The Old Elites at it Again: The Bizarre Coup Plot in Germany…

Heinrich XIII Prinz Reuss being arrested in Germany

It seemed bizarre on the face of it anyway.

But maybe not so bizarre when one considers the strange interests and alliances that have been lurking in the background of political events all over the place for nearly a decade: specifically the business of what I have previously labelled the ‘Old Elites’ and their patient manipulation of socio-political climates and mass (mis)information warfare in order to try to bring (or restore) themselves to power.

This invariably is accompanied by some notion of a bygone Golden Age that needs to be restored – which is also, as many historians would note, a hallmark of most fascist-style movements.

This reality and dynamic is something that’s been covered here before: for example, in regard to the elite British establishment’s role in Britain’s rift with Europe, and in fact specifically in regard to Germany too, not just in terms of the far right and its infiltration of German institutions (see here), but also in terms of the elite or blue-blooded element in the equation.

For example, a few years ago I focused on the fact that the major opposition party in Germany, the AFD (Alternative for Deutschland) had a Deputy Leader in Beatrice Von Stork who not only is the granddaughter of the final head of state for Hitler’s Third Reich, but is also a member of one of Europe’s old royal families (the House of Oldenburg).

And yet the AfD was somehow able to sell itself as an ‘anti establishment’ movement.

The notion of royalty being involved in the so-called ‘populist’ ‘anti establishment’ opposition is dubious at best, of course. But this is precisely what I was flagging up three or four years ago: the presence of the Old Elites (note: not the so called ‘liberal elite’ that right-wing narrative-manipulators love to throw into the mix to muddy the waters, but specifically the Establishment’s *Old Elites*).

This seems to have been going on everywhere.

With all of that as context, let’s look at this strange turn of events that sprung up in Germany recently: and see how it fits into that equation.

Certainly, the major media considered the news out of Germany in early December so strange that they didn’t quite know how to cover it or react to it.

Apparently, a serious coup (or at least an ‘imminent’ coup) was thwarted in Germany, involving elements of the military, the police and security services, and all centered around a figurehead of royal blood who was identified as the leader of the far right movement.

To summarise, here are the basic facts (as reported in German media):

  • The network, calling itself Patriotic Union, was a part of Germany’s far-right ‘Reichsb├╝rger’ movement: its objective being to end modern democratic Germany and re-establish a monarchist government in the model of the German Reich.
  • The network allegedly wanted to create chaos and a civil war in Germany: via which it could seize control (if it sounds a little similar to what almost occurred in the US not long ago, that’s not a coincidence: which we’ll get to shortly).
  • The royal descendent figurehead at the center of the story is Heinrich XIII Prinz Reuss, who was arrested on December 7th along with numerous others. He comes from a German aristocratic family that goes back to the 12th century, the House of Ruess.
  • The insurrectionist movement includes members of the military, intelligence and security services and police. It also includes high-profile individuals like Malsack-Winkemann, a lawyer and judge in the state of Berlin: she was a member of the German Bundestag from 2017 to 2021 (for the AfD), and was among those arrested on 7th December.
  • The network is alleged to have been planning an armed attack on the Bundestag since at least November 2021, as well as conducting public arrests of various politicians; and, according to the German media, actual *executions* of public figures.
  • It also intended to create various armed units to carry out the will of the movement, and to establish a ‘Homeland Security’ style infrastructure to maintain the movement’s control.

Those are the basic facts we’ve been furnished with by German authorities.



Most international media seemed baffled by the story: and more so by the fact that it happened in Germany of all places.

But, given the degree of Old Elite or Old Establishment manipulation of propaganda techniques and information warfare, as well as the weaponization of extreme right wing issues and the cultivation of so called ‘populist’ movements (designed to be essentially street mobs for the elites), it really shouldn’t be surprising that both networks *and* plans of this type exist: and could even be so far down the line that they’re essentially ready to put into action on short notice.

The really worrying part is the infiltration of institutions.

But in terms of the far right infiltration of security services and the military, this is something I covered here before: back when the Chemnitz incident happened in 2017 (which, as I argued at the time, was almost certainly a false flag carried out by the far right elements in the police and security services in order to bolster support for the right wing populist movement).

