The Berlin Truck Massacre: Here’s What You HAVEN’T Been Told…

Daily Mail coverage of Berlin Christmas Market terrorist attack, December 2016

So I’ve been digging around a bit, and I’m going to come at this from a different angle.

Not going to bother pouring over footage or images and talking about the credibility of the scenes, etc, as there are others who’ll probably be doing that already. I choose to assume/believe the attack really did happen as we’re told it did and that innocent people were hurt or killed.

Instead, as with the Nice attack earlier in the year, the best angle might be found if we direct our attention to a seemingly unrelated bit of information.

I noted an interesting fact about yesterday, which was largely unreported in most media; but I found it reported at Israel National News.

The headline was ‘Mossad chief gives secret intelligence briefing to Trump staff: Mossad chief makes clandestine trip to US to meet with incoming Trump administration.’

The article, obviously written some hours prior to the event in Berlin occurring, continued, ‘The head of Israel’s Mossad national intelligence agency made a secret visit to the United States to meet with members of President-elect Donald Trump staff and give them a security briefing. The security delegation was organized by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, according to Ynet, and was led by National Security Council head Yaakov Nagel…’

That may seem irrelevant, but I’m not sure it is.

This perhaps has some echoes of Netanyahu himself being in London on the morning of 7/7; it also is worth reminding ourselves that Richard Gutjahr, who – by extraordinary coincidence – happened to be present to film both the Nice Bastille Day attack and the attack in Munich a few months later (and was the media source for the footage), is married to Mossad agent and Knesset member Einat Wilf.

Wilf served in the IDF, specialising in signals intelligence and decryption and was a foreign policy adviser to Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres. She is also a self-described ‘athiest Zionist’, belongs to several Israeli foreign policy organisations and has organisational links with people such as Richard Perle and Henry Kissinger.

Gutjahr, was a student of the German School of Journalism and has also had CNN training, is described as ‘a German moderator, creator of mainstream media and blogger’. Interestingly, he was also famously in Cairo at the start of the 2011 Arab Spring protests, where, apparently (and being without a job at the time) he had decided ‘spontaneously’ to travel from Israel (where he had been staying) to Cairo in Egypt.

Sorry, just a quick amendment: it wasn’t Gutjahr, but his daughter – Thamina Stoll – who filmed the footage of the Munich attack. Same difference though.

Also worth noting that Gutjhar later ‘deleted’ his photos of the Nice attack – probably around the same time that authorities in France began destroying the crime scene and removing ‘evidence’. Gutjahr, when broadcasting live to the BBC about the Nice attack, had adopted the name ‘Richard Goodyear’ instead.

The point, at any rate, is to illustrate the Mossad link to those attacks earlier this year.

A direct Mossad fingerprint on this Berlin truck attack is more difficult to pinpoint at this time: but the fact that Trump and his people had a secret meeting with Mossad just hours before the Berlin attack strikes me as suspicious.

The perpetrator/driver has been reported to be an Pakistani or Afghan male who may have been a refugee. The vehicle was supposed to have been being driven by a delivery driver from Poland, with the suggestion being the truck might’ve been hijacked by the ‘terrorist’. The company the truck belongs to is based in Poland and the original driver is reported to have been the cousin of the company over, a man named Ariel Zurawski: I’ve seen one or two people drawing attention to what is a Jewish name and suggesting this as a possible link to Israel – but it isn’t a crime to have a Jewish name and there are lots of Polish Jews (who have no necessary connection to Israeli intelligence), so I’m not considering this relevant.

The Mossad/Trump meeting is relevant though.

It might also be relevant that, in early reports yesterday, some witnesses described the driver of the lorry as “Eastern European” in appearance – the driver, not the passenger.

This incident in Berlin seems designed – either by the ‘ISIS’/refugee perpetrator or by the false-flag operators, depending on which you think is the reality of what happened – to mirror the Nice/Bastille Day attack.


Nice, Bastille Day, terrorist attack
The terrorist truck in the Nice attack. The Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, July 15, 2016. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard – RTSI2HH


The Bastille Day attack (pictured above) was a fairly obvious false-flag op and it was designed to allow the French state to extend its ‘State of Emergency’ and all emergency powers indefinitely, occurring at a time where the state was coming under pressure to end it. In fact, the Nice attack came on the same day that the French President had finally announced that the emergency powers were going to end – a point I covered here fully at the time.

Germany too is seeking emergency powers and changes, and it will be worth watching the situation in the days or weeks ahead to see if Germany seeks to enter into the same State of Emergency that France has been in ever since the Paris attacks over a year ago.

