An Age of Universal Deceit, Part II: What is Happening in GERMANY…?

Nazis salute in Chemnitz, Germany, 2018

This is ‘Part II’ of the article that was originally talking about the situation in Sweden: now I want to focus on Germany. Though, broadly speaking, this is all one subject.

There are groups, ideologies, platforms and parties right now that are working to push all of civilisation into a ‘race war’ or ‘civil war’ scenario – a sectarian-based societal breakdown in Europe and the West to mirror the one that has already been inflicted on the Middle East.

I have been writing about this equation – in its various manifestations and contexts – for some time here.

We are currently in a situation where the danger of a ‘Far Right Europe’, “a return to the 1930s” or even a fascist world order, could soon become palpable – if certain psy-op programmes play out successfully.  Which depends on how stupid or smart, how informed or misinformed, the general public is in various countries.

In the previous article, we examined the deteriorating situation being reported in Sweden, ahead of that country’s election this weekend: centering on the dramatic acts of violence and vandalism that have rocked the country and the fact that Sweden’s Far-Right “Nazi” party (the Sweden Democrats) is the main beneficiary of those incidents and is predicted to emerge this weekend as potentially the biggest political party in Sweden.

That would represent a seismic shift in Swedish politics and society. Germany too could be on the verge of – or in the midst of – a seismic shift.

Germany, like Sweden, is in the same struggle now occuring for the political souls of various countries. A battle that, as in Sweden, is being manipulated from the outside: though most people don’t seem to realise it.

Which brings us to the dramatic, disturbing scenes in Chemnitz, in the east German state of Saxony, where the Far Right rallies have been getting lots of international attention.

I want to demonstrate here why the ‘trigger-event’ in Chemnitz was probably a false-flag, and then I want to talk about the outside manipulation and the information/misinformation war, as well as focus on the major beneficiary of these events, the ‘AFD’: there’s a lot of very, very interesting information.

But first let’s just recap on what has actually been going on this passed week or so.

Personally, I never thought I would see, in my lifetime, large gatherings of ethno-nationalists in Germany – and in which some were seen to be making Nazi salutes. Well, not entirely true – up until about two years ago, I would’ve been stunned. But now, in the current climate of extreme polarisation and mass manipulation, it’s not so surprising.

It’s more surprising to me that this is going on in Germany than it would be if it was any other European country. But, in a world now where a party founded by a Nazi officer from the Third Reich can find itself in government in Austria, all bets are off the table.

For the record, Nazi salutes are illegal in Germany for obvious reasons. And also for the record, the Nazi saluters were only a minority – the majority of the people marching in Chemnitz probably weren’t super-extremists, but people with genuine feelings who got swept up in the moment.

Nevertheless, it’s all looking very grim.

Nazis salute in Chemnitz, Germany, 2018 

The Guardian reported, ‘The protests, which saw neo-Nazis deploy illegal Hitler arm salutes, culminated on the first night in mobs of rightwing extremists breaking off and searching for foreigners to beat up, in scenes that have been compared to the Nazi pogroms of the 1930s…’

Why did this all kick off? Ostensibly, it was triggered by the murder of a citizen identified as ‘Daniel H‘, who was reportedly killed in an altercation with a Syrian or Iraqi migrant. Both a Syrian and an Iraqi suspect are reportedly being held over the crime.

The police said the victim had been stabbed in an altercation between two groups of men. As opposed to being specifically a premeditated crime where a migrant targeted a German citizen, the indication was rather that an altercation unfolded and resulted in a murder (apparently, the incident started as a verbal altercation). Social media claims that went viral – claiming that the victim was stabbed when he tried to protect a white woman from a brown rapist – have been dismissed by authorities as false, though actually blamed by authorities for causing the momentum for the rally to rapidly escalate.

Let’s pause – and come back to the details of the events in Chemnitz in a moment.

Because what hardly anyone seems to be acknowledging is that the trigger-event in Chemnitz (the murder of ‘Daniel H’) might’ve been a staged false-flag: and that Daniel H might’ve been killed for a reason other than what the prevailing narrative is suggesting.

