Trump, 9/11, Kushner 666, Dancing Israelis – And the Big Redirection…

9/11 Plane hitting the twin towers

The recent anniversary of 9/11 got me thinking about some of the ongoing oddities around the World Trade Center attack.

It also got me thinking about various interesting connections in elite circles, New York real estate, the Trump era and how it relates to the ongoing psy-op of the post-9/11 world we all woke up in after September 11th 2001.

But, rather than trying to reproduce another compendium of all the reasons why 9/11 was a world-changing false-flag op designed to kick-start the 21st century world order, I want to just touch on some curious facts, connections and oddities that continue to appear to the present day.

Alex Jones and other Trump-aligned platforms might keep promising that Trump is going to be The One to expose the 9/11 conspiracy: but this is simply part of the re-direction designed to restore the official 9/11 narrative and derail the 9/11 ‘Truth Movement’.

And, as will quickly become clear, it is quite easy to demonstrate a real connection – and not just a symbolic or propaganda connection – between the Trump/Kushner administration and the 9/11 attack itself.

The thing last week that really triggered me was coming across a Donald Trump quote that I had never noticed before.

It was in a random Rolling Stone article that touched on some of the odd, typically Trump-like comments around 9/11. Such as the fact that, for example, when the Twin Towers fell, Trump had bragged that his building (Trump Tower, 40 Wall Street) was now the tallest in New York. Or that he has also later claimed to have been down in the rubble, helping survivors to safety.

Those aren’t anything suspect – they’re just standard Trumpisms to which most of us are deaf to by now.

But it was something else the current US President has said that really caught my eye.

It was Trump’s claim, a couple of years ago, about the cheering Arabs when the World Trade Center buildings fell. He claimed that he had watched “thousands and thousands” on rooftops in New Jersey, “cheering as that building was coming down”.

The clear implication was that these “cheering” people were Arabs or Muslims. On multiple subsequent occasions (including in a bizarre interview with Alex Jones in which the Info Wars psy-op host also supported Trump’s assertions about the “thousands and thousands” of cheering Muslims) he refused to step back from his statement but insisted that thousands of Arabs or Muslims were cheering the collapse of the Twin Towers.

This ‘memory’ he has of the “thousands and thousands” cheering on the rooftops is clearly bullshit. On first glance, you’d just dismiss it as more ‘alternative facts’ Trumpism.

But on second glance you realise that it’s actually something else: what’s very curious is that Trump’s story seems to be a deliberate re-packaging of the infamous story of the ‘Dancing Israelis’ in New Jersey.

For anyone not familiar with this largely whitewashed element of the 9/11 story, let’s briefly summarise it before coming back to Trump, Kushner and New York.

It involves a group of ‘dancing Israelis‘ who were found celebrating the World Trade Center attack while observing (and filming) the event from a rooftop from across the Hudson River.

At the time – and before the Bin Laden narrative became firmly cemented as fact in the media – there was discussion in some of the media of these suspicious Israelis in New Jersey and discussion of foreknowledge of the attack by Israeli intelligence agents who, at the very least, chose not to warn US authorities of the imminent act of terror.

Some 60 to 100 Israelis (I keep seeing varying numbers) were arrested in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attack – part of an Israeli spy network that was engaged in highly suspicious activity, but all were sent back to Israel by December 2001 – by which time the ‘War on Terror’ and the incursion into Afghanistan was already underway.

The five particular men who were the ‘Dancing Israelis’ witnessed by various New Jersey residents were detained by NYPD. The police and FBI field agents had said they’d found the men with maps of the city with various key points highlighted, as well with other suspicious obejcts like box cutters, large amounts of cash and foreign passports (note also that box cutters were supposedly used by the 9/11 hijackers).

Two of the five ‘Dancing Israelis’ were later confirmed as Mossad agents, while some others among the broader number of Israelis arrested after 9/11 were reported to have been active members of Israeli military.

Later, on Israeli TV, they claimed to be there to “document” the attack – which didn’t, of course, explain how they knew the attack was coming.

A CIA agent seemed to confirm their cameras were set up to film the World Trade Center before the first plane struck.

Despite all of this, all of these captured Israelis were sent back to Israel without further investigation: and everyone’s attention was directed firmly onto Bin Laden and the mountains of Afghanistan.

Bizarrely, a US Army report published in Washington Post THE DAY BEFORE 9/11 said of Mossad or Israeli intelligence services (referred to elsewhere as Israeli Secret Intelligence Services: or ‘ISIS’ – see this C-Span video): ‘Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.’