Of course, this ‘attack’ may have been a genuine lone-wolf terror attack by a lunatic of Muslim persuasion or Pakistani or Afghan descent. Maybe someone was ‘inspired’ by the Nice attack – even though the Nice attack was a false-flag. If it was a false-flag op, however, in this Berlin attack at least they learnt from Nice and switched to a black truck instead of a white one; as the white truck had been just too easy for people to visually analyse.

This is also, of course, designed to play as a ‘Muslim’ attack on Christmas itself. I mean, aside from an ‘ISIS’ sympathiser carrying out a massacre in Santa’s workshop and leaving a trail of dead or injured elves, I can’t think of anything more rich and blatant in propaganda terms than an attack on a Christmas market just days before Christmas.

We should remember, however, that even a real ‘migrant’ or ‘Muslim’ perpetrator at the wheel doesn’t negate it also being a staged/false-flag op.

FYI, here’s Info-Wars white-supremacist propagandist Paul Joseph Watson’s predictable take on the attack (it’s the same after any attack), just to highlight the point.

Also, I am no defender of Islamist radicalism or terrorists: but we should also always keep our eyes on the bigger picture too and make sure we’re not trapped in false paradigms.

And, going back to the first point: I still would like to know why Trump had a secret meeting with Mossad yesterday, and why it received practically no coverage, despite being written about in Israel.

We can guess that most Breitbart or alt-right type platforms (Paul Joseph Watson and Info Wars included) will have ignored or missed that interesting story, as they wouldn’t want to risk alarming their largely anti-Semitic readerships, but it is curious that the head of Mossad needed to make a ‘secret visit’ to Trump and that, a few hours later, a major terrorist attack occurs in Berlin, giving President-Elect Trump – on the day the Electoral College vote confirmed him as president – the perfect opportunity to reinforce his position and re-justify some of his ultra anti-Muslim administration picks and the dangerous path we might be shortly to be taken down.

He also, crucially, got to play heavily on the idea of Islam and Christianity being in conflict.

“Innocent civilians were murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate the Christmas holiday,” Trump said in his statement (hours after his Mossad meeting), going on to talk about Islamist terrorists who “slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad.”

The Israeli right-wing government’s connection to Trump’s administration is substantial, as is its connection with other Far-Right parties rising in Europe – a subject that I am putting together information on at the moment, but probably won’t publish until the New Year. For the moment, our focus is more specifically Mossad.

Why did Mossad – and not just a Mossad delegation, but the head of Mossad – need to have a secret meeting with Trump and his people, particularly as Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet?

And does this relate in any way to the fact that Trump’s team is full of supporters of the right-wing Israeli government (like the white nationalist Steve Bannon), Christian Zionists like Mike Pence and Trump himself, and people who fund and support illegal Zionist settlers in the Occupied Territories?

The Breitbart/Goldman-Sachs mastermind of the Trump campaign, Steve Bannon, is a supporter of – and supported by – illegal Israeli settler groups.

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner – who played a huge role in the campaign and is still touted for a major role in the administration – has openly been funding extremist right-wing Jewish nationalists and illegal settlements.

And Trump, along with others in his administration, have openly supported an agenda to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

The anti-Islam agenda within the Trump movement is also blatant and undisguised.

For example, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser, is a raging Islamophobe who has called Islam “a cancer” and has said “Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL.”

What’s curious about Flynn’s anti-Muslim crusade is that, as a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he would presumably have some level of awareness of how illusory the Islamic Terror threat in the United States is and how much it – from 9/11 through to Orlando – has relied on false-flag operations and FBI-contrived plots: which means he doesn’t actually perceive any threat from American Muslims, but just hates them for other reasons. And, presumably, will happily carry on the work of pretending false-flag ops don’t happen.

 Donald Trump talking about Muslims 

When you look how common this major anti-Muslim rhetoric is in Trump’s movement, you do have to start worrying about those suggestions of compulsory ID badges, Muslim databases and mass detention and whether it was really just campaign sensationalism or not. Or is Trump’s election as President (in a rigged election) a dark day in history?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been looking a lot into the Far-Right parties in the West and their connection with the right-wing government in Israel – and I will post the article some time in January when I’ve finished compiling information. But I wasn’t looking, at first, for any connection between Israel and the contemporary rise of the Far Right – it is simply that the connections and information kept appearing.

It leaves me with the very troubling suspicion that we, in Europe, America and the West, are being stage-managed towards a very dark state of affairs involving a controlled collapse of the current order and liberal politics and a move into something very, very different. And every major ‘terror’ incident – real or manufactured – is helping us get there, a step at a time.

