Difficult to get AJ the walking-explosion right. In a nut would go; Top and pops educating galvaniser on the block but — if do listen in… is until — slam off in frustration. Mr. done-best bar-none but the fallout or push how, and that counterproductive. Better, or… better if not? The question. Stop as soon as terrorism unpacked and claimed Islamic without pause. Wrong to name-as behind other things too. Connect to Zi-on-ism — get-a-pass. The JQ element. Log off quick, tired and gutted. Most worst is some and wilder talk about ‘space-time continuum’. If more open than confident. Has me to plan and fast off for a while. And when he gets on false-flags etc. A.’s tactic/and yeah, respect, not living his life and choice. Don’t want to hear discussing a Mohammad or whoever behind. Unless answered, or holding on account: a) Did he do it?; b) Was who handling?; c) If happened and not some phoney fake show. Moving from abundant chatter to the frustrating and excessive need to. This has me squirming. But I ain’t Alex and frankly, gets a pass… On have/to/is/be Alex. And talking-over others… But the kicker is overstating the place of the ‘infowar’. While Alex talks about all and as many our get up and go-do, the emphasis is on make IW and etc.-types mattering-so. As he shakes hands on the streets, sure must feel like and in some ways, the States got it. And yet a Big not. The threshold -and- others much seem firm and — What are ye Listeners, Doing?? No doubt lots but… The overpowering theory is word/IW gets out enough, a small but significant number, warrior up. “Take back the Republic”. Gonna keep this short-as else… will not comment on and frustration in having ‘too much’ to say. On what’s on him? Likely a few consensual-adult sex-escapades yet to come out to try-scandal down. While don’t see any evidence other under-thumb but by disposition and political gamble. Leant on otherwise? — explains away, the direction, he’s gone. An astute politician believing in his tactics. Considers the war is for winning. With some level of pull-back and US border-up and doesn’t become the Trag. and Hope projected. Believes… although not so sure, he’ll make it and see it. Reckons himself ‘dead already’ and lives in this flow and grabs “God”. Greatest mistake was instructing/backing moderation on Planet Infowars. Tens of thousands connecting, getting local and/or specific causes. The one need and high-point in 2012. All so brief, because all collapsed in an infowar self-sabotaging censor fest. As for the platforms ‘not having AJ on’? It’ll be an insult if they relent. Ruin what remains of more-radical crowd’s attention. Accept IW employees want to keep their job but a dial-back to less is the best. “The less’d is the best…”. Become an outfit all about supporting every last little man to do whatever is — and easiest version. What’s needed Nos.1 bar — none. Not, and here comes another clever and impressive ‘special guest’. In the failed equation that more exposure = more pressure. Yes, go on Texas scream on. Go madder, less conform even. John the Baptist comes to mind. Who wore; ‘clothing made of camel’s hair, with a leather belt around his waist, and he ate locusts and wild honey’. PlantaSeed fans was planning on this for next post. This be Jones. ‘In a wilderness…’ Even among truth-talk most unliked. Needs to broaden its IW range and positions. Lose most of its audience — again… — ignore mainstream media and politics. The whole ‘being an influence’ that way. Done what y’can, or thought, should. Talk to empower local-based action and individuals. Direct and with all-intent to decrease, so the numbers matter can increase. ‘I must decrease’ — who said that? John and on Jesus wanting ‘must increase’.

    • I don’t think he can decrease or go back to basics now – IW is way too big and too involved.

  4. Both Info Wars and Prison Planet are superb brand names and I’ve always been impressed that Jones ever came up with them in the first place – but sounds like maybe he didn’t. Fascinating anyway. Thanks for the further insight and digression into the incredibly sinister Michael Aquino – the world is so strange.

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