The presence of nefarious (and even Neo Nazi) elements in German institutions seems to have been a largely acknowledged problem in Germany: and the ability of these networks to manipulate the socio-political climate via staged events and false flags is substantial.

This climate is then capitalised on by the propaganda and political players at the higher level: all of it used to push the agenda forward and eventually create the right climate for action.

This dynamic isn’t unique to Germany: the role of elite establishment networks and players in the British military and intelligence services is substantial, for example. To cite just one example, the case remains strong to this day that elite units under the control of the royal establishment may have been involved in Diana Spencer’s car crash in 1997 (see here).

The difference appears to be that modern Germany, unlike Britain, is not being *run* by these networks: and in fact perceives them as a threat.

A slight tangent here: but one thing I noticed in a lot of the major media’s initial coverage of the story is the extent to which they tried to blame both the planned coup and the extremist movement itself on ‘conspiracy theorists’ in general, and Covid deniers, vaccine sceptics and QAnon adherents.

Seriously, type ‘german coup conspiracy’ into Google and all you’ll see is headlines about how conspiracy theories created this situation.

Which is clearly a case of the media wanting to use these events for its own purposes. Not that ‘conspiracy theories’ might not have played a part in the movement (certainly the QAnon bullshit was a central factor in the January 6th business, for example): but to look at an extreme right-wing infiltration of various institutions, with the intent of overthrowing the government and installing a figurehead of royal blood… and to focus on ‘conspiracy theories’ as the root problem is absolutely absurd.

And is one of the worst examples of deflection I’ve ever seen in the media. Clearly the main focus should be on elite/establishment entities, far right infiltration of institutions and dangerous movements of weapons… and not on ‘vaccine sceptics’.

But, anyway, let’s get back to the main subject.

In the case of these coup plotters in Germany, they clearly misjudged both the timing and the climate. Their plan seemed to be completely unworkable: even if their endgame (a return to the ‘Second Reich’, a restoration of the monarchy and the Kaiser, and a reversion to pre World War I borders) was apparently quite clear.

Incompetent and totally misguided? Sure.

But then so was, for example, the attempted January 6th Insurrection in the US: an attempted subversion of democracy (and, in essence, an attempted coup) that Donald Trump was entirely complicit in, along with elements of the military that were on standby in the event of a subsequent Civil War.

For all of those who still need convincing in regard to January 6th, I laid out in this extensive article two years ago exactly why January 6th was both an attempted coup (and potential Civil War instigation) involving not just the Trump cabal but also elements of the US military: I provided plenty of supporting evidence for this claim, including a lot of information entirely ignored or omitted by both the media and the so called January 6th Committee.

I am not going to keep repeating that evidence or those bullet points over and over again: so please go and read that piece here and draw your own conclusions.

But the reason to bring up January 6th here in the context of what just happened in Germany is because that plot also involved far right networks embedded in elements of the military (particularly in regard to Fort Bragg), which Trump and his co conspirators were working with in order to attempt to seize illegitimate power in the United States.

The actual Capitol rioters (which is all the media ever focused on) were simply the useful idiots and fall guys used to trigger initial unrest.


US Capitol Riot: January 6th 2021


Like this controversy in Germany, January 6th was a badly thought out plan, which backfired and was probably never going to work.

But so was the failed ‘Wall Street Coup’ in the 1930s, in which bankers, businessmen and old elites attempted to overthrow the democratically elected Roosevelt government and install a fascist dictatorship allied to Nazi Germany and Mussolini’s fascist Italy: a plot famously thwarted by the war veteran Smedley Butler.

Just because a plot is badly thought out or badly executed doesn’t mean the underlying agenda or objective isn’t a real and palpable threat.

In terms of the Wall Street Coup, had it succeeded, the US would’ve been a dictatorship allied to Nazi Germany and the fascists could’ve won World War II. In terms of January 6th, had it gone a little differently (including full execution of the parallel plans, as laid out here), it could’ve led to an untenable schism in America’s institutions (especially the military) and an inevitable Civil War.

This strange plot in Germany may have been almost farcical in both its scope and execution (restoring the Kaiser, seriously?): but, assuming the facts being reported are reliable, it tells us what the vision/agenda of the Old Elites is and, more importantly, what extreme lengths they’re willing to go to.