 Osama bin Laden quote 9/11

Israel and 9/11

ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service 

Also, a side-note worth repeating is that security at all three airports involved in the 9/11 hijackings were run by ICTS International – a security firm owned and run by Israelis, which was also involved in numerous subsequent terror plots, including, for example, the Brussels airport bombing a couple of years ago.

But the best charting of this saga of the Dancing Israelis that I’ve seen is this video by the Corbett Report, which covers everything including the business of the Mossad front-company (‘Urban Removal Systems’) found carrying explosives in New York on 9/11 and the bizarre 9/11 attack mural decorating one of their vans.

 9/11 Mossad van 

There are a lot more details and testimonies, which I’m not reproducing here – check the Corbett Report video.

But it has always been utterly extraordinary that this evidence was always there in plain sight from day one – and was even initially acknowledged by some major media at the time – and yet was quickly whitewashed in favor of the Bin Laden narrative and the ‘War on Terror’.

So what the hell was Trump talking about and why?

It’s as if Trump knew the ‘Dancing Israelis’ story well enough, but decided to alter it to implicate Arabs instead – and exaggerate the numbers (in true Trump style) to “thousands and thousands”.

The motive is obvious enough, given Trump’s closeness to Netanyahu and given the creepy presence of Zionist-settlement-funder and Creepy Weird Guy Jared Kushner in the equation.

But the links and connections go further than that: so much so that you end up feeling the Trump/Kushner presidency is somehow 9/11 going full circle: as if it’s all the same programme – and being run by the same clubs of con artists.

As it happens, Jared Kushner is close friends with Larry Silverstein: and so is Trump.

Silverstein, a fellow real-estate mogul and developer in New York like Trump and Kushner, is now a chief suspect in most 9/11 truth theories, having profited from the 9/11 attack to the tune of $4.5 billion.

 Larry Silverstein 9/11 

Silverstein had acquired the entire World Trade Center complex (and control of its security arrangements) from the New York Port Authority on a 100-year lease in July 2001, when the WTC was privatised – a few months before 9/11. Silverstein managed to coerce his insurers into maximising insurance payout in the event of a terrorist attack and even acquired guarantee of an instant cash pay-out. Silverstein also later sought further billions by sueing the airlines whose planes were used in the attack. He also managed to maximise the profit by insisting that the two planes meant two separate terrorist attacks.

He is also widely quoted on the morning of 9/11 as having called for the building to be “pulled” after the planes had impacted – a comment that may or may not have been misinterpreted by 9/11 truthers who’ve seized on it as proof of a controlled demolition. It came from a PBS documentary called ‘America Rebuilds‘.

He was also on record in 2000 – a year and a half before 9/11 – discussing plans for a new World Trade Center building.

I don’t want to go over further details about 9/11 or Silverstein, because that information is all out there already in other people’s research.

The complex web of financial scams, profit motives and real-estate conspiracies involved in 9/11 are most concisely summarised here in this video, which I’ve referenced here before as probably the final video anyone needs to watch on the 9/11 conspiracy.



Again, however, just to show how incestuous and related all of this is, AIPAC’s Michael Glassner was reported to have arranged the controversial deal that handed over the lease for the World Trade Center to the Larry Silverstein group just before 9/11: and Michael Glassner was Donald Trump’s top political planner, playing a major role in the presidential campaign.

It is also needless to say that Silverstein himself has substantial connections to Israeli organisations and is friends with several Israeli Prime Ministers, particularly Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon. Indeed, Silverstein is said to be particularly close to Benjamin Netanyahu: just as Trump and Kushner are, with ‘Bibi’ having once even slept in Kushner’s bedroom.

I didn’t actually know until recently that Netanyahu was actually in New York on the morning of 9/11: which is funny, as he was also in London on the morning of 7/7.

It’s also always important to note that the ‘War on Terror’ doctrine had originated with Netanyahu himself, who wrote a fucking book on it years before 9/11.

It was Netanyahu himself – and not the Bush administration – who was the originator of both the idealogical framework of the ‘War on Terror’ and the very phrase itself: a phrase which, of course, became the official umbrella term for America’s foreign policy misadventures immediately after 9/11.

As much as the stated need for a “new Pearl Harbour” (i.e: 9/11) is traced to the Neo-Con/Zionist Project for the New American Century, the ‘War on Terror’ paradigm itself is traced back to Netanyahu’s books – International Terrorism: Challenge and Response in 1979 and Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorism in 1995.

 Terrorism: How the West Can Win

Netanyahu: How the West Can Win 

In the months leading up to 9/11 and the weeks immediately after 9/11, Netanyahu was pushing this manifesto in Washington.