Why do I have to raise this possibility?

Here’s why. I don’t know how many people noticed this or whether it passed under most people’s radars, but last year there were stories cropping up in multiple news sources, revealing that Far-Right or Neo-Nazi groups were plotting incidents that could be blamed on migrants.

Specifically, this was in Germany, where the military investigated a far-right assassination plot by a civilian and two soldiers in which one perpetrator posed as a Syrian refugee with the intent of carrying out a false-flag that would later be attributed to a refugee and used to accelerate support for the Far Right.

Said the BBC, at the time: ‘…police subsequently discovered the suspect had registered as a Syrian refugee at a shelter in central Germany in December 2015 and later officially requested political asylum in Bavaria, prosecutors said… No concerns were raised at the time, despite the man speaking no Arabic.’

The plan was for assassinations to be carried out against pro-refugee politicians in Germany – but for it to look like a Syrian refugee had carried out the attacks.

We were told that, ‘Throughout the course of the investigation, authorities discovered that the 28-year-old managed to create a false identity of a Syrian refugee that he allegedly planned to use as a cover to murder elected officials.’

The plot was revealed by German authorities in April 2017.

In the same investigation, military investigators also discovered Nazi-era military memorabilia and disturbing implications of groups of Far-Right extremists hidden within the military – an incident which caused embarassment and scandal in Germany.

Later on, in May last year, RT reported: ‘German authorities have detained another soldier who is believed to be involved in an alleged far-right plot to stage a false-flag terrorist attack against high-ranking pro-refugee politicians and blame it on asylum seekers…’

Further, ‘The murder would “be seen by the population as a radical Islamist terrorist act committed by a recognized refugee,” read a statement from the prosecution…’

It was reported that the individuals in question were also active in spreading extreme-right messages online, including photos and audio files.

Now it’s pretty obvious why I’m mentioning all of this here – given that the unrest in Chemnitz has been triggered by a murder apparently carried out by a ‘Syrian’ migrant (or possibly an Iraqi).

Of course, it’s still just as possible that a genuine Syrian migrant did carry out the killing after an altercation got out of hand.

But I’m raising this other possibility here – simply because it’s bothering me that no one else across so-called ‘alternative media’ seems to be remembering these incidents from last year or factoring them into the current equation.

As I complained in Part I, it isn’t the MSM that is engaged in the most duplicity here, but sections of the so-called ‘alternative’ media – which only notices information it *wants* to notice, while omitting everything that contradicts the carefully-nurtured and scripted psy-op narratives they’ve been running.

The fact that known incidents of Far-Right actors plotting false-flag incidents to blame on migrants have been uncovered should naturally cast some doubt on any instances of migrant or refugee attacks in Germany – although I wholly acknowledge that real instances of migrant violence or criminality have probably occurred too.

One of the Neo-Nazi individuals arrested in the above-mentioned incident apparently didn’t raise any alarms in the military until his activity finally aroused suspicion in Vienna, despite him having written ‘a master’s thesis on “political change and subversion strategy” at a French university in 2014′.

There are strange things going on. Remember the terror/shooting incident in Munich the year before last? I don’t blame you if you don’t: most people seem to have swept it under the rug because it doesn’t fit the scripted psy-op.

 Munich Shooting, 2016 

Note that the Munich incident was originally being spun as an Islamist attack or migrant/foreigner act of violence – but then video footage appeared to show the perpetrator (an Iranian-German youth, pictured above) spouting *anti-refugee* and extreme right-wing dialogue from the rooftop and the entire narrative then had to change (see here): it was extraordinarily confusing.

It might also be worth remembering that the initial video footage of that incident (the shooting itself, not the weird rooftop scene) was done by the daughter of the Mossad asset who happened to film the primary footage of the ‘Bastille Day’ truck attack in Nice, France, a few weeks earlier.

Alright, so let’s come back to the current events in Chemnitz.