This business of botched or even bizarre seeming coup attempts is in fact becoming more and more common, it seems. Let’s remember the strange events in Turkey in 2016: apparently a failed military coup by the Gulenist movement to remove the Erdogan government from power, although it’s still not definitively clear who or what was ultimately behind those events (with claims still that Erdogan’s faction itself staged a mock coup itself in order to justify full suppression of all political opposition).

And just recently in Brazil, the far right supporters of Trump imitator Jair Bolosnaro tried, fittingly enough, to imitate the January 6th debacle in the US by seizing government buildings and trying to overturn election results. It’s worth noting, as I have previously, that both Bolsonaro and his supporters are of Brazil’s Old Elite stock and are hopeful for a return to the right wing military dictatorship that controlled Brazil for so long (and which, in fact, is where Bolsonaro came from).

So, regardless of the competence of the execution or the viability of the agendas, it is evident that these Old Elite networks and their modern ‘populist’ street armies are a constant and significant threat to modern society.

The far right’s infiltration of military, security and intelligence services is a major problem in itself: and, in some scenarios, a serious liability to modern nations and societies. This is apparently what was uncovered in Germany last month: but similar infestation will be found in various other countries too (and again, Fort Bragg and its far right infestation in the US would’ve been a major part of potential unrest in America in the event of Trump refusing to cede power).

German authorities appeared to act decisively and comprehensively to safeguard modern Germany: making a wave of simultaneous arrests with, dare I say it, German efficiency.

One assumes that, to the authorities, this network and its alleged plot wasn’t quite as shocking or abrupt as most of the international media considered it to be: they’ve presumably been watching this network for a long time and decided that now was the right time to act.


Heinrich XIII Prinz Reuss being arrested in Germany


The question arises of what the scenario would’ve been had this movement been allowed to continue to fester and infiltrate over time. Clearly they didn’t think out their plan well enough: and, according to the available information, the network was probably not vast enough to fully seize power, even if it did successfully seize the Reichstag or arrest (and even execute) major politicians.

This alone wouldn’t have been enough. But, as the German authorities have stated, the group’s plan was actually to trigger a *civil war* in Germany: and to eventually seize power from that unrest. Which, arguably, would be a more feasible plan.

And, as it happens, was also what the MAGA/Qanon plan was in the US (read here): with January 6th being intended merely to be the inciting incident.

The fact that this plot or operation was apparently at such a palpable point in its timeline (at least to the extent that German authorities were worried enough to conduct multiple simultaneous arrests) should act as a warning to all.

And a reminder that all of this endless cycle of (mis)information warfare, propaganda manipulation, ‘culture wars’, mass indoctrination, and all the rest of it, isn’t just to create discord and controversy for its own sake: the folks at the upper levels of these manipulation algorithms have long term agendas and endgames in mind. And they’re not pretty.

Whether it was Thomas Jefferson who originally said it or not, these recent events in Germany very much reinforce the widely quoted saying: ‘The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.’



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S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. Thanks Saj, my comment was a little harsher than necessary,
    I would revise it to “your work is going to fall short of it’s immense potential whilst you continue to cheer for one of the two big political teams. and view the world through that partisan prism”

    Reading your response I realise that you truly have no idea that you have made a monumental error.
    The problem with adhering to the left- right paradigm does not lie in the use of the term right or left wing, it is actually much deeper and more profound than that.
    The problem is that because you belong to and support one of these sides, the entire prism through which you view reality is highly distorted and inaccurate.
    The reason for this is that when an establishment narrative is beneficial to your side of politics,you support it uncritically.
    This piece is a prime example of that.
    If the January 6th event was led by people you didn’t despise it would be completely obvious to you that the whole thing was concocted nonsense. That is the point, not the labels that you use for them.
    You have somehow managed to convince yourself, presumably because of your understandable dislike of them, that the likes of Tommy Robinson, QAnon and Trump represent some type of threat.
    You have confused people who irritate you on the internet with a threat.
    Those people represent a threat to good taste and manners and nothing more than that and if you would step back for five seconds this would become immediately obvious.