Concerning Mossad, we have to always remember that the agency is specifically one that deals in foreign intelligence operations and not domestic Israeli ops: and the way that Mossad has long been reported to operate, the actual governmental or law-enforcement agencies on the ground in a specific city or country don’t necessarily have any foreknowledge or clear information about what is happening until after the fact – if at all.

Which creates, in my mind at least, a suspicion that this attack is actually aimed at ensuring the downfall of Angela Merkel and paving the way for Germany to go down a very different path.

I had the same suspicion about the attacks in France and how they may impact France’s political and societal future – a suspicion that was particularly reinforced by the mysterious suicide of French Police-Commissioner Helric Fredou just as the Charlie Hebdo attack was unfolding and he was supposed to be investigating it.

Bear in mind too that the recent election defeat in Austria of the Far-Right Freedom Party was taken, in propaganda terms, as a morale boost for Merkel and German liberals in their imminent campaign to hold off the rising tide of Far Right nationalism in Germany: this attack in Berlin serves to undo that boost and push the momentum firmly back in the other direction. Berlin, by the way, has suffered false-flag terrorism before, including the 1986 disco bombing that was blamed by the US on Gaddafi and Libya despite several key figures in Berlin disputing that claim.

My condolences to anyone who lost someone or suffered in this attack in Berlin.



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  1. The election was not rigged, the only votes that were not in the right matching amounts to the boxes were Democrat. It may have been influenced by Wikileaks leaking the emails showing cheating on the HRC campaign. However I doubt it. From reading this I can see you are pro-Muslim. I am neither pro or against but like most white people we are afraid of being outnumbered in the towns built by our ancestors that we think belong to us. Its also scary to see thousands of men the same age marching in huge lines towards the borders. We don’t want to become an overpopulated nation with unvetted strangers in groups lurking around leering at women. I don’t know what will go down but I can not see Trump going along with false flag attacks in the US, I think they will stop. You might notice we don’t have many of them in Canada even though we have many muslims; Its not because we don’t have guns, there are many guns in Canada.

    • Newman, I’m not talking about WikiLeaks, but the electoral college vote – for which there is a very strong case that the GOP did engage in rigging. See here: https://burningblogger.com/2016/11/16/did-the-gop-rig-the-election-is-trump-a-pawn-and-is-he-being-set-up/
      And, by the same token, the DNC also resorted to dirty tactics to ensure Hillary’s nomination over Bernie Sanders – as WikiLeaks clearly demonstrated.
      I am not ‘pro Muslim’ – I’m just against the constant, relentless demonisation of a whole community of people. I am also pro compassion (towards refugees), particularly when US-led Western foreign interventions are a primary reason for the refugee crisis in the first place.
      I would be very interested, however, in your personal view on why – as you point out – Canada has so much less of a false-flag attack problem than America does.

  2. Shortish indulgent blab–out: ‘First the gods make mad… to destroy’ has been ringing away since these heart sinking two ‘terrorist’ false-flags and/or hoaxes. Prepared to consider otherwise but oddities are too odd, to easily overturn. Note the view counts and diminishing interest with the handful of you tube makers suspecting the con, one or two banging on numerology, most dismissive while wearily investigating on. I get your – go with ‘for real’ for purposes of argument, but nothing’s come since, to make previous ones more convincing. So what here? Oh I know, quick mainstream gripe and let’s all… forget. Yes, some are a fog and who-knows? While others, have everything looking like theatre about ‘em. Accept, there’s honest doubt, but despair when all these ‘attacks’ are lumped together and details passed by, to breezily use and slam Islam. There’s plenty of legitimate arguments against mass immigration but not this and almost certain, other hands behind hands. And so little/if/at all incisive analysis, like your brilliant surmise and suppose. Anyway, too sad to type more/here/me. The ‘make us mad’ is my – what and why/for? Sure, multi-purpose political expediency the black-route, and of course, a monitor on the levels and addresses of intellectual subservience. Me though, discernment says, what’s not elite religious ritual, is to have those who should and DO know better ‘go along’ with and make-Muslim’s fault. Which makes for mad. Makes lies. And as long as no one cares much/why, the control-behind getting no orange or red lights but green all the way, to carry on another, until we all quietly settle down and shut up. Collective purpose: Make mad by consenting to ever confusing spectaculars. With moves to censor all dissent. Note; Gutjahr took on ‘HowISee TheWorld’ (You Tube) for material used and publicly available/or it could have been unconnected. Push, push, push. Here you/we/comment-ers and all – stand, Stand, STAND. Written as a serum. And thanks – a stand-up read.

  3. Remember the bin lorry “accident” in Glasgow just before Christmas 2014. To those with a cynical mind like myself, it was almost like a rehearsal for Nice and Berlin

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