It is worth noting that the family of ‘Daniel H’ has expressed dismay that his death has been used by the Far-Right to mobilise mass support – primarily because the victim had suffered years of racism from white supremacists himself, being a Cuban-German.“These rightwingers,” one of his school friends has written on his Facebook page, “are the very people we had to fight against when we were younger because we didn’t look German enough to them.”

There are some very interesting additional notes.

Firstly, according to Deutsche Welle, officials in Chemnitz have said the unrest was fueled by items of ‘fake news’ and misinformation spread on social media: what seemed to happen was that various add-ons to the real story or bits of exaggeration were circulated, designed to maximise the reaction and accelerate outrage.

It’s easy to see how that would happen, since we know how social media works: and we know that misinformation is halfway around the world before the truth has even got its boots on.

 Alt Right fake news 

In ‘Part I’ (concerning the Sweden situation), I touched on some of this business of ‘viral falsehoods’, fake images and manipulative propaganda. In Germany, there’s a lot of discussion now about this same problem.

But what also happened was the identities of the arrested suspects were illegally leaked on social media – confirming the migrant-status of the alleged perpetrators and highlighting their Syrian and Iraqi origin. Chief among these was that the leak appeared on the Facebook page of Lutz Bachmann – founder of PEGIDA (pictured below dressing up as Adolf Hitler).

Saxon Interior Minister Roland Wöller said the right-wing groups had also colluded with members of football hooligan ultra groups to mobilise people from across Germany to travel en-masse to Chemnitz. Which, if true, would explain most of the violence – and, as I’ve argued before, the links between football hooligan groups and the Far-Right are never hard to find.

 Lutz Bachman as Hitler, Pegida 

It is also being reported that many in Germany suspect the local police of complicity in the Chemnitz mass rallies.

Police in Chemnitz have long been suspected of having ties to the far right, including to the Alternative for Germany (AFD) – with this also being forwarded by some in Germany as a possible explanation for how the identities of the suspects were released to the Hitler impersonator Lutz Bachmann and other Far-Right activists: again, helping to fuel the outrage.

If the mass car-burning incidents in Sweden were primarily for the benefit of the (allegedly Neo-Nazi) ‘Sweden Democrats’, this whole drama in Chemnitz does seem to be for the benefit of the AFD (‘Alternative For Deutschland’) primarily, whose momentum is growing.

The political situation in Germany is presently on a knife-edge – and there is a widespread fear that the AFD is in the ascendancy. If you’ve paid any attention to coverage of the German political situation in the passed several months, you’ll have seen plenty of dire warnings in mainstream media pieces about the dangerous position Angela Merkel is in, and about a potential ‘drastic change’ in Germany that could result in a broader European collapse.

I would go further and warn about the future return of fascism across the continent.

This business in Chemnitz is a really big deal.

In fact, most of what seems to unfold now across-the-board appears to chime with the argument I laid out in the ‘Seeds of Fascism‘ article a year and a half ago: specfically that a forced ‘clash of civilisations’ centering on ‘race wars’ or ‘civil wars’ is being deliberately manufactured in order to collapse Europe and the West and pave the way for a return to fascism (or ‘a return to the 1930s’, as Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis put it not long ago).

A Morning Star article from a couple of years ago, for example, was right to warn about the threat of the return to “fascist street armies such as those that destroyed European democracies in the 1930s…”

Everything I see unfold now seems to reinforce this eventuality.

The biggest irony, of course, is that – as I argued in the pieces about Alex Jones and Info Wars (who are tame compared to some of the other propagandists in play here) – the conspiracy theorists are now part of the conspiracy.

The most genius manuever for a totalitrian ‘new world order’ in-the-making would be to brainwash a critical mass of people into believing that the fascists are the Good Guys and that the fascists are the way to escape the long-mythologised ‘New World Order’ bogeyman – when, in a sane world, most people would get that the fascists are in fact the most likely vehicle for that ‘New World Order’ to be brought about.

What is clear is that all of these parties and organisations (in different countries) are not a separate body but are related, working together – and with the international ‘alt-right’ media as their propaganda arm. All of this suggests that we may be being stage-managed into what Marine Le Pen recently prophesied was “the new world” (or ‘new world order’?) coming into being.