    The framework through which you viewed this story was the Business Plot exposed by Smedley Butler.
    That is a legitimate hypothesis, but if you scrutinise the details you will find that there are far stronger hypotheses and the one you have chosen does not stand up .
    When I read the Wikipedia piece about the “German Coup Plot” a couple of things immediately jumped out..
    The German Government sent 5000 police officers, including 1500 paramilitary police to arrest 25 people and search 130 properties.in which they found “more than ten” weapons.
    So for each property they searched, they sent 40 people. For each arrest made, there were 200 police, for each weapon found 150 paramilitary police.
    The scale of the government response was thus transparently overblown and ridiculous.
    To me this is an obvious psyop, the government of Germany are wildly inflating whatever threat these people may have represented
    I would have thought that fairly obvious.
    Your hypotheses missed the crucial difference between the German coup plot of 2022 and the Business plot.
    Despite Smedley Butler’s heroic efforts, the people behind the Business plot went completely unpunished.
    No criminal charges were brought against anyone, there was literally no response from US law enforcement at any level.
    The only response of the US government was to set up a toothless Congressional committee.
    No 5000 police including 1500 paramilitaries for them.

    The reason for the disparate response between the Business plot and the German plot seems obvious to me- genuinely powerful people were involved in the Business plot whereas the German plot was not at all realistic and involved a bunch of powerless, delusional fools who represent no threat to anyone but presented an opportunity for the German state to scare people and justify their increasingly naked totalitarianism.
    So whilst the hypotheses you present is superficially plausible, a far stronger hypotheses would be that the German Coup plot and January 6th were not at all analogous to the Business plot, but exaggerated and concocted incidents intended to trigger an updated domestic war on terror just as engineered and fraudulent as the original War on Terror waged against Muslims.

    If you take the time to superficially examine the Oklahoma City Bombing, you will see that the US government has been engaged in false flag attacks framing the “Patriot movement” as terrorists even before 911 and the War on Terror started..

    I was particularly saddened to read your views on QANon. QAnon was a joke,
    The Trump administration was a non-event. QAnon was simply a way to feed the Trump loving dupes fake good news so that they would keep supporting Trump and believing in the system.
    Because Trump was a low con man with nothing of substance to offer., invented Trump triumphs were required to keep the dupes believing despite the obvious fact that Trump was a complete phony, an establishment whore who changed nothing at all.
    QAnon was simply an updated version of “Operation Trust” a long standing Soviet psyop designed to convince credulous Russians that despite appearances “behind the scenes, in secret, they were winning.”
    Remember that the key catchphrase of QAnon was “trust the plan”. There was no plan other than to convince as many fools as possible that there was a plan and they could therefore sit back, do nothing and everything would be alright.
    The party that manipulated the poor fools into entering the Capitol on January 6th was the same party responsible for manipulating Muslims throughout the War on Terror:-the FBI.
    I did read your January 6th piece. There was no hard evidence in that piece that people from Fort Bragg or any other element of the US power structure were engaged in a genuine or realistic attempt to do anything at all on January 6th.
    If any of that stuff was true, why were absolutely none of the supposed “high level plotters” arrested when the plot failed?

    There is a plentiful evidence that elements of the US power structure encouraged people to enter the Capitol as a way to paint Trump supporting dupes as domestic terrorists.

    I am truly stunned that you are unable to perceive that the ridiculous military presence post January 6th was designed to make the US government appear to be under siege from a genuine threat.
    Presumably your blindness to this is anchored in the fact that you were already committed to the idea of a genuine plot foiled at the last minute by the US government.

    If you want to begin to understand January 6th, have a quick look at the very odd story of the pipe-bomb found by Kamala Harris’ security team in Washington DC on that day.
    Despite CCTV footage of the park where the bomb was planted close to the Democrat headquarters, no arrests have been made, no suspect has been identified, there has been no investigation worthy of the name.
    It makes it fairly obvious what was really happening on that day.

    I think that your repeated references to political polarisation miss the mark. My animus is grounded in rage against ALL of the people who persist in believing in Republicans and Democrats, and Labour and the Tories and the system, it has absolutely nothing to do with the meaningless and vapid culture war waged between the right and left.

