Pray For London meme

Alright, so this one almost made me choke on my coffee when I saw it. 

By the way, we might as well issue a False Flag Alert here, before continuing. Just to be ahead of  things a little.

I almost thought this item was a fake when I first saw it… Until I realised it had been put out by the Israeli embassy.

The video’s subject? Why, the totally innocuous, entirely non-inflammatory ‘WHAT IF HAMAS ATTACKED LONDON ON CHRISTMAS DAY…?’

Well, the propaganda war is really getting out of hand. And now evidently the fear-porn is kicking in too.

The featured image above is from the bullshit social media flurry after the 2017 terror incident in London: but it’s safe to assume we’d see the same hashtags and memes emerge if any Hamas related Christmas Day attack unfolds in London.

The Israeli video features a dramatic depiction of an October 7th type Hamas attack occurring in the UK at Christmas: and is presumably designed to instill a more palpable anxiety into British citizens concerning Israel’s Gaza operations and the possible fallout.

Strangely, the video hasn’t received much media coverage. But it is explained, ‘The film begins with a woman waking up in London on Christmas morning to the sound of gunshots and panicked text messages from family members. She attempts to hide in the basement of her home with her children and partner. After panicked calls to the police fail, the woman is dragged from her home and abducted by a masked motorcycle gang…’

‘The film ends with the question: “What if it were you? Imagine this was your reality, on any given day, with your loved ones murdered and abducted. “What would you do? What actions would you take? It’s a haunting reminder: it could happen to anyone, anywhere”…’

Of course it also aims to bolster public support in the UK for the Israeli state’s current actions, especially by reinforcing the idea that Israel is fighting this war on behalf of the entire Western world – an idea that Netanyahu and others have already been propagating since October 7th.



Two things immediately occur to me here. 

The first is obvious: the Israeli embassy is worried it is losing the propaganda war in the UK and losing good will, perhaps evidenced by the scale and frequency of pro Palestinian marches on British streets in recent weeks.

Therefore, it is resorting to rather desperate tactics like this fear-porn video to make Brits feel like Hamas are a terror threat on UK streets.

The second, and this is the scary part, is the possibility of a false flag attack occurring somewhere around Christmas time and being attributed to Hamas or to Hamas sympathisers. As a way, again, to broaden or reframe Israel’s crisis and bolster international support.

It wouldn’t be all that surprising if this idea of a Christmas attack in the UK is being planted as a kind of predictive programming.

Let’s be honest, it also wouldn’t be hard to find a couple of mentally unstable pro Hamas patsies, especially in this highly charged present climate, to do something.

We’ve already seen the events in Israel trigger incidents elsewhere in the world, such as the stabbing of a teacher in France or the man in Illinois who stabbed a Palestinian child to death in the wake of October 7th.

Israeli spokespeople have also been frequently likening Hamas to ISIS since October 7th, possibly to reframe Hamas as an international threat the same way ISIS was.

And just as the events in Syria, Iraq and Libya triggered IS-style or IS-affiliated attacks in multiple Western cities (including London), the idea is possibly being planted in our minds that Hamas might inspire similar events.

Which is certainly possible. There are always a handful of useful extremist Islamist nutjobs around somewhere to take up a call to jihad.

But let’s also remember that some, even most, of the Western terror incidents during the whole ISIS saga were obvious false flag events. I covered these events quite meticulously at the time (see false flag archive here).

Let’s also remember that the whole ISIS thing itself was in large part manufactured by multiple intelligence agencies for regime change reasons in the Middle East. And that Hamas, in significant part was the creation of Israeli agencies.

Let’s also note, in terms of specifically a Christmas Day attack (as specified in the Israeli embassy video), that the Berlin Christmas market attack a few years ago occurred, as I noted at the time, on the morning that the incoming President Trump had a ‘secret meeting’ with the head of Mossad.

Let’s remember too that Israeli agents and supposed international terror incidents often go hand in hand.

For example, as we noted here, the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand happened after Netanyahu threatened NZ with consequences after it chose to recognise Palestinian statehood. He in fact called New Zealand’s support for the UN vote a “declaration of war”.

The Sri Lanka Easter Massacre happened after Israeli agencies ran terror drills in Sri Lanka.

Netanyahu himself was in London on the morning of the 7/7 attacks.

The list is longer, but listing every item is unnecessary here.

Though it’s worth remembering here that Netanyahu himself was the author of the entire ‘War on Terror’ doctrine that was taken up by the US and Britain for most of the twenty-first century so far.


Terrorism: How the West Can Win

He literally wrote the books.

And let’s not even bother with the 9/11 rabbit-hole again. But anyone doubtful of the Israeli connections to 9/11 should read this.

The point being that a rebooting of the ‘War on Terror’ isn’t off the cards. Not if it can be useful.

As for whether this Christmas Attack video is just the Israeli embassy clutching to gain back some lost ground propaganda-wise or whether it actually signals that something is going to happen in the UK on Christmas Day… we’ll just have to wait and see.


The 7/7 LONDON BOMBINGS: The Definitive Truth – We Have Been Lied To…

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  1. Thanks for that. you make a lot of good points.
    I suggest that Hamas are not a particularly good patsy for a false flag in the UK as they have always confined their violent actions to the borders of Mandate Palestine and thus don’t quite make the cut as an “international terror group.”
    If such an incident were to take place perhaps rather than Hamas a group more closely aligned with Iran like Hezbollah would make a better patsy and the goal then would be to increase support for Israeli operations/prolonged occupation of Gaza, but also to get the US and the West to see Iran the way Israel and it’s allies want them to see Iran.

    In 1992 the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires was bombed, in 1994 a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires was bombed. Both attacks caused heavy casualties.

    In both cases a Hezbollah/Syrian/Iranian sponsored car bomb was blamed, in both cases there did not appear to have been a car bombing but rather explosives placed inside the buildings.

    This would be a model that might work in the UK, and there has been an explosion at the US/Canadian border in recent hours that is being called a failed terror attack after two people blew themselves up in a car near the border crossing.

    I am not sure precisely what happened but it certainly looks like a part of some type of psyop as in response to it the US has closed 4 crossings into Canada.

    I would expect “pro-Iranian elements” of some type to be blamed.

    My understanding,- and this only sunk in recently, is that there were absolutely no authentic terror attacks in the West committed by ISIS.
    I didn’t study every incident in-depth but I looked at a lot of them and they were all completely fake to my knowledge.
    I am absolutely ready and willing to be wrong about that and if anyone has evidence of the authenticity of any of them I am open to it.
    Obviously ISIS was real in Syria and Iraq and committed a lot of terrible crimes there,

    The same goes for the actions of the homicidal Western “far right extremist”, the big ones were all fake.
    Christchurch 100% was a fake.
    The Norway massacre of 2011 was also fake.
    Humans just aren’t as malevolent as the rulers of humanity would wish them to be.
    Sorry for going on
    Thanks for the piece,

    • Thank you for such a substantial contribution.
      I agree about the Western ISIS attacks. I guess I leave open the possibility that one or two might’ve been ‘real’.
      I had never considered, however, that the 2011 Norway massacre was fake. Granted, I never examined that one in great detail, other than knowing that Breivik had Masonic links and also identified as Knights Templar. What led you to believe it was fake?
      I’m glad you mention the Canada border incident: I had forgotten about it already, as it seemed to vanish from the news very quickly, without any real explanation of what it was.

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