In ‘Part I’ about Sweden, I wrote ‘Every election everywhere now seems to be part of an international battlefield: and it seems as if every election is now an international event in which international players or parties are involving themselves – at the propaganda level, at the very least (and often more) – in order to control or influence the political direction of various countries, either by direct manipulation of political figures or by manipulation of the voting public and hijacking of the information war…’

I wrote also: ‘There is virtually no Western country anymore that can have its own democratic processes unfold without foreign interference or manipulation, whether that’s from a certain country (Israel, the US or Russia, for example) or from non-state actors (George Soros, Steve Bannon, for example)...’

I said that neither Sweden nor Germany were exceptions.

In that context, it’s important to remember how incestuous all of these things are: it’s worth noting that Nigel Farage, who previously went to the United States to address Trump rallies during the US Presidential Election campaign, also went last year to Germany to address an AFD rally.

But that’s not the weird part.

Extraordinarily, Farage was invited there specifically by one of the AFD’s MEPs, Beatrix von Storch – a duchess who is the granddaughter of Adolf Hitler’s finance minister, Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk (described on Wikipedia as having been the final head of government of the Third Reich).

She is an interesting figure: she is also a member of the House of Oldenberg, described on Wikipedia as ‘one of Europe’s most influential royal houses, with branches that rule or have ruled in Denmark, Iceland, Greece, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Schleswig, Holstein, and Oldenburg…’

 Beatrix Von Storch, AFD 

Her cousin is married to the son of the final Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Even more extaordinary, The Jerusalem Post gave Beatrix von Storch (again, a granddaughter of Hitler’s finance minister), a platform in its newspaper to justify the AFD’s manifesto.

In that article, Beatrix von Storch affirms the AFD’s affinity with Israel and even openly likens the AFD’s brand of German nationalism with Israel’s Zionist idealogy.

Von Storch also founded a European group that directly supports illegal Zionist settlement building in occupied Palestinian land. Which puts her and her party in total accord with Geert Wilders‘ party, the Austrian FPO, and the Trump administration (both former Breitbart/Goldman-Sachs man Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner were direct supporters/funders of illegal settlement construction).

Beatrix von Storch, Deputy Leader of the AFD, was also formerly a banker. Interestingly, Alice Weidel – the leader of the AFD – is formerly of Goldman-Sachs.

In the Seeds of Fascism article, I demonstrated the links between Israeli officials and people like Geert Wilders, the Front National in France and the Austrian FPO (which, remember, was founded by Nazi officers after World War II). On the matter of the AFD and the German extreme-right, I said then that I had come across nothing to suggest any substantial link in this case.

Unlike with the aforementioned ‘Sweden Democrats’ (see previous article: ‘Part I’ of this piece), it is tougher to directly link the AFD to Israel.

That remains the case. However, even in the absence of a Geert Wilders figure, the AFD does appear to be heavily slanted towards a pro-Israel position.

Israel Times reports that,like many far-right parties in Europe and elsewhere, the AfD presents itself as staunchly supportive of Israel.

According to polling cited by the Israel Times, the majority of AFD members and supporters are disproportionately pro-Israel as compared to members or supporters of other parties: the majority polled seemed to support German weapons sales to Israel, oppose BDS, and regard ‘anti-Zionism’ as a form of Anti-Semitism. The pro-Israel trend among other political parties in Germany came in much lower.

Curiously, however, the same article notes that AFD members came in much lower compared to other parties when it came to whether younger generations should still be taught about the Holocaust. Which is a bit disturbing.

None of that demonstrates any organisational link between the AFD and Israel – though, given the other Zionist/Far-Right links in Europe, it is difficult not to wonder about that.

And, unlike the Sweden situation, I’m not suggesting any clear link with Mossad in the recent unrest: we don’t need to anyway, as the Neo-Nazis could’ve staged the false-flag themselves (in the manner highlighted earlier on), particularly if – as commentators in Germany are saying – there are elements of the police or army in Chemnitz that are secretly collaborating with Far-Right groups.