  2. This was just awful. It is genuinely stunning and saddening to see just how far you have regressed.
    As long as you cling to the left right paradigm, your work will be worthless.
    January 6th was not an attempted right wing coup. You couldn’t be further from the truth.
    That event was (like almost every US terror or security related incident) concocted by the state as a tool to banish and crush their perceived adversaries.
    You are living in an infantile parallel universe.
    The good work you have done in the past is being completely obscured by this disastrous, god awful trash that you have become.

    • Sorry you feel that way, James.
      Evidently this subject is something you feel strongly about. But if I can defend myself a little here: I don’t think you have to be beholden to the left/right paradigm to simply identify (1) the plotters in Germany as being extreme right wing (how else would you identify them?) or (2) the Jan.6th rioters, Jan.6th enablers and QAnon cultists as being ‘right wing’ in nature or ideology. They weren’t leftists, were they? If they were leftists or Communists, I wouldn’t have a problem identifying them as such.
      And whether or not the useful idiots who stormed the Capitol were being manipulated or baited: well, by *who*? It was Trump who told them to do it: and the entire QAnon movement was geared towards engendering mass support for a dictatorship. They were openly saying as much. How is that not an attempt at a coup? Senior military officials and *all* the former Defense Secretaries literally had to issue warnings to the military that their oath was to the constitution and not to the outgoing president: because they were genuinely anticipating a split in the military that could lead to Civil War.
      Trump had an off the books meeting at Fort Bragg right before the election: *literal* actual ‘Psy Ops’ officers (identified as such in the media) FROM Fort Bragg were arrested at the Jan.6th incident as organisers. And Fort Bragg is notoriously a part of the military infested with extreme right people: to the extent that murders of ethnic minorities are linked to Fort Bragg.
      There’s plenty more I could list here as to why I believe Jan.6th was basically the only remaining visible aspect of a planned coup or incitement to Civil War: and that the mob of cultists who stormed the building were basically left out to dry once the larger plan was abandoned at the last minute.
      I’d say to read the article I originally wrote on the subject, where all of this is accounted for (with sources and links): but I imagine you haven’t and probably won’t. And that’s fine.
      Your point about the event being concocted as a tool to crush perceived adversaries (i.e: the rioters) is even something I already accounted for in that article: and don’t necessarily disagree with. But the two things are not mutually exclusive: if they were *aware* of the planned attack (and coup attempt), there’s no reason they *wouldn’t* allow the cultists/rioters to storm the building and create a major incident… in order to then start a crackdown. This would especially be the case if they were at this stage confident that the actual military or armed element of any planned coup was becoming less and less likely: aided by the fact that armed military units had by now already been deployed to Washington and the Capitol. What do you think they were there for? To deal with civilian protesters who by now had already been rounded up and arrested or had already gone home? Or to act as a warning or deterrent to any potential coup plotters of a more serious nature?
      I also don’t know if maybe you’re getting hung up on the semantics of me using the term ‘right wing’. But, again, I don’t know what else to call MAGA fanatics or Qanon followers if not ‘right wing’ or extreme right wing. The MSM calls them ‘conspiracy theorists’: but I don’t like to do that, as that’s clearly a deliberate attempt to paint all critical thinkers as being cut from that same cloth. So ‘extreme right’ or even just ‘right wing’ seems as good a description as any: because, again, we’re not talking about leftists here, are we? And they’re not Moderates either. I don’t know what *you* would prefer to refer to those people (or that part of the ideological spectrum) as?
      Anyway, I could keep going here: and we could argue about this endlessly. Clearly, we won’t see eye to eye.
      As for being in an ‘infantile parallel universe’: I thought that was what the Qanon crowd was doing, as well as anyone who thought Trump was the Second Coming. But, again, I guess that’s a reflection of the insanely polarised climate we now live in: in which the degree of divergence between which narratives we subscribe to makes it apparently impossible to even argue or critique respectfully or politely.
      If I have become ‘god awful trash’ to you, I’m sorry: and it’s a shame. But I think it’s more a reflection of the polarised, highly toxic climate of discourse that we live in now, where differing conclusions and perspectives (as well as more nuanced positions) apparently can’t exist: and less a reflection of what I’ve written.
      Nevertheless, I apologise if any offense has been caused.

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