The Dunblane Massacre: 20 Years On – And Still 80 Years From the Truth…

Daily Mirror frontpage: Dunblane Massacre, Thomas Hamilton

On 13th March 1996, according to the ‘official’ version of the event, a mentally-disturbed loner named Thomas Hamilton shot dead 16 children at a primary school in Dunblane in Scotland.

He was, we’re told, the archetypal disturbed loner type who carried out a meaningless act of terrible violence and then turned the gun on himself.

As mainstream media notes the twentieth anniversary of the Dunblane Massacre, this is the version of events most are likely to stick with.

It may or may not be the real version of the story; it may only be part of the equation. Whatever the full truth of the story is, most of us will be dead by the time it comes out, due to the 100-year secrecy rule imposed on key information regarding the case.

At the extreme end, there are some conspiracy theories that the entire Dunblane story was a total hoax. No Disinfo, for example, argues the following; ‘The phrase “Dunblane School Massacre” is an oxymoron. There was no such massacre. Nothing of any kind happened on that pre-selected day, March 13, 1996. Just as in Sandy Hook there was no school shooting. It was absolutely a fake, which is readily proven and which is, furthermore, indisputable. The school-teacher and children were all used as fabricated (or real) identities to stage the fabrication.’.

The author’s view is that the entire thing was cooked up to force through a ban on firearms. A ban on the ownership of handguns was introduced by Tony Blair and the New Labour government in 1997, with Dunblane cited as the main reason.

However, I’m not willing to share the view that view that the entire thing was a hoax – so that’s not my position here. There’s no question, however, that there remains a massive cover-up to obscure what really happened.

Again, numerous documents relating to the case have been locked away for a hundred years. That happens for a reason.

It was a former Scottish masonic Grand Master named Lord Burton who first publicly said the official inquiry into the Dunblane massacre, conducted by Lord Cullen, had been a cover-up.

Lord Burton told media organisations that Cullen’s inquiry had covered up critical information in order to protect high-profile figures who belonged to a ‘Super-Mason’ group called the ‘Speculative Society’; ‘I have learned of an apparent connection between prominent members of the legal establishment involved in the inquiry, and the secretive Speculative Society. The society was formed in Edinburgh University through Masonic connections so I accept that there might be a link by that route…’

Dunblane massacre: Lord Button newspaper article 

The alleged ritual-abuse rings that some claim operate in Freemasonry might in fact be more like an off-shoot from mainstream Freemasonry or like some shady sub-sect within the society, and it is likely that most Freemasons – including even high-ranking ones – might not have any knowledge of it. That would explain why someone like Lord Burton would try to blow the whistle; because, upon discovering such an operation, he may have been as appalled as anyone else would be and would’ve wanted people to distinguish between standard Freemasonry and what he identified clearly as the ‘Speculative Society‘ (of which Lord Cullen was a member).

The all-male Speculative Society has held its meetings in the grand rooms of Edinburgh University’s Old College since 1764, the purpose of the society’s candelight meetings said to be to advance public speaking and literary composition.

It had originally been thought that the 100-year public secrecy order had only been placed on one police report into Hamilton which was alleged to have named high-profile politicians and legal figures. However, it has since come to light that over a hundred documents are subject to the order. 

The official reason given for this suppression of information was to conceal the identities of children; but their identities are known, so it is understandable how much speculation there is that the real purpose was to protect high-profile figures.

On 2nd March 2003, The Sunday Herald reported on “Letters between Labour and Tory ministers and correspondence relating to Thomas Hamilton’s alleged involvement with Freemasonry” as being “part of a batch of more than 100 documents about the Dunblane mass murder which have been sealed from public sight for 100 years. The documents include a letter connected to Hamilton, which was sent by George Robertson, currently head of NATO, to Michael Forsyth, who was then Secretary of State for Scotland” (more here).

Hamilton, whose mental instability and known questionable behaviour around children should’ve never allowed him to own firearms, was nevertheless able to – supposedly – obtain arms thanks to his high-level contacts.

Hamilton had been involved in various organisations involving children and had links with the Queen Victoria boarding school in Dunblane, a Ministry of Defence establishment (with suggestions that young boys had been abused there). The allegation stands that Hamilton, like Jimmy Savile, may have been a procurer of children for ritual abuse by powerful figures; and someone who operates in that sort of role, like Savile, tends to have friends and enablers in very high places.

In that context, it might be relevant that the man long thought to have procured the gun license for Hamilton was MP and member of Tony Blair’s government, Lord George Robertson. Robertson was also Secretary-General of NATO. Again, as previously illustrated, we tend to be talking about figures with enormous political and geo-political/international influence. Lord Cullen, who led the inquiries into the Dunblane shootings, also led the five-judge tribunal that heard the failed appeal of the (innocent) Lockerbie bomber, the Libyan Abdel Basset al-Magrahi.

Many believe Thomas Hamilton was supplying child pornography, and possibly young boys, to a network of high-level individuals, including politicians and law-enforcement officials, many of them with Masonic connections.

It is further believed that Hamilton – who we’re told somehow walked into that classroom with *four handguns* might’ve been a patsy sent to silence a specific group of children and that he himself may have been executed by intelligence agents. Hamilton having killed himself is made problematic by the fact that he apparently had two shots to the head.

One resident of Dunblane, Sandra Uttley, who was 26 years old at the time of the shooting and was a friend of a man who lost his daughter, began researching the matter at length some ten years after the case, and published her findings in a book called ‘Dunblane Unburied‘, which raises numerous questions about the Lord Cullen inquiry, key witnesses being ignored or defamed, as well Hamilton’s own abuses of children.

Raw text of Sandra Uttley’s research can be read here.


There are only three levels of secrecy for UK state secrets: these are the 30 year rule, the 80 year rule and the 100 year rule.

Most secrets – standard espionage secrets, for example, or delicate Cabinet discussions, typically come under the 30 year rule, and very little is put under the 80 year order.

Whatever is being covered up in regard to the Dunblane Massacre, it was deemed so dangerous, so problematic, that it is being kept secret for a century. Again, we will all be gone from this world by the time those documents surface again.


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    • Jj – at no point anywhere in this article did I suggest it didn’t happen. You either haven’t read or haven’t understood the text.

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