However, you do – as I demonstrated yesterday  – always have to factor in foreign interference. The AFD, according to some reports, is now being placed under closer surveillence.

I noticed an interesting reference in the most recent report in The Guardian in regard to this monitoring of the AFD. It said (and the bold emphasis is mine): ‘The Office for the Protection of the Constitution or BfV, which is Germany’s domestic security agency, when authorised to do so is broadly speaking tasked with collecting and analysing information about any efforts to destabilise German democracy including incitement to violence, whether from within Germany or by a foreign power...’

Again, everything that unfolded in Chemnitz appears to be for the sake of strengthening the AFD’s position: just as what was happening in Sweden appears to be for the sake of strengthening the “Nazi” and pro-Zionist ‘Sweden Democrats’.

Also, in terms of all the talk in Germany of ‘fake news’ and ‘viral falsehoods’, which are claimed to have helped fuel the rise of the Far-Right and events like in Chemnitz, we should note that one of the chief propaganda dissemination platforms/networks in play here is the ‘Gatestone Institute‘, which has specifically targeted German and European audiences with anti-refugee propaganda, frequent stories of European women being raped by brown-skinned foreigners, and the imminent extinction of Christianity or white civilisation due to mass immigration and particularly the Migrant Crisis.

In most cases, this is a case of non-Germany-based commentators or platforms (mostly in the US) publishing stories about Germany (the same as with Sweden), which are then translated back into German and disseminated among right-wing or Far-Right Internet users in Germany.

While organisations like the David Horowitz Freedom Center have already been exposed (see here) and even outfits like Breitbart and Info Wars are suspect, this ‘Gatestone Institute’ is run by (and was founded by) Nina Rosenwald as part of the same wealthy propaganda network I’ve previously discussed here.

Even its Wikipedia entry says right off the bat that ‘The organization has attracted attention for publishing false articles and being a source of viral falsehoods.’

Of note is that, until March of this year, The Gatestone Institute was chaired by John Bolton – the Neo-Con war-hawk who was brought into the US administration by Donald Trump to replace Rex Tillerson.

Described as “an ardent Zionist all her life”, Nina Rosenwald is an heiress to the Sears fortune. Sears (or the Sears and Robuck Company now) is a famous chain of department stores. Max Blumenthal reported in 2012 that Rosenwald “used her millions to cement the alliance between the pro-Israel lobby and the Islamophobic fringe.”

He also revealed that Rosenwald – a good friend of Geert Wilders – served on the board of AIPAC, adding ‘there is hardly a single major pro- Israel organization that does not provide Rosenwald with a seat on its board of directors‘.

Blumenthal notes that ‘Rosenwald maintains a reputation as a Manhattan socialite who travels in’ the ‘most elite financial and political circles.’ The expose highlights here links with Henry Kissinger, Andrew Breitbart (founder of the pro-Zionist Breitbart media platform), and Sheldon Adelson, among others.

It also highlights that one of Rosenwald’s chief beneficiaries has been Daniel Pipes – influential Neo-Con/Zionist opinion-maker and member of the Council of Foreign Relations, who previously published a book on conspiracy theories, paranoia and manipulation of the masses.

 Anders Breivik 

Pipes, among other things, was idolised by the Norway mass-killer Anders Brevik (who referenced him multiple times in his manifesto).

If you’re wondering where else you’ve heard Daniel Pipes’ name here recently, it’s because Pipes’ ‘Middle East Forum’ was – as I reported here – heavily involved in funding and campaigning for Zionist/Far-Right activist ‘Tommy Robinson’ and was a key part of the whole Tommy Robinson psy-op in recent months.

As I keep saying, it’s all very incestuous. And, as I keep saying, these things are all related. What’s going on in Chemnitz, what’s going on in Sweden, what was going on with ‘Tommy Robinson’, it’s all the same play.