The Israeli daily paper Haaretz claimed that Silverstein (pictured below with Jared Kushner) and Netanyahu were so close that the real-estate mogul was at one point receiving calls from Netanyahu on a daily basis.

Also, the other key player linked to Silverstein’s acquisition of the World Trade Center before 9/11 was Lewis Eisenberg, who was chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Eisenberg, a former Goldman-Sachs luminary, is also friends with Donald Trump and has in fact been appointed by Trump as US ambassador to Italy. He, like Silverstein and Glassner, is involved with a number of Israeli organisations.

In fact, it appears that Jared Kushner’s father, Charles Kushner, was also appointed to the New York and New Jersey Port Authority that was responsible for the World Trade Center prior to 9/11.

Wayne Madsen wrote a piece at Strategic Culture in 2017 calling Jared Kushner ‘A Suspected Gangster Within the Trump White House’, in which this and a number of other facts about Kushner’s background are detailed.

It perhaps isn’t so curious that all these New York and Wall Street moguls are all chums. It’s a mafia, after all. But where 9/11 is concerned, we really should pay extra attention.

So, to summarise: Silverstein, Eisenberg and Glassner are implicated in 9/11 and Charles Kushner was also in the same circle – and all of them are linked to Trump and Kushner. Silverstein is friends with Trump and Kushner, as well as Netanyahu and various Israeli officials. Kushner and Trump are pals with Netanyahu. Netanyahu was the author of the ‘War on Terror’ and happened to be in New York on the morning of 9/11 – at the same time as a number of suspect Israelis were up to god-knows-what and had to be rounded up by police and the FBI.

And Trump later takes the story of the cheering Israelis and turns it into a story about “thousands and thousands” of cheering Arabs.


On the subject of New York moguls and real-estate, it continues to strike me as extremely odd that Jared Kushner owns the 666 building at 5th Avenue.

Kushner acquired the building back in 2007 for $1.8 billion: but this was reportedly three times the asking price of even a decade earlier. It kind of seems like this building meant something to Kushner and he really wanted it. Kushner is a creepy guy as it is (the guy really does look like the villain in a film), but his 666 building just makes him even creepier.

 Jared Kushner 666 Building in New York 

Worse, the building isn’t actually 666 in terms of address, but is the name of the building. The giant 666 has apparently now been removed.

There are a bunch of people who think Kushner and Trump – but Kushner in particular – represent the ‘Anti Christ’. That’s an avenue I’m not really interested in going down (even though it would, in theory, connect rather nicely with the whole Jerusalem-centered apocalypse that Kushner and Trump seem so invested in); but there are claims that another Fifth Avenue property – Trump Tower – is 666 feet (203 meters) tall and that Trump’s penthouse is on the 66th floor.

I checked and I can’t confirm the 666 feet claim, but it appears Trump’s penthouse is on the 66th floor.

It’s all kind of odd. If it had been a coincidence that Kushner happened to own the 666 building, I would’ve sarcastically said something like ‘maybe it’s the universe giving us a sign’: but that doesn’t work, given that Kushner was reportedly so keen on acquiring the building in the first place.

It might also be worth noting that Kushner’s interest in the Jerusalem or Holy Land agenda could relate in part to the fact that he belongs to the ultra-Zionist and Messianic ‘Chabad’ group that is centered on a cult of personality around a Rabbi Menachem Mendel Scheerson (believed by many followers to actually be the ‘Messiah’). I don’t know much about this group, but Alison Weir wrote a rather fascinating article on the subject for Counterpunch in 2014.

Putting all of that aside, one does wonder how much the likes of both Trump or Kushner were privy to in terms of the insider-dealing and profit-making schemes involved in the 9/11 attack.

Given their connections with New York, Wall Street, Silverstein, Glassner and Eisenberg, it’s a question worth asking: and given their connections to Netanyahu, one has to wonder even more. It would be naive to think that, among those elite circles, such things wouldn’t get discussed.

 Larry Silverstein and Jared Kushner 

If Charles Kushner was with the Port Authority of New York, it would seem odder if Jared Kushner and Donald Trump haven’t had been privy to the conspiracies or at least had some intimation.

The ‘dancing-Israelis-become-cheering-Arabs’ trick alone just highlights even further how much Trump himself is an actor playing a role.

But whether he crafted out that role for himself or whether it was crafted out for him to play is another question. But it provides another context for this Trump/Kushner era to be viewed in.

As for 9/11 itself, there genuinely was a point in time – for a few years at least – where the 9/11 ‘truth’ movement was really starting to win the argument and beginning to turn the tables on public opinion: but that all fell apart when key figures or sections of the so-called ‘alt media’ were co-opted and then began to either abandon 9/11 questions or to bombard the whole subject with nonsense while drawing a vast audience in a totally different direction.