‘Middle East Forum’ founder Daniel Pipes (who advocates for Israeli military action in the Middle East and complains about things like “brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and not exactly maintaining Germanic standards of hygiene”) was bankrolled to the tune of $2.3 million by the Rosenwald family (as of 2012): the MEF is simply part of the same network of Zionist propaganda ‘think-tanks’ that includes Gatestone and others. As Blumenthal writes, ‘this alliance serves to sanitise and legitimise bigots like Wilders, allowing their ideas to mingle easily with neoconservative foreign-policy heavyweights intent on promoting the appearance of a convergence between US and Israeli interests…’

This may all seem like a digression from the initial subject here: but I highlight all of this here simply to reinforce the point that you have to always look at where the propaganda and all the ‘viral falsehoods’ are originating from: and what kind of ulterior motives are being serviced.

At any rate, there’s a good chance that the trigger-event in Chemnitz that sparked all of this controversy was staged by Far-Right actors.

In that scenario, the objective is obvious: create a new ‘incident’ to inflame outrage against migrants and Syrian refugees, cause more and more people to gravitate towards the AFD and other extreme-right organisations and to continue to undermine Merkel’s position and credibility.

In which case, this drama in Chemnitz over the passed week has gone perfectly.

There have been commentators saying that if the AFD achieves power in Germany, “Modern Europe is finished”. I speculated in a piece over a year ago on the Austrian political situation that international players were aiming for the downfall of Angela Merkel. I also said, when talking about the FPO and Austria that it was very unlikely that we ever see a real rise of the Far Right in Germany, for obvious reasons – but I was obviously being very naive.

The end-goal, I am more and more convinced, is a fascist (and generally pro-Zionist) world order. If you don’t believe me, then consult Israeli right-wing media – this is clearly the future they’re seeing.

Whether or not that objective is ever truly accomplished depends on how stupid the general public is or isn’t.


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  1. This is an excellent article with great analysis as always. It seems that someone is influencing events behind the scenes and there are a number of theories about who it is. Most say it is the Russians, but I don’t believe that. Your theory is plausible, but could it be our own governments?

    I’m just watching the Bled strategic forum in Slovenia. This is all about the political future of Europe and the EU. There’s quite a bit of rhetoric about how many internal and external challenges facing European countries there are and how we all need to stick together to sort them out.

    You could be accused for thinking that Cameron, Clinton and Renzi actually wanted to lose their respective elections and Trump is particularly suspicious as he was always a Clinton friend and supporter before joining the Republicans.

    Is Brexit-Trump-Pentalega just a psy-op to promote the EU and globalism?

    • I don’t know, but that’s an interesting thought. I do remember a conspiracy guy – whose name Ive forgotten – who said, the day before the UK referendum, that the vote was being rigged in favour of Brexit. It probably wasn’t: but his prediction has made me wonder about it ever since.

  2. In so far as zionism is seen as concerned with local Israeli interests I think the division caused in Europe has or is hoped by Israel to have for effect a greater acceptance for Israels own move towards open apartheid. However Israels openly stated cooperation with Islamic state and other terrorgroups looks more like the behaviour of an obedient imperial stooge. They dont seem to be concerned with exposing their own significant role in causing the massimmigration.
    Maybe people like Daniel Pipes assumes the grassroots havent got it or to not really care.
    From reactions on some no longer operating websites I know there are an apparent dominance of grassroots who fit into that simplified clash of civilisations scheme.

  3. You have reminded me of a very suspicious case in Germany from 2012 in which known far-right extremists had been left to go on a decade-long killing spree. I briefly referred to it as an intro to an extended post about Fascism. So here’s what I wrote at the time with a link at the end (although the programme itself is currently not available to view):

    “A friend recently sent me a link to the latest episode of the BBC news programme ‘Our World’ in which correspondent Katya Adler examines the rise of far-right extremism in Germany. Adler reports on the public outrage after it came to light that a group of three neo-Nazis had been able, in spite of being well-known to the authorities, to go on a ten-year killing spree of racially-motivated murders.”


    The post itself is linked here: https://wallofcontroversy.wordpress.com/2012/07/24/the-rise-of-the-far-right-nothing-new-under-a-black-sun/

    But please feel free to delete all parts of this comment or edit it freely – just wanted to draw attention to this earlier German precedent.

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