A key part of that totally different direction has, in fact, been the Trump Train itself: in which Info Wars and various others have played their central part. It seems very much as if part of Trump’s purpose was to re-direct as much of the ‘conspiracy theory’ audience as possible away from questioning the 9/11 narrative and to focus instead on sectarian Identity Politics – while re-asserting the official 9/11 narrative at the same time.

That’s actually pretty genius: become a figurehead for the ‘alt’ crowds and anti-government, anti-mainstream trends (at a time when polls were showing the *majority* of Americans didn’t believe the official 9/11 story), and then RE-ASSERT THE OFFICIAL NARRATIVE of 9/11 and have all your followers go with you on that – and even have one-time 9/11 debunkers like Alex Jones be part of this redirection.

Even funnier, as I said earlier, Jones and others in that arena were literally telling their followers that ‘Trump is going to reveal the truth of 9/11’.

Yeah, sure he is, Alex. As for any 9/11 ‘disclosure’ at any official levels – don’t hold your breath.

Read more:9/11: The Whole Rotten Saga & the Most Ineffective Cover-Up Ever‘, ‘7/7 – What the Media Didn’t Tell Us‘, ‘Info Wars, Alex Jones & the MIND WAR Psy-Op‘, ‘Trump, Jerusalem & the Biblical Apocalypse Fantasy‘…

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  1. Thanks Jill Azzouzi. I jused watched the video. Very interesting. And it entirely supports what’s written in this article.

  2. Great article linking Trump to the whole mess. The cognitive dissonance of the folks who support him is mind-boggling! They seem to know he’s part of the same cabal, but talk as if they fully believe he’s against it. There’s no way he could have gotten (s)elected if he wasn’t “one of them”. I also lost interest in Alex Jones when he began to change from being an independent truther to being a full-fledged “Trumpie”.

  3. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/566189/9-11-attacks-donald-trump-twin-bombs-world-trade-center

    This is a comment made by trump on the morning of 9/11. Not sure if it’s part of the interview. He states that the planes could not have brought down the towers due to design preventing such accidents.

    I’ve actually given up on trying to ‘wake’ friends up on this or any of the war on terror! It’s so powerfully embedded in the western psyche- i’m The one feeing odd.

    Another interesting read. Thanks.

    I’m sure Ben Net was influenced by the ODed Yinon plan. Dahlia Wasfi has a good interview linking all the players on this.

    Have you checked out The Blogmire on the Sikorsky case and UK Critical Thinker on the Manchester Arena? Both excellent detailed reporting.

    • I don’t know if I’ve read those already. I’ll make a note of it: thanks.

  4. Fascinating piece. The case for your main claim of Trump-Kushner foreknowledge is highly convincing. Commenting as a critical friend, however, I’m not sure you should retain the ‘dancing israelis’ link – perhaps there’s a better one – because I feel it confuses Israel and Judaism too much (rather as the Zionists do).

    • Judaism is an evil scourge, why should he not retain the “dancing israelis” link? Israel is based upon that scourge, the link should remain. People need to know that israel absolutely did 9/11.

      • “Judaism is an evil scourge” might have come straight from the pages of Mein Kampf. I presume there is only one solution to such a scourge…?

        Israel is not “based upon that scourge” but founded on Zionism, which is a relatively modern ideology that a great many Jews rightly oppose.

        And sincere apologies to Bbob here for opening up this thread in the first place. My single intention was to recommend linking to a less ambiguous youtube vid also showing the ‘dancing Israelis’ – actually better covered in James Corbett’s excellent report embedded above anyway. Unwittingly I seem to have cleared the way for outright antisemitism as well.

    • You’re right, WoC, and I’m glad you pointed it out. Actually I didnt watch the video, so I didn’t pick on that somewhat anti-Semitic vibe. I was just looking for something to link to that explains the Dancing Israelis story and I linked the first thing I found. I say im glad you pointed it out, as it usually bothers me too when people just say ‘Jews’ without being more specific. I’ll check for a better link when I get a moment.

      • Wall of controversy, you strongly hint very evil things about me, when you know me not at all. Being a Christian, I speak truth, even when it isn’t popular or liked. Judaism IS a very evil religion, which does not in any way imply that I think all “Jews” are evil. There are some who don’t agree with Judaism, believe it or not.

        You yourself seem to be ignorant about the true history of WW2 and Hitler. But that’s not the topic of this thread, so I desist.

  5. This article is an example of top notch journalism, a thing that is rarely seen any more.

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